OGRAM"$ HINDRANCE,HIEROGLYPHICS,HEXAGON,HELIX,HARLEQUIN,HALOGEN,GYPSUMh,$ GOPHER,CLIQUE,CHORTLE,GOBLET,GNAW,PNEUMATIC,AGGRANDIZEMENT,AGNOSTIC6$ GEODESIC,GERIATRIC,GHOULISH,FRUSTRUM,FULCRUM,ISOSCELES,FABRICATE@$ FORENSIC,FOCUS,FLUENT,VOLATI YONNAISE+# MALADROIT,MAGNOLIA,MICROCOSM,LYRICISM,LYMPH,LUDICROUS,LOZENGE,LOCUSTp# LOGARITHM,PALINDROME,LINGUISTICS,LIMERICK,LICORICE,LEMUR,LAPSE# LAMINATE,KIWI,KINETIC,SUPPLICANT,FEZ,KAZOO,CATHARSIS,INCANTATIONS# KATYDID,KHAKI,JUVENILE,$ VI VI 1$ VI 1100,1150,1200,1250,1300,1350,1400,1450,15008L "EQ ""RR ""_S ""lT ""yU ""V "[ " ` "j 1600~ " NY,PHANTOM,PHARYNX,VAGARY@# WHISTLE,ZENITH,XENON,YEOMAN,WAXEN,RUDIMENT,RITUAL,RESONATE,PSYCHOSIS# PRELUDE,PORCUPINE,POMEGRANATE,PNEUMATIC,PISCES,PEWTER,PEONY# PEDAGOGUE,PALTRY,PARAMECIUM,PAPYRUS,OSMOSIS,OSCILLATE,ORIGAMI # OPULENT,OMELE HANGMAN4 1978#B TRADITIONAL HANGMAN GAMEHU 8K PET[x COPYRIGHT HARRY J SAAL DISTRIBUTED BY C.U.E. WITH AUTHOR'S PERMISSION " " SAN MATEO COUNTY REDWOOD CITY/"CA 94063 (415)364-5600 EX4401U"{"" PROGRAMS MAY BE COPIED FOR " EDUCATIONAL USE & MAY NOT BE" SOLD. COPYRIGHT 1981 CUE,INC"";H'"ݝݝݝݝݝݝ";N(2MM$" "FMS$"":ER0: I1 26:LE(I)1:IPWH(1(1)NO)Z I1 WH: WD$: I:LN(WD$)dAN$"":SW1 n I AN$;""8 BL$"LETTERSLEFT : "e I1 26: LE(I)0 BL$BL$" ": 180y BL$BL$(I64) I:BL$::MS$:QQ11500::MM$ ER10 SW0 200 "PRESS RETURN TO BEGIN AGAIN"; C$: C$"" 196 ":100 Q ERER1: 1000G  ER10 MS$"SORRY. HE'S DEAD!! ": 100r MS$"NO, THERE ARE NO "C$"'S ": 145 "";  SW0 ("",SW);  ER 1010,1020,1030,1040,1050,1060,1070,1080,1090,1100OUSE,ANIMAL,MONEY" MONKEY,FEATHER,TURTLE,FOOTBALLJ GARAGE,TURKEY,TOMATO,WAGON,SEESAWo BICYCLE,GEESE,BASEBALL,ROOSTER DOORWAY,KANGAROO,PAINTBOX SIDEWALK,JACKET,PEANUT,HORSE MOUNTAIN,NURSE,WITCH,RULER SPIDER,NEEDLE,CLLE,FANATICISM,EXUBERANT,PROXIMITY=J$ DROMEDARY,PLATYPUS,DINOSAUR,DEMONIC,DELICATESSEN,INCUMBENT,DECANTERT$ CUSHION,BRETHREN,BOMBAST,DEMAGOGUERY,SERIF,AKIMBO,NOMENCLATURE^$ ABSOLUTE,APOCALYPSE,ABDOMEN SHED,HUE,ASYLUM,HORIZONTAL,HOIST,HISTKANGAROO,ERADICATE,IODINE,IRIDESCENT,INTRIGUEK$ INTRANSIGENT,SATIATE,SOBRIETY,INFRARED,EGALITARIAN,EQUINOX,INFUSE$ INGOT,IGUANA,IMPETUOUS,IDLE,HYPOTENUSE,EQUILATERAL,HYGIENE,HYENA$ HYACINTH,HYPNOTIC,FAMISHED,HUE,ASYLUM,HORIZONTAL,HOIST,HIST" 1600 "" 1600 ""' 1600> ""I 1600`F ""kP 1600x "" 1600 "" 1600 ""@TTE,ONEROUS,OCELOT,OBLIQUE,OBELISK,NUISANCE,NOXIOUSV# NOCTURNAL,NEOLITHIC,NIHILISM,NEUTRAL,NEMESIS,MYSTIQUE,MYTHOLOGICAL# PRECOCIOUS,PREDATORY,MOSAIC,MOSQUE,METAMORPHOSIS,VERMIN,MODULUS# METAPHOR,MOCCASIN,MISANTHROPE,MERCHANDISE,MEDIEVAL,MA% " OFFICE OF EDUCATION K " & q" COMPUTER-USING EDUCATORS " " SOFTSWAP " "333 MAIN STREET,   LE(26)7! FIND NO OF WORDS@"NO0j# WD$: WD$"**END**" NONO1: 35$X(TI): RANDOMIZE%"DO NOT PRESS":" RETURN "&"HANGMAN1 LN:L((WD$,I,1))64@ x LE(L)1 ER10 AN$AN$".":SW0: 140X AN$AN$""(L64)` I SW1 ER10 MS$"YOU GOT IT!!!!! " ER10 145 SW1 3: ER0 10: 1000:: ""; 37 "GUESS?";! C$: C$"" 2100 L(C$)64g L1 L26 MS$"ONLY GUESS LETTERS! ": 145 LE(L)0 MS$"YOU USED THAT ALREADY": 145 LE(L)0 Q1 LN: L((WD$,Q,1))64 255 MS$"GOOD!!!  " ";4SW);("NOO",SW);: " ";:/ " ";:= " ";:M "";:\ " *";:m $"*";:} ." ";: 8" ";: B"";: L"";:  MAILBOX,ZEBRA,PEOPLE,ZIPPER  MITTENS,MOWN,BASKET TIGER,DRESS,PUPPY,HIPPO1 DOWNTOWN,SHADOW,TRIANGLEV PRESIDENT,WORLD,VALLEY,HISTORYw SPIRIT,FEELING,PEACE,DREAM DANGER,PARTY,COUNTRY,TRACTOR RECORD,KITCHEN,HAMSTER,POINT JEWELRY,VILLAGE,TENNIS,GOLDEN K ) HANGMAN2 JULY1980A GOOD OL' HANGMANG 8K PET (WITHOUT LINES 1-25 AND LINES 60000+) BY RAYMOND TOY " " SAN MATEO COUNTY  "380"":X139:" ";:X2"MY WORD IS: ";""A$""k""24)"ANOTHER WORD (Y/N)?"""24)"YOU LOSE!";:X1500:XY$:Y$"Y"36Y$"N"500" ":X1500:X:45 10)" " $10)"" %10)""' &10)""4 '10)""E (9)"":v )"  HANGMAN ":| + ,"":14)" " 1W11 6"":14)" "; ;W5 @""; EW6 J"" OW11 ED. THE COMPUTER"#{"WILL INDICATE THE NUMBER OF LETTERS"S"IN THE UNKNOWN WORD BY PRINTING OUT THE"{"APPROPRIATE NUMBER OF SPACES:":" ":1000C$:C$""658"""TO ENTER YOUR GUESSES, PR 91 ""12); X1L% B$(X)""1520 " ";9 155I B$(X);" ";P XV ` K$""m YL91 ""24)"ANOTHER WORD (Y/N)?" ""24)"YOU'VE GOT IT!"; X1500:X Y$:Y$"Y  0 Z UNOCCUPIED 1640  1940 K 1 25& "!";> Q 1 50 : QJ " ";b Q 1 50 : Qj( Ku2 1840< "NO ONE!S HOME!"F 2200P 2780Z OCCUPIEDd 1640n 1940x "?";) A"MY WORD IS: ";:X1L:" ";:X( FX1L< KA$(X)(A$,X,1)C PX^ Z"YOUR GUESSES: ";p [I$:I$""91z \JJ1 ]J199 ^J11J1 _J$(J1)I$98 `""24)"LETTER REPEATED":X1500:X a""24)"Z) 2650 Z UNOCCUPIED 1640  1940 K 1 25& "!";> Q 1 50 : QJ " ";b Q 1 50 : Qj( Ku2 1840< "NO ONE!S HOME!"F 2200P 2780Z OCCUPIEDd 1640n 1940x "?";'"":59468,12HA$(20),B$(20),J$(60),C(150) 14)"HANG MAN":" DO YOU WANT INSTRUCTIONS (Y/N)?"!Y$:Y$"Y"600"Y$"N"36#33$***INITIALIZE VARIABLES, SELECT WORD%:"":N&U":"PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE":O@***INDICATE # OF WORDS ON NEXT LINEXJ215p(#***WORDS AVAILABLE2# HELP,COMPUTER,QUAY,PLAUSIBLE,FACILE,TUMULT,FLEXIBLE,TURPITUDE<# MENTALITY,AEROSOL,FLUID,TANGENTIAL,IN & " OFFICE OF EDUCATION L " & r" COMPUTER-USING EDUCATORS " " SOFTSWAP " "333 MAIN STREET,0X11000:X ""$X***INSTRUCTIONS-Z""B]14)"HANG MAN"og"THIS IS THE TRADITIONAL WORD GUESSING"l"GAME OF 'HANG MAN'. YOU ARE ALLOWED"q"10 INCORRECT GUESSES; ON THE 11TH"v"ERROR, YOU WILL BE HANGT"":14)" "YW110^"":14)" ";;cW9Dh""QmW11Wrdw"";u|15)" : "15)" : "15)" "15)" "15)" "15)" "Z999428Z999" ESS THE""APPROPRIATE ALPHABETIC KEYS. "G"DO NOT PRESS THE RETURN KEY.""WARNING THERE IS NO REPRIEVE FOR"" YOUR MISTAKES!""":1000C$:C$""735"":36""36 Y$"N"500: " ":X1500:X:165M ***PICTORIALSa 10)""u 10)" " 10)" " 10)" :" 10)" " 10)"" 10)"" 10)""  """:ER,CULPABLE,PLAINTIFF,SOOTHE,SANCTION,FASCINATE,EXEMPLIFYNn# SCULPTURE,ETCH,ALUMNI,RENOWN,CERTIFICATE,BUOYANTmx# FEISTY,UMBILICAL,ERUDITE# PLACEBO,AMELIORATE,EMULATE,EXIGENCY,EVOKE,EXEMPLARY,EUPHORIC# QUINTESSENCE,JEOPARDY,LUSCIOUS,MAHOGA ":91 bJ1( cJ$(J)I$C dQQ2:""12Q)I$;N mX1La nA$(X)I$120w pB$(X)A$(X):YY1 rK$"#" xX }K$"#"140 WW1:"" "" W210,290,297,299,310,310,310,340,350,350,375 "" K 1 1500: K ""S$(Z)""; 1840  N$" THIS IS -"S$(Z)"-"7 "I DIDN'T ORDER"H "A PIZZA!"] K 12000: Kh 1840s 2200{ N$ " YOU LOST" "A DOLLAR." "WHAT'S "S$(I)"'S" "ADDRESS AGAIN?"U1$'R0100(TI100(TI100)):R010039I(R11R0:R((1)N):R1:RN40U)U145b*X1U1q+C(X)R40x,X-C(U)R.X120:A$(X)"":B$(X)"":J$(X)"":X/I$"":K$"":J0:Q0:W0:Y0:Z00X1R1A$2X<L(A$TRODUCTORY,ANGSTROM,COROLLARYCF# GOVERNMENT,SYSTEMATIC,ADAMANT,PERSONIFICATION,ENVIRONMENT,YEASTP# AMENDMENT,CONGRATULATORY,TORSION,DWARF,JUGULAR,PERIPHERAL,BEASTZ# PARAPHERNALIA,ELONGATED,TEMPESTUOUS,GUARANTEE,DESIGNATE,QUALIFYd# PENTAMET REDWOOD CITY0"CA 94063 (415)364-5600 EX4401V"|"" PROGRAMS MAY BE COPIED FOR " EDUCATIONAL USE & MAY NOT BE" SOLD. COPYRIGHT 1981 CUE,INC" 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ""  PRINT POSITIONS( I1ZZ5 XP(I)9J  X(X)0 730[ V(I) (X)1s H(I) P(I)((X)9)}  750 H(I) 9 V(I)X  1640  1730  S$(I);  I  PRINT""  FOR I= 1 TO ZZ * PR V)" 8ݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠ- V)" L V)" 7ݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠk V)" V)" 6ݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠ V)" V)" 5ݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠ &V)"  0V) ORDERS IN THE"PIZZA PARLOR AND TELL THE DRIVER WHERE5"TO DELIVER THE PIZZAS.d " WHEN ASKED, YOU TELL THE DRIVER HOW"MANY STREETS TO GO ACROSS (TO THE RIGHT)"; "AND HOW MANY STREETS UP.*" WHEN YOU GIVE THE RIGHT  N$(N$,10)& "OK, "N$" YOU'VE GOT THE JOB!M " HOW MANY PIZZAS DO YOU WANTk " TO DELIVER";ZZ}  ZZ17 310 "...THE OVEN ONLY HOLDS 16 !!!":250 ,A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P 6B0:I1ZZ:P(I)0:I @I1""; K K 1 18 ""; K* MOVE CURSOR< K 1 H(I)G"";O Ka K 1 V(I)l"";t Kz Y OR N SUB"Y OR N PLEASE."&0 CLR SCREEN:"";DK12N" 2Z S$(20),P(20),V(20),H(20)od MODIFIED BY HARRIET HUNGATE SEPT 80}n59468,12x ** PIZZA * S.ERLEWINE INTRO TO COORDINATES BASED ON IDEA FROM 101 BASIC GAMES *** PET USER GROUP 440P G$"Y" 300 Z"WELL, "N$"d"YOU BROKE EVEN.";n"GOOD EXPERIENCE!"Fx 1440W"GOOD WORK"e""N$"!"z"YOU MADE $ "B"WANT TO PLAY"AGAIN?" G$: G$"Y" "":250 G$"N" 1510 1460 % " OFFICE OF EDUCATION K " & q" COMPUTER-USING EDUCATORS " " SOFTSWAP " "333 MAIN STREET, 0 10708H(C$)B"HOW MANY UP?"0LS$:S$"" (S$)0 1100<VV(S$)W`"OK. I'LL GO OVER"ij H"AND UP "Vt K1(400100(HV)): K~ GUESS CORRECT?C0P(V1)9H PP(I) 1210 PP(I) 2460" 2020z 2150"" BALANCE C0 B B1- C1 BB13J SUB RIGHT ANSWERRC1] 1840h 1640s 1730}""" RING. RING." "HELLO, "N$"?" "THIS IS -"S$(I)"-" "THANKS FOR"INTP(I);" ";S$(I);","H(I);","V(I)4 NEXT I,> FIND CALLER5H""ARI1ZZR\P(I)0890Zf Iep 1290vzI((7)17)P(I)0890 GET GUESS 1840" RING!! RING!!""HELLO, "N$"?""THIS IS -"S$(I)"-"" 4ݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠ% :V)" D DV)" 3ݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠc NV)" XV)" 2ݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠ bV)" lV)" 1ݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠ vV)" V)" 0 1  DIRECTIONS4"A HAPPY CUSTOMER CALLS TO THANK YOU AND->"YOU MAKE A DOLLAR.VH" IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE YOU GETR"COMPLAINTS AND YOU LOSE A DOLLAR.\" ARE YOU READY";f"";G$: (G$,1)"Y" 2180p (G$,1)"NZZ:S$(I):I J T I 1 ZZ' ^X((7)82)6 h C1 ZZI r P(C)X 350Q | C\ P(I)Xd  Iv  SET UP GRID "" V17 V)" V)" V)" 9ݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠ V)"   "Xb K1 22l" "%v K@" "FX MOVE CURSORg K 1 Hr"";z K K 1 V""; K INSTRUCTIONS" YOUR JOB IS TO TAKE  BOX 371E MONTGO]ERYVILLE, PA 18936 REM]"PIZZA""DO YOU WANT INSTRUCTIONS ";G$ (G$,1)"Y" 2020:220 (G$,1)"N" 220180"WHAT IS YOUR NAME";N$ 1810 1460 THE END"OK, "N$&"SEE YOU LATER!",C FIND COORDINATESPXP(I)9c"X(X)01610s,V(I)(X)16H(I)P(I)((X)9)@ 1630JH(I)9TV(I)X^h LOCATE CURSORr"";| K1 21REDWOOD CITY/"CA 94063 (415)364-5600 EX4401U"{"" PROGRAMS MAY BE COPIED FOR " EDUCATIONAL USE & MAY NOT BE" SOLD. COPYRIGHT 1981 CUE,INC" 1060 2240 "READY FOR " "ANOTHER CALL?"9 G$: G$"" 1240M G$"N" 1290` G$"Y" 830k 1810v 1240  FINAL BALANCE 1840 B0 1410( B0 13702"SORRY, "N$<"YOU LOST $"BF 1$ "THE PIZZA!". K 1 2500: K8 1840B P(I)0L 2200-V N$", YOU"D` "MADE A DOLLAR!"Wj "THAT MAKES"lt "$"B" SO FAR."r~  "GOOD WORK!"  WRONG ANSWER C0 K11500: K Z 1 16 PP(Z1100:"WOULD YOU SEND ME"""A PIZZA?"9 K 1 1200: KS"THANKS! GOODBYE."i K1 2000: Ks1840"THE DRIVER WANTS""TO KNOW WHERE -"S$(I)"-""LIVES"$"HOW MANY ACROSS?".C$:C$"" (C$) 2,8,4,10,32,11,9999,16% 10,6,10,10,10,9,16,7,9999,5P  10,6,15,12,10,6,7,12,13,9,7,7,9999,7|  10,6,10,10,10,6,5,10,6,10,20,8,9999,9 10,6,10,8,10,6,10,16,14,9,9,9,9999,9 10,6,10,8,10,6,10,16,14,9,9,9,14,9,9,5,9999,11 5,6,10,8,8, UP 10)"  10)" 86 10)"LEFT4 6RIGHTI 10)" 2\ (10)" q 210)" DOWN <:"I HAVE 11 ROUTES FOR YOU TO TRY. F" 1 IS EASIEST AND 11 HARDEST. P"WHICH ONE DO YOU WANT TO START WITH? ";  1 5 59409,52:TTI  TIT60 3530 59409,600 TIT120 35508 I] "YOU'VE COMPLETED YOUR ROUTE!"g 3050 COUNT POSSIBLE ROUTESP1(P(X)1 ):P2(P(X) 1)P3(P(X)40):P4(P(X)40)ND0: DIR 0  , THIS MIGHT BE IT:# V""10)": `10) " Q j10) " m t10) " ~10) " 10) " 10) " 10) " 10) " 80 : PLAYER'S MOVE+x 5500: ND=0 SO CHECK FOR NED AHEADV DIR0 P(X),91: 2630q F20 LINESLINES1 P(X),91: END POINT REACHED ""BLANK$:BLANK$:BLANK$ LINES0 3500: A WIN A0X TIT60" ";:860ZTTI5\ A$: A$"" 854@p" ";Fa GET NON-EMPTY STRINGkB$""u 850 B$"" A$(13) 920A$; A$(13) 980B$B$A$ 920 INSTRUCTIONS""10);"THE POSTP PLAYER MOVES F0 ""BLANK$:BLANK$:BLANK$D "ALLRIGHT CARRIER, "N$", START OFFi "AND I'LL MOVE YOU TO YOUR NEXT "DECISION POINT. IS THE PLAYER AT A NODE? FLAG 0:F20 4000: COUNT ROUTES ND2 FLAG 1:F24550,4600,4550,4650,4550,4700,4550,4750,4550LEGAL$"N": 4900XYY1:(P(X))32 (P(X))91 YY1:LEGAL$"N": 4900c 4900*XX1:(P(X))32 (P(X))91 XX1:LEGAL$"N": 49004 4900\XX1:(P(X))32 (P(X))91 XX1D IN I 1 W1X""C$"";b I#l 17604vLINESY :>"";D` PLAYER MOVES TO START"PRESS RETURN WHEN YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR"STARTING PLACE.Y2:X20 800P(P(X)): 850 P(X),P A$XT DECISION."F21 | CHECK FOR NODE AHEAD P142 DIR63 P242 DIR4G P342 DIR2[ P442 DIR8 DIR 0 F21:LINESLINES11:LEGAL$"N": 49004 4900\XX1:(P(X))32 (P(X))91 XX19,15,9,8,9,7,9,8,9,15,5,11,11,8,5,9999,17Q" 5,6,5,5,7,8,5,5,10,11,5,5,12,13,5,5,5,11,7, 8,9999,19' 5,6,9,8,8,10,14,9,8,10,10,4,18,6,9,17,14,14,4,3,9999,13, 10,6,6,17,5,10,14,9,10,14,3,5,10,14,6,5,9999,14 0,0,0,0 FIND THE CHOSEN Z 900 dM (B$)C iM1M11 :"I DON'T HAVE A MAP OF THAT NUMBER.": 1370I Z  DRAW ROUTE  HERE FOLLOWS DATA FOR THE ROUTES IN THE FORM X,Y,L,W,...,L,W,9999,LINES 9999,0 10,6,10,10,14,9,10,10,9999,4  13,4,11,14,9,7,2 P132 P191 P142 NDND1:DIR6< P232 P291 P242 NDND1:DIR4n P332 P391 P342 NDND1:DIR2 P432 P491 P442 NDND1:DIR8 CHANGE POSITIONLEGAL$"Y" DIR   10) " ? "THEN YOUR TASK IS TO COVER ALL THEd "STREETS WITHOUT REPEATING ANY. "PRESS ANY KEY TO GO ON. ";  850 "TO MOVE YOURSELF AROUND ON THE MAP, "USE THE NUMBER KEYS AS FOLLOWS: 10)"  LOSS "SORRY, YOU HAVEN'T COMPLETED YOUR ROUTE."M M11 "HMMM, I WONDER IF THIS ONE IS POSSIBLE?"p "DO YOU WANT TO TRY AGAIN? ";z 850 A$"N" "";: :"DO YOU WANT THE SAME MAP? "; 850  A WIN! IERSON'S ROUTE"""WHAT'S