9106"xX` L4x1X` a"xGX` LXxU䅑X` "xhhhhhhhhhhhHHX` "hhhhhhh` "Ȅ؅ 񷊢ȑ` "ȱ` #UW0UU,15(UC,0:UN,0:UR$"":UI$"":UL0UL39$-UI$:UI$""45Y2UA(UI$):UR(UR$):UA13UR0UC,1:" ";:707UA20(UR0)45:UR$(UR$,UR1):" ";:45<URUL45A95:UR$UR$UI$:UI$;:45FUR$UX$" ";:145KUIUR11:(UR$,UI,1)" " PUR$(UR$,UI)::_(US$)0110JdUI1(US$):UI$(US$,UI,1):UI$""Pi]nUA46psUA32UR0xUA47UA58}UA64UA91UA193UA218UI$"":(UT)UU%UI$(UA128)170:251,0:252,US256:253,0:254,UF:UVUZ1:UV%(UT):300aUZ0:US$UJ$:UG$UK$:UT$UL$:UPUJ:ULUK:"";:UW0UY,6:UX,6UT,UV%:251,0:252,UF:253,0:254,US256:UV:UW0UU,15U1,U1%:U2,U2%:U3,U3%1:U4,U4%:35U1%(U1):U2%(U2):U3%(U3):U4%(U4) UJ$US$:UK$UG$:UL$UT$:UJUP:UKUL:E,"":UT,UU%:UW0UY,12:UX,6e1" M E N U"6" --------------------------------";" 1. BEGIN CYLINDERS"@" 2. STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS" E" 3. TEACHER INSTRUCTIONS"$ J" 4. QUIT"P O" --------------------------------"| T" PRESS A NUMBER KEY (1-4) "; YUL1:US$"1234" [35:US$"" \IFUR$="2"THEN:WN=1:GOTO350 ]WN=0 ^(UR$)1000,400,500,390 c300 rUZ1UP%:155 w: UE:"":UW0UY,6:UX,14:UU,14:59467,0K 59466,0::p "":UT,UL%:UW0UY,11:UX,12 UT$" YLINDERS":UH1:UP0:UG$"TUDENT NST":850 " HIS PROGRAM WILL INSTRUCT A STUDENT " " ON HOW TO READ THE LEVEL OF LIQUID IN"5 " A GRADUATED CONTAINER. T ALSO HELPS"e " THEM LEARN TO READ A RULER ACCURATELY." " HE QUIZ ITSELF PROVIDES A FAIRLY " " COMPLETE LESSON IN THE READING OF" " THESE VALUES. HE SUGGESTED GRADE" " LEVEL FOR THIS PROGRAM IS"" " NTERMEDIATE."5 UH1:835:850e " YPE AT ANY TIME TO RETURN TO THE" " MENU FOR HELP. OU WILL BE RETURNED " " TO THE PLACE IN THE PROGRAM WHERE YOU" " LEFT OFF AS SOON AS THE OPTION FROM " " THE MENU IS COMPLETE." 835- UZ1UP%:1553 W "":UT,UL%:UW0UY,2:UX,10 UT$" YLINDERS":UH1:UP0:UG$"EACHER NST":850 " O THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE," " THIS PROGRAM IS IN THE PUBLIC"" DOMAIN. F THIS IS NOT TRUE,"/" PLEASE CONTACT:"X" ŠӠ"|" 3370 HARMACY VE." GINCOURT, NTARIO"" ANADA, 1 24"" (416) 499-4292"UH1:835:850" ROGRAM AME: YLINDERSB" RITTEN BY : .. RAYg" EVISED BY : ETER AN" HIS PROGRAM WILL RUN ON ANY" à2.0 OMPUTER" 4.0 ԠOMPUTER" 8032 OMPUTER)" OMMODORE 64 OMPUTER2I835FNUZ1UP%:155LSUC$"BEFORE RUNNING THIS PROGRAM ON AN 8032" LOAD THE 'CBM 4032' PROGRAM": "";:UT,UU%:UW0UY,1:UX,14!I138:" ";:"I122:" ";:&#I137:" ";:>$I122:" ";:^%" x&"  '"  O M M O D O R E(" )"EDUCATIONAL*"SOFTWARE+"1983Z,(UD$,24);"PRESS SPACE BAR OR WAIT"UC$:UI0-UI$:UI$" "UIUI1:UI250813.300CUN,0:(UD$,24);"PRESS SPACE BAR TO CONTINUE "HUI$:UI$" "840MRUPUP1:""(UT$UP$,21);(UP$UG$(UP),18)HW" --------------------------------------"\UH0(UD$,24)(UP$,7)"HELP - PRESS H "_UW0UU,15aUH0:"":k(UD$,24);" ONE MOMENT PLEASE... ":*UX$"H":US32768:U1196:U2197:U3198:U4216:UC167:UB1024:UD1084:UE1105sUT59468:UU%12:UL%14:UP%1158:UN158:50003,0:UW(50003):UF(53)UW0US1024:U1209:U2210:U3211:U4214:UC204:UB2048:UX53280:UD2064 UW0UT53272:UU%21:UL%23:UP%2151:UN198:UY53281:UU2199:UE20877UC$(155):UV1214:UW0UF196:UV2238UD$"":UP$" ": UT$" ": PLACE PROGRAM TITLE HERE!!