9106"xX` L4x1X` a"xGX` LXxU䅑X` "xhhhhhhhhhhhHHX` "hhhhhhh` "Ȅ؅ 񷊢ȑ` "ȱ` #UW0UU,15(UC,0:UN,0:UR$"":UI$"":UL0UL39$-UI$:UI$""45Y2UA(UI$):UR(UR$):UA13UR0UC,1:" ";:707UA20(UR0)45:UR$(UR$,UR1):" ";:45<URUL45A95:UR$UR$UI$:UI$;:45FUR$UX$" ";:145KUIUR11:(UR$,UI,1)" " PUR$(UR$,UI)::_(US$)0110JdUI1(US$):UI$(US$,UI,1):UI$""Pi]nUA46psUA32UR0xUA47UA58}UA64UA91UA193UA218UI$"":(UT)UU%UI$(UA128)170:251,0:252,US256:253,0:254,UF:UVUZ1:UV%(UT):300bUZ0:US$UJ$:UG$UK$:UT$UL$:UPUJ:ULUK:"";:UW0UY,6:UX,14UT,UV%:251,0:252,UF:253,0:254,US256:UV:UW0UU,15U1,U1%:U2,U2%:U3,U3%1:U4,U4%:35U1%(U1):U2%(U2):U3%(U3):U4%(U4)!UJ$US$:UK$UG$:UL$UT$:UJUP:UKUL:F,"":UT,UU%:UW0UY,12:UX,6f1" M E N U"6" --------------------------------";" 1. BEGIN SYMBOLOGY"@" 2. STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS" E" 3. TEACHER INSTRUCTIONS"% J" 4. QUIT"Q O" --------------------------------"| T" PRESS A NUMBER KEY (1-4) "; YUL1:US$"1234" [35:US$"" ^(UR$)1000,400,500,390 c300 rUZ1UP%:155 w UE:"":UW0UY,6:UX,14:UU,14 :4 "":UT,UL%:UW0UY,11:UX,12k UT$" YMBOLOGY":UH1:UP0:UG$"TUDENT NST":850 " HIS PROGRAM IS A QUIZ ON MAP SYMBOLS. " OU WILL GET TO LOOK AT A LIST OF " SYMBOLS AND THEIR NAMES ONCE. HEN" " A MAP WILL BE PUT UP ON THE SCREEN."J " OU CAN SWITCH BETWEEN THE MAP ANDw " QUIZ SCREEN BY PRESSING THE 'Z' KEY. " OR HELP, PRESS '?' DURING AN INPUT." 835:UH1:850 " HE QUIZ SCREEN WILL PUT A LIST OF THE " NAMES OF THE SYMBOLS ON THE MAP AND ITB " WILL ASK YOU WHAT NUMBER ON THE MAPm " GOES WITH WHAT LETTER ON THE LIST. " HE QUIZ SCREEN WILL ASK YOU THE SAME " QUESTION AGAIN IF YOU GET IT WRONG. " F YOU ANSWER WRONG THREE TIMES IN A " ROW, THEN YOU WILL GET TO SEE THE"H " LIST OF SYMBOLS AND NAMES AGAIN.Q 835e UZ1UP%:155k  "":UT,UL%:UW0UY,2:UX,10 UT$" YMBOLOGY":UH1:UP0:UG$"EACHER NST":850 " O THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE,"" THIS PROGRAM IS IN THE PUBLIC"I" DOMAIN. F THIS IS NOT TRUE,"g" PLEASE CONTACT:"" ŠӠ"" 3370 HARMACY VE." GINCOURT, NTARIO"" ANADA, 1 24"" (416) 499-4292"/UH1:835:850U" ROGRAM AME: YMBOLOGYv" RITTEN BY: NKNOWN" EVISED BY: . OSTER"" HIS PROGRAM WILL RUN ON ANY" à2.0 OMPUTER" 4.0 ԠOMPUTER7" 8032 OMPUTER\" OMMODORE 64 OMPUTEReI835yNUZ1UP%:155SUC$"BEFORE RUNNING THIS PROGRAM ON AN 8032" LOAD THE 'CBM 4032' PROGRAM": "";:UT,UU%:UW0UY,1:UX,14)!I138:" ";:A"I122:" ";:Y#I137:" ";:q$I122:" ";:%" &"  '"  O M M O D O R E(" )"EDUCATIONAL3*"SOFTWAREQ+"1983,(UD$,24);"PRESS SPACE BAR OR WAIT"UC$:UI0-UI$:UI$" "UIUI1:UI250813.300CUN,0:(UD$,24);"PRESS SPACE BAR TO