ZONE X BY BILL FINZER6 OCTOBER, 1978E 59468,12R ""{" " " "  "  "\C$(R3)"ے" fC$(R4)""pC$(5)" "7zX1PX:Y1PY:X2LX:Y20K 7000:T1THETAZX20:Y2LYn 7000:T2THETA ((T2)1000)(T11000) 2000 INPUT GUESS AND DISPLAY CLUES L20 L4 216,L: ":"MOVE":LL2: 2540 FIND REGION< XPX YPY 2790 : GOT IT!T 2800 LOCATE REGIe( ""9)C$(R)2 6500: C$(R): PRINT CLUE ON GRAPH< 2510  ISOLATE WHICH REGION X1X:Y1Y X2LX:Y20  " 0 5 10 15 DRAW GUESS CHART1" ZONEX?""N$"'SS"GUESS CLUEb" X,Y q I1 18"  I HIDE LINES AND COLOR REGIONSPX((1)12)3: INTERSECTIONPY((1)12)3: R3: 2990^ AXT1 AYT2 R4: 2990% ; DISPLAY FOR WINJ I 1 4X 59409,52b T9TIx TIT930 3006 59409,60 I ""9)"YOU GOT IT!" 9)"IN"MOVES1"MOVES!" X0 15 Y0 1 DRAW GRID ""T202T)" 15*...............OT)" ...............lT)" ...............T)" ...............T)" ..............."T)" 10*...............,T)" ...............6T)" ..Y33728 XY32808 YN%XY33728XY32808YN% &X,32\&(XY)1111000 b&t.A$"W"C40/A$"X"C40 0A$"S"C0 p0A$"9"D400A$"3"D401A$"6"D0 RID 8"I'M GOING TO DRAW1 B"TWO LINES ON THIS GRID.O L:"YOU ARE TO FIND WHEREj V"THE TWO LINES CROSS. `:"TO HELP YOU, I'VE j"COLORED THE 4 REGIONS t"CREATED BY THE LINES ~" , ג , ֒ , AND ے""YOU GUESS A POINT"T"THE BALL WILL BE SERVED FROM ONE SIDE,"E^"THEN THE OTHER AT A RANDOM PLACE AND"th"ANGLE. TO MAKE THINGS MORE INTERESTING"r"THERE WILL ALWAYS BE ONE SPACE THAT CAN"|"NOT BE BLOCKED.""PRESS SPACE TO GO ON." U1$: U1$0: HIDE LINES AND COLOR REGIONSs  2500 : INPUT GUESS AND DISPLAY CLUE  3000 : A WIN! DISPLAY AND FILL OUT GRID  A$"N" " 500 , 230  INITIALIZE P( ? " h " o " " "" $" &" ("  *"  " "9)" ":""; MOVES MOVES 1$ LL1/ 55008 I10G I1 10b (B$,I,1)"," I1Ij I I10 "ILLEGAL":"MOVE":LL2: 2540 X((B$,I1)) Y((B$,(B$)I1)) X0Y0 X15 Y15 "ILLEGAL7000:AXTHETA THETA100 R5: 2990 X20:Y2LY3" 7000:AYTHETAR' THETA100 R5: 2990{6 AXT1 AYT2 R5: 2990@ AXT1 AYT2 R1: 2990J AXT1 AYT2 R2: 2990T AXT1 AYT2 LX((1)15)1: LINESLY((1)15)11 COLOR THE REGIONSD R1((1)4)1fR2((1)4)1: R2R1 2070y R3((1)4)1* R3R2 R3R1 20804R4((1)4)1> R4R1 R4R2 R4R3 2100HC$(R1)""RC$(R2)"#5 2800 6500:C$(R) Y X& XPX:YPY'0 650072 I 1 10D4 " ";N5 T9TId6 TIT930 31267 " ";: TIT960 31278 I9 " ": 216,L1:D "PLAY AGAIN "N$"?";N 5000X  GET A SIN.............@T)" ...............7JT)" ...............TTT)" 5*...............q^T)" ...............hT)" ...............rT)" ...............|T)" ...............T)" 0****T) 1D40D401D40D401C40C40%1C40C40+2F N - GET STRING ROUTINEQ*NST$""h4NQ$:Q$"" 20020~>N(Q$)13 20100HNST$ST$Q$RNQ$;\N 20020NN$39N41%Y41N39%Y39N41%X: "ON THE GRID BY4"TELLING ME ITS": "COORDINATES (HOW FARd"OVER AND HOW FAR UP)":"AND I'LL TELL YOU"WHAT COLOR REGION":"IT IS IN.:"  MEANS THE POINT IS ON THE LINE:"PRESS ANY KEY TO GO ON." 158,02 5000" " 4240%%XYBY1$%XYB40Y413%XYAY1F%XYA40Y41Z%XYA40Y39n%XYB40Y39~%XYA Y1%Y1Y1NY%Y1N1%Y41N39%Y39N41%Y41N39%Y39N41%XTI) MOVES 1( L4 : LINE# -1 FOR INPUT. A  INSTRUCTIONS] "WHAT IS YOUR NAME? ";o  5500: N$B$ :"WELL "N$" DO YOU WANT INSTRUCTIONS?";  5000  A$"N" 1490 $"";10)"ZONE X INSTRUCTIONS" . 1500 : DRAW G  ," 0 ." I 0" b 2" h < MAIN CALLING ROUTINE 500: INITIALIZE 1000 : INSTRUCTIONS 1500 : DRAW GRID 1700 : DRAW GUESS CHART2 200 )1 A(J)0 1510R((1)A(J))<----MAKE MOVE ON BOARD----l P IS THE PILE # AND Z IS THE NUMBER TAKEN""(D$,2P);10A(P)Z);""(TAKE$,Z);:TTI TIT90 2040""(L$,Z)(SP$,Z)  2500* C   PING PONG5 (C) 1979 BY ADP SYSTEMSZ 95 W 100 S , LOGAN, UTAH 84321`o 59468,12x""I123" !!!!PING!!!! Q12500::""15)"PING PONG" I1300: ("DO YOU W Y BETTER ";: 750'IQ(IQ):"I'LL TAKE IT EASIER ";;"NEXT GAME..."f"ANOTHER GAME (Y OR N)? ";: 850:A$z A$"N" 170R------GET CHARACTER-----WTTI: 158,0\ TIT30 "";: 870a TIT60 " ";: 870cTTI  S10 S151 903 U"LET'S MAKE THAT WITHIN REASON!"< V 75E Z""R d L039d n 32768L,102| s 327682440L,102 x L |A3276813401 }B327681340391 H0960 40 H32768,118 E ON BOARDA(P)A(P)Z: 300 E0:F0. J1 NlEE(0): A(J)F FA(J):J1J : FORM EOR, ALL PILESt J J1 N&RE(0): RA(J) 6000 J:X RA(J) JJ1:RA(J)1Z IQ(1) 1500: MAKE A RANDOM MOVE0! A$"":C0:D0: : ""N1"":34)J""B A$U A$""12000| gAAC:BBD pA32849A33649AAC qB33686B32886BBD C0ACC,32 D0BDD,32 A,72:A40,72:HIT ANY KEY TO START.$ Z$: Z$"" 1802 J1 NK N4 A(J)J: 240Z A(J)2J1b J 1000: PRINT THE BOARD  320 , EACH MOVE START HERE 6T0: I1 N:TTA(I): I @ T0 700 JM1M: M0 500: PET'S MOVEN1""'O""J""CQJS1C$B$:3000:2000bV X20500::C0:D0: 170zA$"X"N40:CCNA$"9"M40:DDM"":"WELL, "C$", YOU WON THAT GAME!"::::"PRESS SPACE TO PLAY AGAIN OR Q TA(J) E)) xA(N); "PICK FROM"N"PILES-AS MANY STICKS ASY "YOU LIKE FROM ANY PILE.m "THEN I PLAY. "YOU WIN IF YOU GET THE LAST STICK. "I CAN PLAY WITH DIFFERENT LEVELS OF SMARTNESS. "CHOOSE A NUMBER 0 THRU 5./ "0:: "YOU PLAYED "G1" "F1$+( T$" YOU WON "M1" "W1$F B$" YOU WON "E1" "O1$P ::p "THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!!!"v ||  E1E11  M1M11 "";" "" W YLEAR SPACE  ""(D$,2N3);# I0 11N:SP$: I8 ""(D$,2N3);> $INT OF BOARD---i"  N I M w I1 N(I64)10); J1 A(I):"";: J"" I$:---FIND A RANDOM MOVE-----J((1)NANT INSTRUCTIONS (Y/N)?"9 * L$: L$"Y" L$"N" 42O + L$"Y" 4000X 2""| 7"WHAT IS YOUR NAME PLAYER#1?"; <20000:T$ST$ A"WHAT IS YOUR NAME PLAYER#2?"; F20000:B$ST$ K"HOW MANY POINTS DO YOU WANT TO PLAY TO";S1 P f A$: A$"" (A$)1 860"k (A$)13 860-p" ";3zU----INITAL PRINT OF BOARD---i"  N I M w I1 N(I64)10); J1 A(I):"";: J"" I$:---FIND A RANDOM MOVE-----J((1)N H3932768,117 H& L1((1)3)18 L11 D139H L12 D11Y L13 D141j R11 YD1z R10 YD1 R10 X32768((2)15)405402 R11 X32768((2)15)4054037 R10R11:190 R11R1b"I PICK"A(J)R"STICKS FROM PILE "(J64)7gPJ:ZA(J)R: 2000HlA(J)R: 300rW$"I": M1 W$"YOU":NUSERNUSER1"***"W$" WIN!***"NGAMESNGAMES1:"THAT'S"NUSER"OUT OF"NGAMES"FOR YOU." M0 740IQIQIQ:"I'LL PLAA40,72:B,71:B40,71:B40,71+ (XY)329650F X,32:XXY:X,81:200[ (XY)1181100g N1N11v ""N1"" ""J"" N1S1C$T$:3500:2000  X20500::C0:D0: 170 LJJ1 N"" h"TAKE YOUR PICK--, r"PILE? ";: 850:Z$A$:A$W |P(Z$)64: P1 P N 2500: 370 "TAKE HOW MANY? ";: 850:Z(A$):A$ ZA(P) 2500:"THERE ARE ONLY";A(P): 370  Z1 Z(Z) 2500:"WHA?": 370  2000: MAKE MOV O QUIT"G1G11X$: X$"" 2030/ X$"Q" 2500B X$" "2030O J0:N10X""a  75x G11F1$"GAMES" G11F1$"GAME" M11 W1$"GAME" M11W1$"GAMES" E11O1$"GAME" E11O1$"GAMES"  MAKES ME PRETTY STUPID, 5 MAKES ME VERY SMART: ";F 850:A$:IQ(A$) IQ0 IQ5 "0, 1, 2, 3, 4, OR 5 PLEASE";: 166 IQ(5IQ.05).95 "DO YOU WANT TO GO FIRST? (Y OR N): ";: 850:A$ M1: A$"Y" M0 "GOOD LUCK! 9"" ":" "^" S 6"" "" "" X 3""  "" INSTRUCTIONS">"TO PLAY:PLAYER NUMBER ONE USES THE LEFT"m"KEYS TO CONTROL HIS PADDLE. WMOVES IT"""UP, S STOPS IT, ANDXMOVES IT DOWN.,"PLAYER NUMBER TWO USES THE KEYS ON THE"6"RIGHT TO CONTROL HIS PADDLE." N1 N2 PP 80(| P,81) ANSWER N1 N2 P80,32$) ANSWER N1 N2 P80,32;) PUM973 2000R) PUM13 1720c) m)1580t)I)"!!YOU'RE SAVED!!") 2045)Z$"S :59468,12' MALCOLM MICHAEL= 663 ALCATRAZ #4U OAKLAND,CA. 94609[:| CURSOR #21, JUNE/JULY 1980 COPYRIGHT(C)1980 THE CODE WORKS BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93017: 53280,9:53281,0:"" AS OF 1AUG80 ZPG 200 A0:C0:X0, BR(B),BC(B),BP(B),BM(B)G A19:DR(A),DC(A):Av 1,-1,1,0,1,1,0,-1,0,0,0,1,-1,-1,-1,0,-1,1 BL$" " WD40 """ ,"";BL$;" " 6I121:" ";BL$;" ":I @""; P:HRVR:HCVC S3,0 A0BA (HRBR(A))10(HCBC(A))20410H AZ S3,16:S2,15d HP,Y " MOVE WHEN READY..." S1,255:HP,((HP)128)255:A1200::A$ S1,245:(A$)0490 "";BL$ 1110:TI$"000000":HP,XMLL0)I0:670%HPHPCP:LL0HPLL,BRAHPCP,G:HP,Y:XM820WHRHRCR:HCHCCCsK0:A0B:BP(A)0675(BR(A)HR)1(BC(A)HC)1790BP(A)(BP(A))BM(A)BM(A)1:BM(A)0KK1:790BM(A)DF:OP(BP(A))DHP(A)NP:NP0790AOP,G:NP,M:KK1:NPNPUL:BR(A)(NPWD):BC(A)NPWDBR(A)YX0B:BP(X)0780(BC(X)BC(A))2(BR(X)BR(A))2BP(X)(BP(X)):KK1 XA:K0880 (HP)M820*5404" YOU HAVE BEEN EATEN BY A WILDA120:HP,X:C110:C:S1,255,HP,Y:C130::S1,235:ES1,68:S2,255:S3,0t1110:"""PLAY AGAIN (Y/N) ?"""A$:A$"Y"290A$"N"960 A$"PURINA(TM) BEAST CHOW":1100$A$"SURVIVOR":1100K$A$"BEGINNING BEAST TRAPPER":1100q.A$"ADVANCED BEAST TRAPPER":11008A$"PROFESSIONAL TRAPPER":1100BA$"EXPERT PROFESSIONAL":1100L"RATING: "A$"":V"";> (BR(A)HR);" ";(BC(A)HC);" "(H(152)02120.RO`IN$" ":ZTTI:ZC2:ZD$(20)ejZ$:Z$""60070tZTTI(" ",ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI15~60010Z(Z$):ZL(IN$):(Z127)32" ";:60110FL(Z127)6";:I:0"";15(PG$));PG$;" BY MALCOLM MICHAELL:" CURSOR #";NM$;" COPYRIGHT (C) 1980WD60500sN"TRAP THE WILD BEASTSX"PRESS RETURN TO BEGIN"bT$:T$""62050l60300127)32" ";:60110FL(Z127)6HORRY, YOU WERE JUST EATEN!")"";Z$*835:";6(M:US$"-0123456789":UL5:35F(OANSWER$UR${(T" "(^ANSWER(UR$)(h ANSWER N1 N2 PP 80(r ANSWER $"CAPTURE!":NM$"21":62000: dY87:W160:M42:G32:BR214b nUL32848:S159464:S259466:S359467 x"DIFFICULTY (1-9) ? ";:60000:DF9(IN$) }IN$""DF5:"I'LL ASSUME 5, THEN.":I1500:I DF0DF8120 YS0 BS0 B1 NBL$;" " JA1N! T1130:VP,BR( ^AA hS3,16:S2,15:S1,50] rA0B:BM(A)((1)DF) w1130:I11:J11:(VPIWDJ)G390 |J,I:375 S1,7525A:C120:VP,M128 BP(A)VP:BR(A)VR:BC(A)VC VP,M:C,A 1130:HPVY I0:S3,0:S1,100:550 A$:BM0F &"TIME: ";(TI$,3,2);":";(TI$,2)U 0A$""590 :OCPCP:X(A$):CRDR(X):CCDC(X):CPCRWDCC DOCPCPLL0 NSD0 XX(HPLLCP):XBRLLLLCP:SD16:600 bS3,SD:S2,15:CP0670lXW((HCBC(A)):DVWD(HRBR(A))5NPOPDVDH:X(NP):XYXG760WNPOPDH:X(NP):XYXG760yNPOPDV:X(NP):XYXG760C0:NPOP: D1 9TBP(A)WDDR(D)DC(D)X(T): XG XY CC1: (1)(C1)C NPT DB BEAST!!!">BSBS1:XM:S1,30:S3,16:S2,15FHA120:HP,X:C120:C:S1,45:P,Y]RC120::S1,40:\HP,93:A15:S1,170A2::HPWD,91f920p"YOU'VE WON! THE WILD BEASTS ARE CAUGHT!!":YSYS1:X83zS1,30:S3,16:S2,15"YOU PLAYED A TOTAL OF"BSYS"ROUNDS."7A$"YOU":B$"THE WILD BEASTS"QTYS:2000:TBS:2000C(100YS(YSBS)):A$(C)"%":C0A$"NONE""YOU WON "A$" OF THE TIME."((CYSBS)20)1050,1060,1070,1080,1080,1090,1090,1090,1090SCORE: BEASTS:"BS" YOU:"YS `3jVP((1)WD21):(VPUL)G1130XtVR(VPWD):VCVPWDVR:VPVPUL^~zA$;: T0 " NEVER";" CAUGHT ";B$; T0 T;"TIME";:T1"S";".":T$A$:A$B$:B$T$:4" 4(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255)ZL25460010-IN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$;LZ13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:xZ20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010Z141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:6000060010""::CR$(13):100TI110:"5 NIM ADAPTED FROM A PROGRAM BY JIM BUTTERFIELDd ADAPTATION BY BILL FINZER, JANUARY, 1979-----SOME INITIALIZATIONS-----(NGAMES0:NUSER02D$""7TAKE$"" <SP$"  "8 AL$""O Z""15)" N I M _"HOW MANY PILES (3 IS GOOD FOR FIRST TIME, 8 IS MAX)? "; ` 850:N(A$):N a N3 N8 "PICK A NUMBER 3 THROUGH 8: ";: 96 n E(X)(A(J) E) (( SOFTWARE: ** COMMODORE LOGO **6;(UD$,24);"PRESS SPACE BAR OR WAIT":I0X<A$:A$" "II1:I250828|>T1$"":T2$"":T3$"":T4$"":I0@300C ** SPACE BAR PRESS **HUO,0:(UD$,24);"PRESS SPACE BAR TO CONT 'A$"    "K'"";A$U'P,81c'" PROCESSv''RANGEHILO 1',: N1 ((1)RANGE)LOW'6: N2 ((1)RANGE)LO'@" OAD CBM4032 **5"BEFORE RUNNING THIS PROGRAM ON AN 8032 LOAD CBM 4032 PROGRAM"A1093:a  ** T I T L E P A G E **""";:UT,UU%:(50003)053280,14:53281,6$I138:"";:&I122:"";:(I137:"";: ϣХ$Z" %d" ϣХ3%n" P%x" ϣХm%" %" ϣХ%" %" ϣХVE A HIGH OF" :""HI;"AND A LOW OF ";LOW9" HE PRODUCT OF THE TWO LARGEST"h" VALUES MUST NOT EXCEED FIVE DIGITS IN"y" LENGTH."""" IGH ";:US$"-0123456789":UL3:35:HI(UR$) " OW ";:UL3: 35:LOW115,145:2117,52:2118,234:2121,49:2122,1411#2123,20:2124,3:2126,234:2127,141:2128,21:2129,3O#UU48: DISABLE STOP KEY`#800: TITLEp#300: MENU#"THE PGM WILL NOT WORK ON THIS MACHINE!":#UZ1UP%:UP%:UZ0: ** PROGRAM  GINCOURT, NTARIO"!" ANADA 1 24"A" (416) 499-4292"\UH1:UP1: 835: 850:" ROGRAM AME: ADDER ULT." RITTEN Y : ATTY ARN" PGRADED Y : " HIS PROES NOT HAVE ENOUGH"!"MEMORY TO RUN THIS PROGRAM !"!UU71!2!"":(50003)0962a! ** BASIC 2.0 OR 4.0 OR C-64 SETUP **!1075,133:1076,144:1077,234:1079,4:1080,133:1081,145!1091,155:1098,133:1099,144:1100,234: " !!!!!835(UH1:UP1:850T9);"ŠƠŠĠ"]835qUZ1UP%:217w ** TEACHER INSTRUCTIONS **"":UT,UL%:(50003)053281,2:53280,10UH1:UP0:UG$"EACHER N0(50003)0UB1024:U1209:U2210:U3211:U4214:UC204:UU2048U(50003)0UT53272:UU%21:UL%23:UP%2139:UM1024:UO198yUD$""UP$" "UT$" Ҡ. ": PLACINUE"LUI$:UI$" "844NR ** PAGE DESIGN ROUTINE **%TUPUP1OW""(UT$UP$,21);(UP$UG$(UP),18)~\" --------------------------------------"`UH0870a(UD$,24);(UP$,7);"HELP - PRESS H "fUH0:"":";N1;"";N2;"="(J"";6(M:US$"-0123456789":UL5:35F(OANSWER$UR${(T" "(^ANSWER(UR$)(h ANSWER N1 N2 PP 80(r ANSWER *I122:"";:," :."  [0" y2" 4"C O M M O D O R E6"EDUCATIONAL8"%" %" ϣХ&" 8&" ϣХU&" r&" ϣХ&" &" ϣХ&" (UR$)  LOW 10 LOW HI "":675UZ1UP%:217#H ** TO USE 8032 LOAD CBM4032 **~"BEFORE RUNNING THIS PROGRAM ON AN 8032 " LOAD THE 'CBM 4032' PROGRAM"UU71 ** TO USE 8032 LSTARTS HERE **$"";::(50003)053281,6:53280,14$ PATTY GARN$:4$ MULTIPLICATION DRILLF$ MARCH, 1982L$:Y$LPUM813g$( PICTURE$2" $<" ϣХ$F" $P"OGRAM WILL RUN ON ANY" 64 >" 64 G 835[NUZ1UP%:217aWX ** PROGRAM MODIFICATION INST **Y"":UT,UL%]UH1:UP0:UG$"ROGRAM OD":850" HE CURRENT VALUES HA1103,133!1104,145:1105,234:1082,234"(50003)160955="1093,88:1094,228:1097,85:1102,228:965R"(50003)1990"1093,49:1094,230:1097,46:1102,230:965"2099,141:2100,20:2101,3:2103,8:2104,141:2105,21"2106,3:2ST":850" O THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE,"E" THIS PROGRAM IS IN THE PUBLIC"q" DOMAIN. F THIS IS NOT THE CASE"" PLEASE CONTACT:"" OMMODORE USINESS ACHINES"" 3370 HARMACY VE." E PROGRAM TITLE HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***  ** SET VARIABLES **" 9002 HI12:LOW18 :S  ** CHECK FOR 8032 **q "":"": SHIFTED SPACE (UB40)96700  ** MEMORY CHECK **  (0)2000937 "THIS MACHINE D k ** PLEASE WAIT REMARK **'p(UD$,24);" ONE MOMENT PLEASE... "-uJ ** SET UP VARIABLES **UX$"H":UQ%(1000):UB32768:U1196:U2197:U3198:U4216:UC167:UU1024UT59468:UU%12:UL%14:UP%1146:UM32768:UO158: 50003,2 1 ,1,0,0,1,1,0,1,1,0,1,0,0,0,1,0,0,09}ZZ116:ZZ$:ZZ7j X91 (C1.5)7k X1,Y18l X9 8m8nD8o"THERE ARE STILL";S;"ENEMY SHIPS LEFT ";N$;"."8p"YOU WILL BE DEMOTED TO RANK OF DECK SCRUBBER!!!"8q"WHAT ANOTHER GAM (1-8)";7g C17h C11 C18 6147i:ZZ116:ZZ$:ZZ7j X91 (C1.5)7k X1,Y18l X9 8m8nD8o"THERE ARE STILL";S;"ENEMY SHIPS LEFT ";N$;"."8p"YOU WILL BE DEMOTED TO RANK OF DECK SCRUBBER!!!"8q"WHAT ANOTHER GAM  910* ** ML STOP KEY DISABLE **U"x=X` L4x1X`t"xhhhhhhhhhhhHHX`111""hhhhhhh`1" ** 4 - POP ML SUBROUTINE ** **GENERAL INPUT ROUTINE **: ** GENERAL INPUT ROUTINE **  ** TO O 5N"***SHIP EATEN BE A MONSTER ";N$;"!!"5OSS15P S0 5775Q 630!6R"***A SEA MONSTER ATE YOUR HEADQUARTERS ";N$;"!!"66SS30: S40: D20@6T 577U6U (1).75 580~6V"***A SEA MONSTER FIGHT ";N$;"!!!";6W (1).8 6026X"A PROGRAM. :, # +++ INPUT SECTION +++D (UO,0:UR$"":UI$""T *UL0UL80g -" ";:UC,0{ 2UI$:UI$""50 7UI$(13)(UR$)1UC,1:" ";:85 <UI$(20)105 > (UR$)UL50 A120: CHECK FOR VALID CHARACTER FUR$"36SS137 S0 54838 63039 (1).8 5504:"***SHIP EATEN BY A MONSTER ";N$;"!!"4;SS14< 5674=54> A(X,Y)6 604e4? XM11 XM120 YM21 YM220 5804@ A(XM1,YM2)1577,580,587,589,594,577,5974AA(XID CHARACTERS ++ }(US$)0150+ US1(US$)B UI$(US$,US,1)H U UI$"":p ** STANDARD INPUT ** (UI$)46 UI$(32) (UI$)48(UI$)57170 (UI$)65(UI$)90180 (UI$)193(UI$)218UIA(X,Y)01 6041  X01!1" A(XW,YV)1 547,550,557,550,560,564,569 2#A(XW,YV)32$A(X,Y)0 2% 604&2&>2':ZZ116:ZZ$:ZZW2( X01 ((1)8)1a2) W,Vj2* X02+ XW1 XW20 YV1 YV20 5512, 546";:53281,6:53280,14:220"";HUT$UL$:UT,UV%:UQUB(U2%256U1%U3%3)]UQ,UQ%(UQUB):(UD$,24);" "U1,U1%U2,U2%U4,U4%U3,U3%135UD%((U2%256U1%U3%)UB)40: MENU"-6" --------------------------------------"^;" 1. BEGIN LADDER MULTIPLICATION"@" 2. STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS"E" 3. TEACHER INSTRUCTIONS"J" 4. MODIFICATION OF PROGRAM"O" (50003)160(50003)03993UU71:(50003)053281,6:53280,14?"":J875:k ** STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS **"":UT,UL%:(50003)053281,0:53280,0UH1:UP0:UG$"TUDENT NST":850" OUR TASK IS TO CLIMB THEE";8r A$8s (A$,1)"Y" 6298t: 68u8v"GOOD WORK ";N$;"!!! YOU GOT THEM ALL!!!"99w"PROMOTION AND COMMENDATIONS WILL BE GIVE IMMEDIATELY!!!"J9xN$"ADMIRAL"T9y 625Z9z9{ 0,1,1,1,0,0,0,1,1,1,1,0,1,1,1,0,1,1,1,1,0,0,0,19|UR BEST KNOWLEDGE THIS1  PROGRAM IS FREE FORQ  DUPLICATION IN CANADA.n  IF YOU HAVE CONTARY  INFORMATION, PLEASE  CONTACT COMMODORE CANADA AND  EVERY EFFORT WILL BE MADE TO  WITHDRAW COPIES OF THIS ND ONE DIES!!"6Y 5776Z"IT'S A TIE!!"6[ 5806\ Y6] X6^6_Y197`X((1)9)1I7aD(X)D(X)((1)(2(1)2))(1((D51) (D2000)))((D(X)3))Q7b YZ7c 76`7d7e-1,0,-1,1,0,1,1,1,1,0,1,-1,0,-1,-1,-17f"COURSEUR$UI$ KUI$; P50$ Q I U +++ CHECK FOR HELP REQUEST +++q ZUR$UX$195: EXIT TO HELP ROUTINE _UF1240 dUF0:: f ++ CHECK DELETE ++ i(UR$)150 nUR$(UR$,(UR$)1) s" ";:50 x ++ CHECK FOR VALM1,YM2)64BA(X,Y)04C 6044D4E:ZZ116:ZZ$:ZZ4F X01 ((1)8)15G M1,M2 5H X0<5I XM11 XM120 YM21 YM220 580F5J 576|5K"***YOU'VE BEEN EATEN BY A SEA MONSTER ";N$;"!!"5L 6225M (1).2 580$"": (UT)UU%UI$((UI$)128):% 2 UI$"":W UF1: +++ HELP ROUTINE EXIT +++` 250i 245{ UQUBUB999 UQ%(UQUB)(UQ)::"" UZ1:UV%(UT) 300 UZ0:US$UJ$:UG$UK$:UPUJ:ULUK(50003)053281,1:"2- D50 5502."***YOU'VE BEEN RAMMED BY A SHIP";,;N$;"!!!"2/ 62230 (1).15 550331"***YOUR HEADQUARTERS WAS RAMMED ";N$;"!!!"V32S30: S40: D20: A(XW,YV)0`33 566t34 (1).7 55035"***SHIP DESTROYED BY A MINE ";N$;"!!! (UD$,UD%1):;(UD$,24);"  HELP COMING ":gU1%(U1):U2%(U2):U3%(U3):U4%(U4)UJ$US$:UK$UG$:UL$UT$:UJUP:UKUL, ** MENU **-:."":UT,UU%:(50003)053281,9:53280,8/:1"  5. QUIT"*T" --------------------------------------"UY" PRESS A NUMBER KEY (1-5) ";~^UL1:US$"12345":35: INPUT ROUTINE`US$""c(UR$)1000,400,500,600,396h300 ** RE-ENABLE STOP KEY AND END ** (50003)1 LADDER BY%" ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS CORRECTLY."R" HEN AN ANSWER IS INCORRECT YOU WILLn" DROP DOWN ONE RUNG.:" FTER TOO MANY MISTAKES YOU'LL BE":" !!"" LEASE TRY HARD TO GET AWAY. ;N$;"."$ 76$D30: D40$ XS12 S12% YS22 S22)% X1 X20 Y1 Y20 402>%D3D3(A(X,Y)3)S%D4D4(A(X,Y)6)[% Yc% Xu% D30 407%"NO SHIPS IN RANGE ";N$;"."% 76%"THERE ARE";D3;"SHIPS I S IS DAMAGED. UNABLE TO HELP ";N$;".""v 76#w D20 378*#x"HEADQUARTERS IS DESERTED ";N$;"."3#y 76b#z ((S1S3)2(S2S4)2) 2 D51 381#{"UNABLE TO COMPLY WITH DOCKING ORDERS ";N$;"."#| 76#}"DIVERS FRON HEADQUARTERS B .983 511-"HEAVY DAMAGE!! REPAIRS IMMEDIATE ";N$;"!!!".PP(200((1)76)). X1 4((1)2),.Y((1)9)1B.D(Y)D(Y)(1)11J. XT. 525."DAMAGE CRITICAL!!!! WE NEED HELP!!!!".A$"VRAVUKXCNVPCRHFDRSAXQURLQTRHXYAC T..........";M b"# OF CREWMEN LEFT...........";C !c"LBS. OF FUEL LEFT...........";F&!dA!e"WHAT DAMAGE REPORT";J!f A$b!g (A$,1)"N" 369!h" ITEM DAMAGE(+GOOD,0NUETRAL,-BAD)"!i" ---- ------"!j"ENGINES","SONAR","TO";N$;"!!"+ 525+"DEPTH CHARGES OFF";+ (1).5 486 ,"PORT SIDE ";N$;"!!!", 4876,"STARBOARD SIDE ";N$;"!!!"S, Q.13 (1).92 490{,"NO REAL DAMAGE SUSTAINED ";N$;".", 525, Q.36 (1).96 495,"LIGHT, 76N"NEW DEPTH";O D1P D10 D13000 339/Q"HULL CRUSHED BY PRESSURE ";N$;"!!"9R 622SSPP(((DD1)2.5))T"MANUEVER COMPLETE; POWER LOSS=";(((DD1)2.5))UDD1V 470WX D(6) 0 347Y"NO REPO C10 453)FFC1)PP(C13)) 465)*"POWER AVAILABLE=";P1;". CONVERT";* C15* C1P1 C10 460@*PPC1P*FF(C13)*"CONVERSION COMPLETE. POWER=";P;".FUEL=;F;"."* 470**"COWWARD!! YOU'RE NOT VERSTROYED YOURSELF ";N$;!!! DUMMY!!!": 622 ;A(X,Y)0< Y= X+> D60 320S?"YOU BLEW OUT SOME ISLAND ";N$;"."d@ D50 322A"YOU DESTOYED";D5;"MINES ";N$;"."B D40 324C"YOU GOT ";D4;"SEA MONSTERS ";N$;"!!! GO'"A SEA MONSTER SMELLS THE MEN ON THE WAY BACK!!!"(D7"MEN WERE EATEN ";N$;"!!"(CCD7R(D6"MEN WERE LOST THROUGH ACCIDENTS ";N$;"."](CCD6v(PP(10Q1(1)10)( 470(( D(9) 0 445("POWER CONVERTER IS DIME TO SAVE YOU!!!"/  505/ "MESSAGE GARBLED ";N$"...NO HELP ARRIVES!!!"0  6220 F0 D(1) 0 D(3) 0 D(4) 0D(5)0 D(7) 0 530g0 D(8) 0 D(9) 0 5300"DAMAGE TOO MUCH ";N$;"!!! YOU'RE SUNK!!"0 6220N RANGE ";N$;"."%"HOW MANY MEN ARE GOING ";N$;% Q1& CQ1 10 413F&"YOU MUST LEAVE AT LEAST 10 MEN ON BOARD ";N$;"."P& 408c&D5(D3Q1.5)l&D60& XS12 S12& YS22 S22& D3Q11(1) (1)D3Q1.9 RING OUT SUPPLIES AND MEN."#~P4000#T8#M2$F1500 $C25$D2D21 $ 470&$:$ D(8)0 393u$"HATCHES INACCESSIBLE ";N$;". NO SABOTAGES POSSIBLE."~$ 76$ C10 396$"NOT ENOUGH CREW TO GO ON A MISSION " VFZYITLCBSSYYKDQIPCAEGOGPCNOTSIO".X((1)16)1/"SEND 'HELP' IN CODE. HERE IS THE CODE:";(A$,X,4);$/7/ZZ11000:ZZG/"XXXX"]/ "ENTER CODE";B$c/}/ B$(A$,X,4) 523/ "FAST WORK ";N$;"!! HELP ARRIVES IN TRPEDOS","MISSILES","MANUEVERING""k "STATUS","HEADQUARTERS","SABOTAGE","CONVERTER"0"l:ZZ17:ZZ$:ZZ>"m X1 9G"n A$X"o A$12)D(X)`"p X"q"YOU ARE AT LOCATION (";S1;",";S2;").""r 76"s"t D(7) 0 375"u"HEADQUARTERSUPERFICIAL DAMAGE ";N$;".",PP50,D(((1)9)1)(1)2, 525- Q.6 (1).975 503>-"MODERATE DAMAGE. REPAIRS NEEDED."T-PP75((1)30)b- Y1 2t-X((1)9)1-D(X)D(X)(1)8- Y- 525- Q.9 (1)RTS ARE ABLE TO GET THROUGH ";N$;"."Z 76 [ C3 3503 \"NO ONE LEFT TO GIVE THE REPORT ";N$;"."< ] 76b ^"# OF ENEMY SHEPS LEFT.......";S _"# OF POWER UNITS LEFT.......";P `"# OF TORPEDOS LEFT..........";T a"# OF MISSILES LEFY PATRIOTIC ";N$;"!!"* 622**Q0* XS14 S14+ YS24 S24++ X1 X20 Y1 Y20 477A+ A(X,Y)3 477e+QQ((1)((S1X)2(S2Y)2))m+ Yu+ X+ Q 482+"NO SHIPS IN RANGE TO DEPTH CHARGE YOU OD WORK!!"D"YOU DESTROYED";D3;"ENEMY SHIPS ";N$;"!!!"ESSD3F 296!G6H D(5) 0 331lI"BALLAST CONTROLS ARE BEING REPAIRED ";N$;"."uJ 76K C12 334L"THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH CREW TO WORK THE CONTROLS ";N$;"."MAMAGED ";N$;"."( 76( C5 448)"NOT ENOUGH MEN TO WORK THE CONVERTER ";N$;".") 76N)"OPTION? (1=FUEL TO POWER, 2=POWER TO FUEL)";V) Oh) O 452,459r) 448x))"FUEL AVAILABLE=";F;". CONVERT";) C1) C1F 0:: "--***RESULT OF LAST ENEMY MANUEVER***--"0 X1 200 Y1 201 A(X,Y)3 57311WD8(1VD9T1 XW0 XW21 YV0 YV21 546i1 X019 1 11 A(XWX0,YVX0) 0 5441A(XWX0,YVX0)31423& A(X,Y)3 423&D6D61&A(X,Y)0&SS1' S0 630' Y' X='D6;"SHIPS WERE DESTROYED ";N$;"."L'D60: D70[' X1 Q1o'D7D7((1).6)w' X' X1 Q1D7'D6D6((1).15)' X' D40 437 CREW SUFFOCATES" 622 D(2) 0 164B"SONAR IS UNDER REPAIR ";N$;"."K 76[ C5 167"NOT ENOUGH CREW TO WORK SONAR ";N$;"." 76"OPTION #"; O (O1) 171,201 167""22)"SYMBOLS SUNK!!" 622,"YOU'VE BEEN BLOWN UP BY A MINE ";N$;"!!"6 622K (1).21 155{"YOU WERE EATEN BY A SEA MONSTER ";N$;"!!" 622 X3X2 X2 Y3Y2 Y2 X31 X320 Y31 Y320 153 A(X,Y)6  S ARE UNDER REPAIR ";N$;"." 76  C23 277?"NOT ENOUGH CREW TO LAUNCH A MISSILE ";N$;"."H 76Y M0 280y"NO MISSILES LEFT ";N$;"." 76 D50 D2000 287"RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT FIRE AT THIS...PROCEED" rYS2 sQ11" t X21 ((P1100.5)D1.5)R u XX10 XX121 YY10 YY121 120{ v"YOU CAN'T LEAVE THE AREA ";N$;"!!" w 126 x A(XX1,YY1)1 121,125,155,131,136,139,141 yXXX1 zYYY1 {PP100 | 144 }"YOUA(XX1,YY1)1 249,253,267,256,260,263,265XXX1YYY1*"..!..";4 267\"YOU TOOK OUT SOME ISLAND ";N$;"."oA(XX1,YY1)0y 244"OUCH!!! YOU GOT ONE ";N$;"!"SS1 S0 254 630"YOU BLEW UP YOURPOWER CONVERSION" ^" #-:SURRENDER"$ _ 76* `? a D(1) 0 100g b"ENGINES ARE UNDER REPAIR ";N$;"."p c 76 d C8 103 e"NOT ENOUGH CREW TO MAN THE ENGINES ";N$;"." f 76 gD11((.23(1)10)((D 50))) h 612 i"PDO TUBES ARE UNDER REPAIR ";N$;"."  76 C 10 231K"NOT ENOUGH CREW TO FIRE TORPEDO ";N$;"."T 76b T 234"NO TORPEDOS LEFT ";N$;"." 76 D2000 238 (1).5 238" PRESSURE IMPLODES SUB UPON FIRING.0D I EC30FP6000 GF2500)HT101IM3;JD100DKD22JLqM"WHAT ARE YOUR ORDERS ";N$;"?"NO$:O$""78OO$"?"84PO$"-"O10:83Q(O$)1(O$)978RO(O$)S (O) 96,160,224,270,327,343,371,38Y)2 186A$; Y  XPP50% P0 76/ 1585C I1 5NB(I)0V I"DIRECTION #OF SHIPS DISTANCES":ZZ116:ZZ$:ZZ X1 8 X1,Y1X30 X41 20  S1X1X41 S& S1X1F20 S1X1F221 S2Y1F20 S2Y1F221 300?'"MISSILE OUT OF SONAR TRACKING ";N$;"."I(MM1T)FFF1`*PP300j+ 246,D30: D40: D50: D60- XS1X1F21 S1X1F21. YS2Y1F21 S2Y1F21/ X1 ":22)""""22)" = ISLAND",""22)"ڒ = YOUR SUB"K""22)"> = ENEMY SHIP"g""22)" = YOUR H.Q."""22)". = UNDERSEA MINE"""22)"ؒ = SEA MONSTER"""22)": = UNKNOWN""" X1 20 Y 153 (1).25 142 Q10 153U"YOU JUST HAD A NARROW ESCAPE WITH A SEA MONSTER ";N$;"!!"^Q10g Y3p X3y X2"NAVIGATION COMPLETE. POWER LEFT=";P;"." P0 126" ATOMIC PILE HAS GONE DEAD!!! SUB SINKS,  ; A$ (A$,1)"N" 76  (1).5 287D"MISSILE EXPLODES UPON FIRING ";N$;"!! YOU'RE DEAD!!"N 622X 612l "FUEL (LBS.)";u! F1" F10 F1 F 293#"YOU HAVE";F;"LBS. LEFT ";N$;"."$ 288%F2(F175.5) ALMOST RAN AGROUND ";N$;"!!" ~A(X,Y)2' A(S1,S2)00 S1X9 S2YC 470T D50 121 "YOU RAMMED A SHIP!!! YOU'RE BOTH SUNK ";N$;"!!" SS1 S0 630 622 D50 121 "YOU RAMMED YOUR HEADQUARTERS!! YOU'RE  HEADQUARTERS ";N$;"!!!"S30: S40: D20 254="BLAN!! SHOT WASTED ON A MINE ";N$;"!!!"G 254~ " A SEA MONSTER HAD A TORPEDO FOR LUNCH ";N$;"!!"  244  X2 "DUD."  244 D(4) 0 274"MISSILE SILOOWER AVAILABLE=";P;". POWER TO USE" j P16 k P10 P1P 105M l P1 1000 113b m (1).43 113 n"ATOMIC PILE GOES SUPERCRITICAL ";N$;"!!! HEADQUARTERS" o"WILL WARN ALL SUBS TO STAY FROM RADIOACTIVE AREA!!!" p 622 qXS1 .. YOU'RE CRUSHED!!" 622 612 XS1YS2;X21(75((D50))(1)4.5)j XX10 XX121 YY10 YY121 248"TORPEDO OUT OF SONAR RANGE....INEFFECTUAL ";N$;"."TT1PP150 P0 470 158 9,441,467 T"THE COMMANDS ARE:"/ U" #1:NAVIGATION"A V" #2:SONAR"] W" #3:TORPEDO CONTROL" X" #4:POLARIS MISSILE CONTROL" Y" #5:MANUEVERING" Z" #6:STATUS/DAMAGE REPORT" [" #7:HEADQUARTERS" \" #8:SABOTAGE" ]" #9:1X1X420 S2Y1X41 S2Y1X420 216/ A(S1X1X4,S2Y1X4)3 215;X3X31HB(X3)X4Q X4b X30 222{" ";X 13)X330); X41 X3B(X4); X4 X 198 D(3)0 228"TORPE X20 Y1 Y20 3160D3D3(A(X,Y)3)1D4D4(A(X,Y)6)'2D5D5(A(X,Y)5)<3D6D6(A(X,Y)1)R4 A(X,Y)4 3125"YOU'VE DESTROYED YOUR HEADQUARTERS ";N$;"!!!"6D30: S40: D207 3158 A(X,Y) 2 3159"YOU JUST DE1 20 "+","","ڒ",">","",".","ؒ". A(X,Y)0 188V X1 X20 Y1 Y20 188`":";j 195p X11 A(X,Y)1 A$ X1 D50 (1).23 A(X,Y)1 A(X,Y)2 186 (1).15 A(X, S IF REQUESTED#"A BATTLESHIP IS A BLOCK OF 3 ADJACENTP"SQUARES ON AN 8X8 FIELD. THE SHIP MAY~"BE HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL ON THE BOARD."START WITH 2 SHIPS; LATER YOU MAY GO UP"TO 6 OR 7. YOU THEN PICK THE LOCATION"FOR T  S(2)9000-X33248:U33286:D1O""10)"LEFT"S(1)"RIGHT"S(2)S(1)9"LEFT WINS, YOU WANT ANOTER GAME";:2000S(2)9"RIGHT WINS, YOU WANT ANOTER GAME";:2000 J328073376740J,96 J 020$U:UYY2:B(1,U)B(1,U)2X:U:4LUXX2:B(1,Y)2U1020_VU:UXX2DD:B(1,Y)B(1,Y)2U:U:y INSERT HITS & TRIES>Z328492X80YHB(0,Y)2XB(3,Y)Z,160RB(3,Y)2X(Z)1022200\B(2,Y)2XB(1,Y)Z19 60(J79)160Y802(J41)160(J39)160Y40T(J81)160(J79)160Y80]DDY999QD21.5:S(Q)S(Q)1:DD:5110LJJJD3500L,32JY33648JY32886YYJJYJ,42(J2D)96XX(1):YY(1)1:9007 4X(2)XY(2)YXX(2)X:YY(2)Y:X(0)1:900l >X(1)X8Y(1)Y8XX(1)X:YY(1)Y:X(0)2:900 HF1:328143X(2)80Y(2),230:X(0)1:770: PARALLEL ADJACENT VERT. B(3,Y)B(3,Y)2X:2000 F3500 U07:(B(510A$S(1)0:S(2)0+(A$,1)"Y"3F(#10)"PONG DIRECTIONS"L-#2#"TO MAKE THE LEFT PADDLE GO UP TYPE"(34)"Z"(34)<#"TO MAKE THE LEFT PAD. GO DOWN TYPE"(34)"X"(34)F#P#"TO MAKE THE RIGHT PAD. GO UP TYPE"(34)"3"(34"";:9030P#C$;:C(C$)4Z#D$:(D$"V"D$"H")"";:Z13:Z:"";:9050>d#D$:V# GET PLAYER'S SHOT#R$:R$"K"R$"R""";:Z13:Z:"";:9110#R$;# ENTER HERE FOR C ONLY#C$:C$"0"C$"7""";:Z13:Z "" 15);"SEABATTLE"?10);"CREATIVE COMPUTING"a8);"MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY"l"" A(20,20),D(9)N$"POPEYE"  I1 20 J1 20 A(I,J)0 J IZZ132:ZZ$:ZZ<"BY A WHICH WILL REPLACE YOUR  IF IT<F"HITS YOU.":"HIT 'SPACE' TO CONTINUE"XPC$:C$""X(1):5200Z"NEITHER YOU NOR THE PET CAN HAVE TWOd"SHIPS OVERLAP, BUT YOURS AND THE PET'Sn"MAY BE AT THE SAME COORDINATES.x" A(X1,X2)0 34%A(X1,X2)3%& XU'"YOU MUST DESTROY";S;"ENEMY SHIPS TO WIN "`(N$"."f)z*S3((1)20)1+S4((1)20)1, A(S3,S4)0 42-A(S3,S4)4./ X1 ((1)8)80X1((1)20)11X2((1)20)1HE TOP, LEFT CORNER AND WHETHER/"THE SHIP IS HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL.