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Waterloo microPIP provides convenient utilities for common operations involving SuperPET devices such as "host", "disk" an$o event shall Waterloo Computing Systems Limited, its employees, its contractors or the authors of this documentation be liable for special, direct, indirect or consequential damages, losses, costs, charges, claims, demands, or claim for lost profits, fe$ From time to time new software products become available for the Commodore SuperPET. The topics below describe some of the software that is currently available. Type the letters "soft", a space and the first few characters of any topic on which you $ 6 3kݺO_ݸ292>A :45ݣAq:45ݥA45ݽA :45ݿA:45ݐ '29 ݽ& ּ& y~92}>t8&883obO֢!' Obb8 ֢ ' ֢'Obb%'"88Ob4b4 W2dXI !452c9&'9#8uܺ&!.19) 886-3700 telex 06-955458 $ d "serial". Diskette handling is facilitated by commands such as "backup" and "format". File-transfer commands support copying between local peripherals as well as host peripherals. Executable modules can be copied to a host for subsequent downloading'es or expenses of any nature or kind. es no representation or warranty with respect to the adequacy of this documentation or the programs which it describes for any particular purpose or with respect to its adequacy to produce any particular result. In nwish more information. **6502 Development System @disk.ds6502.hlp **Terminal Emulator @disk.ttyinfo.hlp **PIP File Utilities Package @disk.pipinfo.hlp **How to Order @disk.howtoorder.hlp $'!O9@/4 H2b~79ܺk'@/4 H2b~79%nWaterloo microPIP V1.0 Copyright 1982 Waterloo Computing Systems Limited%nInvalid command, type '?' for help%scOPYpUTgETscrATCHrENAMEdIRECTORYmOUNTfORMATpaSSTHUR?byebaCKUP@sETUP$ := device/drive specifier%n, := file specifier with wild cards%n := filename with wildcards%n := disk label, 2 character disk id%n, , := fil with HOSTCM. Wildcard file specifications support powerful filename matching. Indirect command-file support allows batching of PIP commands. roPIP provides convenient utilities for common operations involving SuperPET devices such as "host", "disk" an$RT2|֢'J83O_b,8F&֢' bb8 b4b4f4f4ݽW2dXI4552b 2d94d4O_5@/4jH2b72b999Invalid option -> '%s'ܽ:5ܣ4ܽ<2b4ܣ2bݰ&@/4H2b@/4O_佰Q2b7۽ּܰ'ܣ~9֢& @/4$*'O֢8 o䓥&@/4}H2b7ܥ2b942~O_O*'"XIXIXIXI4O5bb 2d9Source : $%h%h-$%h%h;$%hIllegal decimal numberIllegal hex numberhosTserIALdefAULTdisKieeEpriNTERproMPTresPONSEli$monITORmaTCHvALIDATEdoScrEATEoPTION %>,.),+S? K $CQHH_/*/ Q~ | BAckup | Option