9106"xX` L4x1X` a"xGX` LXxU䅑X` "xhhhhhhhhhhhHHX` "hhhhhhh` "Ȅ؅ 񷊢ȑ` "ȱ` #UW0UU,15(UC,0:UN,0:UR$"":UI$"":UL0UL39$-UI$:UI$""45Y2UA(UI$):UR(UR$):UA13UR0UC,1:" ";:707UA20(UR0)45:UR$(UR$,UR1):" ";:45<URUL45A95:UR$UR$UI$:UI$;:45FUR$UX$" ";:145KUIUR11:(UR$,UI,1)" " PUR$(UR$,UI)::_(US$)0110JdUI1(US$):UI$(US$,UI,1):UI$""Pi]nUA46psUA32UR0xUA47UA58}UA64UA91UA193UA218UI$"":(UT)UU%UI$(UA128)170:251,0:252,US256:253,0:254,UF:UVUZ1:UV%(UT):300bUZ0:US$UJ$:UG$UK$:UT$UL$:UPUJ:ULUK:"";:UW0UY,6:UX,14UT,UV%:251,0:252,UF:253,0:254,US256:UV:UW0UU,15U1,U1%:U2,U2%:U3,U3%1:U4,U4%:35U1%(U1):U2%(U2):U3%(U3):U4%(U4)!UJ$US$:UK$UG$:UL$UT$:UJUP:UKUL:F,"":UT,UU%:UW0UY,12:UX,6f1" M E N U"6" --------------------------------";" 1. BEGIN BUOYANCY"@" 2. STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS" E" 3. TEACHER INSTRUCTIONS"$ J" 4. QUIT"P O" --------------------------------"{ T" PRESS A NUMBER KEY (1-4) "; YUL1:US$"1234" [35:US$"" ^(UR$)1000,400,500,390 c300 rUZ1UP%:155 w UE:"":UW0UY,6:UX,14:UU,14 :3 "":UT,UL%:UW0UY,11:UX,12i UT$" UOYANCY":UH1:UP0:UG$"TUDENT NST":850 " YPE AT ANY TIME TO RETURN TO" " THE MENU FOR HELP. OU WILL BE" " RETURNED TO THE PLACE IN THE PROGRAM" " WHERE YOU LEFT OFF AS SOON AS THE "E " OPTION FROM THE MENU IS COMPLETE."N 835b UZ1UP%:155h  "":UT,UL%:UW0UY,2:UX,10 UT$" UOYANCY":UH1:UP0:UG$"EACHER NST":850 " O THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE," " THIS PROGRAM IS IN THE PUBLIC"E " DOMAIN. F THIS IS NOT TRUE,"c " PLEASE CONTACT:" " ŠӠ" " 3370 HARMACY VE. " GINCOURT, NTARIO" " ANADA, 1 24" " (416) 499-4292"+ UH1:835:850P " ROGRAM AME: UOYANCYs " RITTEN BY : NKNOWN " EVISED BY : HRIS AISKUMS " HIS PROGRAM WILL RUN ON ANY " à2.0 OMPUTER" 4.0 ԠOMPUTER:" 8032 OMPUTER_" OMMODORE 64 OMPUTERhI835|NUZ1UP%:155SUC$"BEFORE RUNNING THIS PROGRAM ON AN 8032" LOAD THE 'CBM 4032' PROGRAM": "";:UT,UU%:UW0UY,1:UX,14,!I138:" ";:D"I122:" ";:\#I137:" ";:t$I122:" ";:%" &"  '"  O M M O D O R E(" )"EDUCATIONAL6*"SOFTWARET+"1983,(UD$,24);"PRESS SPACE BAR OR WAIT"UC$:UI0-UI$:UI$" "UIUI1:UI250813.300CUN,0:(UD$,24);"PRESS SPACE BAR TO CONTINUE"HUI$:UI$" "840MJRUPUP1:""(UT$UP$,21);(UP$UG$(UP),18)yW" --------------------------------------"\UH0(UD$,24);(UP$,7);"HELP - PRESS H "aUH0:"":k(UD$,24);" ONE MOMENT PLEASE... ":MUX$"H":US32768:U1196:U2197:U3198:U4216:UC167:UB1024:UD1084:UE1105UT59468:UU%12:UL%14:UP%1158:UN158:50003,0:UW(50003):UF(53)UW0US1024:U1209:U2210:U3211:U4214:UC204:UB2048:UX53280:UD2064.UW0UT53272:UU%21:UL%23:UP%2151:UN198:UY53281:UU2199:UE2087ZUC$(155):UV1214:UW0UF196:UV2238UD$"":UP$" ": UT$" UOYANCY"900:"":"": SHIFTED SPACE(US40)96700'((0)(((0))0)65536)500935WUC$"THIS MACHINE DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH""MEMORY TO RUN THIS PROGRAM !":UE:""UC$:UW0965UF60UF108UF12495052,0:53,UF4::900UW1601103,88:1104,228:1107,85:1111,228:965BUW1"THIS PGM WILL NOT WORK ON THIS MACHINE!":UE:q1103,49:1104,230:1107,46:1111,230:965yUD800:300UZ1UP%:UP%:UZ0""UC$;::UW0UY,6:UX,148UT,UL%:W0F4340PUP0:UH1:UG$" ASS/WEIGHT G.":8501U" WO UNITS, OFTEN CONFUSED, ARE:"KZ" MASS AND WEIGHT."sd" ASS MEASURES THE AMOUNT OF"n" MATERIAL IN AN OBJECT, WHILE WEIGHT"x" MEASURES THE PULL OF GRAVITY ON THE"}" OBJECT."UH1:835:850!" HE AMOUNT OF MATERIAL IN AN OBJECT"N" NEVER CHANGES UNLESS THE THE OBJECT"}" CHANGES. HE PULL OF GRAVITY DEPENDS"" ON THE DISTANCE OF THE OBJECT FROM THE"" CENTER OF THE EARTH'S MASS. HEREFORE"" WEIGHT CAN CHANGE EVEN IF THE MASS"0" STAYS THE SAME.":835:UH1:850^" ASS IS MEASURED IN GRAMS (G), OR"" KILOGRAMS (KG), WHILE WEIGHT, BEING"" A FORCE, IS MEASURED IN NEWTONS ()."" HE WEIGHT OF A 1KG MASS WILL VARY."" N EARTH IT IS 9.8 AT SEA LEVEL."835<UP0:UG$"UESTION #":850g" F 1KG WEIGHS 9.8, WHAT IS THE"" WEIGHT OF 1500G? (IVE THE"" NUMBER ONLY) ";W3:" HE ANSWER IS 14.7":W0:835:1565US$"0123456789H.":UL5:35:AN(UR$):(AN14.7).41560L(AN14700)5" HANGE 'G' TO 'KG' FIRST."p (AN14700)5835:WW1:1505" O, READ CAREFULLY & TRY AGAIN.":835:WW1:1505" OOD!":835850"" IVE THE ANSWER CORRECT TO 2 "$'" SIGNIFICANT DIGITS; ."K1" F AN OBJECT WEIGHS 0.54,"j6" WHAT IS ITS MASS? ";@US$".H0123456789KG":UL7:35:AN$UR$EAN$"0.055KG"1660JAN$".055KG"1660TAN$"55G"1660YWW1:W31650^" O, TRY AGAIN.":835Y.!hUPUP1:1565YrW0:" HE ANSWER IS 0.055KG OR 55G.":835:1670|" OOD! ET'S TRY SOME MORE.":835:1750850" ELL THAT CAUSED SOME PROBLEMS."" RY THIS ONE:"" HAT IS THE MASS OF AN