\"FOR EXAMPLE, A SHIP HEADING SOUTH FROM"THE TOP LEFT CORNER WOULD BE ENTERED"AS 'A0V'. A BLOCK THEN SHOWS UP IN"THE THREE CELLS A0 A1 AND C1. THAT"RE 0(J3276812401H-D1J328081240P2Y0k<F3284832886:F,81:PF3364833686:F,81:ZX,160:U,160n200sY999x(J1)160(J1)160Y0(J41)160(J39)160Y40(J81)1,214:2160 fB(2,Y)2XZ19,87(p"azU14:" ":Up"": ACCOUNT FOR HITZ,102:B(0,Y)2XX(F)XY(F)YFF1:X(F)X:Y(F)Y:X(0)0 INSTRUCTION200 WTITIW107MI(151):MI255 510LMI32V1:900`MI24V1:900v&MI25V1:10000MI17V1:1000X,32XXV40X,160510 U,32UUV40U,1600,U)B(3,U))B(0,U)U:"GOTCHA!!":710" F0:500R 2000:"TRY AGAIN; WHERE NOW? ";:9000:320u  SUBROUTINE: LOCATE SHIPS *** X(8(1)):Y(8(1)):D(2(1)) (DX5)(DY5)1020 D1100: HORIZONTAL UYY2:B(1,U)2X1r). Z#"TO MAKE THE RIGHT PAD.GO DOWN TYPE"(34)"+"(34)4 d#: n#T #"DO YOU UNDERSTAND";] #Z9$c #$V1:10000MI17V1:1000X,32XXV40X,160510 U,32UUV40U,160|:"";:9140#C$:C(C$):# GET YES OR NOI#X$:(X$"Y"X$"N")"";:Z13:Z:"";:9210S$X$:$"":r(# GET R$,C,D$2#R$:R$"A"R$"H""";:Z13:Z:"";:9010<#R$;F#C$:C$"0"C$"7""";:Z13:Z: X7 13 Y7 12$ A(X,Y), Y4 X:KS110: S210ZA(S1,S2)2`tS((1)16)15zZZ116:ZZ$:ZZ X1 (((1)4)1)21 D8,D9 X! X1 S"X1((1)20)1#X2((1)20)1$PLAY CAREFULLY; THE PET PLAYS WELL.9}"HIT 'SPACE' TO CONTINUE":"AND ... GOOD LUCK!UC$:C$""X(1):5250`"":r(# GET R$,C,D$2#R$:R$"A"R$"H""";:Z13:Z:"";:9010<#R$;F#C$:C$"0"C$"7""";:Z13:Z:2 A(X1,X2)0 48 3A(X1,X2)5(4 X.5<6 X1 4P7X1((1)18)2d8X2((1)18)2{9 A(X1,X2)0 55:A(X1,X2)6;<ZZ116:ZZ$:ZZ= Y1 ((1)8)1> M1,M2? Y@ XAB I1 9CD(I)PRESENTS ONE OF YOUR SHIPS.+ "WHEN YOU SHOOT AND MISS, A APPEARSZ"IN THE CELL. IF YOU HIT, A X APPEARS."IF YOU WIPE OUT THE PET'S SHIPS BEFORE("IT GETS YOURS, YOU WIN. BUT THE PET2"GETS ONE SHOT FOR EACH OF YOURS, MARKED 20B810,209411,60 Z 1010 J& A$7 A$"X"1000H A$"Z"8000Y S1(A$)2j X$(A$,S,1)t 2000 RX16 $X$(A$,S1,1) .2000 8J,RX BJJ1 LS V1010 X(X$) X$"0"X0X10(X$)("A")  "" 15)"LIFE II"0 LARRYS TAPE:::] N(6,6),K(18),A(16),X(2),Y(2) 3,102,103,120,130,121,112,111,12 21,30,1020,1030,1011,1021,1003,1002,1012 M118: K(M): M -1,0,1,0,0,-1,0,1,-1,-1,1,-1,-1,1,1,1 126k J;:120n300 xK'}J-~FB1:N(J,K)999B10UO11152N(JA(O1),KA(O11))N(JA(O1),KA(O11))BO1, N(J,K)3 3991 O11 186 N(J,K)K(O1) 350; O1@ 399^ O19 360_ CES" K113: 700)N(X(B),Y(B))P1: K11 B:/ 90F0: 50`: M20 M30 574x; M30 B1: 575< M20 B2: 575= 580>:"A DRAW":?: "PLAYER";B;"IS THE WINNER":D B1 2:"PLAYER";B;: 700 (1)X(2) Y(1)Y(2) 740 , NO COD. SET 0"L N(X(B)1,Y(B)1)0: B99: r  "ILLEGAL COORDS. RETYPE": 700x M20 B2: 575= 580>:"A DRAW":?: "PLAYER";B;"IS THE WINNER":D B1 2:"PLAYER";B;: 700 B" BATTLESHIP ":"BY M RICHTER":"AVAILABLE FROM:""PETCASSETTE EXCHANGE":"1929 NORTHPORT DR, ROOM 6":"MADISON, WI 53704"Z13000:Z:"" BATTLESHIP PROGRAM MIKE RICHTER, 2600 COLBY AVE, LOS ANGELES, CA 90064N TO 5" '$'"TO START PROGRAM TYPE ANYTHING ELSE"I':"TO CLEAR SCREEN PRESS 'C'":p$'"WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND PRESS A KEY".' ZZ$: ZZ$"" 100308'" WORKING":$UPIED SPACE" '3)(34)" "(34)" FOR AN E CATE YOURS, I'LL HIDE MINE="TO ENTER A BATTLESHIP, GIVE ME:g" ROW (LETTER) OF THE TOP/LEFT END" ITS COLUMN (NUMBER)" ITS DIRECTION, V OR H."KEY 'SPACE' WHEN YOU'RE READY TO STARTC$:C$""X(1):190  GET TH "K42:9075 "$A$" "K96:9075* 6$A$""K81:9075A @$A$""K87:9075X E$A$"C""":9075d J$A$"12"r T$(4450): '"ENTER LIFE BOARD USING THE CHARACTERS" '3)(34)"*"(34)" FOR AN OCCUPIED SPACE" '3)(34)" "(34)" FOR AN E " ";I07:" "(75I);:I:""Q,K1N:1000:"WHERE DO YOU WANT ONE? ";:9000w@(D$"V"C5)(D$"H"R$"F")990JR(R$)65:D$"H"400TXR:UCC2:B(0,U)2RU:350Y990^YCC2:B(0,Y)B(0,Y)2R:2000:Y:420 YC  @(4450):(4550):9045 JWTI. OA$:A$""8025G T(A$)0PV((A$))Z X(A$)09050k YTIWP8015w h(4550) r8010 U#P15 Z#J32767:M1 d#K(32768) n#JJM q#J32768JJ1000 r#J33767JJ1000 s#A$:A$""92 O11 16: A(O1): O1500+2 J1 593 K1 5Q7 N(J,K)99 200Y< KaA JuZK0: M20: M30c J0 6:d K 0 6e J0 J6 105f K6 0;: 125g K;:120i K0 K6 110j J6 0: N(J,K)100: M2M21:" * ";c<hN(J,K)1000: M3M31:" # ";BmYN(J,K)0:" ";:u 10);"U.B. LIFE GAME"M20: M30 J15 K15N(J,K)0KJ B1 2: P13: B2 P130"PLAYER ";B;" -3 LIVE PIE E B99 560 FB3 JN(X(1),Y(1))100: N(X(2),Y(2))1000= T 560G  X,Y`  (13);: Y(B),X(B)r " ------"  X(B)5 X(B)0 708  750  Y(B)5 Y(B)0 715 750  N(X(B),Y(B))0 750  B1   X HE PET'S PLAY FROM P$ +F7504 0P12(((P$)21)(1)3)b :X$(P$,P1,2):P$(P$,P)(P$,(P$)P2) DX((X$,1)):Y((X$,1)):B(3,Y)B(3,Y)2X:2000:500 "*** YOU GOT ME!!! *** "DO YOU WANT TO PLAY AGAIN? ";:9200 X$"Y"  B(3,7),X(3),Y(3) 59468,12[F0:P$"@22255255344313314664611610010440733776677007@|" *** BATTLESHIP ***("DO YOU NEED INSTRUCTIONS? ";:9200:X$"Y"5000d"HOW MANY BATTLESHIPS PER SIDE? ";:9130:NCn"WHILE YOU LO "": : LOOK FOR NEIGHBOR HITP F2XX(1)X(2):YY(1)Y(2):1X(0)820,830,840^ F33000 X(0)X(0)1:X(0)780,790,800,810 X(1)XX(1)1:YY(1):900 X(1)7XX(1)1:YY(1):900 Y(1)XX(1):YY(1)1:900 *Y(1)7 E N BATTLESHIPS DRAW THE FIELDA" YOURS PET'Sp" ";:K01:J015:"";:J:" ";:K:I07:" ";:K01:J07:" ";:J:" ";:K:K01:(48I);:J07:"̤";:J:" ";K::I:I07:" "(65I);:I: MPTY SPACE" '3)(34)""(34)" FOR A POST"D '3)(34)""(34)" FOR A HOLE"(13)q '"USE THE NUMBER PAD TO MOVE THE CURSUR" '" WITH 5 AS THE CENTER NUMBER AND THE" '" NUMBERS 6,3,2,1,4,7,8,9 DESCRIBING" '" A DIRECTION IN RELATIO :URR2:B(0,C)2(U)U:410 990G XRR2:B(0,C)B(0,C)2X:2000:XN Ka  SHOOT 'EM UP "ENTER LETTER,NUMBER OF YOUR SHOT: ";:9100 YC:X(R$)75:B(2,Y)B(2,Y)2X:2000 !U07:(B(1,U)B(2,U))B(1,U)U:700 & GET T 00 x#59468,16,16:J,102( #59468,16,16:J,K:9075@ #A$"8"M40:9070X #A$"7"M41:9070p #A$"9"M39:9070 #A$"2"M40:9070 #A$"1"M39:9070 #A$"3"M41:9070 $A$"4"M1:9070 $A$"6"M1:9070 $A$"* 2"PRESS RETURN TO ";# SMITHS, THE SMITHS ARE CAP- <46>(e" X";36);"2Uj" V TURED. IF THE SMITHS CAN Vt"EVADE CAPTURE FOR 15 TURNS, THEY ESCAP.E~60200QAR'S TURN TO MOVE,$"ITS ARROW WILL BLINK. IF IT IS THE." PLAY AGAIN? ";! 60000:(IN$,1)"N"500' 6 NR1NR1G NRRSNRRSV NC1NC1g NCCSNCCSm  NR1NRNRRS & NRRSNRNRRS 0 NC1NCNCCS : NCCSNCNCCS D 'L$"":I1CS:L$L$EM$:I $'"":TB7:" SMITHS TAKE TURNS MOVING,%"WITH THE SQUAD CAR MOVING FIRST. EACHR"MOVE, THE SQUAD CAR MOVES TWO SPACES,q"AND THE SMITHS MOVE ONE.|60200"WHEN IT IS THE SQUAD CAR'S TURN TO MOVE,$"ITS ARROW WILL BLINK. IF IT IS THE." VNRRRUD(CH):NCRCLR(CH)`30008RRNR:RCNC:EM$;""VRRR:CRC:10100:RB$;""v(CRRR)2(CCRC)22000TNTN1:TN0900"ESCAPE!":BL$:BL$RBRB1:2100"SIGH...":BL$:BL$Z1500:Z:2100 "JUSTIC  THEIR RECORDS. THE SQUAD)\"CAR, HOWEVER, CAN MOVE FASTER THAN THEUz"SMITHS' CAR, SINCE IT HAS A SIREN TOy"CLEAR TRAFFIC OUT OF ITS WAY.60200"A MAP OF THE CITY WILL BE SHOWN ON YOUR"SCREEN, WITH THE POSITIONS OF THE SMIT & 10000: LIFE BARTONSMITH ET ALD60,40,30,25,20,15,10,5,0NV(9)aJ19:V(J):X,7100,200010,206211,202C10,202611,20B810,209411,60 X,4096,A000,A948,8D0D10,A917,8D0E10,8C0000,EE0D10  D003,EE0E10,AD0E10,C91B,D0EE,AD0D10,C HIS, SINCE THEY MAKE IT A POINT TO8"LISTEN TO THE POLICE FREQUENCIES. THEY,e"OF COURSE, WANT TO STAY FREE. IF THEY"MANAGE LONG ENOUGH, THE SQUAD CAR WILL"BE SENT OFF ON ANOTHER CALL, AND THE"SMITHS WILL BE SAFE.6020 A,A251,204910$ZEAEA,EAEA,A252,204910[_EE4A10,D003,EE4B10,EE4110,D003,EE4210,AD4110,C90CdD008,AD4210,C917,D001,60,4C4010X,4280,A924,8DF110,A913,8DF210,A924,8DD710A913,8DD810,A971,8DE210,A917,8DE310,AD0000C951,F016,C957,F012, S516:QV1:CR$(13)(50000)0BQK158:QL216:QM52:QP151:QQ205:QS152:QV2HbTI110:"";:I:0"";9);"CURSOR #";NM$;" ";PG$:" COPYRIGHT (C) 1979 BY GLEN FISHERD60500N"COPS 'N' ROBBERS."WANT FL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255), ZL25460010G IN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$;f Z13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;: Z20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010 Z141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:60000 60010 (PN060250 -60500 ,A2FA,A920,2D40E8,D0F9/"BDFF7F,9D2313,BDF980,9D1D14P,BDF381,9D1715,BDED82,9D1116`6CA,D0DE,60@X,4500,A2FA,A920,2D40E8,D0F9JBD2313,9DFF7F,BD1D14,9DF980TBD1715,9DF381,BD1116,9DED82^CA,D0DE,60 cX,4550,200010,202C10,202611, "; .'I124:TB);L$:I 8'TB);L$;""$ L'B t'"":QL,R:"";TBC);:l ~' PK=32768+80*R+2*C+TB-40:CH=PEEK(PK) 'Z1:TM0:10100 'Z$:Z$""10250 'TITM10210 '("",Z,1);SY$;""; (Z3Z:TMTI20:10210 (Z$"_"CH0:10 SMITHS' TURN TO MOVE, THEIR CAR WILL/8"BLINK. TO MOVE, THE SQUAD CAR USES THEhB"2,4,6, AND 8 KEYS. THE SMITHS USE THE X,L"A,W, AND D KEYS. IF THE SQUAD CAR GETSV" ^ WITHIN ONE SPACE OF THE ^[" W";36) E":"TRIUMPHS!":BL$ CPCP1. 4GMGM1:Z1500:ZC >T$:T$""2110r H"";10)"IN"GM"GAME";("S",2(GM1))":" R"COPS HAVE CAUGHT ROBBERS"CP"TIME"("S",2(CP1))"." \"ROBBERS HAVE ESCAPED"RB"TIME"("S",2(RB1))"." "WANT TO HS"AND THE SQUAD CAR MARKED. THE SMITHS ARE@"MARKED BY A '+'. THE SQUAD CAR, SINCE ITo"HAS TO OBEY THE LAW, IS MARKED WITH ONE"OF FOUR ARROWS (^,>,V,<) DEPENDING ON"WHICH DIRECTION IT IS FACING. THE SQUAD"CAR AND THE 982,D0E7,60EX,4140,A948,8D4A10,A917,8D4B10,A924,8D4110,A913,8D4210g(AD0000,C957,B044,9007,FE000026000,D005,A201,204910<A202,204910,A200,204910FEA,EAEA,A228,204910KEAEA,EAEA,A22A,204910PEAEA,EAEA,A250,204910 UEAEA,EAE 0 "CITY TRAFFIC LAWS PROHIBIT LEFT TURNSA*"ANYWHERE, AND THE SQUAD CAR, UPHOLDER OFp4"THE LAW THAT IT IS, CAN ONLY GO STRAIGHT>"OR TURN RIGHT. THE SMITHS WILL GO ANYH"WAY THEY LIKE, AS THEY ALREADY HAVE FARR"WORSE CRIMES ON AC0000,C002,F008,A92A,C003,F002,A960P8D0000,EEF110,D003,EEF210,EEE210,D003,EEE310yEED710,D003,EED810,ADD710,C90C,D008ADD810,C917,D001,60,4CD610X,4390,A200,18,BD7117,7D591B,9D7117,BD301B,7D4817,9D301BE8,E029,D0E9,60X,4450 DIRECTIONS? ";:60000(IN$,1)"Y"60300&LP4:60200S"THE POLICE HAVE RECEIVED AN ANONYMOUS"CALL THAT THE INFAMOUS SMITH GANG IS IN"TOWN. NATURALLY, THEY SEND OUT A SQUAD"CAR TO BRING THEM IN. THE SMITHS KNOW "T   "" 90008("WANT INSTRUCTIONS (Y OR N)";@2Q$O<Q$"N"90UF_P1000gZP0d"WANT GUNNER'S GRID (Y OR N)";nQ$x Q$"N"2002000200"NO THEY'RE NOT!""TYPE TWO PLAYERS NAMES""GUNNER #1";   ""9"YOU HAVE JUST DEPARTED YOUR MOTHER SHIP"f"AND ARE DESENDING ON MARS. AFTER EACH"("? TYPE IN YOUR THRUST AND RETRO "2"COMMAND AS A NUMBER BETWEEN 0 AND 500"<"UNITS OF FUEL(EACH UNIT=200 NEWTONS" F"OF THRUST=900 LBS N/100" dH(H100)N (T); 8)(V);17)(H100);24)(E); 32)"F=";V FbHH100w (F)500 310  F0 330 FE 325 330" ILLEGAL COMMANDS6"ILLEGAL THRUST: REPEAT:"@ 240 E"ONLY"E" UNITS LEFT .01V1VV220F(SE).1G'VVV27 H0 700]"IMPACT IN APPROX. "K" SECONDS."m V0 700 V 5 570 V15 590"CRUNCH!!!! VELOCITY="V" M/SEC/SEC""THAT'S";V3.236005280;"MILES/HOUR" "YEECH...H2$;"IS HIT" P1$;"IS THE BEST GUNNER"% 80400 (#Z(1)6 2# C10RP28000X TP2b 6000l 7000r | 3500 C10RP18090 TP1 6000 7000  pX(T10) zYT(X10)  X"MISSED: "; bCX ";V3.236005280;"MPH. YOU SURVIVED BUT IT DIDN'T HELP"C b"YOUR LOOKS ANY!"M l 999w "YOU HAVE RUN OUT OF FUEL "H" KM UP" "YOU ARE FALLING..." "TIME: VELOCITY: ALT: FUEL: THRUST:"  (T); 8)(V);17)(H100);24)(E); 32)"F= 560 CC1 RR1 & "ILLEAGLE..."0 3500: 3500O  C10RP28000X TP2b 6000l 7000r | 3500 C10RP18090 TP1 6000 7000  pX(T10) zYT(X10)  X"MISSED: "; bCXA$  A$"Y" 10 1 '"YOU HAVE JUST BURNED UP IN THE "D '"ATMOSPHERE."W $' X11000: Xf .' X1 50 8'"YOUR FIRED!! YOUR FIRED!! YOUR FIRED" B' X L' 999ALT: FUEL: THRUST:"  (T); 8)(V);17)(H100);24)(E); 32)"F= E THIS:"$" AIM(R,C)? 