7"";:BD%(144),D1(15),MT%(15),XY%(32):V25:4000]E3000:E1250:B$" "c 1,3,1,3,1,3,1,3,3,1,3,1,3,1,3,1,1,3,1,3,1,3,1,3,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,1,2,1,21,2,1,2,5,1,5,1,5,1,5,1,1,5,1,5,1,5,1,5,5,1,5,1,5,1,5,1I18:J1 )"FROM:";C:V)"TO:";CCA:5800:670:"":I112:::V)"YOUR JUMP!":300YY1JF:AX(2D(Y))1040e:7015MA:2000:A19MH5MH6:F21I1E1:(515)27Z$:7070:BD%(X)2:BD%(A)MH:BD%(XD(Y))2:5800CMCM1:1400 F10JF0MK0:F11 F1JF750D MKMK1:D1(MK)J:MT%(MK)I:JF0MT%(MK)I1c BD%(I)BD%(IJ):BD%(IJ)2i } 1720:J9112 BD%(IJ)2796 BD%(IJ)BD%(I):BD%(I)2:6000 F10JF0MK0:F11 F1JF795MKMK1:D1 I120::JV)"ME":V)"YOU"TTI$"00"PM$PS$:^X1$:(515)27W:7070ZcX1$""W310,320,420,427zhPM$(TI$,3,2):PS$(TI$,2)r""29)PM$;":";PS$:1630"":I120::I:V)"ME":V)"YOU"TI$"00"MM$MS$MM$(TIJF1):DD(X):NMNM(X):V)"FROM:";NM? `NMDD79BD%(NM)3BD%(NM)4:F21z bBD%(NMD)2:BD%(NMDD)BD%(NM):BD%(NM)2:FNM:TFDD g"":I1HF:::V)"TO:";NMDD:5800 yOMOM1:1400:OM06500 {F2670 6200:JF0670 H0:I115000:#"DO YOU NEED ANY INSTRUCTIONS?":"PRESS Y OR N.7A$:A$""5010EA$"N"5v"":14)"INSTRUTIONS":I120:"";::""1. INTERNATIONAL CHECKER RULES ARE IN":" EFFECT."2. MOVE BY ENTERING FIRST THE ROW" F0:V)"TO: ";:W3:1600B "":I1FD:::29)X1$;:A$X1$:W4:1600l "":I1FD:::30)X1$:A(A$X1$) A11A887030 JF1010 XA11XA9480 BD%(X)6(AX9AX11)480 7005 BD%(A)17030,7040,490,7010,7010>%"J="J9":GOTO9532"?%525,10:N09:527N,13::"":'I837870:A:I,A:Is@BLzB(IE@R8 IS DOING.3%"8)BET Z TO RESET A PLAYER'S BANK TO4%" ZERO.5%"9)BET S TO RESHUFFLE THE DECK OR TO6%" CH"";VX$(I);"";VX$(I1);"";::F"";:I282:""VX$(I):I8232[""VX$(I1):OM12:CM12:PM$"00":PS$PM$:MM$PM$:MS$PM$:JF0:1400:V)"MY MEN /ђ":V)"YOUR MEN /גV)"CLOCK:":28)"00:005800"JF1002:ZI10!4)MA$(BD%(Z2));10)MA$(BD%(Z4));16)MA$(BD%(Z6));=22)MA$(BD%(Z8)):""z1)MA$(BD%(Z11));7)MA$(BD%(Z13));13)MA$(BD%(Z15)); 19)MA$(BD%(Z17)):I5"";Z70 "":pJF0:N132:PXY%(N):BD%(P)5BD8:BD%(I10J):::FF0:232@2,3,4,5,6,7,8:I28:VX$(I):tPK32806:32,81,207,87,213,191:I27:TY%(I):12,14,16,18,21,23,25,27,32,34,36,38,41,43,45,47,52,54,56,58,61,63,65,67#72,74,76,78,81,83,85,87:I3211:XY%(I):!(" ":CM06600!F2540$6000:JF05401.H0:I1JF:NM(I)AHI:@8:H0540f=XA:FDFD1:"":I1FD:::400x"":I114:::V)B${V)"I HAVE";CM;"MEN}V)B$" "V)"YOU HAVE";OM;"MEN":OM9"";@"":(MK)J:MT%(MK)I:JF0MT%(MK)I1.BD%(I)BD%(IJ):BD%(IJ)24:T I1MK:MT%(I)1840*:I1MK:MT%(I)0MT%(I)MT%(I)1:840/HCMT%(I):CAD1(I):BD%(C)3CCA79BD%(C)4RBD%(CCA)BD%(C):BD%(C)2\""V$,3,2):MS$(TI$,2):"":M121::"""28)MM$;":";MS$:WL(M10):RML10:PNPK(L1)120R3:PN,191:"":13)"PET CHECKERS":18)"BY9)"CMS SOFTWARE SYSTEMS":10)"5115 MENEFEE DRIVE11)"DALLAS, TX 75227IJF:NM(I)THI& :HHFHF1:NMNM(H):DD(H):608X 1720:I1E1::6000:""V)"MY MOVE:b 7070 MK0:F10:L132:IXY%(L):BD%(I)3760 BD%(I)4799 J1192 BD%(IJ)2755 BD%(IJ)BD%(I):BD%(I)2:6000  NUMBER AND THEN THE COLUMN NUMBER./"3. TO CANCEL A MOVE, PRESS RETURNN" WHILE ? IS LIGHTED."4. ENTER MULTIPLE JUMPS, 1 JUMP":" AT A TIME." PRESS RETURN TO START THE GAME.A$:A$""51105"":I17,7020,7020 MA:2000:A19MH68 I1E1:(515)27Z$:7070W :BD%(X)2:BD%(A)MH:5800y "":I112:::V)B$:1700 &""25)"YOUR MOVE:":I16:::V)"MY MOVE: 0I16:25)B$::""; X6200:JF0700 \HF8:X((1)# JF0:N132:PXY%(N):BD%(P)3BD%(P)46299=P696230'BK9112jL(BD%(PK)5BD%(PK)6)BD%(PKK)2JFJF1:NM(JF)P:D(JF)KpQVBD%(P)46299[P396299`K1192j(BD%(PK)5BD%(PK)6)(BD%(PKK)2)JFJF1:02,F20:FD1:""V)"YOUR