9106"xX` L4x1X` a"xGX` LXxU䅑X` "xhhhhhhhhhhhHHX` "hhhhhhh` "Ȅ؅ 񷊢ȑ` "ȱ` #UW0UU,15(UC,0:UN,0:UR$"":UI$"":UL0UL39$-UI$:UI$""45Y2UA(UI$):UR(UR$):UA13UR0UC,1:" ";:707UA20(UR0)45:UR$(UR$,UR1):" ";:45<URUL45A95:UR$UR$UI$:UI$;:45FUR$UX$" ";:145KUIUR11:(UR$,UI,1)" " PUR$(UR$,UI)::_(US$)0110JdUI1(US$):UI$(US$,UI,1):UI$""Pi]nUA46joUA33}sUA32UR0xUA47UA58}UA64UA91UA193UA218UI$"":(UT)UU%UI$(UA128)CO$TI$:170:251,0:252,US256:253,0:254,UF:UV1UZ1:UV%(UT):300wUZ0:US$UJ$:UG$UK$:UT$UL$:UPUJ:ULUK:"";:UW0UY,6:UX,14UT,UV%:251,0:252,UF:253,0:254,US256:UV:UW0UU,15U1,U1%:U2,U2%:U3,U3%1:U4,U4%:TI$CO$:35U1%(U1):U2%(U2):U3%(U3):U4%(U4)>UJ$US$:UK$UG$:UL$UT$:UJUP:UKUL:c,"":UT,UU%:UW0UY,12:UX,61" M E N U"6" --------------------------------";" 1. BEGIN ALPHABETTER@" 2. STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS"( E" 3. TEACHER INSTRUCTIONS"C J" 4. QUIT"o O" --------------------------------" T" PRESS A NUMBER KEY (1-4) "; YUL1:US$"1234" [35:US$"" ^(UR$)1000,400,500,390 c300 rUZ1UP%:155 w% UE:"":UW0UY,6:UX,14:UU,14- :R "":UT,UL%:UW0UY,11:UX,12 UT$" LPHABETTER":UH1:UP0:UG$"TUDENT NST":850 " ELCOME TO LPHABETTER " " " OU WILL BE GIVEN A LIST OF2 " LETTERS THAT YOU MUST PUT INTO "] "  LPHABETICAL RDER " " ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXWZ" 835:UH1:850 " WILL BE TIMING HOW FAST YOU" " PUT THE LETTERS IN ORDER SO YOU CAN"% " SEE YOUR FINAL TIMES WHEN YOU ARE"E " FINISHED."v " " 835:UH1:850 " OU HAVE 9 TRIES TO PUT AS MANY " LISTS OF LETTERS IN ORDER AS YOU CAN. " OU WON'T BE ABLE TO GO ON UNTIL THE"; " LIST IN FRONT OF YOU IS INe "  LPHABETICAL RDER. " " ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" 835:UH1:850 " S YOU PLAY, THE LISTS OF LETTERS WILL" " GET"""  L O N G E R AND  L O N G E R "L" HE FIRST LIST STARTS WITHm" 2 LETTERS."" OU ARE FINISHED WHEN YOU HAVE PUT""  13 LETTERS IN ORDER.835UZ1UP%:155 "":UT,UL%:UW0UY,2:UX,10EUT$" LPHABETTER":UH1:UP0:UG$"EACHER NST":850r" O THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE,"" THIS PROGRAM IS IN THE PUBLIC"" DOMAIN. F THIS IS NOT TRUE,"" PLEASE CONTACT:"" ŠӠ"3" 3370 HARMACY VE.X" GINCOURT, NTARIO"z" ANADA, 1 24"" (416) 499-4292"UH1:835:850" ROGRAM AME: LPHABETTER" RITTEN BY : .. ALTE&" EVISED BY : HERYL LDHAM"S" HIS PROGRAM WILL RUN ON ANYz" à2.0 OMPUTER" 4.0 ԠOMPUTER" 8032 OMPUTER" OMMODORE 64 OMPUTER 835:UH1:850$ " HIS IS A PROGRAM WHICH GIVES AP " STUDENT PRACTICE IN PUTTING LETTERSp" IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER."" HE STUDENT'S PROGRESS IS SHOWN IN A" A REPORT GIVING THE AVERAGE TIME" PER LETTER THE STUDENT REQUIRES TO" PUT A LIST OF LETTERS IN ORDER. LSO,K" THE LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY THE STUDENTj" HAS REACHED, IS SHOWN.