3,4"I."R NOR C MAY BE OVER 10 OR LESS THAN 1."OBULh9) "COLOMNS"3)"1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10" A$"* * * * * * * * * *"I13 3)A$;I*I4"R "A$" 4">"O "A$" 5"H"W "A$ :59468,12; COPS COPYRIGHT (C) 1979 GLEN FISHERA:Z CURSOR #14, OCT 79{ BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93017 LINES 61000-65000 (C) 1979 CURSOR MAGAZINE: AS OF NOV 1 79 8:40PMZPG$"COPS":NM$"14":62000dUD(4),LR(4) ;P1$"GUNNER #2";;$P2$5"NAMES OK";=Q$MQ$"N"200^P1$"A"150oP2$"A"150P1$P2$1503000""#"P" GETS THE FIRST SHOT", "ROUND #"S@P1 360JP2$;TP1^4000`SS1bQ$"Y"  OF THRUST)"9G"-------------GOOD LUCK-----------------"\H"TYPE ANY NUMBER TO CONTINUE"hI A:A1uJ A 75KH100:S5000:E15000:T0:G2.4:V100L""P"TIME: VELOCITY: ALT: FUEL: THRUST:"Z"SEC. M/SEC/SEC KM KG --PLEASE REPEAT"F 240!JEE(F)8O(V)1000 10000ATV1VZ^V22000F(SE)10GecVVV2xhD(V1V22)10rHHD1000| H.01 440 E0 430TT10 76"YOUR OUT OF FUEL"H"KM UP"F0K0K K  THIS DUDES IN BAD SHAPE"; " TURN IN YOUR LICENSE AND REPORT TO "W "SICK BAY. QUICKLY!!"a 0 999 :"BEAUTIFUL LANDING...V=";V3.236005280;"MPH" ?" YOU HAD "E" KG OF FUEL LEFT." D 999 N" CLUNCK--RATTLE--RATTLE--SQUISH", X"V= R((1)(RST))T1:RC((1)(CST))T1QZ((RRCR)2(RCCC)2):ZMDZRJ510rCD1:CP$(AR$,CD,1):RB$"+"XEM$":":10000bRCR:CCC:10100:(CP$,CD,1);""lRRR:CRC:10100:RB$;""TNMT"MOVES":"LEFT:":TN;" "'R 0" TT10 F0 EE0 V1V3 V22000F(SE)10G> VVV2Q D(V1V22)10[ HHDm  H.01 720 "YOUR LANDING VELOCITY WAS"V"M/SEC/SEC" *" THAT IS ";V3.236005280;"MPH." "DO YOU WISH TO PLAY AGAIN(Y/N)";  7030 l"LOW "; vCX7050# "HIGH ";3  RY7070B "RIGHT ";Q RY7090^ "LEFT";d j | @P1$;"IS HIT" JP2$;"IS THE BEST GUNNER" ^ h"ANOTHER GAME(Y OR N)"; rQ$ |Q$"Y"7100 "THE END"  P CR:CCC:CH$OK$(CD):SY$CP$:10200:CH01500INRCR2UD(CH):NCCC2LR(CH)S3000l$CRNR:CCNC:EM$;"".CDCH:CP$(AR$,CD,1)8RCR:CCC:10100:CP$;""B(CRRR)2(CCRC)22000LRRR:CRC:CH$"WDXA":SY$RB$:10200:CH01500 " 6" R"S "A$" 7"\I13)f3) A$; I70pI6z<O P1(100(1))b P2(100(1))r P0 3060z P1 S1 Q$"X"  " AIM (R,C)"; C0 R0 C,R C13560 C103560 R13560 R103 ,OK$(4) nI14:UD(I),LR(I):I7x-1,0,0,1,1,0,0,-1MI14:OK$(I):In"86","62","24","84"}AR$"^>V<"RS25:CS25:MT15BL$" "MG5:MD9:TMGMG:T1MG1:RJ12CR((1)(RST))T1:CC((1)(CST))T1$R 100d300hP1$;rP2$|50004Q$"Y"100=320e"TWO PLAYERS SHOOT FROM A TANK AT""EACH OTHER OVER A HILL.""(THEY CAN'T SEE EACH OTHER.)""I'LL ACT AS SPOTTER FOR BOTH.""INPUT IS A ROW COLOMN VALUE""LIK ";:60110FL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255)-ZL25460010HIN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$;kZ13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:Z0:Z20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010Z141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:6000060010"" :59468,12? FERRY COPYRIGHT (C) 1979 JOHN MATARELLAY 7950 COVINGTON AVE.u GLEN BURNIE, MD 21061{: CURSOR #13, SEPTEMBER, 1979 BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93017 LINES 61000-65000 (C) 1979 CURSOR MAGAZINE:  AS OSF(R1)8(MS1)10TTD0:W0:YY0:L0:T0:TL0A^P32768R80JhSSPRr"|I124:R(37)1);".":R(37)1);".":ITT1:CC059467,SD:59464,0:59466,15CCCC1P,62OPPA(QP)XY15:XX255:A41A42 N59467,SD:59466,15XI502503)bP,426l59464,I@vP,62GIP730`OP,32:XX0"";25);"SUCCESS!":25);"SHIP #";TQL,24WW1:L(T)4059466,0:59467,0(QP)255735P,32T$:T$""745 D TO PILOT TO- %"THE ASTEROID BASE. ";W;"SHIPS SURVIVED.< *DTD:1300O /W0SD0900g >"YOUR SCORE=";YYx CYYHYHYYY E"HIGHEST SCORE= ";HY RT$:T$""850 \ f"DO YOU WANT TO PLAY AGAIN? "; k60000 u(IN$,1)"N"3 920 59466,0:59467,0:D 237,10,1,237,5,1,177,20,5,237,10,1,177,5,1,140,20,5} 237,10,1,177,5,1,140,15,2,237,10,1,177,5,1,140,15,2 237,10,1,177,5,1,140,25,5,177,10,1,140,5,1,118,25,1 140,20,1,177,15,1,237,25,1,237,20,1,237,10,1,177,2 ZL25460010IN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$;2Z13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:^Z20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010Z141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:6000060010(PN060250-605002"PRESS RETURN TO ";dCL59468:MS2UnR(X)((1)X1)bxR5:NS5SD0:"WANT SOUND? ";:60000(IN$,1)"Y"SD166"HOW HARD (1=EASY, 9=HARD) ? ";:60000@IN$""IN$(R)JR(IN$):R1R9310 XX128SSP:XY9:A42XY5-59464,XX:59466,XY=A41PP1MA42PP1_PSS39710nPSSPSSyOP,32R(37)1);".":R(37)1);"."(P)46420:L(T)PSS?"";25);"YOU BLEW IT!":25);"SHIP #";TDCL,12 ((PSS)2)CC:TDTDD:1300:"SCORE:";YYB DTD:1300:"TOTAL SO FAR:";YYt "PRESS ANY KEY TO "; TNS"SEE SUMMARY. TNS"LAUNCH NEXT SHIP. T$:T$""775 TNSPSS:350 "YOU WERE GIVEN";T;"SHIPS 10 z :A204 "WE SHALL NOW HONOR THOSE COMPUTERS THAT_ "GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR THE TRAINING OF{ "THIS (AHEM...) PILOT. 59467,16:59464,0:59466,104 C,T,Z TTA:ZZA 59464,C:I1T:I 59464,0:I1Z:I Z0 5,0 YY((DSF)(39MSNS)1000):5 `IN$" ":ZTTI:ZC2:ZD$(20)K jZ$:Z$""60070{ tZTTI(" ",ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI15 ~60010 Z(Z$):ZL(IN$):(Z127)32" ";:60110 FL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255) 60240F"CONTINUE:";PT$:T$""60240'ZPNLP60300edPNPN1:"";PG$;" - CURSOR #";NM$;" (C) 1979 PAGE";PNpi60500vn""::60400:100QK525:QL245:QM134:QP515:QQ234:QS516:QV1:CR$(13)(50000)0QK158: 60000(IN$,1)"Y"60300LP3:60200B"FAR OUT IN THE ASTEROIDS, A SMALL GROUPq"OF PEOPLE HAVE SET UP A MINING COMPANY."LIKE MOST OTHER PEOPLE, THEY NEED TO EAT"OCCASIONALLY. YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE"RESPONSIBILITY HIPS ARE USED.$"YOUR TASK IS TO NAVIGATE THE SUPPLYT "SHIPS THROUGH THE ASTEROIDS TO THE BASE.*"THERE ARE FIVE SHIPS, AND THEY FLY ONE-4"AT-A-TIME (THE EASIER TO CONTROL THEM).>60200H"YOUR SCREEN WILL SHOW YOU THEl YOU GET THE SUPPLIES""THROUGH, AND HOW FEW SHIPS YOU DESTROY.:14);"GOOD LUCK!E60200E BASE.*"THERE ARE FIVE SHIPS, AND THEY FLY ONE-4"AT-A-TIME (THE EASIER TO CONTROL THEM).>60200H"YOUR SCREEN WILL SHOW YOU THE\MOST OF EVERY MOVE"PRESS RETURN TO CONTINUE)IN$:IN$""62090460300$:Z$;ZD$;Z$;kZ13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:Z0:Z20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010Z141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:6000060010"" #:PG$"MAXIT":NM$"25":62000I" COPYRIGHT(C) 1978 HARRY J. SAALg" 2585 EAST BAYSHORE ROAD" PALO ALTO, CA 94303"" CURSOR #25, APRIL, 1981" COPYRIGHT(C)1978 HARRY J. SAAL" BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93116" " AS OF 9ESS RETURN TO BEGINlT$:T$""62060v60300ZL:Z$;:Z:2090'21002B(0)^2000:AA1:"":I117:"";::A0I132:"";::A" "::::B);TXTI60:2100A(1)23:B(1)18:R(A1)40(B)11C(RW): J X: 530  750  C$(13) 750)  "";T);NM$D  (BD(Y,X))100 750j MD1:IC1:JC2:BD(I,J)100: 530 IY:JX:PTBD(I,J):BD(I,J)100: 530  PL1 S1S1PT  PL2 S2S2PT  1070 1070:13);"LAST TAKEN:";:P (IN$,ZL1):"";:2100Z141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:2090'21002B(0)^2000:AA1:"":I117:"";::A0I132:"";::A" "::::B);TXTI60:2100A(1)23:B(1)18:R(A1)40(B)11C(RW): : PL2 T39FX$  NP1 PL2 1280: 9900 TNTI2G C$: C$"" 810Y  TITN 750x  "";TFX1);(NM$,FX,1) FXFX1: FX(NM$) FX1  "";TFX1);"";(NM$,FX,1)  740 * C$"4" DX DX1: 860 4C$"6" 5:H,I:1950F,16:G,85:H,250 1950+F,16:G,85:H,25:I150:51950_F,16:G,85:I13:J102005:H,J:wJ200105:H,J: :1950 TXTI60*IN$" ":ZTTI:ZC2:ZD$(20):A254Z$:Z$""2140>TIT " POINTS":# "IT'S A TIE!!! ":L P2$;" WON BY ";(S2S1);" POINTS":[ PCBD(I,J)t &D$("",OI) 0R$("",OJ) :"";D$;D$;5);R$;R$;R$; D MD2 ""; N PCOH "**":C1I:C2J: X PCMH " ": Z 7);: I0SZ:" ";::""57);"";: I1SZ:"";::""= J_7);: I0SZ:" ";::""7);"";: I1SZ:"";::""""C$(S1):S10C$(C$,2)C$(C$" ",4): C$;C$(" " (P1)O-, P1K A3P1 KO:AV(A3)AV(A3O):L6I(J(SZO)):JJ(SZO)Ia@BD(I,J)PC: 530kJ K:T 15,10,9,9,8,8,7,7,7,6,6,6^ 5,5,5,5,4,4,4,4,3,3,3,3,3h 2,2,2,2,2,2,1,1,1,1,1r 0,0,0,0,0,0,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1| -2,-2,-2, SVA2< A2F MXMH 1370)P PCMT MTPC:GGA1: 1450<Z GGZ GGA1nd A2ZSZ:PQBD(A2,SV): PQMH A2A1 1440nMYMH: A3ZSZ:PWBD(A2,A3): A3SV 1410x (PW)OH PWMY MYPW A3 MYMH MYZDTPC 1MAY814d1620:SZ7:NQ(SZ1)(SZ1): AV(NQ):60400U"1 OR 2 PLAYERS? ";:60000mNP(IN$):NP1200| NP2180ER$"THAT'S NOT A 1 OR A 2!":1080:140"WHO IS PLAYER 1? ";:60000:P1$IN$:IN$""P1$"PLAYER1")"WHO IS PLAY MH100hA30:A20:PW0:SV0:MY0#rPQ0:GG0:MT0:MX0:DT0;|PC0:PK0:A10:C20IZ0:O1:j`IN$" ":ZTTI:ZC2:ZD$(20)jZ$:Z$""60070tZTTI(" ",ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI15~60010Z(Z$):ZL(IN$):(Z127)32" T0" "; PT;" "$ 1230:.."":98ER$:HB 59468,12eL"";P1$;39(P2$));P2$V"**";36);"**"`"SCORE";34);"SCORE"j1230t""~7);"";: I1SZ:"";::"" J1S C64C1152260N%(C64)02260""::CR$(13):1001TI110:"";:I:?059468,12q5"";15(PG$));PG$;" BY CHRIS TORKILDSON:" CURSOR #";NM$;" COPYRIGHT (C) 1980D60500N"FIND A FORTUNE!b"PR DX DX1: 860 > C$"8" DY DY1: 860> H C$"2" DY DY1: 860H R 950V \OXX:OYYo fYYDY: YSZ Y0} pY0YSZ zXXDX: XSZ X0 X0XSZ PTBD(Y,X): (PT)100 870 MD1:IOY:JOX: 530 MD2:I Y: X2220 HTIZT(" ",ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI15R2100E\Z(Z$):ZL(IN$):(Z127)32" ";:2180ufFL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255)pZL2542100zIN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$;Z13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:Z20ZL1IN$  b(" "(PC),2): l PL2 660@ vFL600: J0SZ:FLFLBD(C1,J):O  FL0 l NM$P1$:DX1:DY0:690: FL600: I0SZ:FLFLBD(I,C2):  FL0 NM$P2$:DX0:DY1:690: YC1:XC2:FX1: I19: A1$: FX(NM$):T0 (S2),4): 35);C$;:MTMH:GG1: A1ZSZ:PCBD(A1,C2): (PC)OH 1450N MXMH: A2ZSZp: "";TFX1);(NM$,FX,1)FXFX1: FX(NM$) FX1( "";TFX1);"";(NM$,FX,1)2 A2C2 PKBD(A1,A2): PKMH PKMX MXPK: -2,-3,-3,-3 -4,-4,-4,-5,-5,-6,-6. -7,-9,100JPL1: 620: FL0 460gPL2: 620: FL0 420v1070:"" 2(S2S1) 500,510,520"DO YOU WANT TO PLAY AGAIN";C$ "Y"(C$,1) 220 P1$;" WON BY ";(S1S2); MXPQMY: DTMT MTDT:GGA1  A2) A1:YGG:"";T);NM$:T"AND THE SECOND MOVES VERTICALLY. YOU"LIGHT UP THE PLACE YOU WANT TO MOVE TO""BY USING THE NUMERIC PAD."(4=LEFT, 6=RIGHT, 8=UP,2=DOWN).T BD(7,7)^OH100: ER 2? ";:60000:P2$IN$:IN$""P2$"PLAYER2"2220kP2$"THE PET":"WHAT'S YOUR NAME? ";:60000:P1$IN$IN$""P1$"PLAYER1"S10:S20: 1090I(TI):MD1 K1NQ:AV(K)K: KNQ1 1 PCP1O(K(O))"JAV $:PG$"THUNT!":NM$"22":620006"C.TORKILDSONI"13791 HEYWOODd"APPLE VALLEY MN 55124j""CURSOR #22 25NOV80"COPYRIGHT(C)1980 THE CODE WORKS"BOX 550 GOLETA CA 93017d190n340:410:E1:UNR:660:700#xC$(1)"LOOK B2A$"8"B1A$"5"1270B2551070=(DM%(B)N%(PH64))01270VCPPDO%(B):A(CW)oAN%PPW,PH:1790A64A1151270(CW),P%:PPW,PH:PHA:PPC2020PPPTT11910:A$:A$""1285 NT H(I):H(I)A:P(I)B P(I)PPCA1:IU:LS( 1940::Y I03:BPP:APH:K(I2)3:JDO%(K):KDM%(K) AN%(N%(A64)K)BBJ:A(BW):980 AN%1890:I3:S3SS1 I: A$:A$""1020 A5:B255:T0:2000:2020)M$(1) :1770:"":32);-nIN$X$"WRONG!":M$(1)"RUN FOR ":NT3:1420<x"RIGHT!"sM$(1)"NOW FIND":M$(2)"THE NEXT":M$(3)"TREASURE"NT3M$(2)"THE EXIT":M$(3)B$M$(4)B$C$(1)"LOOK FOR":C$(2)"TREASURE":C$(3)"AROUND"NT3" ":" SCORE":" "! " "S%G ::" "C$(1):" "C$(2):" "C$(3)V " "R$H$S$e I16:: " ":""M$(1)"" ""M$(2)"":""M$(3)"":""M$(4)"":" "  42260 >ARW:(A1)N%(A1)N%(A4)X(A):X(A)B:"I1(X$):Y$Y$(X(I)):,J6X,10,STUMP,TRUCK,PRIZE,SMART,SPACE,SOUND,PAPER{@SNAKE,CIRCLE,TREAT,X,10,WANDER,PRICE,CIRCLEJREADER,STATES,CANYON,FLIGHT,YELLOW,TIGHT,WINDOW,X,10,REVERSETCANDLE,PURPLE,PARADE,COMPUTE,C2:CMC:600:R CMC11< H%(C)0:V%(C)H%(C1)1:MXC:510C C[ H0:MN0:CMC11k V%(C)MNCz H%(C)H1 H%(C)H &V%(C)H0 0C :NC2:OF1:FS0:R22 DCMNMX1:600:C NCMX:NC1:600: XD((1)NC)OF(EGINlT$:T$""62060v6030060010(PN060250$-60500?2"PRESS RETURN TO ";\J2I13BHITRJ0H0:940a\J1900fI01:D%(I,0)3H6:KI:I1:890pH2zI:940I01:D%(I,0)4H7:KI:I1:930D%(I,0)3H3:I1:930H1"HAND"21)"ODDS"32)"PAYOFF":T$T$"8RK811:1340:RKG T$T$"":QMD$;fI1424:BL$:Iw(BL$;MD$;""}2<RK1RK81410F(B$,13RK);RV$;PZ$O$(RK):Z$Z$(BL$(O%(RK)),20(Z$))Z Z$;" FB%(N,1)A%(C):CC1:1550/ DB%(N,2)K:B%(N,3)I:H%(I)H%(I)18 NN:T XST%0:FL%0:AF%0:SF%0 bI14:B%(I,2)B%(0,2)I4:FL%0:630 lFL%1 vI J0:H%(1)1AF%1 I19:H%(I)1JI:I9 I K4 IJ1JK:H%(I)0IRK);26);:1380RK OBBE:HK(B%(N,1)13):IB%(N,1)13K1:S$("",K1,1):L8NnMD$;"";L);"";(A$(I)BL$,7)"I10J17:L);"";S$(C%(I,J),K): J:1630,J17: L);"";6 J1 " ";S$;@ F$(I10,J);OUR BET? ";:60000+ (IN$,1)"Q"RKH:1340:1300:A IN$""IN$(BE)S (IN$)0390d BE((IN$)) BE1"YOU CAN'T DO THAT!": 385 BEBA"YOU DON'T HAVE THAT MUCH.": 385 BE10000"HOUSE LIMIT IS $10000.":385 RKH:13 ZC:ZTTI15~60010#Z(Z$):ZL(IN$):(Z127)32" ";:60110SFL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255)eZL25460010IN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$;Z13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:Z20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010Z141Z$"  "," ݩ "," ̒","ߒ  "," ","  "h" ","  "," ݦ "," "~I051:A%(I)I:I04:J13:B%(I,J)0:J,II01:J01:D%(I,J)0:J,IS$" ":T$" 60500n""::CR$(13):100 (50000)0 2TI110:"";:I:@059468,12m5""8);"CURSOR #";NM$;26(PG$));PG$:"COPYRIGHT (C) 1980 BY DAVID HOOKD60500N"RICHES TO RAGSb"PRESS RETURN TO BI08:O%(I),O$(I):W0,NO PAIR,1,ONE PAIR,3,TWO PAIR,5,THREE OF A KIND,7,STRAIGHT10,FLUSH,20,FULL HOUSE,30,FOUR OF A KIND,50,STRAIGHT FLUSHI110:J17:C%(I,J):J,I0,0,0,1,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0,1,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,2,0,0,0,0,0,2,2,0, ","RELEASE?",."TO DEPART","YOU MUST"5"PAY A TRIBUTE","OF TEN RUBIES",.`"IN ONE HAND","I WILL HIDE","A GEM",."YOU MUST","GUESS WHICH","HAND HOLDS","IT",.=,"HA!!","YOU HAVE","GUESSED WRONG",."SINCE YOU HAVE","NO JEWELS",. "; " ";+ "UUUU ";G " ";_ " ߒ ";m "  "s "";:LJ124:25)" "::$4000Y16Q$:Q$"."5100:YY2:5020X32 4#7)" ͠ 5#6)" #+NH1113000+I07:TH(I)0:I>+CC1:NH0T$,I2(.5(LPLL))r8,J4OV(2)2OV(1)1OV(0)B,KTH(J)IG,K0KK(K)L,CC4TH(J)K`,OV(2)OV(1):OV(1)OV(0)j,OV(0)1(P "  ";& N QL,17:"":18);8O "  ";RP "  ߒ ";pQ "  "RH$" ߒ ";R "  ߒ";S "  ";T "  ";U "  ";X  QL,23 "4!QL,12:"":" 25!" Σ ΣP6!" Π ͠ ݠΠ o7!" 8!" 9!" ":!" "IN'S HANDS( " BY USING THE 4 AND 6 KEYS. THE 4 KEYV " INDICATES HIS RIGHT HAND, 6 HIS LEFT.