MOVE:":V)"FROM:":W1:1600U6""31)X1$;:X$X1$:W2:1600@""32)X1$:X(X$X1$):X11X887030hBD%(X)17030,7040,7000,7010,7010|MHBD%(X):MX:2000:JF0400I1JF:XNM(I)F1:F07015%(P)66099uP296030wK1192Lz(BD%(PK)3BD%(PK)4)(BD%(PKK)2)JFJF1:NM(JF)P:D(JF)KRfBD%(P)66099uP696099K9112(BD%(PK)3BD%(PK)4)(BD%(PKK)2)JFJF1:NM(JF)P:D(JF)K: 8,"","ђ","","ג":I26:MA$(I):GZ"";:I14:" ";::""dnN2:I14:JN3:K14x" ";::"":N1:J13:"  ";:K13:"  ";::::"̤ ";:I13:" ";:I:"1";:I282: " DOUBLE"; wX$CC%(P);6 |1000::BL$:3300:LL16:4000u P1T:CC%(P)0:AC%(P)0:SF%(P)0:BF%(P)0:DF%(P)0::400 CC52DK25L17:4020:5000 H$"":LL16:4000:"";:P1NP:H$""A$H$:450 K0:A$" ":3600:"ENTER YO tB%(P)2B%(P):DF%(P)1:3720~SB%(P,J)SB%(P,J)2:DF1?3000:CC%(P)21W$G$(4):3740NW$"STAYS"TSF%(P)0:3600:W$"":I055:OSH%(P,I):B%(P)SB%(P,I)500:W$W$G$(W)" ON"(O)"-"::W$" ";:380LLL24:V1:4020:  P"# INSURANCE BET? "; A$:A$""3520& A$"N"35508 A$"Y"3520T IB%(P)(B%(P)2):IBF1j A$::IBF03598 LL10:4000:L10:P1NP:IB%(P)03595 CC%(T)21W$"WIN":BR%(P)BR%(P)B%(P):IB%(P)B%(P):R11:3590 W$ "HANDS PLAYED,*K#"YOU WON"WL%(P)", LOST"WL%(P5)", AND TIED"WL%(P10)".]P#"YOU HAVE BUSTED";:TB%(P)1" ONCE.":9043pQ#TB%(P)"TIMES.S#"THE DEALER HAS BUSTED";:TB%(P5)1" ONCE.":9050U#TB%(P5)"TIMES.Z#B$"EVEN":BR%(P)B$:3168 I A$"D"CN43710:3168N A$"Y"31408S 3000:CC%(P)213130EX W$G$(4)g` 3600:W$;:DFD$;:J0FA1vc DFJFB1e X$CC%(P):I1E::J0B$W$:BCC%(P)l SH%(P,J)CC%(P):DF0:AC%(P)0::FA"";o "";:SF%(P)0:36HANGING TO ";A$;" DECK";:A1"S";#" AND RESHUFFLING.":91907#"RESHUFFLING THE DECK.Z#DKA:4900:""BL$:"";:410%59468,12:""7)"CASINO BLACKJACK 5.7%8)"COPYRIGHT 1979 BY%7)"CMS SOFTWARE SYSTEMS%8)"51113:KK1:K5K1 3005= Y$S$(K):CC%(P)CC%(P)V%(X):X1AC%(P)AC%(P)1v CC%(P)21AC%(P)0CC%(P)CC%(P)10:AC%(P)AC%(P)1 PNPCN23400:3060 2000 CNPTDHX:DH$Y$ CN0PNPXHX  CN%(P)CN%(P5)195%%" ACE SHOWING ON THE DEAL, YOU MAY BET*&%" 1/2 OF YOUR ORIGINAL BET THAT THER'%" DEALER HAS BLACKJACK. THIS IS A}(%" SEPERATE SIDE BET AND PAYS 2 TO 1.)%"4)DOUBLE DOWN: AFTER THE DEAL, YOU CAN*%" DOUBLE YOUR BET AND RECEIVE P)1 5957 DOW3:BR%(P)BR%(P)B%(P):WL%(P5)WL%(P5)1:595m &DOW2:BR%(P)BR%(P)B%(P):WL%(P)WL%(P)1:595 0WL%(P10)WL%(P10)1:W1 S 28)"BANK $"BR%(P): A(P1)6:"";:CNI1CN:: A)"":I16:A)"ROM1 TO 5 PLAYERS MAY PLAY AT A1%" TIME. BET C TO CHANGE THE NUMBER[2%" OF PLAYERS.":"7)BET 0 TO SEE HOW A PLAYER IS DOING.3%"8)BET Z TO RESET A PLAYER'S BANK TO4%" ZERO.5%"9)BET S TO RESHUFFLE THE DECK OR TO6%" CHUR BET AND PRESS RETURN ";# B$:B$""415C (B$"0"B$(13))K09000R B$"C"50c B$"Z"2200t B$"S"9100 B$(20)(A$)1" ";:A$(A$,(A$)1):415 B$(13)450 B$"+"(A$)1H$A$:"":450 (A$)4415 ::"";:I1L::V""BL$:V0:"";6$I152DK:D%(I)I::5005]""BL$:"RESHUFFLING THE DECK.oI52DK21R((1)I1):HD%(I):D%(I)D%(R):D%(R)H::CC0:(#"PLAYER #"P:"OUT OF"WL%(P)WL%(P5)WL%(P10)"LOSE":BR%(P)BR%(P)IB%(P):R12<4020:LL1:R)IB%(P):""P"# YOU "W$" $";:1000L :R11300\ I14000:~LL10:4000:CC%(NP1)21300150V1:L16P:4020:P"# ";:N$"1":JN$"2"SF%(P)"HAND #"N$" ";"AHEAD]#BR%(P)0B$"DOWN_#"YOU ARE ";B$;:BR%(P)09070Bd#" $"((BR%(P)),((BR%(P)))1);^n#" FOR THE DAY.":410#""BL$:"HOW MANY DECKS; 1, 2, OR 4?#A$:A(A$):A1A2A49120#""BL$:"";:ADK9180#"C00:SF%(P)1:B$; q FAFA0:" DD";0v X$B"-"W$;:FBFB0:" DD";C{ X$CC%(P):290e "PRESS RETURN TO CONTINUE:z A$:A$""3310 A$:A$(13)R(1):3320 H "":I17:NP6)"":: IBF0:P1NP:L9P:40205 MENEFEE DRIVE %9)"DALLAS, TX 75227":I16000:C!