CONTINUE"HUI$:UI$" "840MGRUPUP1:""(UT$UP$,21);(UP$UG$(UP),18)vW" --------------------------------------"\UH0(UD$,24);(UP$,7);"HELP - PRESS ? "aUH0:"":k(UD$,24);" ONE MOMENT PLEASE... ":IUX$"?":US32768:U1196:U2197:U3198:U4216:UC167:UB1024:UD1084:UE1105UT59468:UU%12:UL%14:UP%1158:UN158:50003,0:UW(50003):UF(53)UW0US1024:U1209:U2210:U3211:U4214:UC204:UB2048:UX53280:UD2064*UW0UT53272:UU%21:UL%23:UP%2151:UN198:UY53281:UU2199:UE2087VUC$(155):UV1214:UW0UF196:UV2238UD$"":UP$" "AL$"ABCDEFGHI?ZJKLMNOPQRSTU":QR$(3)" WELL DONE!":QR$(4)"THAT'S GREAT !":QR$(0)"THAT'S RIGHT":QR$(1)"CORRECT":QR$(2)" FANTASTIC !"nRA$"SUCLIGMPNFKOHAB":NUM14:QU%(NUM):CA(NUM)t900:"":"": SHIFTED SPACE(US40)96700((0)(((0))0)65536)500935UC$"THIS MACHINE DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH")"MEMORY TO RUN THIS PROGRAM !":?""UC$:UW0965\UF60UF108UF124950v52,0:53,UF4::900UW1601103,88:1104,228:1107,85:1111,228:965UW1"THIS PGM WILL NOT WORK ON THIS MACHINE!":1103,49:1104,230:1107,46:1111,230:965UD+800:300DUZ1UP%:UP%:UZ0f""UC$;::UW0UY,6:UX,14z_TW0:TR0:1921UH1:850UH1:850:" " ݱ1"ݲ27"ݨ3b" ݠ6 5S 4 "  15 " " 8 14 " 7C ^BM 5" 157 10 `"   "  " 9E " ͤ '" 1151" 13Σ `;"  E" 12* ߒ O"  Y"c835w2201UT$" SYMBOLOGY":UG$"":UH0:GOSUB850L" TW0" TELEPHONE LINES.. DAM.... " "38)""" SPOT ELEVATION....157 BARN... " "38)""" POWER LINES...... ROAD... " "38)""?" BENCH MARK....... ^BM MILL... m" 157 ~" "38)""" LIGHTHOUSE....... * PIER... ""38)""" GRAVEL PIT....... RIVER..  " "19)""38)""5" BUILDING.........  CHURCH. O!" "35)" "38)""}+" ELEVATOR......... E BRIDGE. ͤ 5""38)""?"CEMETERY......... Σ I" C SCHOOL. S S" ͤ F]" RAILWAY.......... TUNNEL.Σtg" }q835LL1:L122011691850" A. DAM" B. BARN" C. ROAD" D. MILL" E. PIER " F. RIVER " G. CHURCH" " H. BRIDGE3 " I. SCHOOLD  " J. TUNNELV  " K. RAILWAYx  "":N20:N)"L. BUILDING % N)"M. CEMETERY / N)"N. ELEVATOR 9 N)"O. LIGHTHOUSE C N)"P. BENCH MARK M N)"Q. GRAVEL PIT W N)"R. POST OFFICE!a N)"S. POWER LINES2!k N)"T. SPOT ELEVATIONN!u N)"U. TELEPHONE LINES!y " PRESS 'Z' AND RETURN TO SEE MAP! SS1:S12535! I115! QU%(I1)I! I! SEED(TI)! APP%((TI)141)! QY%APP%" QU%(APP%)=QU%(NUM)" QU%(NUM)=QY%9" FL0:I115NUM:QY%CA(I)FL1J" :FL12481]" CA(15NUM)QY%k" NUMNUM1}" NUM0 2800" (UD$,17)" " WHAT LETTER GOES WITH":" SYMBOL NUMBER ";QY%;"? ";" US$AL$:UL1:35:IN$UR$# IN$"Z"1691# IN$(RA$,QY%,1)2741Q# " WRONG,TRY AGAIN":WW1:TT1800::TWTW1k# UP$;"":W21921u# 2541# TT((6)5):QR$(TT):I11200::"";UP$# "":TRTR1:2441# 835:850:" IN ";TWTR;"ATTEMPTS YOU ANSWERED"$ " ";TW;" WRONG, AND ";TR;" RIGHT."M$ " YOUR AVERAGE IS:";(TR(TRTW))100;"%"$ " DO YOU WANT TO TRY AGAIN? ";:US$"YNH":UL1:35:$ UR$"Y"1631$"