~ " " 6400 9000:HS5:2000  HS58000:CF0: CF08500:CF1 HS2150,2200,2250 432 EVEN":Y12:5100Q$"YOU NOW HAVE":Y14:51004R$" RUBIES":SC1R$" RUBY"OQ$(SC)R$:Y12:5100U~@QL,12:"":" J" "T" "^" IN TO FACE, " THE INHABITANT OF THIS ERIE PLACE, AN " MYSTERIOUS HOODED FIGURE.X 6400r "":9000:HS5:2000 :I13 4900:I3DL2:6000 I:6500:Q$"N"1600 4900:DL2:6000:4000:HS3:2000:5000 DL.5:6000:HS ARGUMENT, BOSWAIN AGREES TO ACCEPT2 " YOUR HANDS AS COLLATERAL FOR YOUR`" FINGERS. YOU ARE SAFE FOR NOW, BUT IF" YOUR DEBT SHOULD BECOME TEN FINGERS" THEN OFF COME YOUR HANDS." %640016)" ߒ216)"« 28)" +210)"7217)"=2l0"";15(PG$));PG$;" BY C.T. NADOVICH:" CURSOR #";NM$;" COPYRIGHT (C) 1980DI110:"";:IN"A TRIBUTE TO YA"YOU MUST PAY","IN FLESH!",.*"A FINGER","IS FAIR","EXCHANGE",.SD*,"WILL YOU","HONOR","YOUR DEBT,",.uN"OR MUST","I USE","FORCE?",.pXTI60DLTIX6020QL,24:"";25);"PRESS KEY..."dQ$:Q$""6500nQ$:Q$((Q$)2)PLN(Q$):LXX:LYY"ZL1LN:QL,25Y:"";>LX)"**";(Q$,L,1)MLXLX1:LSl"I AM","BOSWAIN!",."YOU ARE NOW","A CAPTIVE","OF THE TEMPLE","YAKBAN",."NEED I","ENLIGHTEN""YOU ABOUT THE","TERMS OF YOUR PLP)~,J4OV(2)2OV(1)1OV(0),ITH(J),I011450",PP(LP.5)I.5-,115006,ITIN,PP2((I2)(I2))b,LLLP:CCCC1:r2QL,12:""219)"Σ218)"Π 217)" 216)" 216)"  2:"":""; " ";* " ";F "  ";b " UUUU ";~ "  "; "  ߒ "; "  "  QL,23:"":18); " "; " ;!" "'."THE BOARD STARTS OUT WITH A SET OF PEGS ; Z13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:: Z20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010m Z141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:60000x 60010 (PN060250 260500:"PRESS RETURN TO "; ' 40ZPNLP59468,PK::"";:100QdPNPN1:"";PG$;" - CURSOR #";NM$;" (C) 1979 PAGE";PN^n60500:wTI110:"";::0"";9);"CURSOR #11 PEGBOARD:" COPYRIGHT (C) 1979 BY JULIA HALLFORDD60500I"REVERSE TWo"A '0' TO RESIGN.$V"THE PUZZLE CAN BE SOLVED IN24 MOVES.D["SEE HOW WELL YOU CAN DO.O`60200S OFPEGS. A PEG MAY EITHER MOVE"INTO THE SPACE, IF THE SPACE IS NEXT TO"THE PEG, OR JUMP OVER ONE PEG INTO THE"SPACE. '>'  `IN$" ":ZTTI:ZC2:ZD$(20)' jZ$:Z$""60070W tZTTI(" ",ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI15b ~60010 Z(Z$):ZL(IN$):(Z127)32" ";:60110 FL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255) ZL25460010 IN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$PG$"BOSWAIN":NM$"21":62000CdL10:DY0:DX1:SC0:LH$"*":RH$" "pDL2:6000:NH1:11200:1000:DL.5:6000DL.5:6000:HS0:2000PP0RH$"*":LH$" "PP1RH$" ":LH$"*"4000:QL,12:"":29)"GUESS!":6500 Q$"4"Q$"ݠݠݠ"  $I19:P(I)* .33097II,P(I):I0 `< J33097G DL500S K124\ M,Nr JMJMM:JNJNN "MOVE #";K 700:5);"FROM";M;"TO";N P188:P(M)62P190 JM,P:L1DL:L:JM,32 JN,P:L1DL:L:JN,P( 0004900:13000&DL5:6000:"":EXRH$" ":LH$" ":HS3:2000glQ$"YOU HAVE WON!":Y14:5100vQ$"YOU ARE FREE!":Y12:5100"":" OH MY!! YOU SEEM TO HAVE FALLEN$" THROUGH A TRAP DOOR. WHEN YOUR HEAD."ONS!!!(&12)"PLAY AGAIN? ";N+60000:(IN$,1)"N" 1000:150Y,"":X"THE CLOSEST YOU CAME TO A SOLUTIONb"WAS";MX;"MOVES.""WANT TO SEE HOW TO SOLVE IT? ";60000:""(IN$,1)"Y"1000:1200" YOUR FEET TELL YOU THAT THE FLOOR,L j" HIDDEN BY WAIST HIGH MIST, IS SOFTc t" AND RESILIENT.m 6400 " AS YOU BEGIN TO MAKE YOUR WAY " TOWARD THE ARCHED WALLS, A NOISE FROM " BEHIND STARTLES YOU. YOU SPIN$"""";:200/(IN$)32IN$(IN$,2):201<X(IN$)IX0470X1X9"TYPE A NUMBER FROM 1 TO 9, PLEASE.":190(XY)2450P(X)32450P(X)62XY450P(X)60XY450P(Y)P(X):P(X)32"JX330972X:JY3A lbPET GAMES 7P72A!BART BATTLESHIPBEASTBOSWAIN COPSDEFEND!DRAGENIGMAKK FERRY! GUNNERHEART RACER HURKLEKALAH LANDER X LEAP LIFE KK LIFE IIMACHINE8MAD DOG#MATCH MAXITMINERNIM PEGKK PING PONGPOKERPONGRATRUNSEABATTLE (32K)7"SLOT MACHINE SPOTTHUNT!KKCHECKERSZONE XKKKKK :59468,12> PLUS COPYRIGHT (C) 1980 BY EARL FURMANP 1621 EUREKAi MODESTO, CA. 95351o: CURSOR #21, JUNE/JULY 1980 FROM THE CODE WORKS BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93017: AS OF 13NOV80ZPG$"DRAG":NM$"21": ERE? ";:60000:N(IN$)AN1"I NEED AT LEAST ONE DRIVER!":210rN4"BUT THERE ARE ONLY FOUR LANES!":210{,""6I1N@"WHO'S DRIVING CAR #";((I),2);;"? ";J60000:N$(I)IN$TI ^PD0:N1"I'LL DRIVE CAR #2":N2:N WNWN1P(J)TWN1:TP(J)J)1540:WN1"";Y "************THE WINNER";mWN1"S ARE"; WN1" IS";*"************"4Q1N:P(Q)T860>VWN4::VH" ";:IQ:1480R"";11);" DRIVEN BY ";N$(Q) $  XTI ("",Z1,1);"";:Z1Z:XX106  TIT 1020P A$AN$:"";AN$:1140[ A$" "p I$:I$""1050z .T9TI 8I$:I$""1080 =I$CR$:1130 ?I$"-"A$" "1100 BI$(20)(A$)1A$(A$,(A$)1):1110 GI$"0:"";A1;OP$;A2;"= ";AN$:Z11000:Z- Z1500:Z3 > I1NI (P(I)1S 2"";f <J0(7N)I3p F"";w PJ d1480 n" "; J135 (163); J "" I  " ";((I),1);"ߒɝ";  ZZHL2:T9L1((1)(Z1))"T91T91FT930T930: MAX TIME FOR PETLV"";iJ0(7N)I3s&"";z0J:L1MVDP(I)P(I)1NP(I)1);X1480"";J115:JL (1)PC 250 ANLM(10)LM(11)AN 2500 OP$"-": :K THE DATA TABLE CONTROLS DIFFICULTY LEVELQ :a + -r "  1,9, 1,2 "   1,9, 1,9 "  " 2,18, -9,1 WHAT PCT. OF10IN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$; Z13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:LZ20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010Z141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:6000060010""::CR$(13):100TI110:"";:I:0"";9);"CURSOR #";NM$;" ";#:PG$"KALAH":NM$"22":620008" DALE S. COOPERN" 103 BAYVIEW ST.r" SCHREIBER,ONT.,CANADA,P0T 2S0x"" CURSOR #22, SEPT., 1980" COPYRIGHT(C)1980 THE CODE WORKS" BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93017" " AS OF 04 NOV 80Gd""PL$(1)"HUMAN"CH1:260?"PLAYER #1'S NAME? ";:60000lPL$(1)IN$:IN$""PL$(1)"FIRST PLAYER""PLAYER #2'S NAME? ";:60000PL$(2)IN$:IN$""PL$(2)"SECOND PLAYER"TB(1)(20(PL$(1))2) TB(2)(20(PL$(2))2)62000"dMX5:N$(4),LM(12),TM(MX)0xCR$(13)kB$" "(20)" " LM(0),LM(1),LM(6),LM(7) LM(2),LM(3),LM(8),LM(9) LM(4),LM(5),LM(10),LM(11) T$:PC(T$)100"HOW MANY DRIVERS ARE TH$(2)"PET ":PD1hPDZ1500:ZH" MAY THE BEST DRIVER WIN!"XZ1500:ZkNT0:PT0:SM0u"";1310EN0I1N930MV01800P(I)29EN1&I0EN0510vWN0:T1J1NP(J)T\Q fZ14000:Z4 p"WANT TO PLAY AGAIN? ";:60000K z(IN$,1)"N"400X "":b 1540l 2000} Z11000:Z "OK, ";N$(I);"," "WHAT'S ";A1;OP$;A2;"? ";:P(0)  PD0 I2 1040 1670:TTI60T9:Z0:XTI10"I$"9"1080 LA$A$I$ VI$; `1080B jT9((TIT9)60.5):A$(A$,2)l tMV(A$AN$)((5T9)(T95)(T94))~ ~A$AN$1180 A$AN$"YOU TOOK";T9;" SECOND";:T91"S"; :1200 "";P);"NO";:(A$)2(B$,(A$)2); " ׸׾"  "";% H19- B$4 "HI ,B$;""O 6g PTPT1:PTMXPT1 NTMXSMSMTM(PT) TM(PT)T9:SMSMT9:NTMXNTNT1 LTM(1):HTM(1):Z1NT TM(Z)LLTM(Z) TM(Z)HHTM(Z)04A1LM(0)((1)(LM(1)LM(0)))1>A2LM(2)((1)(LM(3)LM(2)))MHANA1A2:AN$((AN),2)iRANLM(4)LM(5)AN2100w\OP$"+": A1LM(6)((1)(LM(7)LM(6))) A2LM(8)((1)(LM(9)LM(8))) ANA1A2:AN$(AN):AN0AN$(AN$,2) PROBLEMS ADDITION& 0%#`IN$" ":ZTTI:ZC2:ZD$(20)9jZ$:Z$""60070itZTTI(" ",ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI15t~60010Z(Z$):ZL(IN$):(Z127)32" ";:60110FL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255)ZL254600PG$:" COPYRIGHT (C) 1980 BY EARL FURMAND60500@N"MAKE ARITHMETIC A REAL DRAG!`X"PRESS RETURN TO BEGINubT$:T$""62050l60300N$):(Z127)32" ";:60110FL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255)ZL254600 DN$"":BL$" "mPT(14),CT(12),HT(12),KL(2),TB(2)"WANT TO PLAY AGAINST THE PET? ";:60000(IN$,1)"N"CH0:220PL$(2)"PET":"WHAT'S YOUR NAME? ";:60000:PL$(1)IN$IN$ "HOW MANY STONES PER PIT? ";:60000^IN$"""FIVE IS THE USUAL NUMBER.":IN$"5":I11000:I~NP(IN$):NP0"";:270NP80"80 IS MAXIMUM.":260"KL(1)7:KL(2)14:SC(1)0:SC(2)0,PT114:PT(PT)NP::PT(KL(1))0:PT(KL(2))0 0:(IN$,1)"Q""":770, PT(IN$):PT1PT6350? PL2PT14PTQ PT(PT)0350b DN$;"";BL$l 1530 P10P20670 PTKL(PL)RV$"":1800:PL3PL:CHPL2DN$;BL$ PTKL(PL)PL2CHDN$;"I GET ANOTHER MOVE." 340 R: ";PL$(PL);"" "CURRENT STANDINGS:"Z I12:SC(I)SC(I)PT(KL(I)):" ";PL$(I);":";SC(I): "PLAY AGAIN? ";:60000:(IN$,1)"N" "SAME PLAYERS? ";:60000:(IN$,1)"N"180 NP(PT(KL(1))PT(KL(2)))12 "STILL";NP;"STO $ KK$35)K$ NK$""T$T$T$T$T$T$K$? RI13:K$""P$P$P$P$P$P$" ݝ":I` U""B$B$B$B$B$B$"˝h XR$ \RV$"": PL1 2:1800: PL _ PT12:SC100000:SW1 (DN$,10);19); 1210:CT(PT)13PT13((CT(PT)13PT)1CA(1)T6T6CA(1):T7CA(2)CA(1)/tHPHP1:HP7CTHP:1520:1120e~WW1:W2HP1:CTCP:PL2:1210:1290:PL1:11101520:T7SC(2(4))SCT7:PTCP12601240CA(2)CA(1)SCSCCA(2)CA(1):PTCP1260I16:CT(I)PT(240:1130 CT(CT)0CD1: NPCT(CT):CT(CT)0:CD27CT1CT:CT71440G(CT131490[2CT(CT)CT(CT)1r<NPNP1:NP01310FCT7PL11400PCT6PL21400ZCT(1)CT(2)CT(3)CT(4)CT(5)CT(6)0CD4:dCT(7)CT(8)CT(9)50HA(1)CA(1):HA(2)CA(2):I112:HT(I)CT(I)::LCA(1)HA(1):CA(2)HA(2):I112:CT(I)HT(I)::iNPPT(PT):PT(PT)0:2000uNP0PTPT1:PT14PT1PTKL(3PL)1550"PT(PT)PT(PT)1:NPNP1,PTKL(PL)2000:16006 Z&"";("",16PL15);TB(PL));RV$;PL$(PL):HlSVPT:PTKL(PL):2000:PTSV:]PK0: ""~T5PT1:PT7T5(14PT)1PTKL(1)PK1:T36PTKL(2)PK1:T1PK""PT0 PT7 "" PP8: 2160: 2120%R PP0 (" ",2PP1,2);"";: 2160J\ PM0 " ";: 2160: 2140]f PU$;"";P$:pPMPM1:P2P21: P2PV PD$;:P20:PHPH1z`IN$" ":ZTTI:ZC2:ZD$(20)jZ$:Z$""60070tZTT";:60010Z141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:6000060010)600109(PN060250D-60500_2"PRESS RETURN TO ";|T$"":B$"":P$" ":K$" ݝ " A""T$T$T$T$T$T$"ɝ DI13:""P$P$P$P$P$P$;" "K$:I HK$""B$B$B$B$B$B$K3)PTPT1:PT61020CP7:PT7+CTCP:1210:1290G$CD1260,1070,1180,1180c.PL1:HP1:T610000:W1k8I6BCT(I)7I((CT(I)7I)13)13CTI:1290:1080LII1:I01090V1510:CT1`1290:CD1140,1130,1130,1280 jI):CT(I6)PT(I7):I!CA(1)PT(KL(1)):CA(2)PT(KL(2))I("֒",2SW1,4);"";:SW3SWOCA(1)CA(1)CT(1)CT(2)CT(3)CT(4)CT(5)CT(6)CA(2)CA(2)CT(7)CT(8)CT(9)CT(10)CT(11)CT(12):CPCP1:PL2:CP1310501CT(10)CT(11)CT(12)0CD4:n#xCT(13CT)0CT(CT)1ACA(PL)CA(PL)1CT(13CT)cCT(CT)0:CT(13CT)0:CT13CTm1370|PL21330NPNP1:CA(PL)CA(PL)1NP0CD3:1370CT71330CT1:1330PL11480142000@NP01550JPTKL(1)PTKL(2)1670=T(PT7)1PLPT(PT)1PT(14PT)01670h^PT(KL(PL))PT(KL(PL))PT(PT)PT(14PT){hPT(PT)0:2000rPT14PT:PT(PT)0:2000|1900P10:P20Z16P1P1PT(Z):P2P2PT(Z7)P$((PT(PT)),2):PT(PT)0 P$" "2(P$)3P$" "P$: (P$)3 P$P$" "L*PH3:PV2: PK PV84PU$("",10PV,PHPV):PD$("",1PV)> T);:P20:PPPT(PT):PMPHPV:PP8PMPP8PMH PP8 " ";:PP I(" ",ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI15~600108Z(Z$):ZL(IN$):(Z127)32" ";:60110hFL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255)zZL25460010IN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$;Z13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:Z20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):" #";NM$;" (C) 1980 PAGE";PNi60500n""::CR$(13):1002 (50000)0 8.>XTI110:"";:I:f059468,125"";15(PG$));PG$;" BY DALE COOPER:" CURSOR #";NM$;" COPYRIGHT (C) 1980D60500 #:PG$"MATCH":NM$"22":620007" GEORGE MACRAEN" 2492 SINCLAIR CRg" BURLINGTON,ONTARIO{" CANADA L7P3M6"" CURSOR #22 SEP 1980" COPYRIGHT(C)1980 THE CODE WORKS" BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93017 " " AS OF 10OCT80 E":170;IN$"""I NEED A NAME, FOR THE SCOREBOARD.":170LN$(I)IN$:IZPL3270{"CAN I PLAY TOO? ";:60000(IN$,1)"Y"270PLPL1:N$(PL)"PET""HOW HARD SHALL I CONCENTRATE (1-9)? ";:60000:CO(IN$)CO1CO9 TQ$"7^I14:(Q$,4I2);"";qhJ05:" "LD$" ";(I6J59)" "LD$" ";}rJ::I|I112:C((1)(TH1)1)860:CTHC:860450M%(I)B%(I):B%(I)0880:"";((B%(I))" ",3)":26);"";B$;""- I14:26);" ":IF 26);"";B$;""U (Q$,21);p &I1PL:27);N$(I):I| 0K1PL :(Q$,17):I16:(BL$,13): D(Q$,18)N$(K)"'S TURN";(BL$,9(N$(K))) NG12 X(Q$,192G)"GUESS #"M0:740 M12740 K 5603 (Q$,17):I17:BL$:I@ M0790x " TIE GAME":M0:I1PL:S(I)MMS(I) :" CONGRATULATIONS":I1PL:S(I)MN$(I) :"";:800 " "N$(K1)" WINS!!! I12000: "";N$(K);"" 27);N$(K);"" I:S(K)S(K)1>G12:B%(G(G))1:IG(G)q880:" "LD$" "LD$" ":M%(G(G))1xG(Q$,20K)36)((S(K)),2)KK1: PETX0:Y0:J123IJ124:M%(J)M%(I)THXJ:YI:`IN$:IN$""1150.jTIZT(" ?",ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI158t1120C~" ";x(IN$" "IN$"_")(IN$(160)IN$"")IN$;:`IN$" ":ZTTI:ZC2:ZD$(20)jZ$:Z$""60070tZTTI(" ",ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:6000060010(PN060250#-60500>2"PRESS RETURN TO ";[2"PRESS RETURN TO ";[ l1110:G(G)(IN$)64b vG(G)1G(G)24G(G)G(G1)600v B%(G(G))0600 IG(G):420 G B%(G(1))B%(G(2))THMM1:890:700 I13000: G12:IG(G):440:G S(K1)6*"WANT ANOTHER GAME? ";:1110* 4(IN$,1)"N""":I >I124:B%(I)0:M%(I)0:I_ HI1PL:S(I)0:Ih R270 \A((1)241):B%(A)0860 fB%(A)C: pJ((I1)6):(Q$,4J3)6(I6J)5);: z(Q$,19K) I160 27);1040I,JX((1)24)1:M%(X)01030/G(1)X:(X64):TJ12000::((1)91)CO1090h$Y0IY:1100.I124:M%(G(1))M%(I)THG(1)I11008IBI((1)241):M%(I)0G(1)I1090LG(2)I:(I64):VZTTI:ZC25~60010"Z(Z$):ZL(IN$):(Z127)32" ";:60110RFL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255)dZL25460010IN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$;Z13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:Z20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010Z141Z$(20(ZL1 ""::CR$(13):100(50000)0.TI110:"";:I:<059468,12k5"";15(PG$));PG$;" BY GEORGE MACRAE:" CURSOR #";NM$;" COPYRIGHT (C) 1980D60500N"FIND NUMBERS WITH A GIVEN SUM.b"PRESS RE $:PG$"ENIGMA":NM$"23":620005" ALEX BREEDQ" 1185 BOYLSTON ST. #27h" BOSTON, MA 02215n"" CURSOR #23, DEC 1980" COPYRIGHT(C)1980 THE CODE WORKS" BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93017" " AS OF 9DEC80dCT50: CT$(CT), 7,26,8,19,9,11,10,24,12,15,13,22,14,23,17,20,21,25x1,6,2,22,3,12,4,11,5,20,7,16,8,24,9,13,10,17,14,25,15,26,18,23,19,21X(TI)W15K113:X,YX%(W,X)Y:X%(W,Y)XK:WPR$"SHOULD I SET UP THE MACHINE":DF$"N":8 (T$,T,1)" ""WHEEL ";IN$;" IS ALREADY TAKEN.":260M6U$"":T1U$U$(T$,T1)e@T$U$" "(T$,T1)zJW$(K)IN$:W(K)TTK^K13h"SETTING FOR WHEEL"K"(A-Z)? ";r60000:(IN$)1"ONE LETTER, PLEASE.": 360|T(IN$)64 "ENTER A BLANK LINE WHEN DONE.