%""8)"** CASINO BLACKJACK **":I140:"";::n"%"1)STANDARD LAS VEGAS BLACKJACK RULES#%" ARE IN EFFECT.":"2)BLACKJACK PAYS 3 TO 2.$%"3)INSURANCE BET: IF THE DEALER HAS AN& J055:"";:I116:(P1)6)" ":[0 SF%(P)1:XCN%(PJ):Y$S$(CS%(PJ)):CN0:2000:CC%(P)V%(CN%(P))y5 SB%(P,J)B%(P):CN2:3155: CN%(P)1W$"STAYS":3168? CNCN2:3600:F$CC%(P)"?"A A$:A$""3137D A$:A$"N"W$"STAYS" ONE MORE+%" CARD BY PRESSING D.),%"5)SPLIT PAIRS: AFTER THE DEAL, PRESS ST-%" TO SPLIT PAIRS. SPLIT ACES RECEIVE.%" ONLY 1 ADDITIONAL CARD ON EACH HAND.":" ";:3300/%""8)"** CASINO BLACKJACK **":I140:"";::0%"6)F ": "":CNI1CN::6 A)""N$(X);""Y$:MA:X10MM1W "":M3)""Y$;""N$(X): ""BL$:"RESETTING BANK #"P" TO ZERO.":I1E: BR%(P)0:""BL$:"";:410 59468,12:CCCC1:XD%(CC):K1 X143020 XXANGE THE NUMBER OF DECKS IN PLAY.7%"10)PRESS + AFTER YOUR BET TO BET THATG8%" AMOUNT ON EACH HAND. MAXIMUM BETh9%" IS$999.":" ";:3300}:%59409,52:J9500;%(0)5000"":4<%"":IJJ8:I:I=%I9536"GOTO4":9534B$"0"B$"9"415! B$;:K1:A$A$B$:4153 :B%(P)(A$)M :"":59468,12:100\ O21520 W4:BR%(P)BR%(P)B%(P):TB%(P)TB%(P)1:WL%(P5)WL%(P5)1 595 D21540 W2:BR%(P)BR%(P)B%(P):TB%(P5)TB%(P5)1:WL%(P)WL%(   """Y)Y$V$0""27X)X$U$GX2$"":Y2$"":390Q GETkA$"E"CSCS1:B1:A$"Q"CBCB1:W1:A$"C"CSCS1:B1: A$"Z"CBCB1:W1:A$"7"SLSL1:B1: A$"9"BLBL1: &CS1CB2V$X$(1):610' 0CS2CB1V$X$(2):610D :CS2CB3V$X$(3):610a DCS3CB2V$X$(4):610~ NCS1CB3V$X$(5):610 XCS3CB1V$X$(6):610 bSL1BL3U$W$(1):670 lSL1BL2U$W$(2):670 vSL2BL1U$W$(3):D Z KEYS"TO MOVE HIS SHIELD. 602008"THE CATCH IS THIS: THE SHIELD AND LANCEe "MAY NOT BE HELD AT THE SAME LEVEL; SO"WHEN ONE IS MOVED TO THE LEVEL OF THE "OTHER, IT MOVES OUT OF THE WAY.(60200*HE OTHER. ֒" T"Q EZ C7 91 3"U h"PRESS RETURN TO COMMENCE JOUST"h rB$:B$""370u |"";BL$ P10:P20:P30:P40:P1$"":P2$"":P3$"":P4$"" A$:A$""520 X7.5670 B0:W0:740 SLBLSLSLW:BL" COPYRIGHT (C) 1980 BY BRIAN SAWYERD60500/N"COMPETITIONS KNIGHTLYS"WANT DIRECTIONS? ";:60000l(IN$,1)"Y"60300|LP2:60200" TWO GALLANT KNIGHTS ON STURDY CHARGERS"RIDE, EACH TRYING TO UNSADDLE THE OTHER. .,  ߩָ pX$X$"֒֒ ֒ Ω  / "X$X$" "X$X$""CR$"":"FIRST KNIGHT'S NAME? ";:60000:K1$IN$ IN$""K((Z128)255)ZL25460010IN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$;;Z13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:gZ20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010Z141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:6000060010(PN060250-605002"PRESS RETURN TO ";< 9500QDK1:BL1000:D%(208),N$(13),V%(13),WL%(15):I139:BL$BL$" ": "","","","":I14:S$(I)::A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,KI113:N$(I)::D$" ON DOUBLE DOWN":F$"DO YOU WANT TO HIT#V%(1)11:I213:V%(I)I:I10V%(I)WANT TO PLAY AGAIN";ZTTI:ZC2(A$:A$""987WZTTI(" ?",ZC,1);"";:ZTTI15:ZC3ZC`984vA$(13)A$"Y"A$"N"1010A$(13)A$"Y"984"";:N114:BL$:380"": 59458,(59458) 223:nCNCN%(P5)X:CS%(P5)K:1303xCN%(P)X:CS%(P)KF::XH13500YCC%(T)21300zP1NP:CN4:CC%(P)21160W$"YOU HAVE BLACKJACK!!":BF%(P)1:BR%(P)BR%(P)(B%(P)1.5):2803600:F$CC%(P)"?"A$:A$""165 A$:A$W1: *A$"1"SLSL1:B1:%4A$"3"BLBL1:W1:+><HSLCBLF1MRCSBLRF1e\"";:N13:BL$:fLF1"ϩΣ"pRF1"ߒߺ"z670 SL2BL3U$W$(4):670, SL3BL1U$W$(5):670I SL3BL2U$W$(6):670] YY.34:XX.34| X8 SLCB CSBL 840 X9840 ""Y5)"   " ""23X)" )17CNCN2:3000:3103@L16:V1:4020:"THE DEALER ";SJCC%(T)22Z$X$CC%(T):360fTG$(4)X$CC%(T)hDCC%(T):P1NP:SF%(P)3800j3600kBF%(P)"WINS WITH BLACKJACK";:WL%(P)WL%(P)1:380 rOCC%(P):500:G$(W);:DF%(P)(OD)BLB CSCBCSCSW:CBCBB! CB3CB30 CB1CB1? CS3CS3N CS1CS1] BL3BL3l BL1BL1{ SL3SL3 SL1SL1 Y.5550 ""Y1)"/ /  " ""28X)" \ \" "EACH CARRIES LANCE AND SHIELD.3" THE RIGHT PLAYER USES THE 7 AND 1 KEYSd"TO MOVE HIS LANCE AND THE 9 AND 3 KEYS"TO MOVE HIS SHIELD." THE LEFT PLAYER USES THE E AND C KEYS"TO MOVE HIS LANCE AND THE Q AN1$"LANCELOT":K1$;: ":"SECOND KNIGHT'S NAME? ";:60000:K2$IN$Z 'IN$""K2$"GALAHAD":K2$;q ,"" 6(13(K1$))2)K1$18)"ROUND "(13(K2$))2)K2$ @" "; J"֒ "30)"PNLP"BEGIN:";:60240 F"CONTINUE:";PT$:T$""602400ZPNLP60300ndPNPN1:"";PG$;" - CURSOR #";NM$;" (C) 1980 PAGE";PNyi60500n""::CR$(13):100TI110:"";:I:0"";9);"CURSOR #";NM$;" ";PG$: 10:E25009(:TIES,WINS,LOSES,"BUSTS":I14:G$(I):h-4900:"":59409,60:Z$" STAYS":X$" WITH}2"":I113::5"HOW MANY PLAYERS? (1 TO 5): ";7A$:NP(A$):NP1NP555UTNP1:A$:405dCN022:P1T:3000:PNP130""4);F;20);R;32);G>`IN$" ":ZTTI:ZC2:ZD$(20)TjZ$:Z$""60070tZTTI(" ",ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI15~60010Z(Z$):ZL(IN$):(Z127)32" ";:60110FL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$ "N"W$""Z$:280)A$"D"CN43700:280:A$"S"3100KA$"Y"170n3000:CC%(P)21CNCN2:160{W$G$(4)3600:W$;:DF%(P)D$;BF%(P)0X$CC%(P):290PNP"::3300,PT:CN2:XDH:Y$DH$:20006CC%(PLF1"  "DRF1"  "]RF0""28X)X$U$sLF0""Y)Y$V$N11300:Y.5:X0RF0LF1GG1LF0RF1FF1RR1:RF0:LF0:1020" K WRITTEN BY ..... ---------------------- ** WALTER E STEWART ** ---------------------- 59467,16: 59466,8159468,14: 760"";:59468,12#B$"":STI( ŠŠΠƠŠX- - 'STAR FIGHTER'."Vp" YҠΠӠϠ٠DEATH STAR."z" Y' 2 Ϡ ."" YՠԠ٠ ŠT.I.E. 'H' Ϡՠ' ."" YՠԠ٠ ELF !!!!!"  700,  (AL),("")128:"CRASH!!!"I "PLAY AGAIN?": 59464,0b  A$: A$"Y" 35u  A$ "N" 740  710 "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU"  59467,0: 59466,0: 59464,0: A$(12):S,T,A,R," ",F,I,G,H,T,E,R P "" 789"@" "d" LEFT <> RIGHT 4 6"" "" 123"" DOWN "; "BEEN VAPORIZED"  700C  L860 L862 L900 L902"PULL UP!"M  170W  240  L860 L862 L900 L902 690 A32767:C41:D40:E39:L901 & F19 0(ALC),("")128 :(ALD),("")128 D(ALE),2 IS MIDDLE SIZE-22222.2 :"DONUT 3 IS BIG--------3333333.] :"YOU HAVE TO MOVE ALL THREE DONUTS" :"FROM ONE STICK TO ANOTHER." :"DON'T PUT A LARGE DONUT ON TOP OF" :"A SMALLER ONE. GOOD LUCK!!"  $00{KK3000 H19 1 J22 H1 "YOU MISSED WITH BOTH SHOTS": 490J 6 E6 LL1\ @ E7 LL41n J E8 LL40 T E9 LL39 X L999 L999 Z L0 L0 ^ 166 hC41:D40:E39 r F13 |(ALC),("")128 (ALD),_T AT THE "B"PRESS 'RETURN' TO START YOUR MISSION"3L (515)27 1100<V 30$" LEFT <> RIGHT 4 6"" "" 123"" DOWN "; ": 250: 80 B$;: TIS3000 205B: 12)"ţ Ҥ"s" ţ Ҥ": TIS5000 23020)"Σ":12)"ţקҤ 20020)"":12)"ţ Ҥ": H1 520":59468,12= JOUST COPYRIGHT (C) 1980 BRIAN SAWYERV 1310 DOVER HILL RDs SANTA BARBARA CA 93103y: CURSOR #18, MARCH, 1980 BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93017 LINES 61000-65000 (C) 1980 CURSOR MAGAZINE:  AS OF 27A32768:N(()5)2: I1 10B2T(I)8:L(I)(()500)500: IL< 180XP I1N{Z L(I)1 L(I)960 L(I)901d(AL(I)),T(I)nX(()3)1s 59464,0x (L40)(L(I)40) X0X40 (L40)(L(I)40) X0X40(̠ՠ ΠԠӠנΠ ";;", ."" Y ԠƠŠ Ҡ ̠ȠϠŠ.""H 'RETURN' ." (515)27 940"";:59468,12" U I1 12:A$(I)  :""+ I1120:A(()1000)1K  59464,A4:32767A,(".")l* I10(I10)A$(I10)"";4: I1 2000>:"N Ӓ ?"C59464,0H A$: A$"N"30R A$"Y"870\ 840$f" Y "-" ''=YOU"C" 5 IS TO FIREh" 'H'=THE ENEMY"$" ţҤ IS THE TRENCH"."