YOUR NAME? ";, 9006N$B$_"DO YOU WANT INSTRUCTIONS, "N$"?";i$ 850}. A$"N" 13408:"WELL, "N$", THIS IS A GAME IN WHICHB"YOU BECOME A MAIL CARRIER. L"I'LL GIVE YOU A ROUTE. FOR EXAMPLE1 NOW MOVE CURSOR & ACCEPT MOVE 800: 850- (A$)0 2580;( DIR(A$)J2 P(X),91g< F21 P(X),42:F20F 4500: CHANGE POSITIONP LEGAL$"N" 2580Z 4000: COUNT ROUTESd ND1 2610n ND1 5000: 25 :LEGAL$"N": 4900f 49000YY1:(P(X))32 (P(X))91 YY1:LEGAL$"N": 4900; 4900A$Y READY PLAYER MOVEv FLAG1 LINESLINES1 F21 LINESLINES1FLAG1""BLANK$:BLANK$:BLANK$"READY FOR YOUR NE(13) 2490DIR(A$)= DIR 2030,2100,2030,2200,2030,2300,2030,2400: 2030T4YY1: 800: 2030kXX1: 800: 2030XX1: 800: 2030` YY1: 800: 2030 P32 "YOU MUST START SOMEWHERE ON A STREET." : 2025 + PIZZA SEPT801l LOGIC GAME TO TEACH COORDINATES AND POSITIONr 8K PET S. ERLEWINE MODIFIED BY H.HUNGATE 8 REM " " SAN MATEO COUNTY MAP I 1 M D D9999 1720  I5C$C$(((1)5))>""J LINESX X,Y,L,Wl X9999 1910v 800 I 1 LC$; I  W0 1900 I1 W""C$"";& I0 I1 L:""C$""; 0 T"YOU CAN HAVE ME GO FAST OR SLOW."A ^"IF SLOW THEN YOU CAN SEE THE DICE."l c"IF MANUAL THEN YOU CONTOL EACH STEP" h "SLOW OR FAST OR MANUAL";SPEED$ rSPEED$(SPEED$,1) |  DRAW GRAPH MAXNDNFND1 IV (36(MAX1))1 CES,# THROWS "HOW MANY DICE(<7)";NDI  ND6 "TOO MANY,TRY AGAIN": 1520  ND(ND) ND1 "DONT BE SILLY. TRY AGAIN": 1520 "HOW MANY FACES ON EACH DIE(<21)"; NF  NF 20 "TOO MANY, TRY AGAIN": 1550) " NF   "; : 48004\" ";(T);"   ";: 4800\" "I: SPEED$"S" JND 4810qY20:X32: 2500"PRESSANYKEY" AN$: AN$"" 4805 AN$"F" SPEED$"F" AN$"S" SPEED CE HAVE A"' "DIFFERENT # OF FACES BESIDES 6?"6 : 3400:a "THIS PROGRAM WILL THROW AS MANY AS 6 "DICE WITH AS MANY AS 20 FACES EACH" "AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE AND KEEP" "TRACK OF THE SUMS IN A GRAPH FOR YOU" :"ARE YOU IN  ";2 T 4610,4620,4630,4640,4650,4660,4670,4680,4690: 4700e"    "; : 4800 "    "; : 4800"    "; : 4800 "  X Cb l/"DO YOU WANT INSTRUCTIONS?"J AN$: AN$"" 1010_ AN$"N" 1490k 158,0"YOU PROBABLY KNOW THAT WHEN YOU THROW"A SINGLE DIE, ALL NUMBERS ARE EQUALLY"$"LIKELY TO COME UP.".W10: 3400:8"H AN$"M" SPEED$"M" JSUM(S)SUM(S)1& 4000.$ I4.K DISPLAY ON GRAPHw WIDTH0 X3NDS:Y1SUM(S): 4030X3NDSSUM(S)WIDTH(S.5ND(SUM(S)WIDTH)) WIDTH1 XX1Y2((SUM(S)1)WIDTH)M)LL1 L20 S20:""S)"SUM # THROWS":L0 I  ";: 4800\" "I: SPEED$"S" JND 4810qY20:X32: 2500"PRESSANYKEY" AN$: AN$"" 4805 AN$"F" SPEED$"F" AN$"S" SPEED 2515 "";(RGHT$,X); (DWN$,24Y); 0 PRINT HEADING^ "# DICE ="ND"# FACES ="NF"# THROWS ="NT "PRESS S OR F OR M TO CHANGE SPEED" "ORDER OF SYMBOLS:"; I1 10 C$(I);" "; I H DELAY W SEC% POSTAL ROUTES BY BILL FINZER? NOVEMBER, 1978Z MAIN CALLING ROUTINEi 59468,12 1000: INSTRUCTIONS 500 : INITIALIZE 1500: DRAW ROUTE 2000: PLAYER MOVES TO START 2500: PLAYER MOVES 3 ""X3:Y1: 2500 I1 MAX'  J1 IV8IV0 2080B"";J  JT*"*";\4 Io>X2:Y0: 2500H I ND NDNFRXX IV1 : 2500WN$((I),((I))1)Y IV0 I5(I5) 2150\ N$;f Ip(NF) NF1 "ARE YOU TRYING TO BE DIFFICULT?": 1550? , NDNF37 1600 6"MY SCREEN IS TOO NARROW FOR THAT. PLEASE MAKE #DICE * # FACES < 37" ; 1520 @"HOW MANY THROWS";NT J NT0 "DON'T YOU WANT AT LEAST ONE? TRY AGAIN.":GOO 160$"S" DRAW A TABLE-"DO YOU WANT TO SEE A TABLE OF RESULTS? ";; BLANK$;V AN$: AN$"" 5020k AN$"N" 5300"# DICE="ND"# FACES="NF"# TRIALS="NT"SUM # THROWS"S0:L0 IND NDNFS);I,SUM(ITERESTED";AN$=  (AN$,1)"N" "AW,SHUCKS WELL TRY IT ANYWAY": 1490w  (AN$,1)"Y" "GOOD,I'M GOING TO LIKE YOU": 1490 "DID YOU EVER WONDER IF A COMPUTER GETS INTERESTED?"    INPUT ND,NF,& NT& SPEED  # DICE,#FA   "; : 48001*"    "; : 4800d4"    "; : 4800>"    "; : 4800H"    "; : 4800R" OWEVER, IF YOU THROW TWO DICE, NOT ALL"JB"SUMS OF THE TWO NUMBERS ARE EQUALLY"uL"LIKELY. FOR EXAMPLE,6 IS MUCH MORE"V"LIKELY THAN 2"` 3400jt"WHAT HAPPENS WITH MORE THAN TWO DICE?"~W3: 3400 :"WHAT HAPPENS IF THE DIC1 : CHARACTER POINTER* Y16 YY15:CC1: 4040E C10 CC10: 4050P 2500[C$(C)au SHOW EACH DIE J IS THE # OF THE DIE T IS THE # ON THE DIE"";5(J1));"   3)""0C$(4)""+: P(X)3276840YX_DBLANK$" "eX~  MOVE CURSOR TO X,Y% Y0 "";: 820* 216,Y1:4X);>R GET SINGLE CHARACTERTTTI:158,0V TIT30"";:86ONDSR TMTI \ TITMW60 3420f , START THROWING DICE< I 1 NTD S0S J1 NDg T ((1)NF)1 SPEED$"S" SPEED$"M" 4500 SST AN$: AN$"F" SPEED$"F" AN$"S" SPEED$"S"000: END POINT REACHED) A$"Y" 230L:"WHAT ROUTE DO YOU WANT? ";V" 900b,M(B$)6 M1 M11 :"I DON'T HAVE THAT NUMBER ROUTE.": 280@ 230 INITIALIZET(TI)C$(0)" "C$(1)""C$(2)""&C$(WIDTH IVzX0:Y0 I0 15 YY1: 2500L I5 (I5) " ";: 2240s WIDTH0 "";(I);: 2220"";(IWIDTH); ((IWIDTH))2 " ";"*"; I MOVE CURSOR TO X,Y "";: X0  RM: ";"4D$(X);" BROKEN":IX:630:D%(X)D%(X)1:870:>IX5:D%(I)0860UR:I0X:D%(I)0 860`W:870\D%(I)1:8000:"*SCOTTY HITS IT WITH A HAMMER*"fI05:D%(I)0890pD%(I)D%(I)1:D%(I)0D%(I)0:8000:D$(I);" ARE F (Z1$,Y323);(Z2$,X322);( T X316:E$(D$(X31),1) 29801h :E$:A7:2990S "";D$(X31):AX3:I1400:e CU19:8000:{ X316:8000::E01370""(Z2$,20)"YEARS= "T9T20)"CONDITION "C$" "2  J05:8000 "";(D$(J),1);"=";D$(J)-  I1200:I9 J:650m D%(4)0"SPACE CRUD BLOCKING TUBES";:I4:630 N15:P1"NO TORPEDOES LEFT":650 CU19:J15:8000:DA$(J)::""; 12)"COURSE (1-8.9)"; C:C1C8.96 UZ1360: "THANKS TO YOUR BUNGLING THE FEDERATION WILL BE";Od" CONQUERED BY THE REMAINING";K9;" KLINGONS!":n"YOU ARE DEMOTED TO CABIN BOY!"::K00:1420x1360:" THE FEDERATION AND YOUR ASS HAVE BEEN SAVED !":"YOU ARE PROMOTE-";K2%(I)1;:: &IS11S11:JS21S219 0I0I7J0J7580M :S%(I,J)4580 <C$"DOCKED":N05:D%(N)08000:"ENTERPRISE REPAIRED":N5 >N:EE0:PP0:610:IS11:JS21:J,I: DJ,I:K0C$"RED": NEE0.2C$"YELLOW": "***";:1350 Q%(I,J)(Q%(I,J)):1340I5:D%(I)0620U"CUMULATIVE GALACTIC SPACE MAP FOR":" STARDATE";Tw " QUADRANT";Q11;"-";Q21:#" 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8"(I07:I1;:J072Q%(I,J)0"***";:1350<0XE"YOU'VE ONLY GOT";E:1150&EEX:I07:K3%(I)01230GH(X):K3%(I)K3%(I)H:8000a K3%(I)0HHK3%(I)"HIT OF"H"ON K AT"K1%(I)1"-"K2%(I)1",";K3%(I)0K3%(I);"LEFT";:I7::1235 "*DESTROYED*";:Y3K1%(I):X3":"ݠݠݠݠݠݠݠ "!I07:"";I1;"";:J07:(Q$,S%(I,J),1);"";:+ " "a"ݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠݠ"::"":z@CUCU1:CU24CU20(Z1$,CU);Z3$:(Z1$,CU);:= "T9T20)"CONDITION "C$" "21050"STARBASE";:A5B2:1070D" AT SECTOR";Y21;"-";X21:Y2(Y1Y):X2(X1X)f$S1Y2:S2X2:S%(S1,S2)2:1090." DESTROYED!";:B2B0:"....GOOD WORK!";8:S%(Y2,X2)1:Q%(Q1,Q2)K100B10S:K911400B550L480:4000! DICE THROW BY BILL FINZER4 OCTOBER,1978Od MAIN CALLING ROUTINEpMD20:MS40: SUM(MS),C$(10) 500 : INITIALIZE 1000: INSTRUCTIONS 1500: INPUT 2000: DRAW GRAPH 3000: PRINT HEADING 3500: STAIXED"z:N(W8):EE3N:TT1:S%(S1,S2)17Y1S1.5:X1S2.5:TT91370ZY(C1).785398:X(Y):Y(Y)qE$"E":Y4S1:X4S2A5E$"":X48I1N:Y1Y1Y:X1X1X:Y2(Y1):X2(X1)X20X27Y20Y27IN::1110S%(Y2,X20)"QUADRANT="Q11"-"Q21h20)"ENERGY= "(E):20)D$(4)"="P=20)"KLINGONS LEFT= ";K9Cop:X317: E$: E$;:Y3160:Y3:X3:"+"," ","֝"," ","ˑ","    ","۝"X"1234567850A5PP1:900-12);:"WARP (0-12)";W:W0W12650EW.2D%(0)0780q8000:D$(0);" DAMAGED, MAX IS .2";:I0630:J0800:J:710 (1).33870 X((1)6):(1).7830*D%(X)D%(X)(6(1)5):8000: "SPACE STOD TO ADMIRAL":"YOU SLAUGHTERED";K0K9;" KLINGONS IN"TT0;" YRS.":H"RATING =";(1000(K0K9)(TT0)):k"TRY AGAIN";E$:(E$,1)"Y"3qY3Y2:X3X2:2500:E$X2X4Y2Y44Y3Y4:X3X4:X482500:""Y4Y2:X4X2:XC$"GREEN": ]"OK?"; `E$:E$"" 608- a " ";:D bN05:D%(N)0::a l3000:D$(I);" DAMAGED"; v8000:D%(I);"YEARS FOR REPAIR":A1 8000:"COMMAND?";:608:2900 A1A6680 A710,310,1250,1140,690,1300 CU25 E$(Q%(I,J)):E$"00"(E$,2)!A IQ1JQ2 "";(E$,3);"";:13500C (E$,3);TF" ";::" "::A31355tHI01800::480:4000:650K605:480:I0400: :"":3000:310PI12500::"IT IS STARDATE";T::I01800:IK2%(I):2500:60005KK1:K9K91:S%(K1%(I),K2%(I))1:Q%(Q1,Q2)Q%(Q1,Q2)100:XXH= ILK911400V1090w3000:CU24:I2:D%(I)0620 D$(I);" FOR QUADRANT";Q11;"-";Q21IQ11Q11:JQ21Q21:" ";I0I7J0J7RGHT$""RDWN$""BLANK$" " I1 MS&SUM(I)00 I:"","","","",""," ","!","","֒","ђ"D C1 10N C$(C):650VA51120YY3Y4:X3X4:2500:"۝";4[3000:"M I S S E D !":1090f`Q1(Q1WY(S1.5)8):Q2(Q2WX(S2.5)8)jQ1Q1(Q10)(Q17):Q2Q2(Q20)(Q27):230tI3:D%(I)0620~3000:"PHASERS READY.UNITS TO FIRE";X:X065RT TRIALS  5000: MAKE TABLER"";"DO YOU WANT TO DO ANOTHER EXPERIMENT?"k" AN$: AN$"" 290, AN$"Y" 2001 (DWN$,22)6"WELL,I LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU AGAIN! SO LONG."@ INITIALIZET(TI)-)12000::1060$IN::A52000:Y3Y2:X3X2:2500:6000C3000:A1"BLOCKED BY ";^S%(Y2,X2)31040,1020x"KLINGON";:A11050I07:Y2K1%(I)1010X2K2%(I)K3%(I)0:KK1:K9K91:1070"STAR";:A5SS1:1070 J11E3::"LESH HAVE NUTHER DRINK WHILE I SHUFFLE"VJ120:(V$,4(1)15);(H$,(1)301);F$;N$:JV$;"SHORRY, I DROPPED THE CARDS..":J12000:J"  ANNOUNCEMENT "$"THE MANAGEMENT REGRETS THE DEALER"."HA C(D):DD1:M(M)C:\V(C4):SCV4:S$S$(S);fP$P$(V):C$"":K1(P$)ZpM$(P$,K,1):M$"X"M$S$}zC$C$M$:K:TTV(V):V0A10H(X5(1)D1D12.5):V1X1((1)D1D12.5)X2H10:V1X1V12V12(V$,V1)  "":3Z1$""ZZ2$""Z3$" " D%(5),K1%(7),K2%(7),K3%(7),S%(7,7),Q%(7,7),D$(5),DA$(5) Q$"EKB*":DA$(2)" 1.5":DA$(3)" 5E1":DA$ USTED*":830 Y5"*5-CARD WIN*":8103 "..HIT OR STAND";Z$U (Z$)83840:860:940:640 A0:T0:X19:X1M:CM(X):860:X:940 T2TA:T221T2T (V$,17);"MY TOTAL=";T2;" "; T221"*BUSTED*":810 M5"*5-CARD WIND(N)((K1%(I)S1)2(K2%(I)S2)2).4hn610:450:Q1X:Q2Y:X8:Y1:X1.2075:Y16.28:X23.28:Y21.8:A.96xC100:W10:S9400:T93540((1)40):140KK(NX2)(NY2)(N.28)(N.08)(N.03)(N.01):K9K9K:160T03520:TT0:E0((1)1500):"SHUFFLING..":D1D11" J051:C(J)J:J] J051:S((1)52):S1C(J):C(J)C(S):C(S)S1:J:D51j &D9500y 0FM11190 :(K$)33(1).7K$:K$ ?"YOU HAVE $";F;":YOUR BET";K$(D1);:B:BF570 DB01200 NBM1"MINIMUM BETBE I SHOULD WORK AT THE RACES."$2 "THIS IS A LOUSY JOB, YOU KNOW."S< "BIG DEAL; LAS VEGAS WITH PEELING PAINT"F "!IF MY MOTHER KNEW I WORKED HERE..."d LEFT WITH $";F "I USED TO WORK IN VEGAS, YOU KNOW" "WHAT A CRUMMY JOINT THIS$(J):J3r "",", FRIEND",", PAL",", BUDDY",", OLD BUDDY"H|J15:K$(J):JQTTIpX(T):TT1000:T1400" BUTTERFIELD SOCIAL & RECREATIONAL CLUB""HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE";FF100"SCRAM, CHEAPSKATE!":M11:K$NICE WALK HOME":""BEAT IT - WE DON'T ALLOW DEADBEATS HERE"AFF1"YOU GAINED $";FF1^FF1"YOU LOST $";F1F{FF1"YOU BROKE EVEN!""..AND LEFT WITH $";F "I USED TO WORK IN VEGAS, YOU KNOW" "WHAT A CRUMMY JOINT THISINGON CRUISERS IN";T9T0;"YEARS"F:"THE NUMBER OF BASES IS";B9:605:K0K9tA0:Q10Q17Q20Q27N0:S0:K0:250N(Q%(Q1,Q2)):Q%(Q1,Q2)N:SN(N10)10:K(N100)B(N10K10):450:S1X:S2YI07:J07:S%(I,J)1: J,I:S%(SVING SLID UNDER YOUR TABLE")8"A NEW DEALER WILL REPLACE HIM."<BD10:D21:500oLJ11E3::"*OPEN UP - THIS IS THE POLICE*"V"WHAT?":"*YOU GOT A LICENSE FOR GAMBLING*"`"UH..":"*OK, YOU BETTER COME ALONG*"j"BUT..":"*THIS YOU;(H$,H);F$;C$:"HI..MY NAME IS TOOTS"6"SURE LIKE YOUR STYLE"b"COULDN'T HELP NOTICING YOUR FLASHY""PLAYING AND YOUR BIG WALLET""MAYBE WE CAN GET TOGETHER LATER""I'LL BE OVER BY THE CASHIER"W24:550 (4)" "XCU19:DA$(5)" 6 7 8":DA$(1)" 4 3 2":D$(0)"WARP ENGINES":D$(3)"PHASERS"(D$(1)"SHORT RANGE SENSORS":D$(2)"LONG RANGE SENSORS"FD$(4)"TORPEDOES":D$(5)"GALACTIC RECORDS"K"STAR TREK IS WORKING ON YOUR MISSION!"d*":830 T15T217780! 850:860:940:7200 T2T1830? T1T2810W V$;" NO WIN ":550 *V$;" YOU WIN ":FFB:W1W11:W13950 4550 >V$;"I WIN":FFB:W1W2:550 HYY1:XY:X12:CC(D):DD1:Y(Y)C: RMM1:XM:X19:C 3000):EE0:P0((1)37):PP0#I07VJ07:K0:N(1):NX1NN64:K(NY1)Y:130B((1)A):B9B9B:Q%(I,J)KCBW((1)XY): J,IK9(T9T0)T9T0K9B90210450:Q%(X,Y)Q%(X,Y)10:B91"OBJECTIVE:DESTROY";K9;"KL IS $";M1;:5700 X"":M0:Y0:850:860:940:840:860:940I b850:860:C$N$:940\ l840:860:940~ vA0:T0:J1Y:CY(J):860:J T1TA:T121T1T " " "YOUR TOTAL=";T1;" "; T121"*B480:4000 |650& X((1)8):Y((1)8):> 450:S%(X,Y)1460D O K1  C$"DOCKED"8000:"BASE PROTECTS ENTERPRISE": I07:K3%(I)0: HK3%(I)1.2(1):H1(HD(0)):EEH 8000:"HIT OF";H;"FROM";K1%(I)1;""#" M1M110:FM150450, F1(10(1)12)M1Y F1F"MEMBERSHIP FEES ARE $";FF1:FF1z "MINIMUM BET IS $";M1:F1F "DRINKS ARE ON THE HOUSE--":"POUR YOURSELF ONE WHILE I SHUFFLE." (1)5D1D21100 D151020 B$(D1 IS." "BOY, WE GET WEIRD CUSTOMERS HERE."= "A BUNCH OF CHEAPSKATES RUN THIS DUMP."e "THE ROULETTE WHEEL IS MORE FUN."  "FOOD HERE IS LOUSY." "I GET SICK OF LOOKING AT THESE CARDS." "MY BOSS IS A MEAN OLD CRAB."( "MAY1,S2)2 I07:K3%(I)0:X8:IK280^ 460:S%(X,Y)3:K3%(I)(TI)400200:(1)0.05K3%(I)1200z K1%(I)X:K2%(I)Y::IS "B0460:S%(X,Y)4 ,I0460:S%(X,Y)5:II1:300 6550:D%(1)0480:I1:620 r7000:4000:3000 wA0R MONEY? IT'S EVIDENCE*"/t"WELL..":"*OKAY,THAT'S IT .. EVERYBODY OUT"\~"*BUDDY, LET ME GIVE YOU SOME ADVICE*""*NEVER GAMBLE ..":"*ESPECIALLY IN A JOINT LIKE THIS.*""BEFORE THE RAID, YOU HAD $";F:"NOW YOU HAVE $0.""HAVE A  OU, ";A$" " 1720"DIRECT HIT!!! POWER DOWN!""PP1007 A2$"N" 1725e:: 5);"(PRESS SPACE BAR TO CONTINUE)" ZZ$: ZZ$"" 1722""::"STATUS OF MILLENNIUM FALCON"A(A.98)"RANGE:";(A);15);"PO O12 1610B"...OOOFF...";J"THEY GOT US!"4LPP(((200000A)1E5)3000)?O 1720UT A100000 1530kV A 10000 1530}^P(1)P(1)100`"ENEMY WARHEAD IS LAUNCHED..."h O1 1650j"...MISSED...HA!"m 1720rPP1 5dC(51),P$(12),V(12),S$(3),Y(5),M(5),B$(4),K$(5)qnF$"ɝݝݝݝݝݝ˝ʝݝݝݝݝ"x"A "," "," X "," "," A""2 "," X "," "," X "," 2""3 "," X "," X "," X "," 3""4 ","X X"," ","X X"," 4" H.3)2000 18001490P(1)P(1)(10000H.3)"O1((1)41)M:"VADAR HAS ENTERED HYPERSPACE....."_ O14 2110yA((1)4000010000)" IS ON US!" B11.5E6 1960R((1)3.141591)O((1)21) R1 16600H"OOPS...WE ARE BEING SUCKED INTO A":"BLACK HOLE....SORRY ABOUT THAT."