OBJECT"," THAT WEIGHS 30 (USE UNITS) ? ";VUS$"H.0123456789KG":UL5:35:AN$UR$rAN$"3.1KG"UP0:1660AN$"3100G"UP0:1660WW1:W31730" O, TRY AGAIN."835:1670" O, THE ANSWER IS 3.1KG OR 3100G":835850-" OU NEED SOME REVIEW. OULD"S" YOU LIKE TO GO BACK TO THE"" MENU? ";:US$"YNH":UL1:35:UR$"Y"4340W0:13604560:850" HAT IS THE WEIGHT IN NEWTONS,"" OF A"KG"KG OBJECT? (GIVE THE"" NUMBER ONLY) ";<US$".0123456789H":UL5:35:AN(UR$)Q(ANN).11790" O, THE ANSWER IS";N;"":835:1750850:" OOD, NOW TRY ONE THE OTHER WAY."4560:" HAT IS THE MASS IN KG OF AN" " OBJECT WHICH WEIGHS";N;" ?" " (NUMBER ONLY) ";E 35:AN(UR$):(ANKG).051840t &" O, THE ANSWER IS"KG"KG.":835:1790 0" OW YOU MAY MOVE ON TO ANOTHER" :" TOPIC.":835:4340 DUP0:UH1:UG$"ENSITY G.":850 !F" ENSITY MEASURES THE AMOUNT OF"7!I" MATERIAL IN A GIVEN VOLUME. T IS"b!N" USUALLY EXPRESSED IN EITHER G/M,"!X" G/CM^3, OR KG/M^3. (HE CM^3 MEANS"!b" 'CM' CUBED)."!l" O DETERMINE THE DENSITY, ONE"!v" SIMPLY DIVIDES THE MASS BY THE VOLUME.""{UH1:835:850@"" F A 6G OBJECT OCCUPIES 4.2CM^3, WHAT"Y"" IS ITS DENSITY?"x"" IRST MAKE A SUMMARY:""" M = 6G V = 4.2CM^3 D = ?""" Y DEFINITION: D = M/V""" HUS: D = 6/4.2 = 1.4"*#" HE DENSITY IS 1.4G/CM^3":835:UH1:850V#" F YOU ARE GIVEN ANY TWO OF THE"j#" FOLLOWING:"#" - MASS"#" - VOLUME"#" - DENSITY,"#" YOU CAN CALCULATE THE OTHER ONE."$" INCE YOU KNOW HOW TO CONVERT WEIGHT"A$" TO MASS, YOU COULD BE GIVEN OR ASKED"f$" FOR WEIGHT INSTEAD OF MASS."t$835:850$" F AN OBJECT HAS A VOLUME OF 1.3M^3,"$" AND WEIGHS 20, WHAT IS ITS DENSITY?"$ " IRST THE SUMMARY:"% " M = ? V = 1.3M^3 D = ? W = 20"G%" E MUST FIND 'M' BEFORE WE CAN FIND"k%" 'D'. HAT IS 'M' IN 'KG',"%" (NO UNITS)? ";% US$".0123456789H":UL5:W3"2.04":W0:2110%"35:AN(UR$)%%(AN2.04).06W0:2090%'2101"&*" O, CHANGE 20 TO KG":WW1:835I&/L6:"":5000:"":2077b&5" ":KJ11000:&>" OW WE CAN SUBSTITUTE INTO D=M/V:"&C" D=2.0/1.3 =1.5 :DENSITY = 1.5KG/M^3"&J835:UH1:850&M" EMEMBER THE STEPS:'R" 1. AKE A SUMMARY WHICH INCLUDES UNITS"J'\" 2. F NECESSARY, FIND THE TERMS YOU "l'a" NEED THAT ARE MISSING.'f" 3. UBSTITUTE AND SOLVE."'p" 4. RITE A FINAL STATEMENT."'" WILL GIVE YOU A QUESTION. IVE"(" THE NUMBERS TO TWO SIGNIFICANT DIGITS."