ţ ̤"8" Σק̤ IS THE TOWER SHOO("")128 N(ALF),("")128) X(ALF),("")128; b I0 12 3K g 59464,FIS l Iq "":CC41:DD80:EE39y  F (ALD),("")128  59464,0  I112::""; "GREAT JOB !!YOU SAVED THE REBELLION AND YOUR S"ۨ֒","ۨ֒͝"o"ۨ֒","ۨ͑֒","ۨ͑֒"BL$" "59458,(59458)32SL1:BL2:CS3:CB1:Y.5N1$"ۨ":O1$"ے"Y$("")128 (ALE),("")128- (ALF),("")128E (ALF),("")128] (ALE),("")128u (ALD),("")128 (ALC),("")128 "":CC41:DD40:EE39  F  H1 "YOU BLEW UP DEATH STAR BUT "; "YOU'VE "   "_Y$Y$"  , ߒߩ .   ߒ"Y$Y$"   ͝"Y$Y$" \  " X$"   ϥ  ϥYOU PASSED UP THE TARGET": 700J" ţ Ҥ":b(AL),("")128:t E1 LL39 E2 LL40 E3 LL41" E4 LL1' E5 59464,255: 59464,9:59464,128:J2J21, E5L901 TIS MAR 80 01PM*ZPG$"JOUST":NM$"18":62000NdN16:X$(N)::N16:W$(N):|n"Ν֒","ΝΑ֒"x"֒","Α֒","֒Α""Α֒"("ۨ֒", (L40)(L(I)40) 59464,120: 59464,608L(I)L(I)XK L(I)L 360S Ia 59464,0 E$:E(E$): E0 E1E: 260E2(515)E2 255 EE1: 260E10"":H1"A HIT!!!":59464,200: TIS4750 500 180 ! LEM VER2 JEFF JESSEE ANDD CREATIVE COMPUTINGO 3000{"DIRECTIONS";: A$: (A$,1)"Y" 50 20 X91 500: X9: X91 2000: X9:"THE OBJECT IS TO LAND YOUR LEM ON THE ""MOON WITH THE LOW "";l"";v"ALTITUDE ";E$;(H);::F"VELOCITY ";E$;(10V.5)10;::n"ACCELER. ";E$;(10A.5)10;::"THRUST ";E$;(B)(M8500);::"FUEL ";E$;(M8500);::"TIME ";E$;(D);::: S11    "; 2 G$: G$"" 1330 <B x"";i  I20 Z 1:"";: I:"";:  H 10Q QQ10: 1610  Q1 HQ 1800 @QQ10 J X10 2 2: ""; T Y1 222X:"";: Y^" (";l"";v"ALTITUDE ";E$;(H);::F"VELOCITY ";E$;(10V.5)10;::n"ACCELER. ";E$;(10A.5)10;::"THRUST ";E$;(B)(M8500);::"FUEL ";E$;(M8500);::"TIME ";E$;(D);::: S11 ^ ";:5:"U";:6:Z17 rX511:1400:" ";X;:5:XM s 1400:" ";x t Z1 20: 1400: L$: Z:Z20: 1400 v"   ";: Z1 20:1400:" ";: Z | G$: G$"" 1148 ~ 100  (V)5 1300 :"E A(3,6)7:"HI THERE. WHAT'S YOUR NAME";:N$e3:"OK, "N$". DO YOU WANT THE RULES";:Z$|4(Z$,1)"Y"2000dJ13:K16nA(J,K)0xKJA(1,1)3:A(1,2)2:A(1,3)1T0600:"WHICH DONUT WOULD YOU LIKE TATT2:VVAT:MMS2BT:DDT: 300I "FUEL TANK EMPTY ";:S20:M8500: 900~ L:"CONTACT WITH SURFACE ";:: (V)2 1200: QZ0:1400: LEM$;"";: X1 18:"";: X V5:"CONGRATULATIONS,";::"A SOFT LANDING"; ["";: X1 22:T$:V9V(V%)7 OV3V91V91:P3V3LT9:H9H(V%)P3:H3H91H91` RH3,32:H3,V3:V(V%)0:R(V%),32:290 XM1,16:M2,15:M3,200:J11000::M1,0 l"ANOTHER GAME? "; vZ$:Z$""630 Z$"Y":190 Z$"N"630 "";#KER$"    "FP 59468,12: SET GRAPHICS MODEd"";:T.5:B0:D0:M10000:H7500(1 .4(1)):V50(1(1))nS11:S21:Q10000"";A$,B$,C$,C$;Z20, 1500: H.1 11006 M85001:A(J,K)0),:"PUT IT ON WHICH STICK";:J60J4306C1J0310b2:"THERE IS NO STICK"J"."k4300s6K6@A(J,K)0330E 360JKK1:K0379T320hXA(J,K)379r:"YOU CAN'T PUT A LARGE DONUT ON TOP OF A SMALLER ONE.EST POSSIBLE VELOCITY.":H"YOU CONTROL THRUST WITH THE NUMERIC KEYS";e"0-9 (DON'T RETURN).":"IF YOU GIVE UP, HIT RETURN AND THE LEM'S";"COMPUTER WILL TAKE CONTROL."::"HIT RETURN TO BEGIN GAME."