&R 2030?\O2((1)3.141591)aaB1B1((H3299792.5)(602))uf B11E6 2120p P(1)(J.310000)10000 1480z"ENEMY FOLLOWED US THROUGH"P(1)P(1)(1A 1900 F:"RETREATING, ";A$$PB (1)4000010000.RAAB:UPP100PW A200050 1380[Z 1420d A$;", YOUR RANGE IS" A;", BUT WE CANNOT RUN, RANGE IS NOW 200,000"nA200000x O1 1820z 1420:"RESTING, ";A$ GOT TOO CLOSE TO OUR""HIDDEN BASE. GROUND BASED HEAVY LASERS"6"HAVE DESTROYED HIS SHIP."Y:"MISSION SUCCESSFUL": 2040"WE HAVE BEEN IN TRANSIT FOR MORE THAN""ONE YEAR."10);"DARTH VADAR IS THE VICTOR...""LIFE SUPP "GOT HIM!!"P(1)P(1)1000 14201 A100000 1080>PP1000S:"LASER FIRED"fO1((1)21)x O11 1280"I THINK...I THINK...""...MAYBE..."; O1 1290"MISSED...PHOOEY." 1420 "GOT 'EMMY SHIP RETREATING, ";A$DP(1)P(1)100: 17208N "YOU HAVE JUST ENTERED HYPERSPACE TWICE.."cS"...ENGINES BLOWN...WE'RE STUCK HERE"|X"FOREVER!!!": 1900b"YOU JUST HYPERED AWAY ALL OF OUR POWER."lA$;", THAT WAS A PRETTY DUMB THING ","U ","E ","E ","N Q"8"K X","I ","N ","G ","X K"oJ012:P$(J):K03:P$:P$(J)P$(J)""P$:KP$(J)P$(J)"":J "","","",""J03:S$(J):J" 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,10,10,10,J012:V(J):J 6V$"WER "(P) P1 2000 O1 17701"DISTANCE TO YAVIN-4";B1:"KILOMETERS";QQ1W"DAYS IN TRANSIT:";D9;r" HYPER-JUMPS ";H9 D9365 1990 B11E6 1790 O1 1960"WE ARE GOING TO COLLIDE WITH YAVIN-4!"000t"...HIT...OUR POWER DOWN" w 1720 | A11000 15301~P(1)P(1)10P"ENEMY HAS FIRED A SHELL"t"I AM ATTEMPTING TO AVOID..."; O1 1710"MISSED!" O1 1720"THAT'LL SHOW WHAT CLEAN LIVING DOES""FOR Y "5 ","X X"," X ","X X"," 5"C"6 ","X X","X X","X X"," 6"f"7 ","X X","XXX","X X"," 7""8 ","XXX","X X","XXX"," 8""9 X","X X","XXX","X X","X 9""10X","XXX","X X","XXX","X10""J X","A ","C ","K ","X J""Q X R2 1620  R4 1810 A100000 1530&P(1)P(1)1000E:"ENEMY FIRES LASER...";X"O1((1)21)j$ O11 1580z'"UH-OH...") 1590,"SCREENS AT FULL POWER...";6 O1 16008"...MISSED...WHEW!"; 1720@h0000(H.3)):A((1)200000): O24 2200 1420PP1000:P(1)P(1)1000) 1720/ $ ZZ1 3000:LRX ^q "PLAY AGAIN";* B$:N0: (B$,1)"Y" 50042530>"HE IS BEING SUCKED INTO A BLACK HOLE!": 198PP1000:  O1 14500"ENEMY SHIP INTELLIGENCE REPORT:"Y"RANGE:";(A);20);"POWER:";(P(1))o A200050 1480 P(1)100 1950 P(1)5000 1800 A175000 1820 A5000 1850 1520 P(1)(10000ORT FUNCTIONS GONE...LIFE":"SUPPORT FADING....." :2" CREW DYING......"F ZZ1 3000:LRX ^q "PLAY AGAIN";* B$:N0: (B$,1)"Y" 50042530>"HE IS BEING SUCKED INTO A BLACK HOLE!": 198...GOOD SHOOTING," A$;"!",P(1)P(1)((200000A1E5)3000)7 1450V:" APPROACHING, ";A$p(B((1)4000010000)z*AAB-PP100/A1 13402 1420<::: 14)">COLLISION<">:::10)"BOTH SHIPS DESTROYED..."TO"q"DO. YOUR MISSION WAS TO DELIVER YOUR"2v"PASSENGERS AND THE VITAL INFORMATION TO"\"YAVIN-4, NOT GET EVERYBODY KILLED."r"WHAT A NERD."} 2040"ENEMY SHIP'S POWER GONE...NO LIFE FORMS":"PRESENT": 1980"HA,HA!! VADAR";@H$""dJN$"     "T "I'LL HAVE ONE,TOO","THAT CALLS FOR A DRINK","MAYBE I'LL HAVE ANOTHER"^ "I'LL JUST HAVE A SNORT HERE","ANOTHER LI'L DRINK"hJ04:B 1900 700P(1)P(1)1000 :"ENEMY SHIP RESTING."(  1720= A150000 1530S A200050 1450pB(1)4000010000:AAB:"ENEMY SHIP APPROACHING, ";A$&P(1)P(1)1000 1720:B(1)4000010000:AAB:"ENE OF CONDEMNED"#"SINNERS (MOVED BY YOU!!!)"#G#"THE PLAYING FIELD HAS 25 SPACES,"d#"5 ROWS AND 5 COLUMNS."j##"A SINNER MAY MOVE INTO ANY ADJACENT"#"EMPTY SPACE. A BADDIE MOVES INTO AN"#"ADJACENT SPACE WHICH CONTAINS A S % "";12);"SPACEWAR PART 2"/::I"WHAT IS YOUR NAME";R( A$Z2Q1:"DO YOU WISH TO ALLOW THE ON-BOARD""COMPUTERS TO BATTLE AGAINST ONE""ANOTHER, ";A$; A1$A2$(A1$,1)vB19.4542566E12P100000: 5:K15 :D(J,K)65D(J,K)897160# ::L14V ::D(JR(L),KC(L))32" ";(D(J,K));(M(L));_ ::Lj :K:Jp v  @***PRINT THE BOARD ROUTINE ""; J15:""; :K15 ::D(J,K)90LR$(D(J,K)) :: )21)'C((1)3.14159((1)3.14159))< A200050 1410K C0 720^ A5000 750m C4 720| C4 720 C5 720 C6 770 P5000 720 C7 780 C7 790 C7 720 N0B1B1(2.23118  SR((B$,1)) :J15:K152 ::D(J,K)SRRJ:CK:3360= :K:JG  3500Y DR((B$,1))d H J14x R :DRM(J)3450 \ ::D(RR(J),CC(J))323500 f ::D(RR(J),CC(J))D(R,C):D(R,C)32:2000 z J :"SOMETHING IS WRONG..."  C2 1180u C3 1250'z C4 13108| C5 1350I C6 1410^ A2$"Y" 950qH((1)101) P(10000H.3)500 720 H0 910:"ENTERING HYPERSPACE" 970 C7 1080 "PLEASE INDICATE HYPERFA C9I2500 :L" :K:8000:SC223000> :"NO MORE SINNERS!!":Z :D(P(T9,1),P(T9,2))666w :D(P(T9,3),P(T9,4))TEMP :T9J2560 ::J014:U(J0)P(J,J0):J0 ::J014:P(J,J0)P(T9,J0):J0 ::J014:P(T9,J0)U(J0):J0 J: 41)  O21 2140  O24 2120Q B1B1((H3299792.5)((3.141593(1)29)2)) "SORRY, NAVIGATION ERROR PUT US OFF LINE."  O23 1060  P(1)(H.310000)10000 1480 "HE FOLLOWED!" P(1)P(1)(10000(H.3)) A( S THE DIRECT- ION YOU WANT TO GO." $2$"FOR EXAMPLE, JU MEANS SINNER J"L$"WANTS TO MOVE UP^."R$u$"ALSO, YOU MAY WANT TO TYPE:"$" R WHEN YOU WANT TO STOP THE GAME."$" I FOR THESE INSTRUCTIONS"$" H FOR A LIST OF LEGAL M PP10 X:"GUNS HAVE BEEN FIRED...";) ` O1 1130N b"ENEMY MANEUVERING TO AVOID..."Y e 1140 j"AWAITING DAMAGE ASSESSMENT..."; t O1 1160 ~"MISSED- DRAT!"  1420 "HIT-- HIS POWER IS DOWN!!" P(1)P(1)100  1420 INNER,"#"WHO IS THEREBY CAPTURED AND REMOVED."E#"THERE ARE NO DIAGONAL MOVES AND NO"S$"JUMPS."Y$$"THE SINNERS WIN IF ALL THE BADDIES ARE""$"IN A LINE HORIZONTALLY OR VERTICALLY.",$"THE SINNERS LOSE IF THE BADDIES, AT" 6$" P(1)100000:A((1)200000)F"WE ARE LEAVING PLANETARY ORBIT, ";A$l:"VADAR APPROACHING AT";A;"KM.""DISTANCE TO YAVIN-4 IS";B1:"KILOMETERS.""MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU, ";A$:::A2$"Y"800D9D91O((1 D(J,K)666FD$;7::D(J,K)64 D(J,K)90"";LR$;"  = ";R::D(J,K)32"";f::K5"";n:Kx:""J:(#***INSTRUCTIONS#"THREE OF THE BADDIES -OR DEVILS - (MOVED BY PET)"#"PLAY AGAINST A GROUP 6E10)  880 N0 720" 880N ::"WHAT ARE YOUR INSTRUCTIONS, ";A$;V% Cb*D9D91t4O((1)81)> A2000050 840C 850H C6 1090R C7 860W C7 880\N0fB1B1(2.331186E10)pC1 1100r  " TYPE H FOR HELP."+ " TYPE I FOR INSTRUCTIONS."N " TYPE B TO SEE THE BOARD."X 3100s p***GET PLAYER'S INPUT} zB$"" A$:A$""6100 (A$)13 :A$;:B$B$A$:6100 X***HELP ROUTINE "LEGAL MOVES:"; J1 CTOR";: H  H13 970  9502 PP(10000(H.3))< NN1] "COMPUTING COURSE AT HF:";Hi H9H91|  P100 1890  B1((H3299792.5)602)1E6 1780  N1 1870 AA((H3299792.5)602)  O1 2140 O2((1) I ***PLAYER'S MOVE#  "SINNER'S MOVE? ";- & 6000@ 0 (A$)133200Y : :A$;:B$B$A$:3110w B$"I"9000:8000:3100 B$"H"8000:7000:3100 B$"R"8000:"THE SINNERS GIVE UP!!!": B$"B"8000:3100 (B$)23500 (1)200000) ! 14202 $"NO SIGN OF ENEMY;CRUISING AT .9C."I &B1B1(2.33118E10)] . B11E5 1960h 0 1720~ 8 A2$"Y" 1090 : 700 BA$;", LET'S NOT CRACK UNDER D"PRESSURE. CHECK YOUR RANGE!" G 700 L A11005 1080 VOVES"$" B TO SEE THE BOARD." $:1%"HIT RETURN TO START THE GAME."Z%"THERE WILL THEN BE A SHORT PAUSE."d%6000j&% $"TO MOVE A SINNER, TYPE TWO LETTERS:"$"THE FIRST LETTER NAMES THE SINNER$"AND THE SECOND LETTER TELL  A100000 1080  A10000 1080% PP100M :"WE HAVE LAUNCHED A WARHEAD...";` O1((1)2)1r  O11 1210 "ENEMY MANEUVERING..."  1220 "HE IS TRYING TO AVOID...";  O1 1230 "MISSED...DRAT!"  1420 THEIR TURN, CAN'T CAPTURE A SINNER."@$::6J$"PRESS RETURN TO CONTINUE.";@T$6000N^$" U":]h$"L + R":jr$" D":p|$$"TO MOVE A SINNER, TYPE TWO LETTERS:"$"THE FIRST LETTER NAMES THE SINNER$"AND THE SECOND LETTER TELL VE BEEN PRACTICING": 900B  A7 "YOU ARE GETTING GOOD AT THIS": 900y  A11 "KEEP PRACTICING YOU'LL GET BETTER":900  A20 "WHAT A WHIMP": 900 "ARE YOU A SPAS?"  I1 200 : A((J)3) "YOUR SCORE ";(1000(A WE40)8 DIDI: 320ANE; (A)77 DI 40:NE NEDIZ (A)78 DI40:NENEDIf U, 32 (NE)32 NE,81:UNE: 300& (NE)160 KK1+ NE,81: UNE0 KJ 700: 300X X$"/" A78: 630bX$"\" A  "": " "l"  "" TRACK  ""  "!" 210 UASS*DIR 1: (1).5 DI13STI<, X$Q6 (X$)0 600]@NEUDIqJ (DI)1 430T DI 0 380^ NESS DIDI: 320cANEh (A)77 DI1: NENE1r (A)78 DI1 :NE NE 1w 530|NESS ./"  "`2"  "7"  "F" "G A$K A$ "H" 1500P A$ "V" 100   J1 25  J I 100B6"YOU MISSED BY ";CZ;" SPACES"R@ J1 500ZJ JdT 100m""sR((1)15)24 I1 25 C$ C$"F" F1:ZI1:VI F0 595!ZZ1&YZ+VV10XVD  R((1)24)1  I1 40  C$<  C$"F" F1:ZI1:V24M  F0 1610U "XZ_ 'VV1g ,YVr 1 1750 6 YR 1800 @ 1640 JXI TY24 ^ 1750 hX40I rCX |YR  1750  I  1500 *WRITE '**SINNERS BY MAC OGLESBY ON 2/78I**FROM CALCULATORS/COMPUTERS`***INITIALIZATIONLD(6,6),P(12,6),M(4),R(4),C(4)QH(2,3),U(4)VJ14:M(J),R(J),C(J):J`85,-1,0,82,0,1,68,1,0,76,0,-1jJ15:K15:D(J,K)64(J1)5K:K%" L X$: (X$)0 1100 V$ AGAIN"<  X$: (X$,1)"Y" 990e "HOW MANY TARGETS DO YOU WANT";: Js J((J))  J2 930 "":K0:T0: 160  :"YOU MISSION IS TO DEFLECT THE BALL INTO THE TARGETS."( "YOU HAVE TWO ";S1$;"";FD$;"";S2$;""C"WELCOME TO S I N N E R S"u"WANT INSTRUCTIONS (YES OR NO)?";:6000B$"YES" 9000***GENERATE COMPUTER'S MOVE4MO0>J15:K15H:D(J,K)6662180RL14\::D(JR(L),K BAT)) ::"DO YOU WANT TO TRY AGAIN"<  X$: (X$,1)"Y" 990e "HOW MANY TARGETS DO YOU WANT";: Js J((J))  J2 930 "":K0:T0: 160  :"YOU MISSION IS TO DEFLECT THE BALL INTO THE TARGETS."( "YOU HAVE TWO 77: 630 l 320/v (UDI)32 UDI ,A:TT19 300DATISUB(A60.5)" IT TOOK YOU "T"TRIES AND"B"SECONDS""TO GET ALL"J"OF THE TARGETS"ABJ A3 "YOU'RE TO GOOD.GO HOME!":: 900  A5 "YOUMUST HA   "4(" H = HORIZONAL  "f)" V = VERTICAL  "+" D = DIAGONAL  "," M = MIXED  "-"  " 999 DI DI: 320ANE6 (A)77 DI1: NENE1V (A) 78 DI1: NENE1` 530q DI0 490 NE40(NE40)7 DIDI: 320ANE (A)77 DI 40:NENEDI (A)78 DI40:NENEDI 530 NE40(N Z A$ "D" 500d""g.iR((1)24)1=n I1 25Fx C$c C$"F" F1:ZI1:V1s F0 195{YZVV1XV 1750 XR 310 220YIX1 1750Y25ICYXR 1750  1750 N X25 710 Q 620 SYI' XXI2 b 1750= lY25IE vCYO XRIZ  1750b  Il  500 "YOU MISSED BY ";CZ;" SPACES"  J1 500  J  500 *SHOOT* *NOT AN ORGINAL GAME BY CONRAD*  ""OUT TO TV*  3276840YX,102 * *GAME OVER*N  ZC1 "IT'S A HIT": 1830r "YOU MISSED BY ";CZ;" SPACES" & J1 500 0 J : 1500 b J  500 *SHOOT* *NOT AN ORGINAL GAME BY CONRAD*  "" :JtI12:J13+~:H(I,J)1(5(1))9:K1J1Z:::KJ H(I,J)H(I,K)1150b:KlJ:IJ13:D(H(1,J),H(2,J))666:JS1$"A  = "S2$"Z  = "FD$"۲Ѯ###"" (1)) ::TEMPD(P(T9,3),P(T9,4))6 ::D(P(T9,1),P(T9,2))32S$ ::D(P(T9,3),P(T9,4))666c. ::I324008 ::8000:"THE SINNERS ARE WINNERS!!!":` :K15j :R90:C90t :L15~ ::D(K,L)666R9R91:R9I2500 ::D(L,K)666C9C91: C(L))65D(JR(L),KC(L))892170?f:::MOMO1:P(MO,1)J:P(MO,2)Kdp:::P(MO,3)JR(L):P(MO,4)KC(L)lz:LvK:JMO023008000:"THE BADDIES CAN'T MOVE""THE SINNERS LOSE!!!":SCSC1 I13:JMO11 :T91(J CONTROLS OVER THE BALL ; THE '/' AND THE '\'.WHEN YOU"m "TYPE A SLASH IT WILL SHOW UP IMMEDIATELY IN FRONT OF THE BALL" $"AND THE BALL WILL BOUNCE OFF THESLASH.A SLASH ONCE LAID CAN'T" ."BE CHANGED." B:"HIT A KEY WHEN YOU ARE READY TO GO   3-D TIC-TAC-TOE (QUBIC)> JOSEPH ROEHRIG ,BOX 74,\ MIDDLE VILLAGE,NY 11379z KILOBAUD APR 78 PG 66 & KILOBAUD JUN 78 PG 20 HAS 3/4 OF THE ERRORS CORRECTED! PROGRAM SPEED WAS IMPROVED. MIKE LOUDER 7/13/78 213/ 32),A8):A8:A4I 1,5,9,41,57,69,70,1,6,42,61,0,0,0,1,7,43,63,0,0,0,1,8,10,44,65,71,72 2,5,45,58,0,0,0,2,6,9,46,0,0,0,2,7,10,47,0,0,0,2,8,48,66,0,0,0 3,5,49,59,0,0,0,3,6,10,50,0,0,0,3,7,9,51,0,0,0,3,8,52,67,0,0,0 4,5,10,53,60,73,7 Y164405- "I TOOK BOARD";A1;"POSITION";A2;" TIME=";TI$:90= A1E1:A2E2r "A DRAW WITH BOARD";A1;"POSITION";A2:1000:382 "YOU WON":1000:382 ::"POSITIONS ARE";:A03:A11134:A230A1 LA22);AA1;:A1::A:::QA03 2,13,17,197 51,64,67,68,13,18,52,76,0,0,0,14,15,20,53,0,0,0,14,16,54,74,0,0,0~ 14,17,55,75,0,0,0,14,18,19,56,0,0,0,21,25,29,41,0,0,0,21,26,42,71& 0,0,0,21,27,43,70,0,0,0,21,28,30,44,0,0,0,22,25,45,73,0,0,0,22,26,290 46,62,66,68,22,27,30,4 7A65M2M2A7 ,A8 @M2M3M3M2:M4A+ ^A:3905 hH999A jA103N lH0371] nM556368s oA6W%(A1,M5):369 pA6X%(A1,M5) qS%(A6)0M5A6 rS%(A6)0H0 sA1 u wS$(M5)"":A1((M51)16)1:A2M5((A11)16) | " "ܤͤؤؤؤؤ"3"ܣ ͤ "Y" """ABC12500:ABC$WEEKS OF NO WATER AND THE RIVER IS DRY LI 90 sY1Y11 xS%(A)1:S$(A)""! }+ 1000< M50:A176J A56193 A2W%(0,A):A3W%(1,A):A4W%(2,A):A5W%(3,A):194 A2X%(0,A):A3X%(1,A):A4X%(2,A):A5X%(3,A) V(A)S%(A2)S%(A3)S%(A4)S%(A5) V(A)4410 V(A)15M5 .."".. ˦. .")" .."O". . . . .. ..... . . .."u"̤"K12500:K:VY10777V;"WEEKS OF NO WATER AND THE RIVER IS DRY LI N3,23,43,63,15,27,39,51,4,23,42,61,8,23,38,53,12,27,42,57,16,27,38,49LO2000rPY10:A164:S$(A)" ":S%(A)0:AQ"MAY I MOVE FIRST?"RD$:D$""82TD$"Y"386V1,21,41,61,1,18,35,52,4,19,34,49,4,24,44,64W13,25,37,49,13,30,47 38,40,44,60,70:X 76,32,35,45,66,0,0,0,32,36,39,46,0,0,0,32,37,40,47,0,0,0,32,38,48,58b 0,0,0,33,35,49,67,0,0,0,33,36,40,50,0,0,0,33,37,39,51,0,0,0,33,38,52l 59,0,0,0,34,35,40,53,65,69,75,34,36,54,61,0,0,0,34,37,55,63,0,0,0v 34,38,39,56,57, 2460505- 1148THOMPSON AVE4,GLENDALE,CA91201Y S%(64),W%(3,56),X%(3,76),S$(64),V(76)q A%(32,6),B%(32,6)A110:A103:W%(A1,A):A1:AA13:A1A10:A2110:A303(W%(A3,A1A2)W%(A3,A2)(16A):A3:A2:A2A4156:A103 4,4,6,54,62,0,0,0,4,7,55,64,0,0,0,4,8,9,56,68,75,76b 11,15,19,41,0,0,0,11,16,42,70,0,0,0,11,17,43,71,0,0,0,11,18,20,44 0,0,0,12,15,45,69,0,0,0,12,16,19,46,57,58,61,12,17,20,47,63,65,66 12,18,48,72,0,0,0,13,15,49,73,0,0,0,13,16,20,50,59,60,6 :A9);"BOARD";A1;:A: S:,VA14:A104816:A2AA1i`S$(A2);"";S$(A24);"";S$(A28);""S$(A212);" ";:A1weA41130g:A214:"";" ";:A2j:A:::A132:A806:A%(A,A8):A8:AA3364:A806:B%((A 7,58,60,64,22,28,48,76,0,0,0,23,25,49,69,0,0,0\: 23,26,30,50,61,65,67,23,27,29,51,57,59,63,23,28,52,72,0,0,0,24,25,30D 53,0,0,0,24,26,54,75,0,0,0,24,27,55,74,0,0,0,24,28,29,56,0,0,0,31,35N 39,41,68,71,73,31,36,42,62,0,0,0,31,37,43,64,0,0,0,31, "I WON WITH BOARD";A1;"POSITION";A2:1000:382< ~"READY FOR A NEW GAME?"O B$:B$""384W 80v I1((TI$,2)):R(1):I M4(R64) TI$"000000" S$(M4)"":S%(M4)5 A1((M41)16)1:A2M4((A11)16)  Y1Y11  "x:"GAME OF DEFLECTION"::My" DO YOU WANT INSTRUCTIONS (Y OR N)";h{ X$: X$"Y" 1000q""~SS32768J3 I 1 JA(1000(1)) (SSA)160 170 SSA,160 IA(1000(1)) (SSA)160 A A:Y164404 M50360! M392 A164:M20D S%(A)0350P A806^ A32228s A1A%(A,A8):230 A1B%((A32),A8) A10300 A6V(A1) A63M4A:390 A60300 5A6M2M2A6A6:300 "A7(A65):A KE THE MOAT!!""