} 835:UH1:850"" HE AVERAGE TIME PER LETTER, OF$" EACH STUDENT FOR EACH OF HIS/HER "&" PREVIOUS 10 TRIALS, CAN BE DISPLAYED"((" BY PRESSING @ WHEN THE MESSAGES*" 'TELL YOUR TEACHER YOU'RE DONE' ISj," ON THE SCREEN.~ 835:UH1:"" UT,UL%:UH1:850" ROGRAM LASSIFICATION:RILL & RACTICE"" RADE EVEL: RIMARY - UNIOR"" BJECTIVE: HE STUDENT WILL BE ABLE"C" TO PUT LETTERS IN "j" ALPHABETICAL ORDER."y835:""; UZ1UP%:155UC$"BEFORE RUNNING THIS PROGRAM ON AN 8032" LOAD THE 'CBM 4032' PROGRAM":( "";:UT,UU%:UW0UY,1:UX,14>!I138:" ";:V"I122:" ";:n#I137:" ";:$I122:" ";:%" &"  '"  O M M O D O R E(" ()"EDUCATIONALH*"SOFTWAREf+"1983,(UD$,24);"PRESS SPACE BAR OR WAIT"UC$:UI0-UI$:UI$" "UIUI1:UI250813.300CUN,0:(UD$,24);"PRESS SPACE BAR TO CONTINUE"&HUI$:UI$" "840,M^RUPUP1:""(UT$UP$,21);(UP$UG$(UP),18)W" --------------------------------------"\UH0(UD$,24);(UP$,7);"HELP - PRESS ! "aUH0:"":k(UD$,24);" ONE MOMENT PLEASE... ":fUX$"!":US32768:U1196:U2197:U3198:U4216:UC167:UB1024:UD1084:UE1105UT59468:UU%12:UL%14:UP%1158:UN158:50003,0:UW(50003):UF(53)UW0US1024:U1209:U2210:U3211:U4214:UC204:UB2048:UX53280:UD2064GUW0UT53272:UU%21:UL%23:UP%2151:UN198:UY53281:UU2199:UE2087sUC$(155):UV1214:UW0UF196:UV2238UD$"":UP$" " AV(52),A(4,26)900:"":"": SHIFTED SPACE(US40)96700>((0)(((0))0)65536)500935nUC$"THIS MACHINE DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH""MEMORY TO RUN THIS PROGRAM !":""UC$:UW0965UF60UF108UF12495052,0:53,UF4::900UW1601103,88:1104,228:1107,85:1111,228:965QUW1"THIS PGM WILL NOT WORK ON THIS MACHINE!":1103,49:1104,230:1107,46:1111,230:965UD800:300UZ1UP%:UP%:UZ0""UC$;::UW0UY,6:UX,14QV10:V0:W0:UH0jUT,UU%:-tUT$" ALPHABETTER":UG$"PAGE":UP0:850:L2:O1:PP0Nu" HI!"vv" MY NAME IS ALPHABETTER"y" "z" TYPE IN YOUR FIRST NAME AND PRESS"|" THE KEY."5~" WHAT IS YOUR FIRST NAME? ";QUL10:US$"":35:N$UR$u850:" "N$", DO YOU WANT..." LOWER CASE (1)"" OR" UPPER CASE (2)"" PRESS "*" INPUT A NUMBER (1-2): ";OUP0:UL1:US$"12!":35:C(UR$)kC1UT$" LPHABETTER"C2UT$" ALPHABETTER"C1D$(((N$,1))128):N$D$(N$,(N$)1)1230V1V11:V0V91500 B0:K126:A(2,K)0:A(3,K)0:K:C1"":UT,UL%. C1"":UT,UL%D C2"":UT,UU%P PPPP1~ UG$"QUESTION":850:" ";N$"," " TYPE THE FOLLOWING ";L;" LETTERS":" IN ALPHABETIC ORDER. " PRESS THE KEY"!" AFTER EACH LETTER."