( G$: G$"" 40!2LEM2000"AUTOMATIC CONTROL ";::4"MANUAL CONTROL ";::: ^ "";18);"LEM"::~ 11);"CREATIVE COMPUTING" 13);"P.O. BOX 789-M" 6);"MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY 07960" B11 2000: B1 B10 ";XQ;: X=h"";Zr X1 10 :"-";: X| Z(2HQ) H10000 1900 Z20 Z0 1850 1400: ER$;:Z(2HQ): Z20 Z0 1900D 1400: LEM$;] B0  TOO BAD...":500,:"SEE IF YOU CAN DO BETTER."M:"WANT TO PLAY AGAIN";:Z$g(Z$,1)"Y" : 100:"OK, "N$" THANKS FOR PLAYING.":5000X:" 1 2 3YK5lJ1:1000qJ2: 1000vJ3:1000{KKXCESSIVE SPEED,";::"LEM DAMAGED";@ Z0:1400:"";LEM$;" ) ";X  G$: G$"" 1230^ u :"ALL IS LOST!"; Z0:1400:LEM$;:1400: ER$; Z0:1400:" ߝ ///\\\";:5 ("  ߒ  O MOVE";:X:TT1!J13:K163A(J,K)X270:KAJp:"THERE ARE THREE DONUTS: #1, #2, & #3,"y200KK1:A(J,K)0291:"SORRY,BUT YOU CAN'T MOVE THAT ONE.":"THERE'S ANOTHER DONUT ON TOP OF IT.""200#KK"";: X: X1 31:"";: X! `" ";:6M e"^";:5:"U^";:5:"^ ";:5w g"^";:5:"^";:5:"U^";:5 j"^ ";:5:"";:5:"";:5 l"^";:6 n"^ ";:5:"U ^";:5:"^";:5 p"1:K0 620 A(J,K)01010/ " : ";:C A(J,K)11020W " 111 ";:k A(J,K)21030 " 22222 ";: " 3333333";: :"THERE ARE THREE DONUTS ON A STICK." :"DONUT 1 IS SMALL--------111. :"DONUT  1000 T$+ T$"0"T$"9" S11: 600M T$(13) S12 S12: 700\S11: 900vXS11:B(T$)48: 900BB2: V0 750B(5VV(2H))M10000 B0 800B0: 900  B 9 B9 AS210000BM5:HHVT "s300{KK1:A(J,K)X 600-J2:430:J3:430C200XK1:A(J,K)3mK2:A(J,K)2K3:A(J,K)1:"YOU WON! IT TOOK YOU"T"MOVES." T7:"THAT'S THE BEST SCORE POSSIBLE !!":500 T9:"THAT'S NOT$" ߝ USAߝ ">4L$" ߝ "w7A$" ߒ ߒ ߒ  "<B$"ߒ  ߒ  ߒ  "AC$" "FE$" " M1$(M$,I,1):AI,(M1$)63:IM1$(M$,I,1)AAL1'LLL16L06210A$I1LM.AI,32T8I_BM$" "eLkKC((C9$)(TI))1:C(C9$)C(C9$)C((C9$)(TI))1:C(C9$)C(C9$)C0((C9$,C,1)):C1((C F$" )#T G 5 ;< 6 H) Y$ "FF$" _) ' &B)]& % "LZF7(X1)F1`nF8(X1)F1tF9(X1)F10DX13NX1135XX5500,5530,5560bF1((F$,X1,1))lF1965760vF 'd" ARROW JIM BUTTERFIELD"Mn"INSTRUCTIONS";Z$:(Z$)78190yx"GUIDE THE MOVING 'SNAKE' WITH KEYS:"" 2(DOWN), 4(LEFT), 6(RIGHT), 8(UP)""DON'T HIT THE BOUNDARY (OR YOURSELF);""..TRY TO HIT THE BOXES FOR POINTS."+ CARDAP115P28(Y1)1I19X17'AX,32.X9AA40@IQC6(Y)152YbC7(Y)152Yh HIGHLIGHT SCREENSX05190PP1P2(10SX)X0 I037N(PI)(N32)(X0)5180(X12RE: 0":"A""J081:(T9J)1JOLJ:JT9LT92L1:J,81:J23L,81:JyJT92LT924LL:J,81:JL1,81:V5:H5:V10:H11:P210:D12TI$"000000"""";(TI$,2):TIT6620,Z$:Z$""3306Z((Z$)50)2:Z(Z)Z39 N C210E5X 4000b AE1,C31l C210A7,("0")128>v C6(Y)C1K C7(Y)C2Q \I1EhAI,A1sA1160zIX15AX,160X"hA1,160rA2,160|A3,C4A4,160A5,160$:Z2$Z1$:Z1$Z0$:Z0$Z2$:630102,ZZ(Z2$)127:ZZ29ZZ17ZZ19ZZ34ZZ6963010D.ZZ2063030x0(Z$)0Z2$;:(Z$)1Z$(Z$,(Z$)1):630102630006ZZ13Z2$;:Z$Z$Z2$:(Z$)Z963010@" "::"END OF DRAW POKER000,3000,3000 >C8(4)2 H3000 C8(4)23 C8(2)2:C8(6)2= 3000Q C8(2)2:C8(6)2e  C8(3)3:C8(5)3o  2520 ` C8(3)3:C8(5)3 j C8(4)2 t 2520 C8(3)2 C8(4)3 C8(1)3:C8(7)3 AP115P28(Y1) C3((C2$)63I> S14SS3:S3S4@ S148300,D S10:I25:C5(I)6IC5(6)S1S113F ILH S14SS3:S3S4hl (S8)(C5(5)13)SS1q S10| I14 C5(I)C5(I1)S1S11 C5(I)C5(I2)S1S11 I S13S1S12 S1SSK290+V%(1)L10:P986V%:V9V(V%):V90591RV2((1)20)3:H2((1)(L4))2V3V21V21:P3V3LT9:H3H21H21:(P3H3)32470H3,V3:V(V%)V2:H(V%)H2V3V21V21:P3V3LT9:H3H21H21M1,16:M2,15:M3,30 01)13)1:C2C013(C11)+C1$("",C1,1):C2$("A234567891JQK",C2,1)HT$"":C1T$(C9$,C1)`C9$T$(C9$,C1): "CARDS HAVE BEEN SHUFFLED"*C9$"":ZZ152:C9$C9$(ZZ):ZZ:@S0JS20TI16^C5(I)11192F1F164F164F1F164F1(F1128)255.X5600,5630,56606X1=XCY :"INVALID BET "c5960>:"BET TOO HIGH, HOUSE LIMIT IS $10,000"HX100RXX1\X05970f90pL40AP1:L1(M$):I1L1:"YOU HAVE 60 SECONDS OF PLAY. GOOD LUCK!"N" HIT ANY KEY TO START"aZ$:Z$""180P(255),D(3),V(8),H(8),T(8),R(8):K.1D(0)22:D(1)60:D(2)62:D(3)30T932768:T63599:59468,12M159467:M259466:M359464" SCOPI,(N128)255<IFW120D"W130D(4W150D:GW1200DMS^"W0,W0"YOUR TOTAL LOSSES ARE $";W6W0"YOUR