ϣ")" "O" "u" "" "" "" ,64,16,31,46,61,16,28,40,525X:"YOUR MOVES ARE & I'M "^Z1000:"YOUR BOARD,& POSITION";A1,A2{bTI$"000000":E1A1:E2A2cTI$"000000":E1A1:E2A2dA((A11)16)A2iA641A"ILLEGAL MOVE":90nS%(A)0"YOU CAN'T MOVE THERE":72,74d8,48,76,0,0,0,23,25,49,69,0,0,0\: 23,26,30,50,61,65,67,23,27,29,51,57,59,63,23,28,52,72,0,0,0,24,25,30D 53,0,0,0,24,26,54,75,0,0,0,24,27,55,74,0,0,0,24,28,29,56,0,0,0,31,35N 39,41,68,71,73,31,36,42,62,0,0,0,31,37,43,64,0,0,0,31, <W%(A1,A)(A116)A40:A1:ACFA5776:A103:X%(A1,A):A1:AH1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,1,5,9,13,2,6,10,14J3,7,11,15,4,8,12,16,1,6,11,16,4,7,10,13,1,22,43,64L5,22,39,56,9,26,43,60,13,26,39,52,2,22,42,62,14,26,38,50B L(10)0620 SA(N03)R(N022)& ]35852 bN4N4AD lL(10)0670| qAR(N05)(N05):BR(N120)(N120):CR(L250) "*HUNS ATTACK*":3300 N4N4A:N1N1B:L2L2C L(15)0705 AR(20)10:BR(N0250)50 "*BORDE O PLANT";L3L3(L3):L302015+L30500?(L2L3)0440H400^(2N0L3)0455"YOU HAVE";N0;"PEOPLE!":400AN13L3:A0475400N1A:N10500"YOUR BUSHELS ARE GONE..GOOD LUCK!":3000YY1N3 ŧ"4 " Ƨ"a " " " Ҡ " " ؤؠդؤغ" "ܨ Π "' " POPULATION INCREASE "T " " "ߦ ߦ " " " "צצצ "  "( "̤"R "************** * * * * * ** *"| "̤" "اؠؠؠؠؠؠ" "̤" :A;"PEOPLE KILL  " " "C " . .. . .. ... ... ... "p " " "̤" "YOU GAINED";A;"PEOPLE;";B;"ACRES. M12500:M REIGN LASTED",Y;"YEARS."   H13000:H:P Y0"IN THE BEGINNING OF YOUR REIGN:":3203k "REPORT FOR YEAR";Y "" "POPULATION",N0 "ACRES ",L2 "BUSHELS ",N1 :L1;"BUSHE  " " . ***** . ***** "E "ͤ"r " " "" "**GRAIN SHIPMENT ARRIVES** ";A;"BUSHELS S1 T*":5000 >860 CL(15)0855# HL1R(3)78 R"*RAIN*":4000A U860P WL1R(4)3l \AL1L3:BR(A2):CABy uA0910 z"THE HARVEST WAS";L1;"BUSHELS/ACRE" {"A TOTAL OF",A;"BUSHELS" "LOST TO RATS",B;"BUSHELS" "NET HA  " " PLAGUE "& " ̤ "I "̤"\ Q12500:Q:UY7557:"";U;"DAYS OF RAIN.""ϣ"". . . . .. . . . R EXPANSION*" 3525 N3N3A:L2L2B2 N0N0N3N4N5B N002015\ "VITAL STATISTICS:"{ "BIRTHS & IMMIGRATION";N3 "STARVED TO DEATH";N5 "DIED NATURALLY";N4 "CENSUS CHANGE:";N3N5N4 3000 L(10)0760 A R(N033)N4R(N042)&N5N0(N210)4N50560B N50590SAR(3N52)p"*FOOD SURPLUS*":3525!N50:N3N3A:5900(L(5(N52)))05905AR((N5N1)(2N0))?"*FOOD RIOTS*";A;"BUSHELS LOST":3000DN1N1A N  " " ɧ "B " "o " ɠ " "̤ Τ" 8)A;"ACRES DESTROYED!!" T12500:T: "ϣ  " צɦצ "5 " ݠݦ "b "ݠݦ " "ʢ˦ " " " " ED":,,B;"BUSHELS LOST"( ,,C"ACRES DESTROYED":WE16000:WE:2 ""X " Ϡ ͠Π"~ " Π" " ̠̺͠͠͠" "" " à " " :  " "7 "ߦ "d " " " " " " " LS PER ACRE." 215+ "BEFORE AND AFTER THE HUNS ATTACKEDV "ϣУ" " BEFORE AFTER " "ϣ" ".............. . . . . .. . ." " 2500:S:"" "ϣ"0" ϣ "S" IN MEMORY "v" OF THE "" ";A;" "" WHO DIED "" OF THE RVEST WAS",C;"BUSHELS" 3000 N1N1C:3200J "THE HARVEST WAS";L1;"BUSHELS/ACRE"i "A TOTAL OF",A;"BUSHELS."s 3000| 900 "CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU NOW RULE THE WORLD":2050 "*DISASTER*:THE POPULATION WENT ZIP!""YOUR "". ߦߦ. . ""... ...."E"... צצצ. . "k".. . ... "".. .ɦ ....""....ݠݦ. . ."" ݠ R(N120)(N120)- "*THEFT*",A;"BUSHELS STOLEN":30009 N1N1AK L(10)0785d AR(L210)(L220)n 3499z L2L2A L(15)0810 AR(100(L2100)5)600 3560 %N1N1A *L(15)0835 /L1R(2)1 9"*DROUGH  "WAIT FOR MAZE"6"THEN PRESS 1-9 FOR SPEED"]"USE4,8,6,2BUTTONS FOR DIRECTION"v("TRY TO HIT THE "d"WIDTH,LENGTH"eH,VfDHVgH1 V1 110h"MEANINGLESS DIMENSIONS-TRY AGAIN.": 100nW(H,V),V(H,V)x"" "; X15000  2010! Z4B4:3115&& 31600+ HH1A0 (H)32X0T5 (H)1025005b: "";pD X15000zN 2010X Z8B8:3180b 2010l HH40v (H)32X0{ (H)1025005 ""; X15000 ";  I   I1 H$  V(I,J)0 1060:  V(I,J)2 1060F " ";Q  1070] $"";e . In /""v 0 J 333760,102 8X0:B6:H32768 BA$:A(A$):A01090 "";:A1TI K1(500(A50)): Z$:Z(Z$)j)60)" SECONDS "~(TIA)30060020K" ":R0Q1)7)1:(NH)29030 P#HN:H$(H);:I: '""19); 'I110:J05:A$(J)A$;::" ";: $'V01520000 .':"CONGRATULAT Q0: 260 4W(R,S1)C >CC1; HV(R,S1)1:SS1: CHV1 1010I RQ0: 260X \W(R1,S)Cs fCC1: V(R,S)0 880 kV(R,S)3: 890 pV(R,S)2 zRR1  CHV1 1010  530  Q1 960 W(R,S1)C:CC1: V(R,S)0 9 $(4)"":H$(5)"":H$(6)"", 2#H$(7)"":H$(8)" "N <#"":I140o F#N((1)7)1:(NH)29030 P#HN:H$(H);:I: '""19); 'I110:J05:A$(J)A$;::" ";: $'V01520000 .':"CONGRATULAT  :X((1)31) D X 820,860,9100 NX((1)21)B X X 820,860S b SV 630c l Z1 660q qQ1: 640 v W(R,S1)0 660 X((1)21)  X 820,910  820  RH 740  W(R1,S)0 740  SV 700 TLY"% "BALANCE GRAVITY, ALLOWING YOU TO FALL"R ""AT A CONSTANT RATE. THE OBJECT IS TO" ,"LAND AT A SPEED OF LESS THAN 15 FT/SEC.": 6"YOU START AT 52800+OR-10000 FT, FALLING" @"AT A RATE OF 176+OR-50 FT/SEC, WITH 2500"; J"+OR-500 X 790,820,910rX((1)21)-| X 790,820= RH 470U W(R1,S)0 470f SV 420v Z1 450Q1: 430 W(R,S1)0 450X((1)31) X 790,860,910X((1)21) X 790,860 SV 49  ""& 10)"PICTURE KINGDOM"7G11000:GYT1(59464):I0T1:R(1):IsR(Z1)((Z1)(1))L(Z2)R(100)Z2dY0:L01E6:L15:N0R(70)70:L2R(300)300:N1R(3000)3000:L30:N20}"":3200"TO BUY";B B Q0:Z0:X((1)H1), I1 H; IX 173M"";: 180Y" ";`Ii""C1:W(X,1)C:CC1RX:S1:260 RH 240 SV 230R1:S1: 250R1:SS1: 250RR1 W(R,S)0 210 2010"YOU HIT THE WALL!!!" 3"";"SECONDS=";((TIA1).6)100VS(1000D)(((TIA1).6)100)m"YOUR SCORE IS";SsX15000 YY1 2010 Z2B2:3060 3105 HH40 (H)32X0 (H)1025005 " :Z0ZB X1Z6B6:20603040$ HH1.YY1@%(H)32 X0T&(H)102 5005^*YY1j/"";t YY1 X15000 YY1 2010 Z2B2:3060 3105 HH40 (H)32X0 (H)1025005 " 0350:J"RESULTS: LAND";L2;"ACRES"::"GRAIN";N1;"BUSHELS"RO(L2N1L0)02010`TN10490fY^"HOW MUCH FOOD NEEDED";N2hN2(N2):N202015rAN1N2:A0390|"YOU STORED";N1;"BUSHELS!":350N1A:N10490"ACRES T 40 V(R,S)3: 950 V(R,S)1- SS1: CHV1 10107  260? Z1T  V(R,S)0 980l V(R,S)3:Q0: 1000 V(R,S)1:Q0:R1:S1: 250  210  J1 V "";  I1 H  V(I,J)2 1030 " "; 1040 " IONS, YOU LANDED SAFELY":30000W N"        "a *N"" 0u"DO YOU WANT TO TRY AGAIN";G$ :u(G$,1)"Y"7 Du `"" jATIt"MOON LANDER GAME STARTS IN"5((TIA  Z1 730 Q1: 830&  W(R,S1)0 7308 X((1)21)J  X 860,910T  860e  SV 760u  Z1 780 Q1:770  W(R,S1)0 780  910  1000 W(R1,S)C CC1:V(R1,S)2:RR1 * CHV1 1010 / UNITS OF FUEL. IF YOU RUN OUT "= N"OUT OF FUEL YOU FALL LIKE A ROCK.":[ P"DO YOU UNDERSTAND";:U$n ^(U$,1)"Y"7 h"RE-READ CAREFULLY!":4000 @"" EI1114 ^39(1));"." I1  (#H4.5:H$(1)"":H$(2)"":H$(3)"":H 0  Z1 520Q1: 500/ W(R,S1)0 520AX((1)21)S X 790,910] 790o S10 670 W(R,S1)0 670! RH 610# W(R1,S)0 610& SV 560( Z1 590*Q1: 5700 W(R,S1)0 590 (B):B02015B0270&AN1BL14A0260Y"YOU HAVE ";N1;"BUSHELS!":215jN1A:L2L2Bw B0330"TO SELL";CC(C):C02015"C0335'AL2C:A03151"YOU OWN";L2;"ACRES!":270;L2A:N1N1CL1:(BC)  R10 530"  W(R1,S)0 5304 S10 390L W(R,S1)0 390\" RH 330t, W(R1,S)0 3306X((1)31)@ X 790,820,860J SV 340N Z1 370RQ1:350T W(R,S1)0 370^X((1)31) h  : 235;26);"78": 235;29);"79": 235-;32);"80": 235s T 810,805,800,795,790,785,780,775,770,765,760,755,750,745,740 M5 VM5: V 904,894,882,870,860,836,822,814,812,812 910 M5 VM5: V 900,892,87  "";4000I4I5)80002 ""? TH0:T0_X052800(((1).5)20000)(V0176(((1).5)100):F1:S1-FL2500(((1).5)1000)F1000P60000ZATTI:AGTIdRR$:RR$""R(RR$)n(TIAT)30ATTI:130 "b X 615,620,625,630,635,640,645,650,655,6600g;5);"61": 235Fl;8);"62": 235]q;11);"63": 235tv;14);"64": 235{;17);"65": 235;20);"66": 235;23);"67": 235;29);"69": 235;29);"69":  "41424344454647484950.$"X)"51525354555657585960."3"616263646566676869708" 235;11);"43": 235;14);"44": 2353;17);"45": 235J;20);"46": 235a ;23);"47": 235x;26);"48": 235;29);"49": 235;32);"50": 235!""& X 555,560,565,570,575,580,585,590,59"THANKS FOR PLAYING KENO!" 6"`"01020304050607080910""11121314151617181920"SS35.5^SS36`SS74bSS26 dSS7fSS21.5$hSS141jSS28.5>lSS11.5HnSS3RpSS7^rSS1.5htSS3rvSS5~xSS3.5zSS.5|SS1~SS2.5SS.5SS1SS1SS.5SS.5"J"";FLT" "8);TH7T2000:F09000:10000J^TFLR0:140Sh100cA$""uA$(0)" "A$(1)" "A$(2)" ߒ "A$(3)"  "A$(4)"USAߒ"$A$(5)"ߒ".A$(6)A$(0)8""19);B2 VM2: V 904,882,854 910% M1 VM1: V 906,898,880/ 910O  M1 VM1: V 906,876Y" 910u% M1 VM1: V 888' 910* M1 900+ 910,SS3571.5.SS3571.50SS3571.52SS3571.54110:" ";:: 5000B"THIS GAME SIMULATES THE LANDING OF A"o"SPACECRAFT ABOVE THE LUNAR SURFACE.":"READINGS ON THE GAUGES ARE:"" VELOCITY IN FT/SEC"" HEIGHT IN FEET"" REMAINING FUEL"8,862,848,834,820,814,812 910; M5 VM5: V 904,886,874,850,832,824,818,812E 910} M4 VM4: V 906,898,880,864,852,844,822,812 910 M4 VM4: V 906,896,874,856,838,820,816 910 M4 VM4: V x110TTRTHTH10A5.4(10.2R)GXV00.5A:X0X0XUX00230iXXX0:F0:X00{DV0V02XAD0270DD:S1V0(D)S(X)S1"V00"";,"";((V0),2,5)"";6((X0)A$(0),7)@"235;32);"70": 235""I X 675,680,685,690,695,700,705,710,715,720_;5);"71": 235u;8);"72": 235;11);"73": 235;14);"74": 235;17);"75": 235;20);"76": 235;23);"77"g="71727374757677787980*B"0G$"31323334353637383940"" $25,000 LIMIT KENO "5,600+;5);"51": 2350;8);"52": 23505;11);"53": 235G:;14);"54": 235^?;17);"55": 235uD;20);"56": 235I;23);"57": 235N;26);"58": 235S;29);"59": 235X;32);"60": 235]""212223242526272829302"\ "31323334353637383940"" $25,000 LIMIT KENO "SS.5SS.5SS15"YOU HAD";M;"MATCHING. YOU HAVE $";SQ"PLAY AGAIN (Y OR N)";g F$: F$"" 925y F$"N" 955;15);"SAME NO.(S) (Y OR N)"; Y$: Y$"" 940 Y$"Y" 145 80 I06LA$(I)A$;V,[" "J`"SPEED HEIGHT":1160hj" FUEL TIME ":1160ntI12:""13)"":"":19);:R0I1R:"Σ";::IR10:" ";: "";:ISS35716SS714.58SS1428.5 :SS1000<SS200&>SS228.54@SS714.5@BSS714LDSS429WFSS71dHSS71.5pJSS143~LSS428.5NSS286PSS35.5RSS107TSS86VSS128.5XSS28.5ZSS43\  " ELAPSED TIME IN SECONDS":D "IF THE VELOCITY SHOULD APPEAR IN"s "REVERSE FIELD (EG.,256),YOU ARE GOING" "UP. THE CONTROLS ARE THE NUMBER KEYS." "THE HIGHER THE NUMBER,THE HARDER YOU" "THRUST. A THRUST OF 5 WILL EXAC902,884,866,846,830,816 910/ M3 VM3: V 908,900,876,860,828,8169 910a M4 VM4: V 890,872,840,816k  910  M2 VM2: V 908,904,882,858,826 910 M2 VM2: V 906,896,872,842 910 M GEST SUIT AND THE HIGHESTRANKING OF EQUAL SUITS"C"3.WITH TWO 4 CARD SUITS BID THE LOWESTRANKING"s"4. WITH 3 4 SUITS BID ONE UNDER SIGLETON""5.OPEN 1 NO TRUMP WITH 16 TO 18 & EVEN DISTRIBUTION"WW$:WW$""1970" RULES F X120:B9"";8);"** HI LETS PLAY KENO **"^ "WANT INSTRUCTIONS ? (Y OR N)"s I$: I$"" 15 I$"N" 75"THIS IS HOW KENO IS PLAYED.""THE BOARD HAS THE NO.S 1 THRU 80 ON IT."#"YOU SELECT FROM 1 TO 15 NO.S T VOID SUIT..3PTS""KING...3,, SINGLETON..2,,"@"QUEEN..2,, DOUBLETON..1,,Q"JACK...1,,"LONG SUITS:1PT FOR EVERY CARD OVER FOUR""POINT RANGER TO REMEMBER""13-16 MIMIMUM OPENING""17-19 STRONG ,," F 1000K Z(80),B(20),N(15)BM"HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE $";SeP"HOW MANY NO.S WILL YOU PLAY"U"ENTER 1 TO 15 THEN PRESS 'RETURN'."Z "ENTER 0 TO END PROGRAM.";T\ T15 "YOU CAN'T PICK OVER 15 NO.S,TRY AGAIN": 80_ T0 9"NEXT PLAYER PASSES ALSO" 4"YOUR PARTNER BIDS 1";FSU1"CLUB"[SU2"DIAMOND"nSU3"HEART"SU4"SPADE""WHAT WILL YOU BID NOW?":4000 ZEROI14J113C(I,J)0"H(J)0,: MR1 T7 N(R)N(M) "DUPLICATE NO.S,TRY AGAIN": 100C M: RN 1000f X1 T: N(X);:nM0 Z1 80:Z(Z)Z:: Y1 20B((1)80)1:B(Y)Z(B) X1 (Y1): B(Y)B(YX) 170:BZ(B) I1 T: N(I)N "" """;$:SS$""4020ISS$"A""SPADE"_SS$"S""HEART"wSS$"Z""DIAMOND"SS$"X""CLUB"1530p BLANKING ROUTINEz""" Y ""0 X 255,260,265,270,275,280,285,290,295,300F ;5);"01": 235\ ;8);"02": 235s ;11);"03": 235 ;14);"04": 235 ;17);"05": 235 ;20);"06": 235 ;23);"07": 235 ";26);"08": 235 ';29);GHT TO PASS"SS$"1""1"; SS$"2""2";SS$"3""3";3SS$:SS$""4020ISS$"A""SPADE"_SS$"S""HEART"wSS$"Z""DIAMOND"SS$"X""CLUB"1530p BLANKING ROUTINEz"""  ^;26);"18": 235 c;29);"19": 2355 h;32);"20": 235B m""t r X 375,380,385,390,395,400,405,410,415,420 w;5);"21": 235 |;8);"22": 235 ;11);"23": 235 ;14);"24": 235 ;17);"25": 235 ;2OR RESPONSES TO PARTNER"""ONE IN A NEW SUIT...6PTS OR MORE"N" AT LEAST 4 CARDS"w"TWO IN A NEW SUIT...10PTS OR MORE"" AT LEAST 4 CARDS" "1 NOTRUMP...........6 TO 9PTS""2 IN PARTNEO PLAY."4("THE COMPUTER PICKS 20 NO.S AT RANDOM,"a-"AND REVERSE PRINTS THEM ON THE BOARD."2"IT THEN COMPUTES HOW MUCH YOU HAVE"7"WON OR LOST & PRINTS THE RESULTS."<"TO SEE THE BOARD & PLAY,PRESS'RETURN'";A B$: B$"" 65"20-21 MAXIMUM ,,""22-UP TWO BID")"16-18 1 NO TRUMP"@&"22-24 2 ,, ,,"W0"25-27 3 ,, ,,"^:"D"PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE"NWW$:WW$""1870b BIDDINGl"v"1.OPEN ONLY WITH 13 OR MORE""2.BID LON60$d"WHAT NO.