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I ʽ 㽰 P   ` &e& w&a ̛y̛YHprogram hd integer i do 10 i=1,10 print *,"Hello Dave" 10 continue end  *J""".92|"O'''&Kbz+&/ O''''b2d9&&9 ,O_/&51''F 10 for i=1 to 10 20 print "Hello Dave" 30 next i 40 end . AN.֬,& ܲ$= ,^&.0$콗. &&.$ .0ܲ$6'~9֭'֬/&&$ +& (4 -&&472b .' $& $֬+& -&c  identification division. program-id. HD. environment division. configuration section. source-computer. SUPERPET. object-computer. SUPERPET. data division. procedure division. perform hello-dave 10 times. stop run. hello-dave. disp6"hd" org $1000 include "disk9/0.watlib.exp" "hd.b09" ̽ M ڽ Z   佰  L v    $ .  ' c& A45>JA-:4A:45D2bA-:4A:452bA:4O_* 45J&?Hello Dave%n= $B0F9 ; set the time export GetTime_ = $B0FC ; get the time export KBEnable_ = $B0FF ; enable the keyboard export KBDisabl_ = $B102 ; disable the keyboard export TimeOut_ = $B105 ; set device timDRoot : hd.b09 = 1000 - 101c . 001d Length of Module = 001d ct 860a3402cc0010bd000035024a26f33f48656c6c6f2044617665256e00 ot : hd.b09 = 1000 - 101c . 001d Length of Module = 001d ct 860a3402cc0010bd000035024a26f33f48656c6c6f2044617665256e00 6 ::m: 3+wOYuR 3 Hnhd     &  , 8 > 2 D J P  V \ b h n t z     " ( . 4 : @ F Llay 'Hello Dave'. vision. program-id. HD. environment division. configuration section. source-computer. SUPERPET. object-computer. SUPERPET. data division. procedure division. perform hello-dave 10 times. stop run. hello-dave. disp  R X ^ d j p v |     $ * 0 6 < B H! 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