&  I0 CT1 "? ";S 60000: IN$"" NI1: 550b CT$(I)IN$j  I "THAT'S ALL I CAN HANDLE... SORRY. NCT &N0710 0K0:G0 :"THE ENCRYPTION FOLLOWS..." DI0N:CT$CT$(I) NJ:I 700! K0J15K:(26(1)65);:5  G0 K0 n PR$"ANOTHER MESSAGE":DF$"Y":840:IN$"N""": PR$"SAME MACHINE SETUP":DF$"Y":840:IN$"Y"450  220 T$"ABCDE":K13 T((1)(T$))1 W$(K)(T$,T,100:IN$(IN$,1): IN$"" IN$DF$$RIN$"Y"IN$"N"O\"PLEASE ANSWER 'YES' OR 'NO'.": 840kfFFS(L)1:F1 FF26|pFX%(W(L),F)zFFS(L)1:F26FF26`IN$" ":ZTTI:ZC2:ZD$(20)jZ$:Z$""60070tZTTI(" ",Z141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:60000&600104059468,12`5"";15(PG$));PG$;" BY ALEX BREED:" CURSOR #";NM$;" COPYRIGHT (C) 1980DI110:"";:IN"YOUR VERY OWN ENCRYPTION MACHINEX"PRESS RETUR%:PG$"DEFEND!":NM$"24":62000<" RANDALL LOCKWOODO" 90 DYKE ROADn" SETAUKET, NEW YORK 11733t"" CURSOR #24, FEBRUARY, 1981" COPYRIGHT(C)1981 THE CODE WORKS" BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93116" " AS OF 81 FEB 3 9:25PM64:T,0:T3,16:T2,55>"HOW HARD (1=EASY TO 9=HARD) ? ";P60000:A$IN$A$"" "LET'S MAKE IT 3":A$"3":I11350:IDI(A$):DI1DI9170B4:BB0:SC0E10(14DI):V1(DI3)540:1350:1340QL,24:"SCORE:(P)32640)P,100:T,16I:Z(0):P,32:7T,0:270MI0320WD:PDI`(P)32640P,103:T,255.7I:Z(0):P,32:T,0:270I114:PLI(P)32640P,100:T,16I:Z(0):P,32:T,0:270"X%(5,26)Pn4,16,15,19,8,3,25,6,13,1,7,26,20,10,12,9,14,17,22,2,24,23,21,5,18,11x1,23,9,24,25,2,7,18,26,4,13,15,20,17,10,8,5,3,14,22,16,12,21,11,6,191,8,2,20,3,14,4,19,5,26,6,17,7,22,9,16,10,23,11,21,12,25,13,15,18,24.1,3,2,5,4,18,6,16,40(IN$,1)"Y"740:420'T$"ABCDE"2K13d "WHICH WHEEL IN SLOT"K"(";T$;")? ";:60000(IN$)1"ONE LETTER, PLEASE.":260IN$"A"IN$"E""A LETTER FROM 'A' TO 'E', PLEASE.": 260"T(IN$)64: (T$,T,1)" ".,2  T1 T26 "A LETTER, PLEASE!": 360G S(K)T:S$(K)IN$O  Ky "HEREARE THE WHEELS AND SETTINGS:" "(YOU'LL NEED 'EM TO DECODE THE MESSAGE) 820 K13:S(K)(S$(K))64:K "PLEASE ENTER YOUR MESSAGE.J1(CT$) XF((CT$,J,1))64' bF1F26680R lW22:L3(W):870:W: L=1,2,3,2,1` v(F64); KK1:K4" ";:K0:GG1:G5:G0 S(1)S(1)1:S(1)27S(1)1 S(2)S(2)1:S(2)0S(2)26 S(3)S(3)1:S(3)27S(3)1 ):W(K)(W$(K))64 U$"":T1U$(T$,T1)0 T$U$(T$,T1)W S(K)((1)26)1:S$(K)(S(K)64)` K:} *S$(K)(S(K)64):K:420 4"SLOT","WHEEL","SETTING":"","","" >K13:K,W$(K),S$(K):: H"";PR$;"? ";:600ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI15~60010@Z(Z$):ZL(IN$):(Z127)32" ";:60110pFL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255)ZL25460010IN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$;Z13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:Z20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010>N TO BEGINbT$:T$""62050 l""::CR$(13):100(Z127)32" ";:60110pFL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255)ZL25460010IN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$;Z13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:Z20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010dI826848:N:I,N:an162,128,160,0,132,33,134,34,177,33,73,128,145,33,200,208,247,232,224ux136,208,240,96E$""X$(17):1150UCRTWD818:RCRTWD1123:DCRTWD1518:LCRTWD1114S18:T594 "SC;30);"LEVEL"DI#Z11000:ZHF$:F(F$):F0F2(F2)750c"EE10:1350:E11020|,F2430,480,380,3306270JI0320WD:PUIT(P)32640^P,103:T,255.7I:Z(0):P,32:hT,0:270|I115:PRI " & 0S)""& :16)" "> D14)"ͤ "V N14)"ΣENERGY"i X16)" "v bS)"ߩ"| l EE10:1350:A0:C0 J15:P,160:T,100:P,32::T,0 P,160:Z120: P,32 SCSC10V:BB1SC2 C1:C9C0:940& *QCRTWD2:WD80QCRT3WD4@ 4QQWDC2:Q,81:920_ HQ,32:CC1:C15C0:940 RQCRTWD1139C:Q,81:920 fQ,32:CC1:C8C0:940 pQCRT23WD18WDC:Q,81:920 Q,32:CC1:C15C0:940 QCRTWD11 2:T,J::T,0# NGNG1:TSTSSC:SCBSBSSC:BGNGG "GAME";NG;", AT LEVEL";DIe $"YOUR SCORE WAS";SC;". ."YOUR BEST SCORE WAS";BS;"IN GAME";BG;". 8Z$:Z$""1080 B"ANOTHER GAME? "; L60000 V(IN$,1)"N"210` X$(7)""!X$(8)""5X$(9)" "LX$(10)" "hX$(11)" "X$(12)" "X$(13)" " X$(14)" "X$(15)" "X$(1:ZL(IN$):(Z127)32" ";:60080:FL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255)LZL25460010gIN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$;Z13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:Z20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010Z141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:6000 CURSOR #";NM$;" COPYRIGHT (C) 1981N60500+X"SHOTS IN THE DARKNb"PRESS RETURN TO CONTINUEclT$:T$""62060nv60300(IN$,2):CR$;:Z20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010Z141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:6000:59468,12? RATRUN COPYRIGHT (C) 1979 C.T. NADOVICHM BOX 354c CROTON NY 10520i: CURSOR #13, SEPT, 1979 BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93017 LINES 61000-65000 (C) 1979 CURSOR MAGAZINE: AS OF 25 SEP 79ZPG$"I,0:V1I,0:("SETTING UP MAZE...";f,DA0:N0:AVV1CRH1:AWWCRH1:AW,1:SS1:SHV900@("",(S1)1,1);"֝";C1(AW1)0DADA2:NN1CH(AW1)0DADA1:NN1R1(AWH1)0DADA8:NN1 (RV(AWH1)0,850 N700,800N700,800,850.N700,750AN700,750,850TN700,750,800kN700,750,800,850RR1:AVAVH1:AV,(AV)1:300AV,(AV)1:RR1:AVAVH1:300 CC1:AVAV1:AV,(AV)2:300RAV,(AV)2:CC1:AVAV1:)2(YCY)2)10.5)10 CXXCYY60003 Q$:Q$""1050Q $Q$"Q"Q$"?"KTI:6100g .I(Q$):I01050v 3I2DD2 8I4DD1 BI6DD1 LD0DD4 VD3DD4 `I81045 AVV1XYH1:AWWXYH1 D1260,1310,13500720/ BB1:BB1:T,125:"BONUS":Z11000::T,0@ " "J 1340b QL,24:"SCORE:"SCk 270 Z130::P,32: F$"Q"1040 A1780,800,840,870,900 C((1)(DI2))1:A((1)4)1:C(DI21):760 Q,32:CC:Q,81 270 826:Z110:826K J110:T,255:T,190:T,225:T,160:T,0::BB1\ J117:826 E$;X$(J):T,255:T,200:T,210:T,0::826 T$:T$""980 B01040 230 "ENERGY IS GONE" J150255.NG1:"YOU AVERAGED"(TSNG)"POINTS PER GAME."-j59467,0:A~X$(0)" - "WX$(1)" * "rX$(2)""X$(3)""X$(4)""X$(5)""X$(6)""6)" "(X$(17)" "#2P<QL,2:"SHIELD":"STRENGTH":B1;" ":hFE$;" ";E:`IN$" ":ZTTI:ZC2:ZD$(20)jZ$:Z$""60040tZTTI(" ",ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI15~60010 Z(Z$)060010""::60400:100CRT32768:CR$(13)QWD40:CRT,96:(CRT1024)96WD80:(142);pQL245:(50000)0QL216vTI113:"";:I:"":059468,12:"";15(PG$));PG$;" BY RANDALL LOCKWOODD" 60 Y1((AVH1)1)YY1:AWH1,1:1045) 1400P XH((AV)2)XX1:AW1,1:1045Z 1400 YV((AV)1)YY1:AWH1,1:1045 <1400 PX1((AV1)2)XX1:AW1,1:1045 xDN23:7000 16);"NO DOOR":I1RATRUN":NM$"13":620006dH12:V7:H1H1:W634:V1826SXL(4),N2(4),YL(4),XR(4)zI04:XL(I),N2(I),YL(I),XR(I):I8,20,-4,31,8,12,1,27,12,6,5,24,15,2,8,22,17,0,10,21CX((1)H)1:CY((1)V)1CCX:RCY:S0 I0(V1)H1:W0)DADA4:NN1N((1)N)1gDA1500,850,800,600,750,610,620,630,700,640,650,660,670,680,690,695qSS1CC1:CHC1:RR1:RVR1(WCRH1)1510,300XN800,850bN750,850lN750,800vN750,800,850N70 300 I(1).5:J(1):K(1).56 IX(JH)1:YV(V1)KV I0Y(JV)1:XH(H1)K} (CXX)2(CYY)2(H2V2)9900 SXX:SYY " IWW(V1)H1:I,0: D((1)4) T4TI:(WXYH1),1 F03000:"";(((XCX :""!I15S:JXR(S)2)"": ."/0"";)6S04430N7"";:I111XL(0):"";::""a:DNN2(0):7100DI112XL(0):"";::4398NDNYL(S):7100OI15S:XL(S))"":PXL(S));:"";:IXL(S)17:"";::"" "Q$"":S0Q$("",S) S4I0N2(S)1:XL(S))""Q$:@S0XL(S))("",6S)dS0S4I14S:XL(S))"":yS0XL(S))"""\DNYL(S):7000kS0XL(S));"":4730pI15S:XL(S)I)"":z "$S0J5:4910&J0 .4700!3DNYL(S)5S:7000,819);S=S4I118XL(S)5SJ:"";:_B"ϝ";}GS4I1N2(S):"";:L"";VS4I118XL(S)5SJ:"";:W"[S0S4DN18:  !pKTI:I125:245,22::15)"DELICIOUS!":J150:JNz245,22::15)" ":J150:J,IX2000p10);"ANOTHER? ";~SW1:TM0T$:T$""6200TITM("? ",SW,1);"";:TMTI15:SW3SW61208EP"YOUR CONTROLS ARE:R" 8 MOVE FORWARDS" 4 TURN LEFT,T" 6 TURN RIGHTCV" 2 TURN AROUNDTX" ? HELP!ua"PRESS RETURN TO BEGINbT$:T$""62050l:QK525:CR$(13):(50000)QK158v"":100612081000:! 16);"  ":1049, " ";G I1H:"";::""g 4J1V:"";:I1Hz MK(V1IJH1) R(" ",13K,3); \K2""; ""; (WIJH1)1"."; ISXJSY" ";0  (AV1SH1)24500:3050 4700+ SS1:S439005 3025S (AVSH1)24300:3110]! 4800}& (AV1SH1)24400:3120+ 49000  CYYCXXS5000 SYYSXXS5100 K(AVS):K0K13300 (AVS)242(AV1SH1)24000:3440 k 4200+p (AVSH1)14700:34505u 4500Iz SS1:S43900S 3400s (AV1SH1)24300:3510} 4800 (AVSH1)04900:3520 4400 CXXSCYY5000SXXSSYY5100)K(AV((S):7000S0XR(S));""+S0S4I14S:XR(S)5S)"":IS0XR(S))("",S)dS4XR(S))""Q$"":S0Q$("",S)S4I0N2(S)1:XR(S))""Q$:S0XR(S))("",S)S0S4I14S:XR(04328 20);:"";:I118:"";::""DNN2(0):7100@20);:I119:"";::4398SDNYL(S):7100rI15S:JXR(S)2)"":20);:I19JXR(S):"";::""S4I1N2(S):JXR(S)2)"":20);:I19JXR(S):"";:vS4I1N2(S):XL(S))"":+XL(S));:"";:IXL(S)17:"";::""FI15S:XL(S))"":N"TgDNYL(S):7000}S0XL(S));""S0S4I14S:XL(S))"":S0XL(S))("",6S)S4XL(S))"DNN2(S)2:7100S0XL(S))"":4749$I04S:XL(S)5SI)"":-""3=4200TDNYL(S)5S:7000_20);~S4I1XR(S)21:"";:"Н";S4I1N2(S):"";:"";S4I1XR(S)201:"";:7000S320);". S219);"Α@S118);"  Υ FUS0S4eDN20:7000S319);" S216);" S113);" S112);"T$"Y"T$CR$"YES":200BT$"N""NO": L6120X"";.DN0Z1DN:"";:4Z0"";9);"CURSOR #";NM$;" ";PG$:" COPYRIGHT (C) 1979 BY C. T. NADOVICHDI110:"";:N"FIND YOUR WAY THROUGH A PERSPECTIVE MAZ:59468,12; LEAP COPYRIGHT (C) 1979 GLEN FISHERA:^ CURSOR #13, SEPT, 1979 BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93017 LINES 61000-65000 (C) 1979 CURSOR MAGAZINE: AS OF SEP 26 79ZPG$"LEAP":NM$"13":62000dDT$" ђ  ICXJCY"";& IXJY"";("^>V<",D1,1);1 "";A :""::M S0:"^ AVV1XYH1t D3200,3400,3600 SYYSSXX5100 CYYSCXX5000 K(AV(S1)H1):K0K23100 (AVSH1)24000:3040 42000:3240 4000 (AVSH1)14500:3250$ 47008 SS1:S43900B 3200] (AVS)04800:3310g 4300 (AVSH1)14400:3320 4900 H CYYSCXX5000R SYYSSXX5100b K(AVSH1):K0K23500f S1)):K0K13700.(AVSH1)14000:3640"34200=8(AVS)14500:3650G=4700[BSS1:S43900eL3600t(AVSH1)14300:3710y4800~(AVS)14400:37204900<DN11:7000:19)"":DNYL S)5S)"":S0XR(S))"" "$hDNYL(S):7000?wS0XR(S))"":4230`|I15S:XR(S)5SI)"":uDNN2(S)2:7100S0XR(S))"":4249I04S:XR(S)I)"":"J3S:S0J0"";S '# (#"":QL,VVT:"";HTH);:, #ER1:IN$"_"ER2> #IN$"R"ER3O #(IN$)2k #R$(IN$,1):C$(IN$,1) #R$"A"R$"H"9150 #R$"1"R$"4"C$"A"C$"H" #R(R$)48:C(C$)64:ER0: #C$"1"C$"4" #R(C$)48: 127)32" ";:601101FL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255)AZL260010\IN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$;{Z13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:Z20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010Z141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:6000060010( :QM134:QP515:QQ234:QS516:QV1:CR$(13)%(50000)0aQK158:QL216:QM52:QP151:QQ205:QS152:QV2:1022,128gTI110:"";:I:0"";9);"CURSOR #";NM$;" ";PG$:" COPYRIGHT (C) 1979 BY GLEN FISHERD60500N" RN, A RANDOM PEG IS REMOVED.)1"AFTER THE STARTING 'HOLE' IS SELECTED,a"THE OBJECT OF THE GAME IS TO REMOVE PEGS"BY JUMPING OTHER PEGS OVER THEM. NOTE"THAT YOU MAY ONLY JUMP UP AND DOWN, OR"LEFT AND RIGHT, BUT NOT DIAGO~T TO MOVE, ENTER A '_' FOR YOUR+4"'TO' MOVE, AND YOU'LL BE ASKED AGAINN>"WHICH PEG YOU WISH TO MOVE.YH60200"BY JUMPING OTHER PEGS OVER THEM. NOTE"THAT YOU MAY ONLY JUMP UP AND DOWN, OR"LEFT AND RIGHT, BUT NOT DIAGO"HR0:HC0HT12:VT5*CR$""5BP1E5hT$" ":U$"""":H0:V0:9000:" A B C D E F G H":HHT2HT);"H);1;T$:HT);U$:H);2;T$:HT);U$ H);3;T$:HT);U$-HRR:HCC2B(R,C)0:9200E<H1:V9:9000:" "[lMV0:TI$"000000"|H5:V3:9000:"MOVE";MV1H0:V9:9000:"FROM? ";:60000:9100ER12020,2000,2950,2800FRR:FCCB(FR,FC)020009250%)B(FR,FC):B(FR,FC)0 B(MR,MC)0. RFR:CFC:9200B RTR:CTC:9200V RMR:CMC:9200b MVMV1 H2:V13:9000:"TIME ";:ET$TI$ (ET$,2);":";(ET$,3,2);":";(ET$,2) I14:J18:T(B(I,J))  I3T(B(I2,J))B(I1,J)0  BP;"PEGS LEFT IN ";3 (ET$,2)"00"(ET$,2);":";T (BT$,3,2);":";(BT$,2);"."Z  l ET$TI$:2410{ T ER02950 Y H4:V11:9000:"BAD MOVE." ^ TMTI90 h TITM2920 r 9000:" " RFR:CFC:9200 2000:59468,12: SPOT COPYRIGHT (C) 1980 ART CARPETQ 28278 ENDERLY STo CANYON COUNTRY CA 91351u: CURSOR #17, FEB 1980 BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93017 LINES 61000-65000 (C) 1980 CURSOR MAGAZINE: AS OF FEB 26 80C(R$)64:ER0:0 #H2C1:V2R1:9000:(DT$,12B(R,C),2):Y "$BB(R,C):B(R,C)B3:9200:B(R,C)B:_ ' `IN$" ":ZTTI:ZC2:ZD$(20) jZ$:Z$""60070 tZTTI(" ",ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI15 ~60010Z(Z$):ZL(IN$):(ZPN060250-605002"PRESS RETURN TO ";8(FRTR)2FCTC2900H(FCTC)2FRTR2900RMR(FRTR)2:MC(FCTC)2\B(MR,MC)02900 B(TR,TC2000#  J7T(B(I,J2))B(I,J1)02000,  J,IT ` H0:V11:9000:"YOU HAVE NO MOVE."v j PG31MV:PGBPBPPG:BT$ET$ t PGBPET$BT$BT$ET$ H0:V15:9000:"TRY AGAIN? ";:60000 (IN$,1)"N"1000 "YOUR BEST GAME WAS:  L,24:"WANT TO PLAY AGAIN? ";:V0:600009 (IN$,1)"N"GA1:"":190? $ 8171,175,179,183,187,191,195,291,295,299,303,307,311,315,411,415 B419,423,427,431,435,531,535,539,543,547,551,555,651,655,659,663 L667,671,675,771,775,779,783,7 ":ZTTI:ZC2:ZD$(20)jZ$:Z$""60070FtZTTI(" ",ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI15Q~60010Z(Z$):ZL(IN$):(Z127)32" ";:60110FL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255)ZL25460010IN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$;Z13 PNLP603000dPNPN1:"";PG$;" - CURSOR #";NM$;" (C) 1980 PAGE";PN;i60500AnX""::60400:100mQL245:CR$(13)(50000)0QL216TI110:"";:I:0"";9);"CURSOR #";NM$;" ";PG$:" COPYRIGHT E PIECES FALL TO THE BOTTOM)"OF THE COLUMN IN WHICH THEY ARE PUT.Y"NEEDLESS TO SAY, YOUR USUAL TRICK MOVES"FROM TIC-TAC-TOE WON'T WORK HERE.60200I110:"";:I:0"";9);"CURSOR #";NM$;" ";PG$:" COPYRIGHT :59468,12> CHECKERS! COPYRIGHT (C) 1980 TOM SKIBOT 7973 10TH AVE Sr ST PETERSBURG FLA 33707x: CURSOR #19, APR 80 BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93017: AS OF 6 JUN 80ZPG$"CHECKERS!":NM$"19":62000dnAHD$" qA$:T15:B$:B$:C$::B$:B$:D$GA0290A(7,6),B(42)A$(1)"":A$(2)"  ":A$(3)"  "T142:Z:B(T)Z32768: "GA1:JJ1 J6310:J0!ATAT1/T611AA(M,T)8470G[VM47:HT32lK12:TWTIQL,H:""V)A$(X)TITW10500QL,H:""V)A$(3)TITW20520:QL,H:""V)A$(X)A(M,T)X3 & CHECK FOR:730 M(1)M:T(1)C M(2)M:T(2)C13 M(3)M:T(3)C2G M(4)M:T(4)C3P 950c  L TO R DIAG?n K14| C641 A(K,C)A(K1,C1)A(K2,C2)A(K3,C3)4(X3)780 ::830 M(1)K:T(1)C M(2)K1:T(2)C1 M(33 950 AT421036 X3X:310E QL,23:"";10)N$(X)" IS THE WINNER !"P I15[ Z14m MM(Z):TT(Z) VM47:HT32 QL,H:""V)A$(3) P1100: QL,H:""V)A$(X) ::1040 QL,23:"STALEMATE! " Q ":Z$""{P$(1)"ɝ":P$(2)"ղɝʱ":P$(0)"  "D0:A164:ZF0A(A)9DA1(D$,((A1)8)31)C(A)44)Z$:330"ZF330,A(A)06A25A(A)1@87,791,795)<"WHO'S PLAYING BLACK? ";:60000:N$(1)IN$ZF"WHO'S PLAYING WHITE? ";:60000:N$(2)IN$`PuZ$:Z$""2000{4ZTTI:ZC2>R$:R$""2140HZTTI(" ?",ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI15R2110\`IN$" IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:)Z20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010\Z141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:60000g60010w(PN060250-605002"PRESS RETURN TO "; :A(C,T)A(C1,T)A(C2,T)A(C3,T)4(X3)590I D:640[ NM(1)C:T(1)To XM(2)C1:T(2)T bM(3)C2:T(3)T lM(4)C3:T(4)T v950  VERT WIN? C13 A(M,C)A(M,C1)A(M,C2)A(M,C3)4(X3)680 )K2:T(3)C2 *M(4)K3:T(4)C3 4950; > CHECK FOR R TO L DIAGI HK741W RC641 \A(K,C)A(K1,C1)A(K2,C2)A(K3,C3)4(X3)880 f::930 pM(1)K:T(1)C zM(2)K1:T(2)C1 M(3)K2:T(3)C2 M(4)K3:T(4)C T(A)nM$((S1),2)"-"((S2),2):(D$,6)33)M$;Px(" ",7(M$)):(D$,8)34)"  "kP,250:T1700::P,0DS2S1:(D)9A(S1D2)0A(S2)A(S1):A(S1)0S256A(S2)2FS2:540:680:JMN4820MV0:JM9: L06L33001,32@l59464,0:59466,0:59467,0)TMTI180< TITM 2010Z"WANT TO PLAY AGAIN";gTM0:C1|A$:A$""2100TITM2040 ("? ",C,1);"";:C3C:TMTI1520404A$"Y"A$(13)"? YES":100006L33001,32@l59464,0:59466,0:59467,0)TMTI180< TITM 2010Z"WANT TO PLAY AGAIN";gTM0:C1|A$:A$""2100TITM2040 ("? ",C,1);"";:C3C:TMTI1520404A$"Y"A$(13)"? YES":100  "";15);"HURKLE"G" A HURKLE IS HIDING ON THE GRID."j"YOUR TASK IS TO FIND HIM!""YOU START AT POINT 0,0 ON THE GRID.""EACH TURN, YOU TELL ME WHAT POINT YOU""WANT TO GO TO, AND I'LL TELL YOU WHAT"#"GENE"(D$,20)33)"BLACK"KA18:M(A)::14,18,-14,-18,7,9,-7,-9T820hI$" ":TM0:A0|A$:A$""490TITM(" ",A1,1)"";:A1A:TMTI20460ZC(A$):ZL(I$)ZC20ZL1I$(I$,ZL1):" ";:TM0:4";:450 X(I$,1)"Q"1900' bDJI$""10624 lS1(I$)P vI$(I$,2):(I$)2645f {(I$,1)"-"630x S2((I$,2)) S11S164S21S2641500 DJS1DJ1500 (I$,1)"-"DJS2 DJ(S1S2)101500 (I$,1)"-"DJ 1900 4PP2:DJ0:ODJ0:5904 >A(S1)1A(S1)9A(S2)01500W HFL0:C18:(S2S1)M(C)FLCh R:FL01500 \M(FL)0A(S1)11500 fFL4900 pA(S1M(FL4))11500 zA(S1M(FL4))0 A(S2)A(S1):A(S1)0 S29A(S2)2 JMC: tTFM(C):TN1TNZ~A2(T)N06A2(FM(CN4))N1MM(C)0A2(F)N1kR(A)R(A)A2(FM(CN4)):FN2NY:A(F)N11210C1N4:1080::MV1220FN2NY:A(F)N11219C5N8:1080::MV0750:M(C)T(A)F(A)FLC #FLN5A2(F(A)M(FLN4))N0EA2(T(A))A2(F(A)):A2(F(A))N0j(FN2NY:A2(F)N9A2(F)N113402CN1N4:1140:<:FTM300:AN1MV:R(A)TMTMR(A)PZA((N1)MV)N1:R(A)TM1370dS1F(A):S2 ݠݠݠ"*K5);I$;"";I$2P IYU"WEST ݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠ EAST"lZ I4 1 1\I$(I):I$(I$,2,1)_5);I$;"";I$d6);"ݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠ"i In5);"00"s6CN1N4:1080:MV1220 8200(D$,615(PP1))33)"?????? "I59466,12:59464,255XT1300:o59464,0:59466,15A$:A$""1535DJODJ:595P,200:T1150::P,250:T1150::P,0:"L33001,42,LL1:L6>A$"N""? NO":H2040TI110:"";:I:A0"";9);"CURSOR #";NM$;" ";PG$k:" COPYRIGHT (C) 1980 BY TOM SKIBOvD60500N"PET PLAYS THE OLD FAVORITE"PRESS RETURN TO BEGINZ$:Z$""62090""::1);"0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9"#x13);"SOUTH"7zL133614:C1109V}"";28);"WHERE DO YOU"p 28);"WANT TO MOVE" 28);"TO"; Y,XL2(3281480(10Y)2X)C2(L2) L1,C1L1L2:C1C2 L2,81:GG1 XA YB 23 RAL DIRECTION YOU SHOULD GO.".("READY";R$b-"":A(10(5)):B(10(5)): A0 B0 45z213);"NORTH":5);76);"0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9"<5);"99"A I8 5 1CI$(I):I$(I$,2,1)F6);"ݠݠݠݠݠ60 ZC13" ":I$(I$,2):0 (ZC127)32ZC34460I ZLLTA$;:I$I$A$R 460j A263:A(A)9580 &(D$,((A1)8)32)C(A)44); 0XA(A):X0""; :P$((X)) D: N1560:ODJDJ S(D$,615(PP1))33)" 0 830 S10:S20:A263:A(A)97105 A(A)0S1S1A(A)L A(A)0S2S2A(A)R ` S10760n S20750t  (D$,10)34)"BLACKWINS!":770 (D$,10)34)"WHITEWINS!" A16:B24005:P,B:P,B15:::P,0540:680 $DJ5908 &(D$,8)34)"HMM,":(D$,6)33)"******"X .JM9:MVN0:TSN0:LN4:1190r 8TFM(C):TN1TNZ >CN4JMN5 BA(T) LM(C)N0A(F)N2 VCN41130 `A(FM(CN4))N1 jMVMVN1:F(MV)F:T(MV)T:680:FL.02:S1S2FLFL:MV11350(AN1MV:R(A)N0VDT(A)F(A):(D)N9R(A)A(F(A)DN2)FLpT(A)56R(A)R(A).2vMV11350AN1MV:FL01570T16416:CT1T72:A2(C)A(C):A2(C7)A(C7)::CN1N8 &"ROUTINE LOADING, PLEASE WAIT.1 AD690AB:B0100WAD,B:ADAD1:20md"ROUTINE LOADED"|nJ1500:sA$:A$""115x"WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO FOR A SPIN?":"JUST PRESS THE NUMBER KEYS:"TO DRIVE YOUR CAR...... ";J12015(1)459464,(255(1)1):59464,0JW327681000(1)^K11015(1)|14(1)265,266,267,268 WW1:269 WW1:269 WW40:269 WW40:269 W32767W33767262W,81:K,J327681000(1),83 Z57D:L:500Z26U:R:5001Z25U:L:500A"ڝ";:310\ CHECK FOR COLLISSIONQ(C):59464,12:59464,144:59464,0Q32420Q43420Q83530Q81540420 COLLISION FOUND "GOT THER 09"";32);"  GO ";I YB 200Y YB 195n"SOUTH";: 200}"NORTH"; XA 220 XA 215"WEST": 125"EAST": 125: 125***WIN*** "";,39,128,136  2,151,131,191,131,162,11<  181,10,157,122,2,202,16[  248,162,11,189,178,2,149y  10,202,16,248,96,162,11  189,122,2,149,10,202,16 $ 248,96,216,24,165,10,105 . 40,133,10,144,2,230,11 8 24,165,12,105,40,133,127,12,72  177,10,145,12,136,208,2494  104,145,12,96,32,190,2P  162,25,32,77,3,32,222m  2,202,208,247,32,211,2  96,160,1,177,10,72,177  12,145,10,200,192,40,208  247,104,145,10,96,32,190  2,162,24,160,40,177,10  14P02,208,241,160F 40,177,16,145,20,136,208/P 249,32,211,2,968Z -125,32,77,3,32,222m  2,202,208,247,32,211,2  96,160,1,177,10,72,177  12,145,10,200,192,40,208  247,104,145,10,96,32,190  2,162,24,160,40,177,10  14:59468,12A PROGRAM COPYRIGHT (C) 1980 RON LONGFELLOWY 103 ESPLANADE #35q PACIFICA CA 94044w: CURSOR #19 APR 80 BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93017 LINES 61000-65000 (C) 1980 CURSOR MAGAZINE: "" AS OF A STAND CLEAR - DANGEROUS EXPLOSION!!"N9M$(3)"UNDERGROUND SPRING - FLOODING!"n@M$(4)"ONE MOMENT PLEASE"JM$(5)"YOU MAY BEGIN MINING"KM$(11)"SOLID GRANITE - PICKAXE WON'T DO"LM$(12)"UNSTABLE FOOTING - WATCH OUT!"MM$(13)"SANDSTONE--EASY DIGGING!"+TI115: E(I):g^ 45,93,45,231,160,229,244,218,231,231,160,229,45,45,45}hI115: ES(I):r 0,1,2,42,41,40,80,81,82,122,121,120,160,161,162|T(1,1)31:T(1,2)30:T(2,1)61:T(2,2)60:T(3,1)61:T(3,2)94" 7 8 9 " ^0" 4<5>6?" VO" 1 2 3Us"YOUR GOAL IS THE SPOT"GOOD LUCK....."PRESS ANY KEY TO BEGIN.A$:A$""23059467,16:59466,51PK515: (50003)PK151"$"ڝ";H"U863:D905:R793:L827:C33267\, LOOK FOR MOVEe1TTI|6Z(PK):Z255310@Z34310J"+";TZ50D:500^Z18U:500hZ41L:500rZ42R:500|Z58D:R:500E IN"((TIT)60)" SECONDS."F A1200:59464,200:59464,255::59467,0:115Q "ѝ";o &14(1)560,570,580,590{ 0U:595 :D:595 DR:595 NL:595 S59464,50:59464,0 X(1).3550 bJ1500:J l500  255,127,0,12828);"YOU FOUND" 28);"THE HURKLE"7 28);"IN";G;"MOVES!"O I1 20: L2,102j L2,87: J1 50: J L2,81: J1 50: J I "";28);"AGAIN"; Y$: (Y$,1)"N" 260 G0: 45  1:GG1 XA YB 23 B 144,2,230,13,24,165,14, L 105,40,133,14,144,2,230J V 15,96,216,56,165,18,233g ` 40,133,18,176,2,198,19 j 56,165,20,233,40,133,20 t 176,2,198,21,96,32,190 ~ 2,162,25,32,43,3,32  222,2,202,208,247,32,211  2,96,160,39,175,16,136,208,249,160,40%  177,14,145,10,136,208,249D  32,222,2,202,208,241,160c  40,177,16,145,10,136,208  249,32,211,2,96,32,190  2,162,24,160,40,177,20 ( 145,16,136,208,249,160,40 2 177,18,145,20,136,208,249 < 32,1,3,2""15)" BANK "33)" "415)"ֳ"33)" ֥"e" PETTA ";13)""33)" ֥"" MINE ";13)"  ߒ"32)" В֥" "13)" "32)" ֥""̤ PR 28 80'ZPG$"MINER!":NM$"19":62000-d:EnR(X)((TI)X)1DM40:ES125:TC1:CRT32768:LMCRT190:LECRT112:M42"E(15),ES(15),M$(17):S594646M$(0)" "7M$(1)"FUSE WENT OUT"!8M$(2)" 570 LMLE80870 NPLMDM:NS(NP)3 NPCRT160570H NPCRT920570W MS0:1530p 1340:1610:NS(NP) NS160TC1:970 NS0NS218NS174NS220NS102NS229NS231NS45570 NPCRT190DM11900:570 NS R1750:I110:S,102I:)\LMNP:LM,M:OLM,32:S,0:/f:JlZ$"5":DM2DM2720]pLMLE80570zLECRT82LELEDM:LMLMDM:S,0:1900:570LECRT782LELEDM:LMLMDM:S,0:570E(1)32:E(3)32:DM40ESES5:I115 TC4570(NS220NS255)TC1570&NS0(TC3)570:NS0TC3570OTC41210:570k.TC1NS180NS1865708I110: LMTP,T(TC,1)B TC 1150,1170,1180L LMTP,T(TC,2):W120:W:IVTC1SD5`TC2SD35j ,M:1530:EL,32:SD25:I130:S,25:EL,161:W120:8S,0:EL,86::EL,32NI150:S,10I:bS,250:LM5,32t J22 :S,0I14:EALM(J40)R(4)I(EA)160(EA)255EA,214:S,250:EA,32:S,0(I:J2LM4,32:SDC$" "C0MS161520"$";GP$;""7"$";SC$;""lMS15MS16:1530:W1500:S,W2::S,0:2000MS17S,50:1530:W19999::S,0:2000C1C0:SC$(SC):GP$(GP)" OZ":C1:1470"H147|RH4H255NPCRT880RH6RH7H95:MS124RH8RH9H135:GCGC1JRH9H220:MS11TNP,Hk1530:W1999::~JO:MS3:1530INP6CRT959(I)32I,0:J0:S,35JJ1:J40S,0::SD100:1340::l1930:1950:VG0:VGGPGA5vM$(6)""(GA)" OZ. GOLD WORTH $"(VG)"":MS6:1530USCSCVG:GA0:1340:1970:ICRT183LM:LM,32:S,20:LMLM1:LM,M:S,0W150:W:I:I120:J14:LM1J,164S,R(10)10:LM1J,32";5 X1$" --- "m X2$" --- "w X1$; I12:X2$;:X2$;:X2$;:X1$;:X1$;:X1$;: I13:X2$;::X1$;:X1$; ":Z$""# DOLMLM:NP=LM+DM:NS=PEEK(NP):GOSUB1610; NZZ$"M"DM40:710T XZZ$"I"DM40:710l bZZ$"J"DM1:720 lZZ$"K"DM1:720 ZZ$"D"TC2:Z$OZ$:970 ZZ$"P"TC3:Z$OZ$:970 ZZ$"E"TC4:Z$"":970 ZZ$"Q"2000T (C) 1980 BY RON LONGFELLOW DI110:"";:I-N"RUN A SUCCESSFUL GOLD MINE.N"PRESS RETURN TO BEGIN";cT$:T$""62120s""::1001:LM,M:S,0W150:W:I:I120:J14:LM1J,164S,R(10)10:LM1J,32135830:570- NS95LM,32:LMLM40:LM,M:SD2R(10):570D NS2551810:570j *NS147H(F)160:1770:1610:570 4LMNP:S,20:LM,M:OLM,32:S,0:1610:570 >H(F)160:GNR(3):GAGAGN HM$(7)"FOUND GOLD NUGGET -"(GN)" OZ":MS7DM40ESES5:I1511$LECRT200E(1)45:E(3)45GLEES(I),E(I)::S,ES:SCSC6mA$:A$""LELEDM:LMLE80:870{S,0:570TPDM:NS(NP):NS42NPNPDM:NS(NP)NS0NS32NS160NS174NS220NS255570NS32TC3SD25t860:NPLMDM:NS(NP):1340:570~:9S,70:S,0:W1100::JS,20:S,0:eS,50:W120::S,0:tMS0:1530LM1,33:MS2:1750:ELLM1I14:(LM1)32OLMLM:LMLM1:LM,M:OLM,32R(4)1MS1:LM80:<M$(15)"YOU'VE GONE BROKE - YOU LOSE!!"+FC0:PTR(40)20BnGP1000PT(PT)WxGP200PT(PT)M$(16)"YOU WIN! CONGRATULATIONS!!"SC0MS15SC10000MS16SCSCSD:SD0:GPGPPTC0SC$" ":GP$S";M$(MS): MS4:1530TG8R(10)+C1:I1250M"HLCRT200R(27)(40R(17))[,HL,174:6"GOLD PRICE":" "@GP600:SC1000:1340:J:TNS174 ^RHR(15)1hH32:MS13rRH3S,0:M$(8)"CAVE-IN! "@&R(4)3GA0M$(8)"CAVE-IN! LOST YOUR GOLD":GA0e0J11:RR(3)40J:S,20010J:I22:ZLMIR:(Z)32(Z)0(Z)174Z,160?I:S,0:JDLM,M:MS8:1750:SD(R(50)SC100):1340 :J:I:S,0:I110:LM,32:S,20:LMLM1:LM,M:S,0!W150:W:I.Z$"6":CZ$:Z$""2010jS2,0:S3,0:"PLAY AGAIN? ";~Z$:Z$""2015Z$"N":"":1000"";9);"CURSOR #";NM$;" ";PG$:" COPYRIGH":CRT999,1025 1540:M1$"MINERV":M2$"   "b ""27)M1$:S,20:LM,M:S,0:MS5:1530u Z$:Z$""542 S3,16:S2,16:S,0 &LM,32:LMLM1:S,20:LM,M:S,0 0""27)M2$:MS0:1530:580 :Z$""Z$:570 =ZZ$Z$  910* ** ML STOP KEY DISABLE **U"x=X` L4x1X`t"xhhhhhhhhhhhHHX`111""hhhhhhh`1" ** 4 - POP ML SUBROUTINE ** **GENERAL INPUT ROUTINE **: ** TO OUR BEST KNOWLEDGE THIS  PR UT SECTION +++" (UO,0:UR$"":UI$""2 *UL0UL80E -" ";:UC,0Y 2UI$:UI$""50 7UI$(13)(UR$)1UC,1:" ";:85 <UI$(20)105 > (UR$)UL50 A120: CHECK FOR VALID CHARACTER FUR$UR$UI$ KUI$; P50 U ++  US1(US$) UI$(US$,US,1)% 2 UI$"":M ** STANDARD INPUT **^ (UI$)46o UI$(32) (UI$)48(UI$)57170 (UI$)65(UI$)90180 (UI$)193(UI$)218UI$"": (UT)UU%UI$((UI$) :220"";2UT$UL$:UT,UV%:UQUB(U2%256U1%U3%3)GUQ,UQ%(UQUB):SU1,U1%_U2,U2%kU4,U4%yU3,U3%135UD%((U2%256U1%U3%)UB)40:(UD$,UD%1):(UD$,24);"  HELP COMING ":1. BEGIN FUNCTION MACHINE5@" 2. STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS"_E" 3. TEACHER INSTRUCTIONS"J" 4. MODIFICATION OF PROGRAM"O" 5. QUIT"T" --------------------------------------"Y" PRESS A280,14"": 875:* ** STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS **FUT$" UNCTION ACHINE"u"":UT,UL%:(50003)053281,0:53280,0UU$UG$:PUUP:UP1UP0:UG$"TUDENT NST":8501)"HE OBJECT OF FUNCTION MACHINE IS TO"1)"1)"RULE."-835:850:1)"F YOU INPUT A NUMBER THAT HAS BEEN"`1)"INPUTED PREVIOUSLY A BAR( ) WILL"1)"APPEAR ON THE CHART BESIDE THE MACHINE."835:1)"":8501)"OTE:O ADVANCE FROM ONE QUESTION"1)"TUT$" UNCTION ACHINE":UP0:UG$"EACHER NST":850K" O THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE,"t" THIS PROGRAM IS IN THE PUBLIC"" DOMAIN. F THIS IS NOT THE CASE"" PLEASE CONTACT:"" OMMODORE USINESS ACHI PGRADED Y : &" HIS PROGRAM WILL RUN ON ANYE" 64 j" 64 x 835:850 " HIS PROGRAM VISUALLY AMUSES THE " STUDENT AS HE IS DRILLED IN SOLVING" THE RULE OF A FUNCTION. UMBERS OF'" THE STUDENT'S CHOICE ARE FED INTO THET" MACHINE AND THE RESULTS ARE PUT ONTO" A TABLE FOR THE STUDENT TO TRY AND" GUESS THE RULE OF THE FUNCTION BEFORE" THE TABLE IS FILLED.":835:850OGRAM IS FREE FOR/  DUPLICATION IN CANADA.L  IF YOU HAVE CONTARYi  INFORMATION, PLEASE  CONTACT COMMODORE CANADA AND  EVERY EFFORT WILL BE MADE TO  WITHDRAW COPIES OF THIS  PROGRAM. : # +++ INP+ CHECK FOR HELP REQUEST +++> ZUR$UX$195: EXIT TO HELP ROUTINEM _UF1240Z dUF0::s f ++ CHECK DELETE ++ i(UR$)150 nUR$(UR$,(UR$)1) s" ";:50 x ++ CHECK FOR VALID CHARACTERS ++ }(US$)0150 US$US$UX$128):  UI$"":4 UF1: +++ HELP ROUTINE EXIT +++= 250F 245e UQUB(U2%256U1%U3%2) UQ%(UQUB)(UQ)::"" UZ1:UV%(UT) 300 UZ0:US$UJ$:UG$UK$:UPUJ:ULUK (50003)053281,1:"";:53281,6:53280,14U1%(U1):U2%(U2):U3%(U3):U4%(U4)BUJ$US$:UK$UG$:UL$UT$:UJUP:UKULHY, ** MENU **_-:."":UT,UU%:(50003)053281,9:53280,8/:1" MENU"6" --------------------------------------" ;"  NUMBER KEY (1-5) ";+^UL1:US$"12345":35: INPUT ROUTINE=_(UR$)1300H`US$""ic(UR$)1000,400,500,600,396rh300 ** RE-ENABLE STOP KEY AND END **(50003)1(50003)160(50003)0399UU71:(50003)053281,6:53DETERMINE WHAT HAPPENS TO THE NUMBER"B1)"THAT WAS INPUTTED TO GIVE THE OUTPUTTED"T1)"NUMBER."1)"HE COMPUTER WILL GIVE ONE EXAMPLE"1)"USING A NUMBER OF YOUR CHOICE. OU1)"THEN HAVE FOUR CHANCES TO DETERMINE THEO THE NEXT PRESS THE BAR"81)"F AT ANY TIME YOU WISH TO RETURN"^1)"TO THE PRESS H "g835{UZ1UP%:217UG$UU$:UPPU ** TEACHER INSTRUCTIONS **"":UT,UL%:(50003)053281,2:53280,10NES" " 3370 HARMACY VE.." GINCOURT, NTARIO"P" ANADA 1 24"p" (416) 499-4292"UP1: 835: 850:" ROGRAM AME: UNCTION ACHINE" RITTEN Y : ETE OWE"  TINUE" LUI$:UI$" "844 N!R ** PAGE DESIGN ROUTINE **!TUPUP1H!W""(UT$UP$,21);(UP$UG$(UP),18)w!