(S) DO YOU WANT TO PLAY?"Ni"ENTER EACH NO. THEN PRESS 'RETURN'"ln I1 T:"NO.";N(I): Is R1 T: N(R)0 "YOU CAN'T USE 0,TRY AGAIN": 100x N(R)80 "ONE NO. LARGER THAN 80,TRY AGAIN": 100} R1 T1J6S(I)0@I)JJ0:K0:B20:T0:T10:Z0:C0:C10:B10:P906TL50:R3K^V0:SS0:D0:L0fh"OKAY, LET'S DEAL."or330| INSTRUCTIONS" POINT-COUNT SYSTEM""HIGH CARDS SHORT SUITS""ACES...4PTS B(Y) MM1  B11 XB: 2458 B21 XB10: 305R B31 XB20: 365l B41 XB30: 425 B51 XB40: 485 B61 XB50: 545 B71 XB60: 605 XB70: 665 Y20 735 I1 1000: I: ": 235 ;17);"35": 235!;20);"36": 2358;23);"37": 235O;26);"38": 235f;29);"39": 235};32);"40": 235"" X 495,500,505,510,515,520,525,530,535,540;5);"41": 235;8);"42": "09": 235 ,;32);"10": 235 1""Q 6 X 315,320,325,330,335,340,345,350,355,360g ;;5);"11": 235} @;8);"12": 235 E;11);"13": 235 J;14);"14": 235 O;17);"15": 235 T;20);"16": 235 Y;23);"17": 235 """ "P" "~" "" "" 0);"26": 235 ;23);"27": 235* ;26);"28": 235A ;29);"29": 235X ;32);"30": 235g ""  X 435,440,445,450,455,460,465,470,475,480 ;5);"31": 235 ;8);"32": 235 ;11);"33": 235 ;14);"34RS SUIT..6 TO 9PTS" "2 NOTRUMPS..........13 TO 15 PTS"=*"3 IN PARTNERS SUIT..13 TO 16 PTS"g4"JUMP TO NEW SUIT....17 PTS OR MORE"m>RWW$:WW$""2130\250 BIDSS$:SS$""4010SS$"P""PASS"PT5SS$"P""RI ' BREAKOUT 3.1 MODIFIED BY HJSAALI PRESS 1 OR 3 TO MOVE PADDLEjSC0:BL9:PP17:S32768:PM0}A$" ":B$"" "" I1 6:C$(" ",I,1) " ";: I3 I4 ""; N1 32:C$;: N" ": I-"";$. ! WRITTEN BY JAMES C DOWNERB COPYRIGHT COPY ONLY 2/6/79a THIS PROGRAM IS INTENDED TO TEACH THE BIDDING OF BRIDGE HANDS USING WINNING CONTRACT BRIDGE COMPLETE BY EDGAR KAPLAN PUBLISHED BY BANTAM IN PAPERBACK @ $1.95d " BASED ON'WINNING CONTRACT BIDGE"C " COMPLETE'"^" BY EDGAR KAPLAN""DO YOU WANT INSTRUCTIONS?"SS$:SS$""230SS$"Y"1660"DEALING" STARTI14S$(I),A$(I)"I,I1136N$(I P91 C(S,N)1&4200C(S,N)35: DEAL&EVAL(COMP)>D420KNS4630XXC(S,N)2jb420:C(S,N)3sl330vN9680 DECLINE(COMP)C(S,N)3:420C(S,N)2330C(S,N)2 ACCEPT(COMP)420:C(S,N)333S" H870 R \ f"";- pJ1113:I114A zC(I1,J1)1920H ,Q 950p "";N$(J1);" ";S$(I1), H(J1)H(J1)1 S(I1)S(I1)1 I1 J1    H80:H70 "HOW MANY POINTS DO YOU HAVE" SS0ACES ";H(13),"VOID SUITS";V0 ~"KINGS ";H(12),"SINGLETON ";SSS "QUEENS";H(11),"DOUBLETON ";Dv "JACKS";H(10),"LONG SUITS";L SS$:SS$""1180 6000 "WHAT WILL YOU BID "; "P=PASS;N =NO TRUMP" SS$:SS$""1251 N$SS$Ҏ BD(BD)((BD)80):'  I1 15: A$:R """;12);"PLAY AGAIN?";j # Y$: Y$"" 803 % (Y$,1)"Y" 5 &:10);"THANKS FOR PLAYING" '10);"COME BACK AGAIN" *$ 450N PK79 BD41: 450O PK99 B$::F1:10PSPS1:W$"YOU WIN!!!":"":6505%"":6505VXW1$"NO CHECKER ON":W2$"THAT SQUARE.":7050]W1$"THAT IS AN":W2$"ILLEGAL MOVE.":7050bW1$"I OCCUPY":W2$"THAT SQUARE.":7050gW1$"YOU MUST TAKE":W2$"YOUR  D: D0 210-PMD2: (PM)1 PM0:G (515)255 PM0:TPPPPPMg PP0 PP0| PP30 PP30PP);" ϣР";"",SCSC1@ PK118 PK117 500:BDBD: 450N PK79 BD41: 450O PK99  N$"N"1380PT12N$"P"13005"I DON'T UNDERSTAND":1240IS$:S$""1300^ CHECK FOR PASSh#1400x(PT1313502"NO YOU SHOULD HAVE BID"<1240F"YOU WERE RIGHT TO PASS"P1500Zd NO TRUMPe" NO T" "20 N1 23F1 A$;: 34);B$N2 NdF 451: 236: 145wd MAIN ROUTINEe 200 : MOVE PADDLEgBPBPBDh BP33767 135kPK(BP)m PK32 PK96 115p 300: BOUNCEq (BP)32"","X","","Z","","S","","A"Wn"2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9","10","J","Q","K","A"wxC(4,13),N$(13),S$(4),A$(4)H(14)S(X)(4(7))1N(X)(13(7))1R3" BRIDGE BIDDING TRAINER"" BY JAMES C DOWNER")@I JI14TJ113+^C(I,J)04002hJ9rIB|""K760T420]530coNN(X){SS(X)C(S,N)0430C(S,N)3S14:N113C(S,N)0460N:S"OUT OF CARDS ERROR"P90  DECLINE(HUMAN) C(S,N)3:420+ C(S,N)14 580= 790G 1000]  PRINTHAND W/BOXk "":980 I1140:"";:I1 *I1114:"","",""," ";:I1 4I1140:"";:I1 >"CLUBS","DIAMONDS","HEARTS","SPADE L90 PPH(13)4H(12)3H(11)2H(10)* J914= S(J9)0VV1R $S(J9)1SSSS1e .S(J9)2DD1 8S(J9)4LLS(J9)4:L9J9 BJ9 LB1 VPTPPV3SS2DL `PTB1"RIGHT":1240 j"WRONG: HERE IS THE POINTS";PT t" N$"P""PASS ";:1320 N$"N"1380/ SS$"1""1";B SS$"2""2";U SS$"3""3";k SS$:SS$""1264 SS$"A""SPADE" SS$"S""HEART" SS$"Z""DIAMOND" SS$"X""CLUB" 1530 N$"P""PASS ";:1320L901490M9S(1)G124#S(G1)M914507S(G1)M9M8M9DM9S(G1)JRG1X^dj PASS NOW PARTNER BIDSSU((7)41)JUMP.":7050lW1$"YOU OCCUPY":W2$"THAT SQUARE.":70508vW1$"NOT A":W2$"VALID SQUARE.":7050`W1$"THAT IS A":W2$"WHITE SQUARE."}V)W1$:V)W2$:I1E:5800:"";:J16:V)B$::290""6530A$"Y""";:I115:V) BDBD80: 450#P PK80 BD39: 4507S TOP OR POINTSIx PK160 405VySCSC10iz PK102 405y| 500: 450SCSC10 500 BP,32BPBO"SCORE=";SC;20);"BALLS LEFT=";BL""RUMPS"fPT16"NO POINTS TOO LOW":12401h"HOW MANY TRICKS":NTPiPT15PT19NT1"RIGHT"ojPT21PT24NT2"RIGHT"kPT24PT28NT3"RIGHT"l1390m"WRONG TRY AGAIN":1380n1530x LONGEST SUIT HIGHEST RANKyM80 103s BO,32y BP,81$zBOBP>} 200 : MOVE PADDLEH 100TBLBL1^ 451j BO,32| BL0 800TIM$"000000"200 TI100 142BP331702(10(1)1)BL2(BL2):BOBPBD392((1).5) 100 7"";:BD%(144),D1(15),MT%(15),XY%(32):V25:4000]E3000:E1250:B$" "c 1,3,1,3,1,3,1,3,3,1,3,1,3,1,3,1,1,3,1,3,1,3,1,3,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,1,2,1,21,2,1,2,5,1,5,1,5,1,5,1,1,5,1,5,1,5,1,5,5,1,5,1,5,1,5,1I18:J1 )"FROM:";C:V)"TO:";CCA:5800:670:"":I112:::V)"YOUR JUMP!":300YY1JF:AX(2D(Y))1040e:7015MA:2000:A19MH5MH6:F21I1E1:(515)27Z$:7070:BD%(X)2:BD%(A)MH:BD%(XD(Y))2:5800CMCM1:1400 F10JF0MK0:F11 F1JF750D MKMK1:D1(MK)J:MT%(MK)I:JF0MT%(MK)I1c BD%(I)BD%(IJ):BD%(IJ)2i } 1720:J9112 BD%(IJ)2796 BD%(IJ)BD%(I):BD%(I)2:6000 F10JF0MK0:F11 F1JF795MKMK1:D1 I120::JV)"ME":V)"YOU"TTI$"00"PM$PS$:^X1$:(515)27W:7070ZcX1$""W310,320,420,427zhPM$(TI$,3,2):PS$(TI$,2)r""29)PM$;":";PS$:1630"":I120::I:V)"ME":V)"YOU"TI$"00"MM$MS$MM$(TIJF1):DD(X):NMNM(X):V)"FROM:";NM? `NMDD79BD%(NM)3BD%(NM)4:F21z bBD%(NMD)2:BD%(NMDD)BD%(NM):BD%(NM)2:FNM:TFDD g"":I1HF:::V)"TO:";NMDD:5800 yOMOM1:1400:OM06500 {F2670 6200:JF0670 H0:I115000:#"DO YOU NEED ANY INSTRUCTIONS?":"PRESS Y OR N.7A$:A$""5010EA$"N"5v"":14)"INSTRUTIONS":I120:"";::""1. INTERNATIONAL CHECKER RULES ARE IN":" EFFECT."2. MOVE BY ENTERING FIRST THE ROW" F0:V)"TO: ";:W3:1600B "":I1FD:::29)X1$;:A$X1$:W4:1600l "":I1FD:::30)X1$:A(A$X1$) A11A887030 JF1010 XA11XA9480 BD%(X)6(AX9AX11)480 7005 BD%(A)17030,7040,490,7010,70102:ZI10!4)MA$(BD%(Z2));10)MA$(BD%(Z4));16)MA$(BD%(Z6));=22)MA$(BD%(Z8)):""z1)MA$(BD%(Z11));7)MA$(BD%(Z13));13)MA$(BD%(Z15)); 19)MA$(BD%(Z17)):I5"";Z70 "":pJF0:N132:PXY%(N):BD%(P)5BD"";VX$(I);"";VX$(I1);"";::F"";:I282:""VX$(I):I8232[""VX$(I1):OM12:CM12:PM$"00":PS$PM$:MM$PM$:MS$PM$:JF0:1400:V)"MY MEN /ђ":V)"YOUR MEN /גV)"CLOCK:":28)"00:005800"JF100JF0:N132:PXY%(N):BD%(P)3BD%(P)46299=P696230'BK9112jL(BD%(PK)5BD%(PK)6)BD%(PKK)2JFJF1:NM(JF)P:D(JF)KpQVBD%(P)46299[P396299`K1192j(BD%(PK)5BD%(PK)6)(BD%(PKK)2)JFJF1:8:BD%(I10J):::FF0:232@2,3,4,5,6,7,8:I28:VX$(I):tPK32806:32,81,207,87,213,191:I27:TY%(I):12,14,16,18,21,23,25,27,32,34,36,38,41,43,45,47,52,54,56,58,61,63,65,67#72,74,76,78,81,83,85,87:I3211:XY%(I):!(" ":CM06600!F2540$6000:JF05401.H0:I1JF:NM(I)AHI:@8:H0540f=XA:FDFD1:"":I1FD:::400x"":I114:::V)B${V)"I HAVE";CM;"MEN}V)B$" "V)"YOU HAVE";OM;"MEN":OM9"";@"":(MK)J:MT%(MK)I:JF0MT%(MK)I1.BD%(I)BD%(IJ):BD%(IJ)24:T I1MK:MT%(I)1840*:I1MK:MT%(I)0MT%(I)MT%(I)1:840/HCMT%(I):CAD1(I):BD%(C)3CCA79BD%(C)4RBD%(CCA)BD%(C):BD%(C)2\""V$,3,2):MS$(TI$,2):"":M121::"""28)MM$;":";MS$:WL(M10):RML10:PNPK(L1)120R3:PN,191:"":13)"PET CHECKERS":18)"BY9)"CMS SOFTWARE SYSTEMS":10)"5115 MENEFEE DRIVE11)"DALLAS, TX 75227IJF:NM(I)THI& :HHFHF1:NMNM(H):DD(H):608X 1720:I1E1::6000:""V)"MY MOVE:b 7070 MK0:F10:L132:IXY%(L):BD%(I)3760 BD%(I)4799 J1192 BD%(IJ)2755 BD%(IJ)BD%(I):BD%(I)2:6000  NUMBER AND THEN THE COLUMN NUMBER./"3. TO CANCEL A MOVE, PRESS RETURNN" WHILE ? IS LIGHTED."4. ENTER MULTIPLE JUMPS, 1 JUMP":" AT A TIME." PRESS RETURN TO START THE GAME.A$:A$""51105"":I17,7020,7020 MA:2000:A19MH68 I1E1:(515)27Z$:7070W :BD%(X)2:BD%(A)MH:5800y "":I112:::V)B$:1700 &""25)"YOUR MOVE:":I16:::V)"MY MOVE: 0I16:25)B$::""; X6200:JF0700 \HF8:X((1) %(P)66099uP296030wK1192Lz(BD%(PK)3BD%(PK)4)(BD%(PKK)2)JFJF1:NM(JF)P:D(JF)KRfBD%(P)66099uP696099K9112(BD%(PK)3BD%(PK)4)(BD%(PKK)2)JFJF1:NM(JF)P:D(JF)K: 802,F20:FD1:""V)"YOUR MOVE:":V)"FROM:":W1:1600U6""31)X1$;:X$X1$:W2:1600@""32)X1$:X(X$X1$):X11X887030hBD%(X)17030,7040,7000,7010,7010|MHBD%(X):MX:2000:JF0400I1JF:XNM(I)F1:F07015NM(JF)P:D(JF)Kt:dCSCS1:W$"I WIN!!!":"";6iI17:V)B$::"";QkV)""W$:V)"SCORE:nV)"YOU:";PS:V)"PET:";CS:V)"DO YOU WANTx25)"TO PLAY AGAIN?A$:A$""6530A$"Y""";:I115:V),"","ђ","","ג":I26:MA$(I):GZ"";:I14:" ";::""dnN2:I14:JN3:K14x" ";::"":N1:J13:"  ";:K13:"  ";::::"̤ ";:I13:" ";:I:"1";:I282:A R lPET GAMES 6P62AA-MAZING BIORHYTHM 1.5BREAK-OUTBREAKOUT 3.1BRIDGE BID TRAINBUGGYCHECKERSFORESTKKFRUSTRATION QUBI HANGMAN1!HANGMAN2"HANGMAN3HEXPAWN 2.0JACKBLACK BKENOLIFE=KK LUNAR LANDER MOUSEMAZE  P.DICEPIZZA PICTURE KINGDOM POSTALPPONE 1.1 QUBICKK REFLECTIONS ROULETTESEA BATTLE SHOOT SINNERSSPACEWAR PART 1 SPACEWAR PART 2TRON JOURNEYKKSTAR TREK 2.0HANGMAN4KKKKK  15);"A-MAZING PROGRAM"Ed "WHAT ARE WIDTH AND LENGTH";H,V`f H121 V141 110tn W(H,V),V(H,V)|x:Q0:Z0:X((1)H1) I1 H IX 173 "";: 180" "; I""C1:W(X,1)C:CC1  1)@ X 790,820,860%J SV 3405N Z1 370DRQ1: 350\T W(R,S1)0 370o^X ((1)31)h X 790,820,910rX((1)21)| X 790,820 RH 470 W(R1,S)0 470 SV 420 Z1 450Q1: )0 670! RH 610*# W(R1,S)0 610;& SV 560J( Z1 590X*Q1: 570p0 W(R,S1)0 590:X((1)31)D X 820,860,910NX((1)21)X X 820,860b SV 630l Z1 660qQ1: 640 v W(R, 1: 770  W(R,S1)0 780  910)  10008 W(R1,S)CS CC1:V(R1,S)2:RR1h * CHV1 1010v /Q0: 260 4W(R,S1)C >CC1 HV(R,S1)1:SS1: CHV1 1010 RQ0: 260 \W(R1,S)C fCC1: V(R,S)0 880 kV)1:Q0:R1:S1: 250 210  J1 V& "";4  I1 HJ  V(I,J)2 1030U " ";`  1040k " ";s  Iy   I1 H  V(I,J)0 1060  V(I,J)2 1060 " ";  1070 $""; . I /"" 0 JR ";" ORANGE" ""<6);"BELL ";" PLUM ";" BAR "F""x6);"PLUM ";" LEMON ";" CHE  I1 H  V(I,J)0 1060  V(I,J)2 1060 " ";  1070 $""; . I /"" 0 J BIORHYTHMN 1.5 "";4H100.01:F.001GZM%(12),M$(12)\dI112:M%(I):qnI112:M$(I):xD$""R$""PI2"INPUT NAME PLEASE";N$,"INPUT BIRTHDSM%(I) )(T1(T1))(MS2)TSTS1CTSTS365YS(T1)DSPTTTSTBkPS23(TT23(TT23))ES28(TT28(TT28))IS33(TT33(TT33))8000I038P88((PSI)PI23).5""(R$,I1);(D$,P2);"""400 @"";0E"BIORHYTHMN FOR "N$" BORN ";WGM$(MB);DB;",19";((YBHF),3,2)J""TI18h" "|"" B$;  C$""E  (D11)(D12)""M$(MD)" 19"((YDHF),3,2);C$;Q  D1D11f & D1M%(MD)8290v 0 MD28280 : YD4(YD4)8280 D D1308290 X D11:MDMD1:MD12MD1:YDYD1 b l "":"PHYSICAL= EMOTIONAL= INTRX:S1: 260 RH 240- SV 230?R1:S1: 250SR1:SS1: 250]RR1r W(R,S)0 210 R10 530  W(R1,S)0 530S10 390 W(R,S1)0 390" RH 330, W(R1,S)0 3306X((1)3 430 W(R,S1)0 450)X((1)31)? X 790,860,910QX((1)21)c X 790,860t SV 490 Z1 520Q1: 500 W(R,S1)0 520X((1)21) X 790,910 790 S10 670 W(R,S1S1)0 660 X((1)21)'  X 820,9101  820A  RH 740Y  W(R1,S)0 740j  SV 700y  Z1 730 Q1: 830  W(R,S1)0 730 X((1)21)  X 860,910  860  SV 760  Z1 780 Q(R,S)3:890 pV(R,S)2 zRR1*  CHV1 10104  530E  Q1 960l W(R,S1)C:CC1: V(R,S)0 940 V(R,S)3: 950 V(R,S)1 SS1: CHV1 1010  260 Z1  V(R,S)0 980 V(R,S)3:Q0: 1000 V(R,S 1$F2200 K$Y$:L$Y$:M$W$:W1W: 22005  SPINNING VISUAL> ""I ""V  A110 6);"CHERRY";" ORANGE";" PLUM " "" 6);"ORANGE";" CHERRY";" BELL " ""6);"LEMON ";" BAELLECTUAL=*"; C$"UP CRIT DWN") "";8 I1(C$)L (C$,I,1)"";R X 4! PÃ31,28,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31 ZÃ"JAN","FEB","MAR","APR","MAY","JUN","JUL","AUG","SEP","OCT","NOV","DEC"$(A$,2,1)""(A$,1)"" AY MM,DD,YY ";MB,DB,YB6TB0+@T1YB49JMB2390GTI1MB1W^TBTBM%(I)]h}r(T1(T1))(MB2)TBTB1TBTB365YB(T1)DB"INPUT START DATE MM,DD,YY ";MS,DS,YSTS0T1YS4MS2490I1MS1TSTI138#E88((ESI)PI28).5C""(R$,I1);(D$,E2);""IU I138s IT88((ISI)PI33).5 ""(R$,I1);(D$,IT2);"*" A$:A$""5000"  I18/ " "5 d ""z MDMS:D1DS:YDYS I038  I2(I2)"";:8220 A$(D1) (A$)3B$(A$,1):8210  B$(A$,2,1)""(A$,1)""   "QUBIC"? COPYRIGHT 1978 BY M.SPENCER,SANTA CRUZ,CA PERMISSION TO COPY FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY IS GIVEN TO MEMBERS OF P.U.G. P.U.G. - PET USERS GROUPd"":255)"QUBIC",:A(64),B(76),C(152),D(16,2),E(152):ZP0:ZZ m I$"" "": 620!oF10:ER$;qI1$(I$,1):I1(I1$)WvI2$(I$,2,1):I2(I2$)q{I3$(I$,1):I3(I3$)(I$)3I11I14I21I24I31I34F11""(V$,22)ER$""F11 10)"INPUT ERROR - RETYPE":600M16I14I2 J1:D(J,1)X:D(J,2)B(X)X&J01000P4X1J:D(X,2)15 G2:ND(X,1):3000W>XjHND(1,1):3000v*MOVE?F0:X075:B(X)2B(X)10F1:NX:3100X:F01200$X075:B(X)1B(X)5F2:NX:3100.X:F01200BG %,1) x*MOVE- P1:P$" X ":ZP1P5:P$" O "F ZP1ZP:A(M)P:3200_ M1$"":M2$(V$,M2)} M11 M1$(V$,5(M11)) ""M1$M2$6(M31)M21)P$  P5 ""(V$,22)ER$"":19)P1$MP$ G01800 ZP1700 "X1 "" " 111 112 113 114 : " 121 122 123 124 ^ " 131 132 133 134 " " 141 142 143 144 " " ========================" " 211 212 213 214 " 221 222 223 224   ========================"*" 411 412 413 414 L" 421 422 423 424 o" 431 432 433 434 " 441 442 443 444 "" ========================" *WHICH CUBE IN PATH Y14:3400:0 W$(Y)MP$",": Y- W1$W$(1):W2$W$(2):W3$W$(3):W4$W$(4):?H *C() OR E()?[R N37 N1E(4(N38)Y)r\ N38 N1C(4NY)xf  1,17,33,49,5,21,37,53,9,25,41,57,13,29,45,61 2,18,34,50,6,22,38,54,10,26,42,58,14,30,46,62  4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32,36,40,44,48,52,56,60,64J$ 1,6,11,16,17,22,27,32,33,38,43,48,49,54,59,64~. 