**C$(15),F(15)900:"":"": SHIFTED SPACE(US40)96700@((0)(((0))0)65536)500935pUC$"THIS MACHINE DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH""MEMORY TO RUN THIS PROGRAM !":UE:""UC$:UW0965UF60UF108UF12495052,0:53,UF4::900UW1601103,88:1104,228:1107,85:1111,228:965[UW1"THIS PGM WILL NOT WORK ON THIS MACHINE!":UE:1103,49:1104,230:1107,46:1111,230:965UD800:300UZ1UP%:UP%:UZ0""UC$;::UW0UY,6:UX,6TU$" CYLINDERS":TL$" YLINDERS":PU$"PAGE ":PL$"AGE ":UP0,S2$"> "9S3$""B""w8Q0:NR0:TY0:R0:Z10:T$""L"WELL DONE!","GREAT SHOW!","VERY GOOD","GREAT!","THAT'S RIGHT!"V"YOU'VE GOT IT!","RIGHT!","WE'RE A GREAT TEAM","FANTASTIC!"7`"NICE GOING","CORRECT!","WAY TO GO!","CORRECT!!"Xj"GOOD!","HEY! YOU'RE GOOD!"ot:I115:C$(I):~S$""S1$"" 6500UR$"1"1180"":UT,UU%:50000UH1:UT$TL$:UG$PL$:850:" HE PURPOSE OF THIS PROGRAM IS"TS$""wS1$""" TO GIVE YOU SOME PRACTICE READING" GRADUATED GLASSWARE SUCH AS CYLINDERS." HE FIRST STEP IS TO DETERMINE THE'" SIZE OF THE SMALLEST DIVISION.V" WILL NOW SHOW YOU A CYLINDER AND" WANT YOU TO DETERMINE THE SIZE OF"" THE SMALLEST DIVISION."835:"":UT,UU%<B1:DI.2FUT$TU$:UG$PU$:UH1:850P2320ZW0:S$;>d"WHAT IS THE SIZE OF SMALLEST DIVISION?"qnS1$S2$;:US$".0123456789H":UL5:35:AN(UR$)xANDI1460WW1:W21440S1$S3$"NO, TRY AGAIN!"1390S1$;"STILL WRONG, THEANSWER IS";DIDI.21470;835:"":UT,UL%:UT$TL$:UG$PL$:1590YS1$;"VERY GOOD!":835"":UT,UL%:UT$TL$:UG$PL$:1590UH1:835:UT$TL$:UG$PL$"":UT,UL%:850:" OU SEEM TO BE HAVING SOME TROUBLE " WITH THIS. SE THE NUMBERED LINES TO"<" DETERMINE THE VOLUME BETWEEN THE LARGE"l" DIVISIONS. HIS WILL TELL YOU HOW MANY"" UNITS ARE BETWEEN THE NUMBERED LINES."" OW DIVIDE THIS BY THE NUMBER OF"" SPACES WHICH ARE BETWEEN THESE MAJOR"" NUMBERED LINES. WILL GIVE YOU"_" ANOTHER TRY, THEN WE WILL MOVE ON TO":" OTHER PRACTICE."u"835:"":UT,UU%,B5:DI1:13506UH1:850:" HEN YOU GET FOUR OF THE FOLLOWING":W0 @" PRACTICE QUESTIONS CORRECT YOU WILL BE  ABLE TO CONTINUE."4 J" EMEMBER TO USE THE NUMBERED LINES TO_ T" FIND THE VOLUME BETWEEN THE LARGER ^" LINES, THEN FIGURE IT OUT FOR THE h" SMALLER DIVISIONS. r835:"":UT,UU%:UT$TU$:UG$PU$:UH1:850 w X1M:O(X)0: X:M1:CT0!|I(2(TI)1):I1670,17309!J(3(TI)1):J1680,1690,1700M!B1:DI.2:1705`!B5:DI1:1705n!B10:DI2!6000: OM11660!2320!1790!J(4(TI)1):J1740,1750,1760,1770!B1:DI.5:1775!B2:DI1:1775!B5:DI2.5:1775 "B10:DI5!"6000:OM11660+"25704"S$;v""WHAT IS THE SIZE OFSMALLEST DIVISION?"~" W0"S1$S2$;:US$".0123456789H":UL5:35:AN(UR$)"ANDI1840"!W21900"&1870#0S1$S3$"VERY GOOD!":835:W0:CTCT1:O(M)B:MM1#:CT319203#DUH1:850:1660V#NS DATA NOT AVAILABLE