\" --------------------------------------"!`UH0870!a(UD$,24);(UP$,7);"HELP - PRESS H "!fUH0:"": <" HERE ARE FIVE LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY" =" IN THIS PROGRAM."L>" EVEL ONE IS A JUNIOR LEVEL WHICH"{?" CONSISTS OF SIMPLE MULTIPLICATION AND"@" ADDITION."A" EVEL FIVE CONSISTS OF ADVANCED"B" MULTIPLICATION,DIVISION,S ,0#(50003)0UB1024:U1209:U2210:U3211:U4214:UC204:UU2048N#(50003)0UT53272:UU%21:UL%23:UP%2139:UM1024:UO198r#UD$""#UP$" "#UT$" ΠŠ": PLA AN BE MODIFIED."f1)"HIS MODIFICATION IS THE NUMBER OF"Ch1)"ATTEMPTS ALLOWED FOR THE STUDENT"sj1)"TO DETERMINE THE RULE THE PARTICULAR"l1)"FUNCTION FOLLOWS."n1)"HIS CAN OCCUR BY CHANGING LINE 2410."p1)"E.G. 2410IS MACHINE DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH" %"MEMORY TO RUN THIS PROGRAM !"%UU71%6%"":(50003)0962e% ** BASIC 2.0 OR 4.0 OR C-64 SETUP **%1075,133:1076,144:1077,234:1079,4:1080,133:1081,145%1091,155:1098,133:1099,14TO USE 8032 LOAD CBM4032 **:"BEFORE RUNNING THIS PROGRAM ON AN 8032 LOAD CBM 4032 PROGRAM"Z  ** T I T L E P A G E **""";:UT,UU%:(50003)053280,14:53281,6$I138:"";:&I122:"";:(I137:"";2106,3:2115,145:2117,52:2118,234:2121,49:2122,1415'2123,20:2124,3:2126,234:2127,141:2128,21:2129,3S'UU48: DISABLE STOP KEYd'800: TITLEt'300: MENU'"THE PGM WILL NOT WORK ON THIS MACHINE!":'UZ1UP%:UP%:UZ0:SOFTWARE: ** COMMODORE LOGO **/ ;(UD$,24);"PRESS SPACE BAR OR WAIT":I0Q <A$:A$" "II1:I250828u >T1$"":T2$"":T3$"":T4$"":I0~ @300 C ** SPACE BAR PRESS ** HUO,0:(UD$,24);"PRESS SPACE BAR TO CON BOX 371(B MONTGOMERYVILLE, PA 18936(L)V ***** FUNCTION MACHINE *****5)` **** P.ROWE *** 2-24-78 ****X)j COPYRIGHT 1978, REGENTS U.C.{)t * LAWRENCE HALL OF SCIENCE *)~ PUT THIS LINE IN TO DISABLE THE STOP KEY - GOSUB 60000:SYS (832)* MODIFIED FOR EXPERIENCE '82 BY JAMES VASEY, SARNIA.*F1:Z0:VL1:UP0H*A$(0)"   ёΑ"s*A$(1)"   "*A$(2)"  ΑΑ"*D$"!k ** PLEASE WAIT REMARK ** "p(UD$,24);" ONE MOMENT PLEASE... "&"uC" ** SET UP VARIABLES **"UX$"H":UQ%(1000):UB32768:U1196:U2197:U3198:U4216:UC167:UU1024"UT59468:UU%12:UL%14:UP%1146:UM32768:UO158: 50003UBTRACTION"C" AND ADDITION."D835NUZ1UP%:217+VUG$UU$:UPPU1WWX ** PROGRAM MODIFICATION INST **hY"":UT,UL%ZUU$UG$:PUUP:UP1]UP0:UG$"ROGRAM OD":850b1)"HERE IS ONE WAY THAT THIS PROGRAM"d1)"CCE PROGRAM TITLE HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*** $B$(13),R$(15),M(20):'$ ** SET VARIABLES **0$9006$:<$:W$ ** CHECK FOR 8032 **u$"":"": SHIFTED SPACE$(UB40)96700$ ** MEMORY CHECK **$ (0)2000937$"TH IF W<(# OF ATTEMPTS+2) ETC."835UZ1UP%:217"UG$UU$:UPPU(M ** TO USE 8032 LOAD CBM4032 **"BEFORE RUNNING THIS PROGRAM ON AN 8032 " LOAD THE 'CBM 4032' PROGRAM"UU71 ** 4:1100,234:1103,133%1104,145:1105,234:1082,234&(50003)160955A&1093,88:1094,228:1097,85:1102,228:965V&(50003)1990&1093,49:1094,230:1097,46:1102,230:965&2099,141:2100,20:2101,3:2103,8:2104,141:2105,21&:*I122:"";:," 3."  T0" r2" 4"C O M M O D O R E6"EDUCATIONAL8" ** PROGRAM STARTS HERE **("";::(50003)053281,6:53280,14)(:900:UT$" FUNCTION MACHINE">( *** FN MACHINER( PETE ROWEu( SUBMITTED BY ED HERSTEIN{(($ *** PET USER GROUP(. SOFTWARE EXCHANGE(8 PO "ON OFF";1"IN OUT";2"";I2J110:" ݠ ";:Q2W12"";F$;" HOW DIFFICULT (1=EASY...5=HARD)? ";2US$"12345":UP1:35 "*E$""*F$"" +B$(0)"     "C+B$(1)"    ם"f+B$(2)"   םɝ"+B$(3)"  םɝ˝ "+B$(4)" םɝ˝  "+ B$(5)" "QUESTION #":865:"-> ";:24403D W1 N$"R" 18504N N$"R" 2790!4XL(N$):X(N$):H$N$24b W1 2000O4lJ1W1: XM(J) 1920\4v: 1970{4HUM10640J80:JHH134 J,(J)128::TTI4 TIT150 1    ",ZB$(13)"     "!-dC$(0)"  "W-nC$(1)" "-xC$(2)"  "-C$(3)"   "";(F$,W);32L);N$5(F$,W)5CC1((C8)4)Q5F1F:R(R1)(R2)/6"";A$(R);"";B$(C);"";M6  F0 "  ";k6 F1 "*";6  P14 "";C$(R);6* C13 229064 C  NUMBER TIMES NUMBER MINUS Y".R$(9)" NUMBER TIMES NUMBER PLUS NUMBER""/R$(10)" X * NUMBER * NUMBER +Y "H/R$(11)" X * NUMBER * NUMBER -Y "s/R$(12)" X * NUMBER * NUMBER + NUMBER"/R$(13)" (NUMBER - 1) /X "/R$(14)" Y * (NUMBER /X )  (E$,2P26);7 J1 L:IPJ:I$(N$,LJ1,1)7 (I0 I23)(I12 I21) 22508 I$;8 I8 "";+8 I7 "";>8 I21 "";\8 I24 UM867J,(I$)b88 I0 I15 I21 " ";8 "";: 20308D$; ͝ѝ";0r"̝";1|" ɝݝ˝ʝ";:1"ߝ ߝ ߝ ߝ";`1"ߩ";1"";1"ɝ";1 :9B "";F$;"";9L "YOU GOT IT!":TTI9V TIT140 2390:` "";F$;S$:M(W)X:WW16:j W6 "";31);: 1850A:t 2800X: N$" ":I0:J0:H0l: TTI: GOSUB865: US$"R.0123456789":UL8:35:I$UR$: Z!18Z:(Z);" ";: I$(13) N$" " 2620: I$"R" N$" ": 2610; H0: I0 I$"-" 2610#; I$"/" I$":" 2610C; J0 I$"." J1: 2610n; N$" " N$(N$,(N$)1):" ";;2 N$N$I$:I1;< " ";:N$(N$,(N$) :UP0:V(UR$)12 V(V1)(V2)(V3)(V4)0 17603A(3(1)2):B(10(1)3)'3X3V(3(1))1: VX 1800/3VXc3V2630,2640,2650,2660,2670,2680,2690,2700,27103&V9(V9)2720,2730,2740,2750,2760,277030"";F$;S$3:UG$ ɝ˝  ם"+B$(6)"˝  םɝ",B$(7)"  םɝ˝ "8,(B$(8)" םɝ˝  "[,2B$(9)"ɝ˝  ם ",<B$(10)"˝  ם  ",FB$(11)"  ם   ",PB$(12)" ם 9404"": JHH13: J,(J)1284: 18504"";F$;"WHAT WILL COME OUT? ";5 2440: N$"R" 2780L5"";F$;" "Y5Y1(N$)5(UD$,24)UP$: D$;"ON OFF"5R0:C1:Q1:P0:N$H$5  "-J139:S$S$" ":-R$(1)" NUMBER PLUS X".R$(2)" NUMBER PLUS Y"-.R$(3)" X TIMES NUMBER"I.R$(4)" Y TIMES NUMBER"c.R$(5)R$(4)" PLUSX "~.R$(6)R$(4)" MINUSX ".R$(7)" NUMBER TIMES NUMBER PLUS Y".R$(8)" 8 R0 R26> P19 21506HYA(X):N$(Y):L(N$)7RJ1L:(N$,J,1)"E" N$" ?????":L6:2150,7\J:L6 N$(N$,6):L6X7f PL19 Q0: D$;"ON OFF";v7p PL3 UM123LP,327zPP1: (D$,P9);"";7 P20  "/"R$(15)" (NUMBER /X) -Y "/,850:"  ";06"  ";A0@"  ̝ ";c0J"  ";}0T"  ";0^"Н̝";0h"͝ "";C$(3)8 JUM858UM866:J,32:8 "";(F$,W);34);N$9 " --------------------------------------"?9 I$(Y1): (I$)6 I$(I$,6)Y9 I$N$ W1 2400q9$ N60: J0 5:TTI9. TIT18 235098 N113N: 59409,N!  120014001600)200032400=2600m$"DϠՠԠϠϠӠ?(Y OR N) ";{.8000:A$8A$"Y" B"G-Š!G"P.SAMPLER"LBA$(35),FA%(34),TM%(34),CG(3)S1BART$(S) B! 1):;F A(X)XA:;P A(X)XB:;Z A(X)AX:;d A(X)BX:;n A(X)BXA: ^ "";S$;"";: 1730>h I832878:N:I,N::j>r 120,169,99,141,25,2,169,3,141,26,2,88,96,120,169,133,141,25,2,169,230>| 141,26,2,88,96,169,0,72,72,72,72,7!: ";  8000:A$  @-BARTE J"HŠӠԠƠBART :S TI1342k ^BA$(I)19)BA$(I1)q h r"WȠΠӠԠҠ?" |8400:3000 (B$,1)"H""TŠΠ.":1650 F$"T"1700 "I!(B$,1)"H"7000:2020MS(B$)X MS0"DϠՠΠϠ? NϠŠ. T٠:";:2030jMS1002100 "DϠՠ٠"MS"? ";*8400:(B$,1)"Y""T٠ : ";:2030,"OK.4"AԠנ٠!40"T'Ӡ٠! T٠: ";:17106MB31780JWA$"N":BI$"N""WĠՠˠϠŠ?(Y ҠN)";:8400(B$,1)"Y"WA$"Y":1890"WĠՠ Ҡ ϠŠ?(Y ҠN)";:8400(B$,1)"Y"B! Š1, 2, 3: ";:8400 e(B$,1)"H" 7400:2148>fKG(B$):KG1KG32148ip"YҠӠӠ $"CG(KG)"."z"HנȠϠՠԠϠנҠ""ҠŠĠ? ";8400:(B$,1)"H"7600:2170!ϠBART? ";&8400H0(B$,1)"H""U .35 ΠEԠB Ġ.50 ΠS.F.":1830h:BF(B$): BF10 BFBF100nbx-CAR"NננԠ."AԠנ٠ӠӠԠǠ͠ҠŠϠSFSU? ";8400"DP(B$): DP2DPDP100H"HנȠĠՠŠǠΠ Ġ? ";l8400: (B$,1)"H"7800:2210BT(B$):BT5BTBT100"H Ƞ(Ơ)̠ՠŠ Π? ";8400(B$,1)"H""S!A$(S)"END"1270! FA%(S),TM%(S)1 SS1:1230@  59468,14e CG(1)1.25:CG(2)1.30:CG(3)1.38 R(X)(X100.5)100  x"  BART ECONOMY " I ̠РՠĠԠŠ "ƠǒϠSFSU ӠĠ!(X1)A:< A(X)B(XA):< A(X)(XA)B:< " ";< " ";= "";F$;"THE RULE IS: "(= I$R$(V):J1H= (I$,J,1)"X" NA: 2850c= (I$,J,1)"Y" 2860k= NB=" I$(I$,J1)(N)(I$,(I$)J)=, !5 "٠ԠϠŠԠՠĠŠϠ. "WΠǠΠ٠, 7.50 $7.50 Ҡ.50 50 . "IƠՠĠŠHELP ΠǠ ", ԠŠH(ΠR). "PӠ٠٠ϠϠ96,133,230,32,90,3,234,169,255,141,9> 2,76,126,230< " ";< " ";= "";F$;"THE RULE IS: "(= I$R$(V):J1H= (I$,J,1)"X" NA: 2850c= (I$,J,1)"Y" 2860k= NB=" I$(I$,J1)(N)(I$,(I$)J)=, !'Ԡ "B$". T٠. ";:1660X "AԠנ٠ӠӠԠ͠ Ϡ"BA$(S)"? ";b 8400 (B$,1)"H""JԠŠ Ƞ: ";:1710 MB(B$) MB0 "DϠՠΠϠ? UŠ Š.5: ";:1710'MB!ӠҠΠӠ ҠҠ? ";6>8400:(B$,1)"H"7200:2100CHMG(B$)vRMB0"DϠՠΠ? T٠: ";:2110\"WԠĠƠӠӠҠҠ?^" 1. R`" 2. LנLb" 3. Sd"T!I$"Y":1890 BU$"N"E"WĠՠŠŠӠϠŠ? (Y ҠN) ";O8400B$(B$,1):(B$"Y"B$"N")B$"H" "YES NO";:1795 BU$"Y"B$"N" BU$"N":"TΠIŠՠĠ":1890"HנȠӠŠ" O 15 " PϠA 35 !, -MPG-t*"T٠ĠAΠ 10 Ġ25 .H"S̠ӠԠ 25 45.\-GAS-"CӠҠ1975 LנL." ԠǠӠ$.75. ";:2250#PK(B$):PK5PKPK100)7` --COSTS-Yj " COMPARISON OF COSTSmt "COST BY BARTv~ CB0 WA$"Y"BI$"Y"2470 BU$"Y" "BӒ F"30)"$"BF:CBCBBF:2470 "GӒ ϠS @"MG"" TIT30"";:8050^TIT60" ";:8050 hTTI!rA$:A$""8020.|" ";:< -STRING-N 8000:A(A$)c0 B$""A208220u: B$""A13D A13A$;:N A20(B$)2A$;:B$"":8220X A20A$;:B$(B$,(B$)1):8220" G "COST OF DRIVING "GӒ ҠC"30)G1 DR(2MSDP):CCCCD\ "MŠĠΒ"30)Dk PK02530 "Pǒ"30)PK:CCCCPK BT02550 "BŠT̒"30)BT:CCCCBT "T̠ԠҠ٠٠CAR "2,POWELL,90,13,MONTGOMERY,90,15) P#EMBARCADERO,90,17,OAKLAND WEST,125,23,CONCORD,165,56h Z#PLEASANT HILL,160,51,WALNUT CREEK,160,49,LAFAYETTE,155,44 d#ORINDA,150,40,ROCKRIDGE,135,35,RICHMOND,135,49 n#DEL NORTE,130,45,PLAZA,130,43 x#NORTH BER""Y"TBMB2560:2650P TBMB4060-Z "TŠ BART"25)TB"X_ "AŠǠ"25)30:TBTB30id TBTBTM%(S)n "TŠΠ"25)TM%(S)x "BӠΠD٠C٠& SFSU"25)7:TBTB7 "T̠- Š٠BARTNT,175,57,END$NTGOMERY,90,15) P#EMBARCADERO,90,17,OAKLAND WEST,125,23,CONCORD,165,56h Z#PLEASANT HILL,160,51,WALNUT CREEK,160,49,LAFAYETTE,155,44 d#ORINDA,150,40,ROCKRIDGE,135,35,RICHMOND,135,49 n#DEL NORTE,130,45,PLAZA,130,43 x#NORTH BER"٠BART.  -STATION-  F$"F":C0:L1:S0 I134= (BA$(I),L)(B$,L)CC1:SIC \ C1LL1:C0:3020m C0F$"T"s X-MILES-b"SŠ̠ӠϠSŠ:" B 20 "" :53280,8:53281,0:""&""["WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SLOTS!!!"a" YOU WILL BE PLAYING A DOLLAR MACHINE"" DO YOU WANT INSTRUCTIONS ?"" YES OR NO";A$ A$"N"39 """$ " IT WILL COST YOU $1.00.S " EACH TIME THE HANDLE IS PULLED":35 :" THIS WILL BE SHOWN AT THE TOP: " RIGHT CORNER OF THE MACHINE.":35 :" YOUR WINNINGS WILL BE SHOWN IN" " THE PAYOFF TRAY AT THE ""V8 ӠĠȠŠ ŠS.-"MԠӠŠR.3@-MAINT-t"TŠӠŠ .03Ġ.10 Ҡ.zx-BRIDGE-"RĠРŠ̠Ӡ٠.75.@-CHAR-JTTIT" " $"CG(KG)"Ҡ"30);, XR(2MBCG(KG)MG):X:CBCBXb "BART "30)2FA%(S)100:CBCB2FA%(S)100 "RĠT D C ϠSFSU"30).25:CBCB.25 "T̠ԠƠBART Ҡ Ӓ $"CB GR(2MSCG(KG)MG):CCCC"b A32(A127A161)8220{ (B$)38 A$;:B$B$A$ 8220) -NON-EMPTY-: B$"":158,0D 8200T B$""8420Z k(#-BART DATA-<#DALY CITY,0,0,BALBOA PARK,80,3,GLEN PARK,80,5,24TH ST,80,8F#16TH ST,80,10,CIVIC CENTER,90,1"Ӓ $"CC! CBCC "IԠӠՠĠŠ٠ǠBART.J "PӠ٠٠ϠŠ.";T 8000Z# g( -TIMES-2 " COMPARE TIMES< "TIME BY BARTF WA$"Y"TBMB460:2650H BI$"Y"TBMB1060:2650K BU$"KELEY,130,39,BERKELEY,130,37,ASHBY,130,35)!#MACARTHUR,130,31,19 ST,130,28,12TH ST,130,26c!#LAKE MERRITT,130,27,FRUITVALE,140,30,COLISEUM,145,33!#SAN LEANDRO,145,37,BAY FAIR,150,41,HAYWARD,155,44!#SOUTH HAYWARD,160,48,UNION CITY,165,52,FREMO""25)TB" "TIME BY CAR DT(MS4560)7 "D @ 45 "25)DT"L PK0T10:2740T T5` DTDTT "WǠϠĠ͠"25)T "T̠Š٠CҒ"25)DT" TBDT"IԠӠՠĠ Š#BOTTOM ":35, :" IF YOU DECIDE TO TAKE"M " YOUR WINNINGS AND RUN~ " PLEASE PRESS THE Q KEY TO QUIT":35 :" AT THAT TIME YOUR WINNINGS AND" " LOSSES WILL BE TALLYED AND SHOWN":35 :"  GOOD-#  )" JACK-POT < *" ̤ j +" ˠ ߒ 2" ϣϣϣ  ͒ <" ݥ ݻ F" ̤̤̤ Υݒ# E2E400:F2F400|DEF1200P100.00:600007DEF3P500.00:60000A"WPWj(#"$";Wp'y0u""5u" ߩ ߩ ߩ ߩ ߩ ߩ ߩ ߩ ߩ":u" ߒ ߒ ߒ ߒ ߒ ߒ # -----50.00 ;x" ------------25.00  i}" ------------10.00  " ------------- 6.00 " ---------------- 3.00 " # Xu" $$ߩ$$ߩ$$ߒ FOR $$ߩ$$ߩ$$ߒKYu"    PLAYING    TZu""]u" ߩ ߩ ߩ ߩ"bu" ߒ ߒ ߒ ߒ"gu" $$ߩ$$ߒ # α""""PRESS" "SPACE"-" BAR "C A$: A$"" 195UA$"Q"30000e" "r" "" "40000""" I1 20"   #927)""27)""X27)""#Y13327)"Ǡ"C27)""JYxCC1 :"$";C~PÎ`I115e A115j"JACK-POT"oAtH115~"J#HE(6(1))1R E1 10) " ";<\ E2 10) " ";[f E3 10) " ";zp E4 10) " ";z E5 10) " "; E6 10) " ";" I1 1F(6(1))1 F1K#LUCK!!!":V11500:V7 :" OH!!!---BY THE WAY PLEASE] " DON'T TIP OUR HELPER!!!!!" " ":35:37 # I13000:I: %:" PRESS SPACE KEY TO CONTINUE" & K$:K$""38 '"" (" ϣ#P6.00 JDEF18 P12.00:600001TD5D100:E5E100:F5F100O^DEF300P25.00:60000tcD4D200:E4E200:F4F200hDEF600P50.00:60000mD3D300:E3E300:F3F300rDEF900P75.00:60000wD2D400:## P" ݥΧT Z" ݥ ̧ݒ _" -----------500.00  ߩ ߩ d" -----------100.00 Πݠ n" ------------75.00 s" -------#ߒ ߒ ߒ"%Du" $$ߩ$$ߩ$$ߩ$$ߩ$$ߩ$$ߩ$$ߩ$$ߩ$$ߒ"fIu"          "oKu""Nu" ߩ ߩ ߩ ߩ ߩ ߩ"Su" ߒ ߒ ߒ THANKS ߒ ߒ ߒ"#" WINNINGS ݒH" ѵ Ѧ ݒs" ѵ Ѧ˦ ݥ" ׵ Ѧ ݥ" Ѹ˸Ѧ ݥ" " # $$ߩ$$ߒ"%lu"     "5v"";vAvGvM*vb@"":27)""mEY14|J27)" "T27)""^Yh X18n27)""o27)""|27)" "}X~X1#"D"0D(6(1))1N D1 2) " ";l D2 2) " "; D3 2) " "; D4 2) " ";  D5 2) " "; D6 2) " ";4"!ACK-POT"HI   "5v"";vAvGvM*vb@"":27)""mEY14|J27)" "T27)""^Yh X18n27)""o27)""|27)" "}X~X1# 18) " "; F2 18) " ";= F3 18) " ";\ F4 18) " ";{ F5 18) " "; F6 18) " ";T 7000 191XP0""P0@ D6 P3.00E DE12