13,10,7,4,29,26,23,20,45,42,39,36,61,58,55,528 1,21,41,61,2,22,42,62,3,23,43,63,4,24,44,64B 49,37,25,13,50,38,26,14,51,39,27,15,52,40,2E" HEXPAWN ":***VERSION 2.0 8-17-78 DAVE WILSON***j"FROM 101 BASIC COMPUTER GAMES""SUBMITTED BY TIM ONASKO":"MODIFIED BY DAVE WILSON""AVAILABLE FROM PET CASSETTE EXCHANGE""1929 NORTHPORT DR, ROOM 6" "MADISJ:I"-I119:J14:M(I,J):J:Ii2I1150:"HEXAPAWN ":I<"DO YOU NEED INSTRUCTIONS (Y OR N)?"A AN$: AN$"" 65F AN$"Y" 2000:**INSTRUCTIONS**K""dX0:Y0nS(4)0:S(5)(TI)&JV$""k^ER$" ":P1$"PET MOVES TO "rX164:C(X)X:XwX65152:C(X):X|X1152:E(X):X2015X*INPUTb""(V$,21)ER$""l"YOUR MOVE ";I$I320/A(M).910)"CUBE OCCUPIED - RETYPE":60091400D*WIN?X037:K4X:B(X)A(C(K1))A(C(K2)) A(C(K3))A(C(K4))B(38X)A(E(K1))A(E(K2))A(E(K3))A(E(K4)):XJ0:X075:B(X)4NX:G1:1800B(X)15B(X)3 J3: 1800 *( H0:H10:X164:A(X).91280b X1X4X13X16X49X52X61X64 A(X)A(X).05 A(X)D(1,2)H1:D(1,1)X:D(1,2)A(X):1280 A(X)D(1,2)HH1:D(H,1)X:D(H,2)A(X) H15H15 X:MD(1,1):H1R%H(1)1:MD(R64:A(X)(A(X)):X& ,X116:D(X,1)0:D(X,2)0:X/ 6600> *END GAMET G1820,1830,1840 3300:""(V$,21)"YOU WIN "W1$W2$W3$W4$: &3300:""(V$,21)"PET* WINS "W1$W2$W3$W4$: 0""(V$,21)"NEITHER OF US CAN WIN":" 231 232 233 234 3 " 241 242 243 244 "X " ========================"y " 311 312 313 314 " 321 322 323 324 " 331 332 333 334 " " 341 342 343 344 " " A(N1)1 MN1 Y:1400 * VAL. A(X)A0 Y14:3400:A(N1)1 A(N1)A(N1).1VD Y:F 1030,1070` *MP$ M1%(M15)16:M1M1%:M2%(M19M116)4:M2M2%:M3M20M116M24 MP$(M1)(M2)(M3): *PATH Y14:3400:MN1:3203,19,35,51,7,23,39,55,11,27,43,59,15,31,47,63G 4,20,36,52,8,24,40,56,12,28,44,60,16,32,48,64z 1,5,9,13,17,21,25,29,33,37,41,45,49,53,57,61 2,6,10,14,18,22,26,30,34,38,42,46,50,54,58,62 3,7,11,15,19,23,27,31,35,39,43,47,51,55,59,638,16L 1,18,35,52,5,22,39,56,9,26,43,60,13,30,47,64MV 49,34,19,4,53,38,23,8,57,42,27,12,61,46,31,16` 1,22,43,64,16,27,38,49,4,23,42,61,13,26,39,52$4,18,22,26,30,34,38,42,46,50,54,58,62 3,7,11,15,19,23,27,31,35,39,43,47,51,55,59,63 ON, WI 53704"% XX13000:XX:"". ""N B(19,9),M(19,4),S(9),P$(3)ZW0:L0 R(X)3(X1)(X3)4(X6)6(X4)7(X9)9(X7)S(X)S(X)X(X2 X5 X8)M(Y)Y(Y10)10#P$""(I119:J19:B(I,J): 0:S(6)0pS(1)1:S(2)1:S(3)18qS(7)1:S(8)1:S(9)1Bs1000Ut"YOUR MOVE?";juM1$:M1$""117~vM1(M1$): M1;wM2$: M2$"" 119xM2(M2$): M2yM14 M1M16: 123zM16 M1M16{M24 M2M26: 126|M 2M24140 M17M23140 S(M1)0, S(M2)16 1000T S(1)1S(2)1S(3)1820_ I19p S(I)1230w I 820 I19 S(I)1330 S(I3)0350 R(I)I320 I3300 S(5)1350 "330 ,S(8)13 I- EMBER THE TERMINATION OF THIS LOOP IS IMPOSSIBLEJ "ILLEGAL BOARD PATTERN"P X XIc &I14v 0M(X,I)0600} :I D"I RESIGN" N820 XY((1)41) YM(X,Y)0600 bR0630 l" HERE IS MY MOVE" nS((M(X,Y) I780 I7760 S(5)1116 790+ S(2)11164 790Q S(I2)1S(I4)1116X It "YOU CAN'T MOVE, SO ";} *870 4"YOU WIN!" >M(X,Y)0 HLL1 R"PET: ";W;"YOU: ";L;" OUT OF";LW S W"" \1000,1,0,0,0,1"0,-1,-1,0,1,0,1,0,0,-1,0,-1,1,0,0,0,0,1O0,0,-1,-1,-1,1,0,0,0,-1,0,0,1,1,1,0,0,0}0,-1,0,-1,1,1,0,0,0,-1,0,0,-1,-1,1,0,0,00,0,-1,-1,1,0,0,0,0,0,-1,0,1,-1,0,0,0,0-1,0,0,-1,1,0,0,0,024,25,36,0,14,15,36,0,15,35,36,08);" 08);"";'I132J13T10);(P$,S((I1)3J)2,1);[Jah$In.w3""}8**INSTRUCTIONS**"" "YOUR PAWNS ARE ; MINE (PET'S) ARE .""" "USE THE PAWN TO THE OTHER SIDE, OR BLOCK ALL MY MOVES."""B"HIT ANY KEY WHEN READY TO PLAY"Z A$: A$"" 2075`3'"COME BACK AND PLAY AGAIN..."UCTIONS**"" "YOUR PAWNS ARE ; MINE (PET'S) ARE .""" "USE THE "A":1044 (P J  .   6 u "e  Jx X ^ u " Xۭ ^ u " © x X X ^**ʤ$0uu& &8&ڭ%EȌEL@LwH t  LH h ` f He H` hh hhh` `( @8   ` L I L  ` ` L L m 8J m JJi 9K )@0JJ I `   - LD ., L  L ?   Li % )m ʹm з #   26 M2M26~M10 9998FM1(M1)M2(M2)M10M110M20M210130b"ILLEGAL COORDINATES."k116|S(M1)1150"ILLEGAL MOVE":116S(M2)1140M2M13S(M2)1140M2M1140M2M13(S(M2)0)140 M50 6330 @S(I2)1 S(I4)1350" JI+ T8207 ^I119B hJ13P rK311r |T((J1)3K)B(I,(J1)34K)y K J J19 S(J)B(I,J)460 J R0 540 J19 S(J)T(J)510 J R1 54010))0 oS(M(M(X,Y)))1 p640+ v"HERE IS MY MOVE"E xS(R((M(X,Y)10)))0^ yS(R(M(M(X,Y))))1h 1000 S(7)1S(8)1S(9)1870 I19 S(I)1690 I 870 I19 S(I)1790 S(I3)0116 R(I) f"I WIN.."pWW1 z850<-1,-1,-1,1,0,0,0,1,1,-1,-1,-1,0,1,0,1,0,1k-1,0,-1,-1,1,0,0,0,1,0,-1,-1,1,-1,0,0,0,1-1,0,-1,1,1,0,0,1,0,-1,-1,0,1,0,1,0,0,10,-1,-1,0,-1,1,1,0,0,0,-1,-1,-1,1,1,1,0,0-1,0,-1,-1,0,1,0,1,0,0,-1,-1,47,36,58,59,015,35,36,0,24,25,26,0,26,57,58,0H26,35,0,0,47,48,0,0,35,36,0,0,35,36,0,0i36,0,0,0,47,58,0,0,15,0,0,026,47,0,0,47,58,0,0,35,36,47,0,28,58,0,0,15,47,0,0""08);"08);" 08);"  NUMBER PAD TO SHOW YOUR MOVE."."GIVE THE POSITION YOU MOVE FROM; ";_ "THEN THE POSITION YOU WANT TO MOVE TO."i"" "YOU MAY MOVE STRAIGHT AHEAD IF THE SPACE IS EMPTY,OR DIAGONAL TO "; "CAPTURE A PAWN." "TO WIN:MOVE A ! i0 i0 i0 i0` JJi @ Q********@ ? ` { )HL JJi PFȌ  ****) )  ` l|{b~a젢  u " % uL$0,)$0*, BIPSn 0}0} BBIPS@ʩDK7 *    `n EL******  T 0` h  ` ` 0 m  I`  0`  0`,L 8  m Z 8  i1 Ln 5 P @8 m m i i `  S Lq$L_@L_%V F? S F8L ` VL*ݥFGL S F S F8 L +Pmm*- - L,,` , );` S0L$ F7͙`H" ڭ.  -. mm m  hΗL8`NBOCED8ED CLGCi LGF FL,LLQU &U &U &UeNTUeOU4 L` :0  NHOIHHBICLH BHiHI8HTIU B BB B lȱB l  G:8 GE 9  β ;6WW24WW666666666666W48W29WW13W6W44W62WW81WW97WW66666682WW66666888WWW92WW2WWW8E6WWW42W888888WW224WW26WW42WW84W6666666682WW6666888WW62WW22222222222222222222244444444446WW6WWWW6WW2444W4444W886W6666W888888444WW688W226W6WW7777777772WW4W68W4W۠ BC0V8WW26W372W2W866W422W866W422W866W422W866W422W866W422W866W422W866W422W866W422W866W42W84W i؍ lHJJJJ wh)i0:0iLB O y     BYTWORDBYSKIPAGENDOPTFILLIBIFNIg6W6WW48WW24WWW26WWW9WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW4E    a!$0PpX L  %` L L `LT L `LL L hLT L hLL5 81 , i d Hc H`7 = g+ 1 KS % _  ,, L L, L L #  L L  L  (  0LB \v}s   :COPYRIGHT OCT. 1980 CORTEX COMPUTER SYSTEMS LTD. PROGRAM DEVISED BY TONY JEFFREE.L'莮н'莮L  ),莮L A[0:̗ F S`8`Hܩ Hթ-L +--茖 <L> M   -Ll Ll-k8*- -M -Ll Ll-M t oL*8.Nnmm ׭Ll/&8HBBȱB``BiBCEDL8BTCU HBBȭB`# :LJKHJ`JiJK90`HHBChFDGEhFG F FeFFG F`FL, L ; 86WW24WW666666666666W48W29WW13W6W44W62WW81WW97WW66666682WW66666888WWW92WW2WWW8E6WWW42W888888WW224WW26WW42WW84W6666666682WW6666888WW62WW444444444444422222W2268WW6W42W3333333664WW62W6WWW42W 9 `m: ;0`W7777777772WW4W68W4WLx 0[6WWW666WWW622WWW222WWW244WWW444WWW488WWW888WWWW2E22266WWW8WWW662WWW6WWW224WWW2WWW448WWW4WWWWW224WW26WW42WW84W6666666682WW6666888WW62WW22222222222222222222244444444446WW6WWWW6WW2444W4444W886W6666W888888444WW688W22FEGENNOGSYMNOSNOCCNTCOUERRNOEMEMNOMLISNOLADCA&6WW6WW24WW4WW22WWW86W8WWW662WWW6WW48WWLDCLICLVCMPCPXCPYDECDEXDEYEORINCINXINYJMPJSRLDALDXLDYLSRNOPORAPHAPHPPLAPLPROLRORRTIRTSSBCSECSEDSEISTASTXSTYTAXTAYTSXTXATXSTYA )7ESao}ʈAL FHh(&f@`8x**PAGE !6WWW222WWW668WWW444WWW86WWW622WWW4W62WW81WW97WW66666682WW66666888WWW92WW2WWW8E6WWW42W888888WW224WW26WW42WW84W6666666682WW6666888WW62WW444444444444422222W2268WW6W42W3333333664WW62W6WWW42W RESIDENT ASSEMBLED L 80iL 80i H ^ u "h L LohHLoT  Q     UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUR V121579 (C) 1979 BY COMMODORE BUSINESS MACHINES =3WW76WWW48WW4W666666622W6WWWWW48WW4W66666666242W6WWWWWW48WW4WTER (CR/Y OR N)?UNDEFINED SYMBOL*****DUPLICATE SYMBOL*****IMPROPER OPCODE******INVALID ADDRESS******.A MODE NOT ALLOWED**RAN OFF END OF CARDOdy !6K`u,p0zW2WW2WW86W8WWW4W66662WWW6WWWW8WWW4WWWW886WW8734WW222226W2222WW48WW9999962WWW6WW48W8WW24Wz hH LA̍LM)L,AhH hL'    M!  L`x UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTUUUUUUUUTTTUUUUUUUU@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@UUUU**LABEL START NEEDS A-ZLABEL TOO LONG*******NON-ALPHAM2WW68WW666WWWW2WWWW4WWWW8WWWW88666WW944WW333332WW68WW111114WW26WW88888W44W33W4WINED DIRECTIVE**BRANCH OUT OF RANGE**ILLEGAL OPERAND TYPE*INDIRECT OUT OF BOUNDA,X,Y,S,P RESERVED***PC NEGATIVE--RESET 0*zX  BT`L L z  0     & ********* PPONG 1 *********K ***LAWRENCE HALL OF SCIENCE***p ***ORIGINAL IDEA: D.WAXMANN***( ***PET VERSION: P.ROWE-1/78***2 59468,12< "WELCOME TO";F "";P " PPUUUUUUUTTTUUUTTTTTTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUyONG "@Z "CARE FOR INSTRUCTIONS?";Wd A$: A$"" 100pn (A$,1)"Y" 390x " THE OBJECT OF THIS GAME IS TO" "DEFLECT YOUR BALL, , TO HIT TEN" "TARGETS, ." " BY PRESSING THE N ANDUUUUPPPPPPUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU / ED HERSTEIN 7/4/78 ROULETTE 2 REMU THIS PROGRAM ALLOWS THE USER TO{ EXPERIMENT WITH A ROULETTE BET- TING STRATEGY OF CHOSING A RAN- DOM NUMBER AND AT REGULAR INTER- VALS DOUBLING THE BET UNTIL THE NUMBER CO #L SPINS %L TOTAL$"<2 *** BEGIN A SEQUENCE ***QPNUM ((1)38)wZBETAMT2 : PAYOFF 0 : T0TAL 0n DOUBLE 0 MAXsBET BET 2x SPIN 1 SERIESNBETS NBETS 1T0TAL T0TAL BET$ ((1)38) PERCENT% (TLOSS ROUND) 100FO EARNINGS, LOSS; NBETS; PERCENT%, BUCKStTEARNINGS 0 : LOSS 0 : NBETS 0: 50$ DOUBLE 0 MAXsBET BET 2x SPIN 1 SERIESNBETS NBETS 1T0TAL T0TAL BET$ ((1)38)  * BY CARL THELENK"***************SEA BATTLE****************"p"PLAYER #1, WHAT IS YOUR NAME";x B$ "PLAYER #2, WHAT IS YOUR NAME"; B$ " THIS IS A TWO-PLAYER SEA BATTLE GAME."EACH PLAYER HAS FOUR SHIPS: 1 BA M KEYS FOR"8 "THE AND DEFLECTORS, YOU CAN DEFLECT"X "THE PATH OF YOUR BALL." " BE CAREFUL! EVERY 100 TICKS" "OF THE TIMER A LAND MINE, * , WILL" "APPEAR SOMEWHERE ON THE SCREEN." "AND IF YOUR BALL RUNS OVER A L 250 C0444:X8"C0:S0: 980:LQ7D39(2(1))1Z "";} "  TIME = 0 "; " SCORE = 0 " I32769 32806 I,100: I920,100: I32808 33688 40 I,103: I39,1 N 980: L,32:LQ XDS(D)(77.5P)6 bDDS(41(D)): 505H l A$"" 740h qP(A$): P77 P78 740~ v L,P:A$"": 600  950:SS1  "";  (S);""  S10 980: Q,102  L,81";# D "ZONK";: 940, FX10O H " CARE FOR ANOTHER GAME?";f R " ";~ W A$: A$"" 855 \ A$: A$"N" 910 f A$"Y" 860 p "YES":TTI z TIT99 890  400  "NO":TTI  CAN FIRE.R"EACH SHIP HAS ENOUGH AMMUNITION TO KEEP IT FIRING FOR EIGHT TURNS. YO" SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT AMMO, BUT DON'T WASTE IT. "TORPEDOES HAVE A RANGE OF 5 SQUARES.""PLAYER NUMBER ONE HAS SHIPS 1, 2, 3,$"AND 4. SH IP #1 IS A BATTLESHIP, #2;&"IS A CRUISER, AND #'S 3 AND 4 AREM("DESTROYERS.x*"PLAYER NUMBER TWO HAS SHIPS 5, 6, 7,,"AND 8. SHIP #5 IS A BATTLESHIP, #6."IS A CRUISER, AND #'S 7 AND 8 ARE0"DESTROYERS.2"PRESS ANY BUTTON TO CMES UP OR A BETTING5 LIMIT IS REACHED. GOOD LUCK!U *** ENTER VARIABLES ***o "STARTING BET"; AMT "NO. OF LOSSES BEFORE DOUBLING"; SERIES "MAX. NO. OF DOUBLES"; MAX( "APPROX. NO. OF SPINS PER REPORT"; REPRT- "PROFITNUM PAYOFF PAYOFF (BET 36) : 300_ SPIN : DOUBLE : LOSS LOSS 1 : TLOSS TLOSS 1, *** WON OR LOST A ROUND ***6EARNINGS EARNINGS PAYOFF T0TAL : ROUND ROUND 1@ NBETS REPRT 50JBUCKS BUCKS EARNINGS :ONTINUE.4A$:A$""52:6" THE SHIPS CAN MOVE ONE SQUAREi8"VERTICALLY, HORIZONTALLY, OR DIAGONALLY.:"WHEN I ASK YOU WHERE A CERTAIN SHIP WILL<"MOVE TO, TYPE IN THE X,Y COORDINATES>"OF THE SQUARE IT WILL MOVE INTO. @"WHEN TTLE-,"SHIP, 1 CRUISER, AND 2 DESTROYERS.["SHIP TYPE GUNS RANGE HULL TORPEDOES"BATTLESHIP 4 10 5 0"CRUISER 2 8 3 0"DESTROYER 1 5 2 2" RANGE MEANS HOW FAR THE GUNS AND"! "MINE, YOU WILL BE ZONKED!"M " TO ERASE A DEFLECTOR, PRESS THE"| "SPACE KEY JUST BEFORE THE BALL REACHES" "IT. FOR ADVANCED PLAY TRY THE SHIFT" "KEY." "PRESS RETURN TO CONTINUE" A$: A$(13) 01:  980: Q,102  L,32& T0TI: A$7 LLD:P(L)I  P102 700Z  P42 834|  P98 P104 D1D: 505  (516) 590  P32 620 & A$" " 740 0 P77 P78 600 : -----NEW SYMBOLS HERE----- D:CC1  "";(C);""1  C100(C100) 760L  980: (Q)32 754W  Q,42k  TIT0X 760}  S10 500  940 * CC0 838 4 ""; > "NEW LOW TIME":X6:C0C: 840 B 940: " TIT99 920  "";:#  J0 2: 950:TTI7  TIT10 942? :S  59409,52:TTIg  TIT10 960x  59409,60: Q40(17(1)4) QQ(32(1))32771:$"; > "NEW LOW TIME":X6:C0C: 840 B 940: "  "";+ ::12);"SPACEWAR PART 1"L BY T.N.RONAYNE, DETROIT,MI REVISED FROM CREATIVE COMPUTING BY MARSHALL MILLER, MERCED,CA<::"WHAT IS YOUR NAME";:A$_A2$(A1$,1): A2$"Y" 630d: "GREETINGS, ";A$;", THIS IS DARTH  UCTIONS WILL"$"HELP YOU, ";A$;: B$< (B$,1)"N" 380E""::"HISTORY TAPE-DATA LIBRARY: GALDATE";((1)1008000):"YOU ARE CAPTAIN OF THE MILLENIUM FALCON.";"YOU AND YOUR COPILOT, WOOKIE CHEWBACCA,""ARE MER THE TATOOINE SYSTEM YOU HAVE"A"RESCUED THE PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA OF"p"ALDERHAAN FROM THE CLUTCHES OF THE EVIL""GRAND MOFF TARKIN, AND THE DARK LORD OF""THE SITH, DARTH VADAR."::5);"(PRESS SPACE BAR TO CONTINUE)"  AA$:  I ASK YOU WHAT SHIP A CERTAIN SHIPE A"WILL FIRE AT, JUST INPUT THE NUMBER OFs B"THE TARGET SHIP. IF THAT SHIP WILL NOT D"FIRE THAT TURN, TYPE IN '0'. THE SAME F"GOES FOR TORPEDOES. Y$"" H(1)5:H(2)3:H(3)2:H(4)2:H()10:Y(5)4:Y(6)3:Y(7)2:Y(8)1R TA(1)28:A(2)16:A(3)8:A(4)8:A(5)28:A(6)16:A(7)8:A(8)8q "TO START, HIT ANY BUTTON A$:A$""470 " 990 TT1:"TURN #"T" " "X Y1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10" X110:X; XX(X(I)1)X(X(I)1)1200( Y(Y(I)1)Y(Y(I)1)1200: X(I)X:Y(I)YA $IK .1500e "ILLEGAL MOVE":1009n 500y I18 G(I)0H(I)0A(I)0I I91820 @4000 DY$;"SHIP #"I"HAS"G(I)"GUNS,"H(I)" HULL,"T(I)"TORPEDOM1HP(3(1))P0H(L)H(L)1*P1G(L)G(L)1?P3T(L)T(L)2FMYG(L)0G(L)0lT(L)0T(L)0H(L)0H(L)0H(L)0X(L)0"SHIP #"L;"TOOK ";H;" HITS!"H(L)0"SHIP #"L;" IS SUNK!"I &H(100Q(((X(I)X(L))2)((Y(I)Y(L))2))-"HOW MANY TORPEDOES";4AFAT(I)2000p"YOU DON'T HAVE THAT MANY TORPEDOES!z1940H0:K1A(Q(1))0HH1KQ5H0"SHIP #"L" WAS HIT BY "H" TORPEDOES!HM"p"SHIPS 5, 6, 7, AND 8 ARE SUNK!$z"YOU WIN,"B$"!"