+!" "4!QQ0K!" ";:X1Lg!Z((1)26)1:A(1,X)Zz! A(2,Z)11280!A(2,Z)1:(A(1,X)64);" ";:QQQQZ!X:::J1:K126:A(2,K)1A(2,K)J:JJ1!(K!2 IFV>9THEN1500"3A$"":K126:A(3,K)0:K:QC0'"< B3 " ? ":"FB2B41730I"KB42600d"LB42650:T1TI:1470m"PTTI}"UUL1:US$"""VTD1L:"";2(TD1));:35:A$A$UR$:"WVV1:1660#dALLZZ$" YOU DID NOT GET ALL OF THEM ":2500:1720H#nAL1LZZ$" YOU HAVE TOO MANY LETTERS ":2500:1720S#xX1L{#A(4,X)((A$,X,1))64:QCQCA(4,X)#A(3,((A$,X,1))64)X:X#X126:A(2,X)A(3,X)X:1460#QQQC1450 $ZZ$" NOT THE CORRECT LETTERS ":2500:1720E$ZZ$" NOT IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER ":2500:1720$:" CORRECT":RR1:T1TI:UW02700$V9835:1500$B0LL1$835:1230$UP0:UG$"RESULTS":850:VV10V1 %""(40((N$)16))2);N$;" OUT OF";V;"TRIES"-%" YOU MISSED";W;"IN";b%X1V:KKAV(X)::K1(K.5):K2((K1V)10)10{%C1" LOWER CASE."%C2" UPPER CASE."%" YOUR AVERAGE TIME WAS:";K2"SECONDS.": K0%"" YOU HAVE REACHED THE"L"LETTER LEVEL.*&'" ******************************* "X&," TELL YOUR TEACHER YOU'RE DONE."&." ******************************* "&1(UD$,24);"PRESS SPACE BAR TO CONTINUE"&2Q$:Q$""1586&6Q$:Q$" "Q$"@"1590'@Q$"@"1620 'J1630'T850<'U" KEY TIMES (LETTER/SECONDS)"U'VXV1101V:X$(X)v'WNA((AV(XV110)10).5)10'X(16(X$)));X;2)":"5(((NA))))NA'Y INT((AV(X-V1*10)*10)+.5)/10'Z:V0: NA0:835'^" ":L131650%(h850:L13" "N$", DO YOU WANT TO CONTINUE ? ";C(mUL1:US$"YN!":35:Q$UR$o(oQ$"Y"V0:L2:UP0:PP1:UG$"":1220~(rUT,UU% :(|AL(A$):T1TI:AV(V)((T1T)60)L:ALL1710(X1AL(G((A$,X,1))(G64 G91M$M$(A$,X,1))X:A$M$:M$"" )#)BB1:WW1:X0:1330^)UPUP1: 850:" ";N$;", IT SEEMS YOU ARE HAVING"u)" SOME PROBLEMS.")" USE THIS ALPHABET AS A GUIDE:")" ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ")" DO NOT ADD ANY SPACES OR EXTRA LETTERS."**" TYPE THE FOLLOWING ";L;" LETTERS"Q*" IN ALPHABETIC ORDER."*" ";:X1L: (A(1,X)64);" ";:X::*" ? ":CO13*l* :" "ZZ$:835* " "+ B2""15);"TRY AGAIN":B2835:B2 860&+ CO13 m+ B2 " "+ B2 " "+ B2 "";+ +( UPUP1:850 ,- " "N$", THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE.":CO13:1750:,Z UPUP1:850K,_ CO0:" THE CORRECT ANSWER IS:":X,d 20L);d,i X126,n A(2,X)0("ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ",X,1)" ";,s ::,x V9" LET'S TRY ANOTHER LIST.",} , - "":ZV53248:ZV21,4:2042,13%- :ZZ062:ZQ:832ZZ,ZQ:6- ZZ20001N- ZV4,ZZ:ZV5,ZZ:- "NOW YOU'RE FLYING!!!- - 0,127,0,1,255,192,3,255,224,3,231,224- 7,217,240,7,223,240,7,217,240,3,231,224 . 3,255,224,3,255,224,2,255,160,1,127,64:. 1,62,64,0,156,128,0,156,128,0,73,0,0,73,0[. 0,62,0,0,62,0,0,62,0,0,28,0