(8357(UP0:UG$"UESTION #":850Z(" OPY DOWN THIS QUESTION."(" N OBJECT WEIGHS 49 AND HAS A DENSITY"(" OF 1.5KG/M^3, WHAT IS ITS VOLUME?"(835:UPUP1:850(" IRST MAKE A SUMMARY:")" S ASK FOR EACH TERM, GIVE THE"?)" NUMBER AND UNITS WITH NO SPACE"n)" BETWEEN.(EG 49 NOT 49 ) NTER A '?'")" IF THE DATA IS NOT GIVEN IN THE ")" QUESTION.")" M = ";:US$"0123456789H.?KGM/^":W3"?":W0:2260)UL5:35:AN$UR$*AN$"?"W0:2260T*"O!";:835:860:L1:"":WW1d*5000:2250*" V = ";:W3"?":W0:2270*35:AN$UR$*AN$"?"W0:2270*"O!";:835:860:L1:"":WW1*5000:2260/+" D = ";:UL9:W3"1.5KG/M^3":W0:2290?+35:AN$UR$S+AN$"1.5"2277n+AN$"1.5KG/M^3"2275|+W0:2290+"O!";:835:860:L1:""+WW1:5000:2270,"O! GIVE UNITS";:835:860:L1:WW1*,"":5000:2270U," W = ";:UL9:W3"49":W0:2320e,35:AN$UR$x,AN$"49"2304,AN$"49"2300,W0:2320,"O!";:835:860:L1:"",WW1:5000:2290&- "O! GIVE UNITS";:835:860:L1:WW1K- "":5000:2290x- " O YOU HAVE ENOUGH TO SOLVE FOR 'V'"- " DIRECTLY? ";- US$"YNH":UL1:35-$ UR$"N"2350-& " UESS AGAIN.":835:860:L3.) "":5000:"":23208.. " OPY YOUR VARIABLES DOWN. "Y.0 " "o.1 835:UPUP1:850.3 " IVE THE LETTER OF THE TERM".4 " YOU NEED? ";:US$"":UL1:W3"M":W0:2370.8 35:UR$"M"W0:2370"/= "  DON'T THINK SO.":WW1:835:860>/? "":L2:5000:2356b/B " HIS ONE SHOULD BE EASY."/G " HAT IS THE MASS? ";:W5"5.0KG":W0:2410/L US$".0123456789H?/KGM^":UL6:35:AN$UR$/N AN$"5.0"2387/O AN$"5KG"23900P AN$"5.0KG"24000Q W0:2410M0S " O, GIVE UNITS.":835:860:L3:"":WW1]0T 5000:23750V " 2 SIGNIFICANT FIGURES.":835:860:L3:""0[ WW1:5000:23750` " O, CHANGE 49 TO KG.":835:860:L3:""0e WW1:5000:2375'1j " F D=M/V, WHAT IS THE EXPRES-"I1t " SION FOR V, (IE. V=?) ";x1~ US$"HDMV=/*":UL5:W3"V=M/D":W0:24401 35:AN$UR$1 AN$"V=M/D"W0:24401 " O, TRY AGAIN.":835:860:L3:""1 WW1:5000:24202 " OW SUBSTITUTE AND GET THE"92 " FINAL ANSWER. HE VOLUME"c2 " IS? ";:UL6:US$"0123456789.HM^"2 W3"3.3M^3":W0:24802 35:AN$UR$2 AN$"3.3"24702 AN$"3.3M^3"24752 W0:24803 " IVE THE UNITS!":835:860:L3:"";3 WW1:5000:2451Q3 " OW COULD YOU FAIL ME NOW?":835:860:L3{3 "";:WW1:5000:24513 " E DID IT. HIS WOULD BE"3 " CONSIDERED A DIFFICULT DENSITY"3 " QUESTION. F YOU CAN HANDLE"4 " IT, THEN YOU CAN DO ANY OTHERS.")4 835:4340I4 UP0:UG$"EVIEW G.":850v4 " F YOU HAVE EVER TRIED TO LIFT A"4 " LOG OR LARGE ROCK UNDER WATER, YOU"4 " WILL HAVE NOTICED THAT IT IS EASIER TO"4 " LIFT WHILE IT IS SUBMERGED. S A "+5 " GENERAL RULE, ALL SUBSTANCES SEEM TO"W5 " WEIGHT LESS WHEN SUBMERGED UNDER A"5 " FLUID THAN THEY DO IN AIR. ":835:UH1:8505 " HE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE WEIGHT"5 " IN AIR AND THAT UNDER THE FLUID IS"6( " CALLED THE BUOYANT FORCE. T IS THE"@62 " FORCE THAT THE FLUID EXERTS TO PUSH"X67 " THE OBJECT UP."6< " F AN OBJECT IS PUT INTO A FLUID,"6F " SOME OF THE FLUID MUST BE DISPLACED."6P " HE VOLUME OF THE DISPLACED FLUID IS"7U " EQUAL TO THE VOLUME OF THE SUBMERGED"07Z " OBJECT.":UH1:835:850_7d " HIS SHOULD NOT BE NEW TO YOU. HE"7n " NEW PART IS THAT THE WEIGHT OF THE"7x " FLUID THAT WAS DISPLACED IS EQUAL TO"7 " THE APPARENT LOSS IN WEIGHT OF THE"8 " SUBMERGED OBJECT. HIS IS CALLED"/8 " RCHIMEDES' RINCIPLE."_8 " F YOU REMEMBER THAT WEIGHT IS JUST"8 " A FORCE, THEN THE APPARENT LOSS IN"8 " WEIGHT OF THE OBJECT MUST BE THE"8 " BUOYANT FORCE ON IT.":835:UH1:850 9 " O SUMMARIZE FOR A SUBMERGED"9 " OBJECT:"L9 " 1. HE OBJECT WEIGHS LESS THAN IN AIR."|9 " 2. HE WEIGHT LOSS = THE WEIGHT OF THE"9 " FLUID DISPLACED."9 " 3. HE BUOYANT FORCE ON THE OBJECT"9 " EQUALS THE WEIGHT LOSS WHICH EQUALS": " THE WEIGHT OF THE FLUID DISPLACED."): 835:850T: " F AN OBJECT WEIGHS 24 IN AIR"v: " AND 13 WHEN IN ALCOHOL:": " HAT WEIGHT OF ALCOHOL WAS": " DISPLACED? ";: W3"11":W0:2880: UL3:US$".0123456789H":35:AN$UR$; AN$"11"2850; AN$"11"2860); W0:2880c;" " O, IT NEEDS UNITS.":835:860:L3:""y;' WW1:5000:2815;, " O, TRY AGAIN.":835:860:L3:"";1 WW1:5000:2815;@ " HAT IS THE BUOYANT FORCE ON" " THESE YOU CAN FIND THE THIRD."K> " 2. ACH 'KG' WEIGHS 9.8. "u> " 3. 'W'(IN AIR) - 'W'(IN FLUID) ="> " BUOYANT FORCE = 'W'(OF DIS-"> " PLACED FLUID."> " EMEMBER THESE THREE RELATIONS, AS"? " THEY WILL BE OF GREAT HELP TO YOU.""? UH1:835:850O? " 200G OF A MATERIAL WHOSE DENSITY"|? " IS 6.00G/M IS WEIGHED IN A LIQUID."? " F THE WEIGHT IN THE LIQUID IS 1.46,"?! " WHAT IS:"?& " 1. VOLUME OF THE MATERIAL" @0 " 2. VOLUME OF THE LIQUID DISPLACED"-@: " 3. DENSITY OF THE LIQUID"[@D " ELL, HOW IS THAT FOR A PROBLEM?"