*$AFAT(I)2000p"YOU DON'T HAVE THAT MANY TORPEDOES!z1940H0:K1A(Q(1))0HH1KQ5H0"SHIP #"L" WAS HIT BY "H" TORPEDOES!HR"% 1"AVAILABLE. YOU MUST DEFEAT HIM IN ORDER"N 6"TO REACH SAFETY, AND DELIVER YOUR"{ E"PRECIOUS CARGO-THE PRINCESS LEIA, AND" F"THE DETAILED PLANS OF THE DEATH STAR" J"STORED IN THE MEMORY CIRCUITS OF THE" T"DROID, R2D2." ^:"DOVADAR."3n"I AM ABOUT TO WIPE THE FLOOR WITH YOU,"bs"BUT, FOR THE SAKE OF SPORT, I WILL GIVE"x"YOU A SPORTING CHANCE TO DEFEND YOURSELF";"AND--PERHAPS, THOUGH I SINCERELY DOUBT""IT--GET ME INSTEAD." :"DO YOU THINK THAT INSTRCENARIES, PLYING YOUR TRADE"4"THROUGHOUT THE GALAXY."c" AFTER TAKING ON FOUR PASSENGERS, LUKE""SKYWALKER, BEN (OBI-WAN) KENOBI,AND""TWO DROIDS, SEE-THREEPIO AND R2D2, AND""ESCAPING THE IMPERIAL FORCES AT MOS""EISLEY, IN AA$"" 272 ""C :::: " YOUR MISSION IS TO REACH THE REBEL"o "FORCES BASE LOCATED ON YAVIN-4. LORD" ""VADAR IS BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR GOAL. HIS" '"SHIP HAS EXACTLY THE SAME ARMAMENT AS" ,"YOURS, AND THE SAME AMOUNT OF POWE5)5:H(6)3:H(7)2:H(8)2:H(0)1^ G(1)4:G(2)2:G(3)1:G(4)1:G(5)4:G(6)3:G(7)1:G(8)1:T(3)2:T(4)2 T(7)2:T(8)2:R(1)10:R(2)8:R(3)5:R(4)5:R(5)10:R(6)8:R(7)5:R(8)5 I14:X(I)1:I I58:X(I)10:I @Y(1)7:Y(2)8:Y(3)9:Y(410""; Y110:I110 X(I)X600/ Y(I)Y600? &I"<>";H 0620O XI[ b" . ";b lYh vo Xu ~ 500 I18 H(I)0I I91900 4000 Y$;"WHERE WILL SHIP #"I"MOVE TO (X,Y)"; X,Y ES,"A(I)"UNITS";F"OF AMMUNITION9J"WHAT SHIP WILL SHIP #"I" FIRE AT";@TLNYL01820\^L81600ocA(I)A(I)G(I)hQ(((X(I)X(L))2)((Y(I)Y(L))2))rQR(I)H0|QR(I)1800H(G(I)(4(Q.5))(1))H01800)0H(2)0H(3)0H(4)0500030H(5)0H(6)0H(7)0H(8)06000PlI18:T(I)0H(I)0I^qI93000hs4000vY$;"WHAT SHIP WILL SHIP #"I" FIRE TORPEDOES"AT """;LL021(L)H(L)(H2)H(L)0H(L)0H(L)0X(L)0<4H(L)0"SHIP #"L" IS SUNK!"LHT(I)T(I)ASRI] 1000fY$;K112:" ";K:"SHIPS 1, 2, 3, AND 4 ARE SUNK!"YOU WIN,"A$"! YOU WISH FURTHER INFORMATION,";A$;: B$- h B$"N" 3807 r2210k |:"DO YOU WISH ARMAMENT INFORMATION ";A$;: B$~  B$"N" 620 "" ::::: 7);"HERE ARE YOUR VITAL DATA:" :"YOU ARE EQUIPPED WITH 100,000 UNITS OF"  0);"10 UNITS"6 :" 2";8);"WARHEADS"20);"10,000-";30);"100 UNITS"I 22)"100,000" :" 3";8);"LASER"20);"100,000-";30);"1000 UNITS" 22);"200,000" : 16);"OPTIONS" :" 4";8);"APPROACH";30);"100 UNITS":" 5";8 CONTINUE)" AA$: AA$"" 535""/ 17);"ENEMY:"d&"THE ENEMY HAS THE SAME CAPABILITIES YOU HAVE."0"EACH TIME A SHIP IS HIT, THE ENERGY"5"DRAIN FROM THE SCREENS IS EQUAL TO THE":"THE AMOUNT OF ENERGY EXPENDED BY DRAWN"]"TOWARD YOUR OPPONENT. WATCH YOUR RANGE"2_"CLOSELY, ";A$;"!"Ul"THIS IS COMPUTER CONTROL."v:"LOAD GAME ON OTHER SIDE OF TAPE":"""YOU ARE BOUND FOR YAVIN-4, WHICH IS ONE""LIGHT-YEAR DISTANT (A LIGHT YEAR EARS,"A$;", AND YOU HAVE ONLY SUFFICIENT";"LIFE SUPPORT FOR ONE YEAR OFTRAVEL"[ "(CHEWBACCA EATS A LOT).":5);"(PRESS SPACE BAR TO CONTINUE)" AA$: AA$"" 2285""::: "TO OVERCOME THIS TIME FACTOR, YOU MAY"OWEVER, THE ENGINES MUST";) "REST AFTER EACH HYPERSPACE JUMP, AND ANY";W "ATTEMPT TO ENTER HYPERSPACE TWICE IN A" "ROW RESULTS IN BLOWING UP THE ENGINES"$ "LEAVING YOU STUCK IN HYPERSPACE FOREVER.") :5);"(PRESS SPACE BAR TO CONTINU:"` j I1 12-t 3);"H-F";I;11);"VELOCITY ";299792 .5I3;33);"KPS"7~ I:b :5);"(PRESS SPACE BAR TO CONTINUE)"z AA$:AA$"" 2438 "" : "HYPERDRIVE CONSUMES ENERGY AT A" "MINIMUM OF 10,000 UNITS AND A MAXIMUE HIGHER THE ERROR." $3);"H-F";I;11);"VELOCITY ";299792 .5I3;33);"KPS"7~ I:b :5);"(PRESS SPACE BAR TO CONTINUE)"z AA$:AA$"" 2438 "" : "HYPERDRIVE CONSUMES ENERGY AT A" "MINIMUM OF 10,000 UNITS AND A MAXIMU ! "":J826858:AD:J,AD:+1000PxB28256:B1132256:TI$"000000"oI023:4128I,256(1):y3744hX024:BX4039,32:BX4038,160:rE2((1)12)1:EXB3840E:PB(24E)401:EX,32|4051:842,000:826:842,128GP33249:(GP)160GP33209NGP,81:GD(1)40:GD(2)1:GD(3)1:GD(4)40mA328073376740:A,102:}***GAME***LP(38(1)2):SL32768(LP1):ELSL(4024)K12LSLEL40:(L)81EPL:2000L,((L)128)255:600::"ENERGY. WHEN YOU RUN OUT, ";A$;",": "DARTH VADAR WILL DESTROY YOU."g ::5);"(PRESS SPACE BAR TO CONTINUE)"  AA$: AA$"" 428 "TYPE";8);"DESCRIPTION";20);"RANGE(KM)";30);"FUEL DRAIN" " 1";8)"HEAVY GUNS";20);"0-11000";3);"RETREAT";30);"100 UNITS"6:" 6";8);"WE WILL CONTINUE TO TRAVEL"`8);"TOWARD YAVIN-4 AT .9C AND GAIN"8);"ENERGY, ALTHOUGH WE ARE"  8);"VULNERABLE TO ATTACK.":" 7";8);"ENTER HYPERSPACE": 5)"(PRESS SPACE BAR TO THE"D"STRIKING WEAPON X 10 (EXCEPT LASERS,"GF"WHICH ARE EQUAL TO AN EXPENDITURE THAT"oI"VARIES WITH DISTANCE TO TARGET)."J: 5);"(PRESS SPACE BAR TO CONTINUE)"K AA$:AA$"" 587N""X"NOTE: YOU ARE CONTINUALLY BEING IS" "EQUAL TO 9.454^12 KILOMETERS).";"YOU ARE ABLE TO TRAVEL AT .9C (C=LIGHT"f"VELOCITY = 299792.5 KPS) WITH POWER""CONSUMED EXACTLY OFFSETTING POWER""GENERATED. HOWEVER, TRAVELING AT .9C""WILL PUT YOU AT YAVIN-4 IN 1.1 Y"ENTER HYPERSPACE AND TRAVEL AT A MAXIMUM";?"VELOCITY OF 518,041,440 KPS FOR A PERIOD";l "OF ONE HOUR AT A TIME. THEORETICALLY," "BY SO DOING, YOU WOULD REACH YOUR GOAL" "IN 5.1 HOURS BY TRAVELING CONTINOUSLY" "IN HYPERSPACE. HE)"* AA$: AA$"" 2346+ "" , :::8 "A HYPERSPACE JUMP USES A GREAT DEAL OF"c= "ENERGY, VARYING BY A POWER OF THE"> "HYPERFACTOR [HF] SELECTED. JUMPS ARE"B "SPECIFIED FROM HF-1, 1 C TO HF-12, 1728C"V "THESE ARE AS FOLLOWSM" "OF 21,074 UNITS, AS FOLLOWS:" : I1 12H 1);"HF -";I;13);"POWER CONSUMED - ";(I.310000)Q I:z "HYPERSPACE NAVIGATION TENDS TO BE" "SOMEWHAT ERRATIC, RESULTING IN" "NAVIGATION ERRORS; THE HIGHER THE" "HF, TH430XA$:M(A$):M0(]GP,32JbGPGPGD(M2):(GP)1022500eg(GP)32EPGP:2000plGP,81vv169,128,141,72,3,141,773,160,4,162,0,189,0128,73,128,157,0,128,232208,245,238,72,3,238,773,136,208,234 Ч ͧ 0X$"   ߒ  ̺   Y$X$"   ߒ   x)X$" .X$" 3X$" 8X$" Ω ΣΧ=X$"  ":. EP,160:EP40,255:EP1,126:EP40,127:EP1,124= TM120:n EP,32:EP40,32:EP1,32:EP1,32:EP40,32 826:TM120: 826:TM11000::120  TM11000::120 "YOU WON!" A18:826:TM15 /.`,,V6`Lm-L-e.2:3;8,8/:&;6e::7e;;`  L+@@+` .0/1.ɠ0/11LLK  ./.ɠ./ /LLKE`EXiDIAp 110:Y130:PK,61:Y:Y130:PK,62:Y:X:qX110:Y130:PK,61:Y:Y130:PK,62:Y:X:130:PK,62:Y:X:(G$,1)X :0./1./ //.'.0/&..(e.0/11L,6(:X::P'):Y: @$ $$$$$$$, e.1e/21`:4! :85e6e9659`> < >> < >>M >> < > < > < > < > < > < >M> < > :;8::;/.ЩE--й- , ,)!(4. g-ʆ0//(e::;;Ɉ Ʉ0:/E--Ъ,)/`.ʆ- d8.0//:;0:/.`,,V6`Lm-L-e.2:3;8,8/:&;6e::7e;;` ? PRESS 1,2 OR 3 TO MOVE PADDLE (4,5 OR 6 FOR FAST MOVE).HPM0{: BREAKOUT.2 PROGRAM ORIGINALLY MADE BY ???: BUG FIXED LINES 6-50,236 TO CORRECT 4,6 KEY PADDLE MOVES: FIXED BY DAVID MROTEK. 3/23/78 12:29 AM SC0:BL9" ";: N :" "6$" ";: N1 32:" ";: N :" "@-"";l." "z0 N1 231 A$ ;: 35);B$2 N<"";5);"SCORE=";SCA"";20);"BALLS LEFT=";BLF""KPP);,96842,108:826*"";:X$""IX$"ϣhX$" X$"  X$" X$" X$" ϣ ϣ Σͧ X$" ͥ MOVE PADDLE 100BLBL1H"";"BALLS LEFT=";BLT BO,32f BL 0 800xTIM$"000000" 200 TI100 142BP33170(20(1)1)BD392((1).5) 100 D$: D$"" AB1: AB1 220  BX$" B CX$"  g DX$" ΣΩ   EX$" FX$"̤ G"2,4,6,8 MOVE. ANY KEY TO PLAY":158,0 HA$:A$""1096 I"00::JVAD@X AoB`B1I@XHEEXvpPhe::;8::;/.ЩE--й- , ,)!(4. g-ʆ0//(e::;;Ɉ Ʉ0:/E--Ъ,)/`.ʆ- d8.0//:;0:A> xXYB`B1$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$././Յ. p), pɁʆ-.04 X%3,8e0.1.2/,I,8e3.и,e-),4ɢ4 X0,8%00 .1.2/Љ,),4֠,0؅.-/1,2 ).$20$2,,-/1 -L .0/1.<< > M << > TY 4,-,14:5;e::e;;-e1i)e::e;;:ɠȥ- , -,Т,L- , 8.N. -ʆ0 ;ɈɄ0:2e::3e;;/.̩E--е , 4. d.ʆ00:-e: L+@@+` .0/1.ɠ0/11LLK  ./.ɠ./ /LLKE`EXiDIApA> xXYB`B1$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$d.ʆ00:-e::PP17:BD41:BP33227:S32768:PM04A$" ":B$""@ ""i" ";: N1 32:" ";: N :" "" ";: N1 32:" ";: N :" "" ";: N1 32:"" ;: N :" "" ";: N1 32:"" ;: N :" " #" ";: N1 32: " ";d MAIN ROUTINE0e 200 : MOVE PADDLE=gBPBPBDQh BP33767 135^kPK(BP)qm PK32 KK1n PK 96 KK1o KK1 114p 300: BOUNCEq (BP)32 103rKK0s BO ,32y BP,81zBO BP} 200: D$"1" PM1 D$"4" PM24 D$"3" PM1H D$"6" PM2\ D$"5" PM0p D$"2" PM0y AB0 PPPPPM PP0 PP0 PP30 PP30 "" PP)" ϣ "; ,SCSC1 BD41:BPBO :450 x PK160 405% ySCSC107 zPK102 405J { BD41 385b |BD41:BPBO :450{ BD39:BPBO : 450  PK79 401  PK80 402  BD39 400 BD39:BPBO :450 BD41:BPBO :450 BD41:B 1,32:BPBO  450 BD41  BP,32.  BP1,32:BPBO8  450O "SCORE=";SCU h  A$: A$: A$ """;12);"PLAY AGAIN?";: Y$ % (Y$,1)"Y" 5 *$32)BR:R23:BR0RR1 R)"BANKROLL:$":NC BL$:"FIRST HAND:";20)"SECOND HAND:"::BL$;A9:F31:3000:F21:SA225D170xFJ0:SW0:IX11:4020:11)CC(1):I1338:""K19:I1)" ":::CHCC(1):AC(1)0:NC02CC(1)0:S21AC(1)1<XS2:Y$SH$:A1:F31:CC(1)V(F);".";:1000BH(I)0:::"";:F20:1020IlI115:U$(I)" "::X3X7U$(2)Y$:U$(14)Y$xvX3U$(4)Y$:U$(6)Y$:U$(10)Y$:U$(12)Y$X2X9U$(5)Y$:U$(11)Y$X5U$(7)Y$:U$(9)Y$X1X3X5X7X9U$(8)Y$F32IX1I1E::455 F70F71:"";:222032)"0 "Z"RESETTING THE BANKROLL TO ZERO.":I1E::BR0:5000` I1(B$):O$(B$,I,1):O$"0"O$"9"2428w :B(B$):473| I1O$"-"2423~ A$""B$" IS NOT A VALID BET.":21100:3140: 1900D F32NCNC1N  V1:IX13:4020H "INSURANCE BET ";A$:A$""3510X A$"N"140q A$"Y"4500:3500 R(B2):R$(R):CC(2)21W$"WIN":BRBRR:3560 W$"LOSE":BRBRR "YOU ";W$;" INSURANCE B$;" NOT UNDERSTOOD. (ENTER Y OR N).I1E::BL$:0$I152DK:D%(I)I::5005TBL$:"RESHUFFLING THE DECK."I1((TI$,2)):R(1)::I52DK21R((1)I1):HD%(I):D%(I)D%(R):D%(R)H::J0:455(#"OUT OF";HTHWHL;"HAND ,((BR))1);e#" FOR THE DAY."::2f#"DO YOU WANT TO CONTINUE ";A$:A$""9062Lh#A$"Y"F70:::455l#:"I HOPE YOU ENJOYED PLAYING":"COMPUTER BLACKJACK.x#"GOODBYE";#BR0" SUCKER.":#".":#"HOW MANY DECKS?(1,2 OR 4) ";A$:A$""9100#BL$:"";:A(A$):ADK9180*#A1A2A49150`#"";A$;" IS NOT A VALID ANSWER.":I1E:I:9100#"CHANGING TO ";A$;" DECK";:A1"S";#" AND RESHUFFLING.":9190#"RESHUFFLING THE DECK.#DKA:4 @ PK118 340 LT SIDE. D PK117 360 RT SIDEI N PK79 390 PADDLE[ O PK99 390m P PK80 390 S376 TOP OR POINTS T BD0 350 YBD41:BPBO :450 ^BD39:BPBO :450 h BD0 370 mBD39:BPBO :450 rPBO : 450 BD39:BPBO : 450$ SCSC107  BD39 420J  BD41 425\  BD39 430g BD39s  BP,32  BP1,32:BPBO  450  450 BD41  BP,32  BP1,32:BPBO  450 BD39  BP,32  BP0:F21775 N :455!F21300,1355,1700[V1:IX13:4020:"SPLIT PAIRS ";A$:A$""1205kA$"N"170A$"Y"4500:1205CC(1)CC(1)V%(S2):CC(1)1CC(1)11:SA1S21AC(1)1"":I19:8)" ":::%(S2):1900FA9:F31:3000:F22:SASA0:225"H170=KIX11:4020:32)CC(1)]NCH21CC(1)21F23:230V1:IX13:4020:I12:BH(I)0BHB:BBH(I):FF1DCC(2):OCH:I2OCC(1)500:FFFF0:BBHBL$:W1$(I);" HAND:";G$54020I19:A1)" "::F32IX15: 4020::A1)""N$(X);""Y$oI1153:A1)""U$(I);""U$(I1);""U$(I2):%X10AA1*A4)""Y$;""N$(X):X10AA134A$"THE HOUSE BETTING LIMIT IS $"(BL)>A$: "":I19:""::! 59468,12:JJ1:XD%(J):XK11 X133040O XX13:XKXK1:XK5XK1Y 3010g Y$S$(XK) CC(F3)CC(F3)V%(X)& X1AC(F3)AC(F3)10 CC(F3)21AC(F3)0CC(F3)CC(F3)10:AC(F3)AC(F3)15 S31S3ET AND $";(R$,(R$)1);".":140 tFJ3750"~F2BH(F2)BB:3720,BBBNF31:A17:3000:SW1:F21200W210BL$:"DOUBLE-DOWN AFTER 1ST 2 CARDS ONLY.I1E::170"";:I1IX::VBL$:V0IX0:BL$:"";AS PLAYED,K#"YOU WON";HW;", LOST";HL;", AND TIED";HT;".EP#"YOU HAVE BUSTED";:YB1" ONCE.":9043UQ#YB;"TIMES.S#"THE DEALER HAS BUSTED";:DB1" ONCE.":9050U#DB;"TIMES.Z#"YOU ARE ";W2$((BR)1);:BR09061d#" $"((BR)900$))1);e#" FOR THE DAY."::2f#"DO YOU WANT TO CONTINUE ";A$:A$""9062Lh#A$"Y"F70:::455l#:"I HOPE YOU ENJOYED PLAYING":"COMPUTER BLACKJACK.x#"GOODBYE";#BR0" SUCKER.":#".":#"HOW MANY DECKS?(1,2  BUGGY, BY BILL FINZER3 COPYRIGHT, 1979[ FROM AN IDEA BY JOHN SEELY BROWN|- D1(7),D2(7),PROC$(3),P$(3)< +,"",-,"",*,"",/,""F I0 3: PROC$(I),P$(I):d-----MAIN CALLING ROUTINE-----n 500 ""(DN$,20);,----INITIALIZE-----=SCRE100:S0INBUGS7V&T(TI):BLANK$" "DDN$""I A(A)(A(D1(J)D2(J))10J.5)K N(A)((1)10000)NR  A20 (B$)2 A$;: 910A A20 A$;:B$(B$,(B$)1): 920d A32 (A127 A161) 920vA$;:B$B$A$((0)1)40(((0)1)40) (B$)110  920----INSTRUCTIONS----- 59468,14:""B"H, I'ՠԠϠˠ?' "CŠ1 "NBUGS;@  850::BUG((A$))_  BUG1 BUGNBUGS 1160v "WԠ."|  ----SAMPLE PROBLEM----  BUG 10000,10200,10400,10600,10800,11000,11200,11400,11600,11800 "": 4400: B$"B" N1(B$)  N11E05 20709 : TTI:" TOO LARGE!"Q : TIT180 2066^ : 2020i  4700 ""(DN$,21)"2ND NUMBER? "; * 900:N2(B$) , N21E05 2098 .: TTI:" TOO LARGE!" 0: TIT180 2096 1: "5:SS1 p 2010 ----TEST USER--------$ 400R "EΠ٠. PӠΠΠ.i W$"Y": 900: 400 "G,נI'̠ԠՠȠ3 " "AҠŠI, Ԡ" "." I21 3" BUG A$"";:B$A$B$: 2590Z AUSE(B$)'d AUSEANS 27001n SS1:x I2@ a ----USER HAS MISSED ONE----| W$"N":SCRESCRE10I2 4500:L3((AUSE)) ""7L3)""(AUSE) SS1:TTI: 400 "T'ӠԠԠI." Ǡ٠à!b 9 -----PUT DIGITS OF N1 & N2 INTO ARRAYS--------I M1N1:M2N2W I0 6m M1M110:M2M210 D1(I)(10(M1(M1)).5) D2(I)(10(M2(M2)).5) M1(M1):M2(M2) I 0-----PRINT OUT  WHOLE PROBLEM---- : 4500: 4700: 4800D0 ---MOVE TO SLOT S------A S19 S0YDN((S5)51.5)vRT((S5(S5))35.5)"";:(DN$,DN); RT0 RT);----EMPTY SQUARE----- I1 5 " "; I""; \---PRINT N1----+f 4500: 4600;pL1((N1))]z7L1)(N1)""PROC$(P)cz----PRINT N2----- 4500L2((N2))""7L2)(N2)"";$-----PRINT ANSWER-----x 1000: INSTRUC. 1500: GIVE SAMPLEJ 2000: ASK FOR PROBSd 2500: ASK FOR BUG W$"N" 2010: 150 3000: WIN DISP 500 120---CLEAR TEXT AREA-----""(DN$,20)BLANK$ I1 3:BLANK$: I ----GET SINGLE CHARACTER----!WTTI>\ TIT30 "";: 870[a TIT60 " ";: 870dcTTI{f A$: A$"" 860p" ";:----GET NON-EMPTY STRING----B$"": 158,0 850:A(A$) B$"" A13 910 A13 ͠B.& L"I'͠Ԡ٠ĠԠ.] V"IŠ'̠ŠԠԠӠǠȠ. `"A٠Š"NBUGS" j"''IԠ. TŠӠ t"ҠӠŠҠϠŠ. ~"WȠǠ 4900(  400:"AŠӠŠƠ٠Ǡ."U "PӠ٠٠Ϡ٠ҠΠ_ SS1q  158,0: 850w  ---INPUT PROBLEMS---- "BUGGY"BUG" SCORE="SCRE" 'B' WHEN READY.  400 "FIRST NUMBER? ";  900:"BLANK$"": 2080 2 4800 4 P1 21304 >: N1N2 2130q C: ""(DN$,22)"2ND # MUST BE SMALLER THAN 1RST.";:TTI H: TIT180 2120 M: 2020 R \ BUG 5000,5200,5400,5600,5800,6000,6200,6400,6600 f 4900:SCRESCRE 10000,10200,10400,10600,10800,11000,11200,11400,11600; 4400:B$"": 158,0c 850:A(A$): A20 B$"" 2590# (B$)1A20 B$"":" ";: 2590( A20 B$(B$,(B$)1):" ";: 2590- A13 B$"" 25902 A13 2650< TIT180 2760 4400: 4900:SS1 1 ----WIN DISPLAY-----H "Y'ŠŠ!k& "AĠҠŠӠ"SCRE": SCRE70 "YՠŠӠ͠٠!D "WĠՠŠҠ?N 850: A$"Y" X "SϠ 1393: 5600:r)N1N(A):N2N(A)|) N1N2 N3N1:N1N2:N2N3))F10:F20: 35007) I0 3_) D1(I)0 D2(I)0 F11: 10670x) D1(I)D2(I) F21) I) F10 F20 10610) 5600)0*--PROBLEM 5---:* 10600:  -------MAIN PROGRAM-----CMAX500:MS80: S%(MAX),SA%(MS)U 1200: INITj 1400: INSTRUC158,0:"C A B: ";: 8000 A$"A" A$"B" 1040$ (A$)64 2000,3000: SIMULATION, GAME."SԠ (Y ҠN)? ";: . 