TOTAL WINNINGS ARE $";WJ|F$" _) G*5T G GH H Y64H " 0Z3330/@D1Z:DZ1.5:V1((D))(D):H1(D)V1LJVVV1:HHH1:PT9VLHs^P9(P):M1,16:M3,29D180:M2,15hR6R7:R7R71:R7P2R70rP1P(R7):P(R7)P:M1,0:P10P1,32|P,D(D1):P1P(R6):P10P1,81P932540(1)A1,C4A2,160A3,160A4,160*A5,C40;0X15L:X15(I1)X\DAX,F7(X1)cNXiXtX15X15(I1)XAX,F8(X1)XX15X15(I1)X AX,F9(X1)X  CLEAR 1 PROPERTY OF COMMODOREC6(I),C7(I)<#I$F#8000*K#6P#"S=";S<T#OU#"C5","C6","C7ZZ#I15qd#C5(I),C6(I),C7(I)n#I:C5(6)x#9000Z$"":Z0$" ":Z1$"""Z0$"";:ZZ150:Z2$:Z2$""ZZ50::63020)128 A,C3 A1160! C210A1("0")128) E63 4000A C4(C1$)X F7(5)C4:F7(31)C4o  F8(1)C4:F8(35)C4  F9(1)C4:F9(35)C4  I17  AA40  A,160 & C8(I)4100,4200,4300,4400,4500,4600 0 A6,160 : I D AAS1 (#I152#"ENTER SUIT #, CARD #";C6(I),C7(I)<#I$F#8000*K#6P#"S=";S<T#OU#"C5","C6","C7ZZ#I15qd#C5(I),C6(I),C7(I)n#I:C5(6)x#9000Z$"":Z0$" ":Z1$"""Z0$"";:ZZ150:Z2$:Z2$""ZZ50::63020P3H3,P9:M1,0E H3,V3:T9(1):P8V2LH2T9:P8,49T:T(V%)T:R(V%)P8:290\ V%P986:V%0600 &P8R(V%):TT(V%):P2P2T:T$TI$ 0TT1:SS1:P8,T49:M1,16:M2,15 :"";S DJ100301:M3,J::M1,0:T0560 NP2P21:TI$00hIrI15|X5C7(I)C5(X)8110 C5(X1)C5(X)*XX18X08070JC5(X1)C7(I)QIgC5(1)1C5(6)14pS10{ I14 C6(I)C6(I1)S1S11& I0 S14S5: S10:I14:C5(I)5IC5(5)S1S11<  ' ZAP COPYRIGHT 1978 TOM MARAZITAC CURSOR #2 AUGUST 1978h P.O. BOX 550, GOLETA, CA 93017n}^ 59468,12`WM(255)cEL18:HPEL1d"CURSOR #2 - ZAP"iA(255):TARGETSn60000x""PO33766S1:#OF T +"DRAW POKER 1"x"COPYRIGHT 1978 COMMODORE BUSINESS":"MACHINES INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED" ONE MOMENT PLEASE!" DRAW POKER - G#1012 V5/15/78 G1(5),F7(35),F8(35),F9(35),O(10) I110:O(I):I:200,  "(1, 3, 7, AND 9 MOVE YOU DIAGONALLY)"$ O "EACH TARGET IS WORTH 10 POINTS, BUT" "YOUR MISSLE GETS BIGGER AFTER HITING A TARGET... "THE GAME ENDS AFTER 6 CRASHES!" "PRESS 'SPACE' TO BEGIN THE GAME" ZZ$: ZZ$ A KIND: 30 TO 1"L"FULL HOUSE: 20 TO 1":"FLUSH: 10 TO 1""STRAIGHT: 7 TO 1":"THREE OF A KIND: 5 TO 1""TWO PAIR: 2 TO 1""PAIR: 1 TO 15400"PLACE YOUR BET: $1 TO $10000 $LTP0 LOC,32 ' E1171:A$:A$""240D E: SCSC10:SC0SC0M 900V 770 "SCORE="SC;18); "NO. OF CRASHES="CR  `"DO YOU NEED INSTRUCTIONS";B$ j(B$,1)"Y"60030 t ~"YOU CONTROL A STRANGE MISY NUMBER, 1,2,3,4&/OR 5@"TO CANCEL PRESS C. TO DRAW PRESS RETURN."KI15WG1(I)1^ImPP124P2w6000 Q$*Q$""8004Q(Q$)>Q13970HQ$"C"700RQ$"1"800\Q$"5"800Y(Q$)G1(Y)0 P 7EL250EL250 :900 D* NCRCR1:CRASH3 S900B XCSLLCSK bCS0[ gEL18:HP17d hTP0m lCV0 {T18 :X1100::PO,209:X11100::PO,81: |X0255:WM(X)0::HP17: TP0 ~ CR6650 120 ""     -  '  :- WC ddddddd        FHPELHP0%T(PO)98(PO)102590BY(PO)102(PO)104590T^(PO)81590_hPO,81}rR((1)15)1:S5ZZ20wP1((1)ZZ)1:ZZ50|R3410P13480730:230SET TARGETSS6400Q((1)1000)(327680 `7100 j2000 tY ~8000) SXS12003 5100< SXSF 5100L  WWDO(10S):M$"WINNINGS":O(10S)0M$"LOSSES" M$M$" THIS HAND ARE $"((DO(10S))):PP111P2:6000 M$"WINNINGS":W0M$"LOSSES PP112P2X328093280838:X,100:FX328084032768(4023)40:X,103:iX32769(4024)33766:X,99:X337674033767(4022)40:X,101:900525,0410A$"8":240A$: MAIN->400 ****A$"4"DIR1A$"8"DI50,30,20,10,7,5,2,1,-1FC5(6),C6(5),C7(5),C8(7):FS$" "QM$" "d(P132768:P240l2W0vP5700Z"";d"HAND ODDS YOU WIN "n"ROYAL FLUSH: 200 TO 1"STRAIGHT FLUSH: 50 TO 1":"FOUR OF C"" 60310 *G CURSOR P.O. BOX 550,GOLETA, CA 93017$Y TO HIT. USE NUMBERS TO CONTROL"w "THE MISSLE: 8 MOVES YOU UP," " 2 MOVES YOU DOWN." " 4 MOVES YOU LEFT" " 6 MOVES YOU RIGHT."";:Z96:63000:D(Z$)7((D9999)10000)15900,300,5950A5950{,"":S19:Z$(O(S)D):25)(FS$,12(Z$))"$"Z$:S(C9$)127200Y15:7100:2000:Y8000:SXS:5100Q$:Q$""500"SELECT DISCARDS BSLE!"