@N " AKE YOUR OWN SUMMARY AND WE'LL"@S " COMPARE.":UH1:835:850@X " BJECT IQUID@b " Al " MASS(G) 200 ?B " THE THE ENTIRE CHART.":835:850:W0kB " INCE WE KNOW 'D' & 'M' FOR THE"B " OBJECT, WE CAN FIND 'V'. "B " HAT IS THE VOLUME OF THE"B " OBJECT? ";:UL6:US$".0123456789HM"C WW1:W43275C "33.3M":W0:3310(C 35:AN$UR$=C AN$"33M"3295RC AN$"33.3"3300jC AN$"33.3M"3305xC W0:3310C " SE 3 SIGNIFICANTFIGURES.":835:860:"";C L4:5000:3262D " O, GIVE UNITS.":835:860:L4:"";D 5000:3262FD " O, TRY AGAIN":835:860:L4:"";VD 5000:3262}D " OW WHAT IS THE VOLUME OF THE"D " DISPLACED LIQUID? ";:W3"33.3M":W0:3340D UL6:US$".0123456789HM":35:AN$UR$D AN$"33.3"3330 E AN$"33.3M"3335E W0:3340UE " O, GIVE UNITS.":WW1:835:860:L4:""eE 5000:3315E " O, THE OBJECT SINKS IN THE LIQUID."E WW1:835:860:L4E "":5000:3315E " HAT IS THE WEIGHT OF THE OBJECT"F " IN AIR? ";:W3"1.96":W0:3410HF UL5:US$".0123456789H":35:AN$UR$]F AN$"1960"3374rF% AN$"1.96"3376F* AN$"1.96"3378F, W0:3410F. " MASS IN 'G' NOT 'KG'":835:860:(UD$,16)F/ L4:WW1:5000:3345G0 " O, GIVE UNITS.":835:860:L4:(UD$,16)0G1 WW1:5000:3345bG2 " O, TRY AGAIN":835:860:L4:(UD$,16)xG3 WW1:5000:3345GR " OW WE KNOW THE WEIGHT IN AIR AND"GW " THE WEIGHT IN THE LIQUID.":835:850H\ " HAT IS THE WEIGHT OF THE LIQUID".Ha " DISPLACED? ";:W3"0.50":W0:3460WHc UL5:US$".0123456789H":35:AN$UR$lHf AN$"0.50"3452Hp AN$".50"3460Hz AN$"0.50"3454H{ W0:3460H| " O, GIVE UNITS.":835:860:L4:"";H} WW1:5000:3425.I~ " O, REMEMBER BUOYANT FORCE =???":835:860:L4:WW1II "";:5000:3425wI " NOWING THE WEIGHT OF THE LIQUID, WE"I " CAN FIND ITS MASS."I " HAT IS THE MASS OF THE LIQUID? ";I W3"51.0G":W0:3540J UL7:US$".0123456789HKG":35:AN$UR$J AN$"51.0"34950J AN$".051KG"3500HJ AN$"0.051KG"3505_J AN$"51.0G"3510mJ W0:3540J " O, GIVE UNITS.":835:860:L4:""J WW1:5000:3471J " OU DIDN'T CHANGE 'KG' TO 'G'.":835:860K "":L4:WW1:5000:3470NK " HANGE TO GRAMS.":835:860:L4:""dK 5000:WW1:3471K " O, BE CAREFUL AND TRY AGAIN.":835:860:L4:WW1K "":5000:3470K " E NOW KNOW THE MASS AND THE VOLUME"L " OF THE LIQUID. HAT IS IT'S"CL " DENSITY. ? ";:W3"1.53G/M":W0:3590oL UL8:US$".0123456789HMG/":35:AN$UR$L AN$"1.53"3580L AN$"1.53G/M"3585L W0:3590L " O, GIVE UNITS.":835:860:L4:""M WW1:5000:3555