45008L3((ANS))B""7L3)(ANS)L3 BUGGY 1--ADD W/O CARRYAP0:ANS0L 3500_ J7 0 1~ D1(J)0 D2(J)0 5027KJ1:ANS(D1(J)D2(J))10J:J0 J K1 5080 IK 0 1MD1(I) TRUC--------." WELCOME TO THE FOREST"\"YՠŠԠҠǠϠ"ԠԠŠƠӠΠ"ԠӠŠ."IΠӠΠՠ̠Π"ŠӠƠԠP1:ANS0' 3500, J0 7&6 D1(J)D2(J) 5700:D1(J)D1(J)106@ANSA(ANS)>J JDTh--BUGGY 4--SUB FROM 0 WRONG---}P1:ANS0: 3500 J0 7 D1(J)0 5640 D1(J)D2(J) 5700ANSA(ANS) J:ION------ " SΠMK"Hנ٠ӠϠՠԠΠҠf" (<="MAX")? ";q 8400POP((B$)):PO1POPMAX "B 1 "MAX"":2035F$"F" "DϠՠԠϠԠŠŠ A(ANS):p---BUGGY 6---zP1:ANS0 3500 J0 6G D1(J)D2(J) 5700:D1(J)D1(J)9]ANSA(ANS): J:~8 BUGGY 7---2 PLACES CORRECTBP1:ANS0: 3500L J0 1V D1(J)D2(J) 5700`ANSA(ANS):j :20858 4"H ٠ӠΠ ( 1 "POP")? :";N >8400:SS((B$)) H SS1 SSPOP "MԠŠ 1 "POP": ";: 2110 R"Hנ٠ӠϠ (1-"MS"): "; \8400:NS((B$)) f NS1 NSMS "MԠŠ:F0 ( I0 3( D2(I)D1(I) F1( I(( F0 10210!-( 5200'2(>(---PROBLEM 3-----J( 10200R(F0t( I0 3: D1(I)0 F1: I( F0 10410( 5400(h)---PROBLEM 4----j) F010610l)F1:N11409:N2  1 "MS": ";:2140 p 4200: DO RUN) u158,0< wX0:Y24:8800P xF$"F" 5000| z"AҠ (Y ҠN): ";:8000:A$  A$"N" 2000  ------GAME------ 3200: GAME INSTRUC AS0:PRP(0):SAMP1: SPENT & PROP 5800:*---PROBLEM 6----+ 10600: 6000:+---PROBLEM 7----<+N1N(0):N2N(0): N1N2 11210L+ 3500:F10o+ J2 3: D1(J)D2(J) F11+: F10 11210+ 6200:$h)---PROBLEM 4----j) F010610l)F1:N11409:N28000:A$8 A$"N" 1030FB"I'ӠΠŠǠȠ!!"LLb----INIT--------CT1:CS10:CWP2: COSTS P(X)(1)2: PROPORTIONX(TI) 59468,14D$""C$""nx-----INSD2(I)M(M10(M10))10ANSANSM(10I) I)ANS(ANS.5)/TP---BUGGY 2 SUB SMALL FROM LARGEbZP1:ANS0md 3500{n J0 6xANSA(ANS) J----BUGGY 3, BORROW, BUT STILL SMALLER FROM LARGER----"Ġ.""TŠŠϠ:M" A) SΠ - EŠ-v" ԠŠ& Ԡ;" B) GŠ - T٠ϠŠŠ" ԠƠǠΠŠ" .6-----SIMULATMD1(I)D2(I)D---BORROW-----ND1(J)D1(J)10X J11 5JIb D1(JJ1)0 D1(JJ1)D1(JJ1)1:XlD1(JJ1)9cv J1:BUGGY 5---FORGETS IT BORROWEDP1:ANS0: 3500 J0 6 D1(J)D2(J) D1(J)D1(J)10ANS (Y ҠN)? ";2 8000:A$:A$"Y" A$"N" 2060P  A$"N" PRP(0):2100] : F$"T" : "OK, WԠ ( 0 100)? "; %: 8400:PR(B$)100 *: PR0 PR1 "MԠŠ 0 Ġ100: "; J2 5:ANSA(ANS):t' BUGGY 1--NO CARRY*'N1N(0):N2N(0): 3500:F108$' J0 3T.' D1(J)D2(J)10 F11\8' JoB' F10 10010|L' 5000:'---PROBLEM FOR BUGGY 2----'N1N(A):N2N(A)' N2N1 10210( 3500 NS: 4000: CHOOSE SAMPLE: SA%(SAMP)ND0: 4800: PRINT SAMPLE; SAMPNX0:Y24:8800Y158,0"PӠ٠٠Ҡ: ";:80005200: HEADING4600: SORT&------SORT SA%------- SA1 NS1 ( SEED(1):T(SEED): SET GENERATOR FOR LATER REUSEU "Hנ٠ӠΠŠ#"SAMP"? ";h 8400:SS(B$) SS1 SSPOP "MԠŠ 1 "POP": ";:3040 4000: CHOOSE SAMPLE "TԠԠ"CSCTSS".  ASAS :COL3 "";: :COL10)" # DISSD";: COL3 ""@$COL(COL):XCOL10:YSAMP20COL3J.8800_8SAMP;SA%(SAMP);B COL3 (COL1)101)""~-----ESTIMATE %----"EŠŠ% : ";C$"%":8400:GP((B X 8000:A$"Y"A$"N"3160b A$:A$"Y"3000$l ? ----GAME INSTRUC-----\ " FOREST GAME"t POP((1)51)100 "YҠԠ "POP". "CǠŠӠ, Ϡՠ "Š "CT"ҒҠ COMPARISON---z"L נI ..."8SS200(CW15CT): BEST SAMPLE SIZEYT(SEED): RESET GENERATORs4000: CHOOSE SAMPLEPET(NDSS100.5)PS(CSSSCTCW(PETP1)2.5)"I ĠŠ"PET"%, . "T٠ϠԠӠנŠӠ!#> =H ---GUESS & RANK-----R "WԠӠҠŠƠŠ ƠĠ? ";f C$"%":8400:GP((B$).49):P1(PR100.5):C$""p "TŠŠŠ "P1"%. " A20 8220: B$"" A13 D A13 A$;:8N A20 (B$)2 A$;:B$"": 8220bX A20 A$;:B$(B$,(B$)1): 8220b A32 (A127 A161) 8220{ (B$)38  A$;:B$B$A$ 8220 -NON-EMPTY STR- B$" PLE---ND0:CHOSEN0 I1 POP:S%(I)0:I.ITEM((1)POP1)G: S%(ITEM) 4030h: CHOSENCHOSEN1:S%(ITEM)1: ITEMPOPPR NDND1: CHOSENSS 4030h------NS SAMPLES----r5200: HEADING SAMP1 ) HANGMAN1 JULY1980y HANGMAN WITH 5 WORD CATEGORIES (GOOD GRAPHICS) WORD DATA LOCATED AT LINE 1051 GROUPED/20 WORDS PER CATEGORY 8K PET IF LINES 1-25 AND LINES !63333+ ARE REMOVED*****3.0 ROMSh AUTHOR UNKNOWN (CUE LIBRARY) ADAPTED BY HARRIET HUNGATEn " " SAN MATEO COUNTY  " OFFICE OF EDUCATION  " & : JNS SA1 15: SA%(J)SA%(J1) TSA%(J):SA%(J)SA%(J1):SA%(J1)T=*: I4: 4800O>_HSANS:4800eR----PRINT SAMP------COL(SAMP1)20 COL(COL) 4900: COL(COL): ""COL10)"SMP # TRS"; CSCTSS:SAMPSAMP1+  "SϠҠՠŠ"AS".Y  "TŠ"ND"ĠԠ"SS".{ & "AҠ (Y ҠN)? "; 0 8000:A$"Y" A$"N"3120 : A$:A$"Y"3030 D 3400: GUESS&RANK N "AҠ (Y ҠN)? ";  $).49):PR(PR100.5):C$""WRGPPR' WR0 "E٠!"P WR0 "A٠Ԡ"PR"%."VqP----TABLE HEADING----Z"POP="PO": SAMPSIZE="SS": # SAMPS="NS_ F$"T"""(PR100.5)"% ."np----- . "SǠРȠŠӠȠN "--Ԡ "CS"Ӓ Ҡ.} "TŠ٠ƠҠ̠Š "̠. Yՠ̠ " "CW"ӒҠǠ "Š " ԠԠ $"PS". ASPS "YՠĠҠΠI!.2@-SINGLE CHAR--;JTTIZT TIT30 C$"";: 8050x^ TIT60 " ";: 8050hTTIr A$: A$"" 8020|" ";: -GET STRING-- 8000:A(A$)0 B$" z WR(P1GP) WR0 "E٠!":3500C : "Y ŠǠ٠"WR"s : "ӠȠӠ"CWWR2". : ASASCWWR2 "YҠԠ "AS"." 6000: COMPARISON-----CHOOSE SAM": 158,0 8200 B$"" 8420 `"-TO X,Y-j""":"";.t"X0Y0 C~"X0(D$,Y);:T"Y0X);:e"(D$,Y)X);k"$ 8050hTTIr A$: A$"" 8020|" ";: -GET STRING-- 8000:A(A$)0 B$"! CCORDING TO YOUR WISHES"7 t"AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ACCORDINGLY."` u"TYPE ANYTHING TO CONTINUE...."v vC$: C$"" 118 x I1 8: HM$(I): } I1 6: J1 4 TD$(I,J):: A$"":B$""59468,14:! ," COMPUTER-USING EDUCATORS R" x" SOFTSWAP " "333 MAIN STREET, REDWOOD CITY"CA 94063 (415)364-5600 EX4401"! ASE TYPE THE APPROPRIATE NUMBER,"NM$:Z1999:: 150Q "  ET ME THINK OF A WORD...":TTTIq I0 (C1)20((1)20)} WD$: TITT120 200LM$"":PR$"":LG$""I1 (WD$) (WD$,I,1)" " PR$(I)" ":PR$PR$! ""13)"*************"'13)"*"25)"*"@13)"* *"T13)"*"25)"*"h 13)"*"25)"*"!13)"*************"" 59468,14:" O YOU NEED INSTRUCTIONS?";# C$: C$"" 35% C$"Y" 110/ ("OUR BES!"";34);" ˑ ";+  I1 23:" ";:D" ";: 33767,160d"SECRET WORD: ";CT$(C);"{ I1 8 :"" :18);"LETTERS MISSED""18);""'"";PR$, I1 17:"";:116)!PLEA-BARGAIN THE CHARGES DOWN TO UGLINESS, PROVIDED HE/SHE HAS";V A"ONE FRIEND. Ӡ??" F"O SAVE YOUR FRIEND'S LIFE, YOU MUST GUESS THE SECRET WORD/"; K"WORDS. ACH TIME UOU GUESS A LETTER, YOU HAVE A CHANCE ";+ P"TO !85h"": I1 20m I2(I2) "";1r"THAT'S NOT A LETTER!!"Bw J1 50:P| I: 310c I1 (LG$)} G$(LG$,I,1) 400 I: 430"" I1 20 I2(I2) "";"THAT LETTER WAS TRIED!!"!C$: C$"" 105; n"HAT IS YOUR FIRST NAME?";:950:NM$(C$,9)R o" OKAY,"NM$"~ p"HEN YOU GUESS A CORRECT LETTER,YOU" q"WILL BE ASKED IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO TRY" r"TO GUESS THE ENTIRE WORD.YPE EITHER " s"YES OR NO A! I1 20 I2(I2) "";"VERY GOOD,"NM$"!". J1 50::B PR$WD$ 565h"TRY FOR THE WORD? ";q950 (C$,1)"Y" 310"GUESS THE WORD(S) " 950:G$(C$,(WD$))  G$WD$ 565"" "  I1 20% I2(I2) "";;!"SORRY,"NM$""N& J1 50::o+" "y0 3105"";: I1 10?" "B$;D" "B$;!"HOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES:"`CT$(1)"COMPUTERS":CT$(2)"SPORTS":CT$(3)"CARS":CT$(4)"NATIONS"xCT$(5)"POT POURRI" A1 5:A;". ";CT$(A):" OUR CHOICE, "NM$" ";:950:C(C$) C1 C6 175 "LE!6"\" PROGRAMS MAY BE COPIED FOR " EDUCATIONAL USE & MAY NOT BE" SOLD. COPYRIGHT 1981 CUE,INC" HM$(8),TD$(6,4),PR$(17),C$(25)!" ": 225 PR$(I)"-":PR$PR$"-":59468,12.MN$(NM$,1)Z (MN$)95 NM$((MN$)128)(NM$,2)sVP17:HP0:M0:""; I1 16:"";: I18::HM$(I);: I1 7" ";::"";"  "!T FRIEND HAS BEEN ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH ARSON, TRE";x -"ASON, ARMED ROB- BERY AND PUBLIC DRUNKENESS ... ...MURDER,"; 2" MAYHEM, IGNORANCE AND UGLINESS." 7"OWEVER, THE JUDGE, BEING A BENEVOLENT SORT, WILL LET YOUR FRIEND";6 <" !;LM$*6"GUESS A LETTER ";:950:G$C$" "D; (G$,2,1)" " 350P@""_E I1 20wJ I2(I2) "";O"ONLY ONE LETTER, ";NM$;""T J1 50:Y I: 310^G$(G$,1)c G$"A" G$"Z" 3!GUESS THE WORD/WORDS, WITH NO PENALTY FOR A WRONG GUESS."f U"UT !!!! ACH TIME YOU GUESS AN "; Z" LETTER, YOUR FRIEND ADVANCES ONE STEP CLOSER TO" _ 10);"!!!! !!!! d"  YPE ANYTHING TO CONTINUE " i! J1 50: I: 310" "2F0: I1 (WD$)V G$(WD$,I,1) PR$(I)G$:F1\l F0 650LG$LG$G$:PR$"" I1 (WD$)PR$PR$PR$(I):"";PR$" "" " "" ""  ""  """ "Ƥ"8" "," "," "|" "," "," "," "," "," "," "," "," "" "," "," "," "," "," "," "," "," "," "" I" YOU WON! "B$; N" "B$;!X" "B$;/]"";Gb" "B$;_g" "B$;yl" YOU WON! "B$;q" "B$;v" "B$;{"";::"CARE FOR ANOTHER" E *" WORD DATA FOR CATEGORY 2a . BASEBALL,FOOTBALL,BASKETBALL,SOCCER,RUGBY,HOCKEY,SKIING,"WATER POLO" 3 VOLLEYBALL,BOXING,"TIDDLEY WINKS",CHESS,"JAI ALAI",SWIMMING,TRACK 7" " 0 I1 2:VPVP1:"";  J2 VP:"";: VP1 "";.HP1)"";< J1 8T""HM$(J)"";j J:" ";: I I1 4:HPHP1:""; J2 VP:"";: VP1 "";HP)""; J1 8""!G MUSTANG,JALOPY,FERRARI,RAMBLER5"" WORD DATA FOR CATEGORY 4}" THAILAND,AMERICA,FRANCE,SPAIN,ENGLAND,GERMANY,RUSSIA,ITALY,GREECE" EGYPT,RHODESIA,CHILE,CHINA,JAPAN,INDIA,CANADA,MEXICO,UGANDA""$HM$(J);:H"";:R I1 1000:\" "A$;(a"R "A$;9f"I۪"A$;Jk"Pݶ"A$;\p" ݒ"A$;nu" "A$;z" "A$;" "; I1 3000:"THE SECRET WORD WAS:""MPLE,QUININE# $ERRARI,RAMBLER5"" WORD DATA FOR CATEGORY 4}" THAILAND,AMERICA,FRANCE,SPAIN,ENGLAND,GERMANY,RUSSIA,ITALY,GREECE" EGYPT,RHODESIA,CHILE,CHINA,JAPAN,INDIA,CANADA,MEXICO,UGANDA"""" C1$: C1$"" 955 (C1$)13 975 C$"" 955" ":4 (C1$)20 990F C$"" 955gC1(C$): C11 C$"":986yC$(C$,C11)" ";:955C1$"";:C$C$C1$: 955" "," "" ߒ"" % HANGMAN3 SEPTEMBER 1980+N DONATED TO CUE BY B.GODFREYr FROM TORONTO PET USERS GROUPx HANGMAN GAME WITH 14O WORDS AND 5 DIFFICULTY LEVELS WORDS CAN BE CHANGED IN DATA STATEMENTS 70"0-799   PET 8K m " ݠ SAN MATEO COUNTY  " OFFICE OF EDUCATION & " COMPUTER-USING EDUCATORS SOFTSWA"" " " WORD DATA FOR CATEGORY 1i CPU,CHIP,RAM,CORE,MEMORY,"DATA",TERMINAL,"FLOPPY DISC",CYCLES,LOOP$ INCREMENT,INPUT,LOGIC,OCTAL,SUBROUTINE,HEXADECIMAL,SUBSCRIPT) OUTPUT,PERIPHERAL,BYT" CHANCE TO KILL A FRIEND"NM$"?" 925'" "6 I1 20N I2(I2) "";k"YOU BLEW IT "NM$"!"~ J1 50::LG$LG$G$:LM$LM$G$"": I1 10:"":18)LM$:MM1 M9 80" WORD DATA FOR CATEGORY 36!8 "AUTO RACING",FENCING,ARCHERY,CYCLING,"MOUNTAIN CLIMBING"~!= PORSCHE,TOYOTA,VOLKSWAGEN,LINCOLN,PANTERA,LOTUS,TRIUMPH,CHEVROLET!B DODGE,BMW,EDSEL,DATSUN,CONVERTIBLE,CADILLAC,CAPRI,"DUNE BUGGY"" "HM$(J)"";:: M8 310 "";HP); I1 85" "HM$(I)"";:?  310W "";34);o% I1 6: J1 4*TD$(I,J)A$;:/"";:4"";34);9 I1 16:" ";> J3 8C A" YUGOSLAVIA,GUAM"#" WORD DATA FOR CATEGORY 5l# PIZZA,TENSION,MAGISTRATE,"TALK SHOW",SCIENTIST,MAHOGANY,THING,FAULT# DANGEROUS,EWES,SYLPH,QUAINT,LUG,BYE,MAIDEN,LAUGH,SPHINX# ERRONEOUSLY,EXA""WD$ "BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME, ";NM$;"!!!"7"CARE TO WASTE ANOTHER FRIEND? ";=T I1 32: WD$:k C$: C$"" 935~ C$"Y" 150"THANKS FOR PLAYING!!!!":C$"": INPUT SUBROUTINE"";:C$#P W" "333 MAIN STREET, REDWOOD CITY CA 94063 (415)364-5600 EX4401" A"# 0: U""";12);"A"!# U1200: U3$"";14);"N"E% U1200: UW&"";16);"G"i' U1200: U{("";18);"M") U1200: U*"";20);"A"+ U1200: U,"";22);"N"- U11000: U. U123/ 0 U12# * YOU HANG *"Y Z "THE WORD WAS ";A$Q^"NEW DIFFICULTY FACTOR (N/Y)?"Z_ Q$o` Q$ "Y" 890a Q$ "N" 511b 607 NEXT,INTEREST,LYNX,LANGUAGE,ASYLUM,FREEZE,LIMIT,SCHOOL,RIDICULE COMPUTE# ESENTED BY THE DASHES. YOU"@ : "WIN IF YOU FILL IN THE WORD BEFORE YOUR"o ; "MAN IS HANGED. YOU LOSE IF THE MAN IS" < "HANGED." = "ENTER WORD SET DESIRED (1-5)" ?"" @"DO NOT PRESS RETURN" A WS$ C# D,CLERK,JUSTIFY,CHRISTEN,THUMB,THIMBLE,CLARITY,ALGEBRA,PHASEb THISTLE,LIBRARY,BRANCH,DRAFT,GNAT,SPOUSE,ANSWER,WHALE,EXCLAIM SPLIT,SHALE,CRAWL,TRAMP,COMMIT,VERIFY,SLIGHT,ANCHOR,PNEUMATIC,CRUTCH TRAFFIC,RIGHT,CORNER,IMPACT SURFACE,WR#$:IO(IO$):IO1IO595% a WS1 20:C$(WS):WS7 b GP 1 20O c RN ((1)20)1d d C$(RN)"0" 99 e A$C$(RN):C$(RN)"0" h "" i VI 0 j IT 1 IO k 1000 l IT n A (A$) AM0 E0:MM0:FI0 #NCIL,THREAT  OVERTHROW,BELIEVE,SYMPHONY+ QUALITY,SHUFFLE,CELLOPHANEO MEMORY,BECOME,SWITCH,KEYBOARD FEATURE,PASSIVE,DISPLAY,SOCKET,BRIDGE,PLATINUM,THERMAL,HOBBY,SPECIAL MANUAL,CLOSE,DESTROY,PRIORITY,SCOPE  SHINE,SOLID,ENTER#ESS A LETTER " V0 Z$!  Z$"" 250. I1 AC" Z$B$(I) 350V' Z$" " 350,PRINT "CORRECT GUESS "6"";(2I)16);B$(I): B$(I)" " 350< B$(I)" "@ MMMM1J MMA  VI VI 1$ VI 1100,1150,1200,1250,1300,1350,1400,1450,15008L "EQ ""RR ""_S ""lT ""yU ""V "[ " ` "j 1600~ "# PROGRAMS MAY BE COPIED FOR EDUCATIONAL USE & MAY NOT BE" SOLD. COPYRIGHT 1981 CUE,INC "":C$(20)"";10);"" U1200: U "";10);"H"! U120#1)2)16);Z$ 1000 E ( 9IO) 600( I11000:I2 250O"* YOU WIN! *" "NEW DIFFICULTY FACTOR (N/Y)?" Q$ Q$ "Y" 890 Q$ "N" 511 502 GP 95X"# UU150:UU 1 U 2"". 3 10);""L 5 "";10);"INSTRUCTIONS"} 6 " " 7 "WHEN THE COMPUTER PRINTS GUESS A LETTER" 8 "TYPE IN A LETTER THAT YOU THINK IS IN" 9 "THE WORD REPR#R,COMMENT,TOPIC,WEIRD,BORING,USEFUL,PRESS,FORGET,SIMPLEP READY,QUESTION,REPEAT,EXTEND,SOCIETY,INVENTIONq WATER,BRAKE,SAFETY,WORSHIP PLANE,SCIENCE,BATTERY OBSCURE,SUFFICE,PRISM,VISUAL,FACETIOUS,IMPROVE,CONTRARY,STUDY,REALM FRAU# WS$ "0" WS$ "6" 70 E 65. F WS ((WS$)1)20@ K WT 1 WSI P V$R U WTz Z "ENTER DIFFICULTY FACTOR (1-5)" [" 1 EASIEST":"":" 2":" " \" 3":"":" 4":" ":" 5 HARDEST" _ IO#ITE,POWER,GUIDE PERMIT,EXCITE,VALLEY,CHEQUE0 MERGE,ROUTE,DAMAGE,CANOEO WEATHER,SAILING,PAVEMENTm THEATRE,CONSOLE,JOURNAL NUCLEUS,HORIZON,TRIGGER STOCK,STRUCTURE,BINARY BOUQUET,ELECTRIC,NOVELTY ENGINE,SELECT,PE# I1 A B$(I)(A$,I,1) I# I1 A? "";(2I)16);""G Im "USED LETTERS: "; UL 1 ( 9IO) " "; UL " " "GU#TAIN,MOBILE,ASSEMBLE,SKILL,DELIVER,RACQUET,OBJECT# HANDLE,COMPLETE= BIORHYTHM,DEFAULTERU  *** FINISHED! ***z "ENTER DIFFICULTY FACTOR (1-5):"{90| IO} IO 1 IO 5 892 GP 95 *** DRAW VICTIM ***# 500T V1Y 350 ^ Ih V1 362%i 3706jK11000:K?k250vr"INCORRECT GUESS"sQQ11000:t" "wEE1|"";((E