% "TARGETS '' APPEAR ON THE SCREEN, WHICH"T "YOU TRY TO HIT. USE NUMBERS TO CONTROL"w "THE MISSLE: 8 MOVES YOU UP," " 2 MOVES YOU DOWN." " 4 MOVES YOU LEFT" " 6 MOVES YOU RIGHT." P124P28(Y1) M$"DISCARD"$ L(M$). 61007 800L PP111P2:6000a PP112P2:6000 PP113P2:6000:PP124P2:6000 Y15 G1(Y)05000 Y 8000 SXS1100 5100 $SXS LY15 VG1(Y)1114"YOUR SCORE IS"SC  6 "HIGHEST POSSIBLE SCORE:"H10< q "YOU HIT";((SC(H10))100);"% OF THE TARGETS"  525,0:CLR BUFFER  "WANT TO PLAY AGAIN";PL$  (PL$,1)"Y"  LOCWM(TP):TPTP1:PICK TAIL TPE   .  -  '      :- QC 160 )Q33726430!(Q)324301SS1:HH1<Q,102QA(H)Q:CV1400_CV1:220t REMOVE TARGETSP((1)H)1(A(P))102540A(P),32SS1400&HIT TARGET0SCSC105SS16ELEL2:M$"TOTAL "M$" ARE $"((W)):6000N M$"PRESS RETURN TO CONTINUE...":PP113P2:6000b @G$:G$""1600v J(G$)131600~ l90 HC27 H4H1 I17 C8(I)H I 4C22110,2210,2200,2520,2410,2510,2500,2310,2400,2300,3R40A$"6"DIR1&A$"2"DIR40:A$"7"DIR41N"A$"9"DIR39a,A$"3"DIR41t6A$"1"DIR397A$"5"770@POPODIRAPO33767PO33728PO32808PO32847590:CORNERSD(PO)102550:HIT TEWM(HP)PO:HPHP1 ddd                  .. '     -  QC `  -  WC `` p@np@np@n ` p@np@np@n ]]]]]] ` ]1]]2]]3] m@}m@}m@} ` m@}m@}m@} p@n ` p@n  hhhhL}L)L@ ,M)L L@ }M)8``|| }L}`}  j T GL}  j G Tȭ|` ʭ`H u u {{h u {{ u `ɭ`  {ŗ   ,  d       - . ddddddd       ddddddd u ` d'|}~HJJJJ }h }= ~ 0 } u| u `);}m||?}m}}m~~خ`V@x I}X`B BPɩ } }Γ } } } }H }h w~ ,hhhhXL1{ }ǐ  M]N 7@@Q@@3 N]M 6 ] 4 5   ------- -------- !-------- -    ddddddd         cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc        . ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc ddddddd       ILASER TANKS ddddddddddddddd           .              '      'Q'   '*' (   'W'   '#' )                 .     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CQ  C*   C* CQ cccccccc        ""  PRESS A KEY TO PLAY "W$:W$""9905L537,136:59411,60QVX0:Y0:MC,AA:N%(MA)k`(N%64)0X1:1130e(N%128)0X1jMC,AB:((MA)64)0Y40:1150tMC,AC:((MA)64)0Y40~59411,61:537,13 :WUTVVTUW`"42,200:43,5:52,0:53,16:= 87,28:830:594 EY TO CONTINUE "T$:T$""942/59468,12:" USE NUMBER KEYS TO MOVEM" At" 4+8 6+8" " \ 8 /" <4  6 ""43J,A$"@"5b2(147);(17);(17)<"LOAD";(34);"LASER TANKS";(34)F(19):158,5:623,13:624,82:625,85:626,78:627,13:z@A*+| yL ySL SȢ yLcy "SCORE"S*SSX50C255015:VU,C:C:VU,0:SXS:820*/VU,10004h" INSTRUCTIONS ":59468,14:VU,0(O)150059468,14:1200"OVE THE SWAYING BALLOON TO THE OAL," BUT AVOID THE RICKLY TARS `AG`8` y66 y$$Ai)>>8``z zz  y ~L1{$ {y+L{ 8Hmhm {{| ݜ{z&4 :X:P,40X1011606:VU,X:Q,43:X:TH0:X1612005:VU,X:Q,58:X:VU,0SNBE0:P,32:Q,32:40bRS0:"";C124:""CC110:CC:C:"""RANDOM"b******* ********************** **********************. **********************S:800oCC15:C250504:VU,C:C:" "K,87:C502504:VU,C:C:K,81"GOAL":CC:BE%040VU,0:C1999:C:VU * *********"="**** *** **"E>"***** k?"****** @"******** **** ":ZZ1000A"********************* "B"" GOAL"(BABA1:""BA"":;x"GOAL":""ZZ:SXS:800oCC15:C250504:VU,C:C:" "K,87:C502504:VU,C:C:K,81"GOAL":CC:BE%040VU,0:C1999:C:VU 3:R%XY:MA1,61:"M G,@" P Sj" ." P L :-"" = 150 " = 100 " 10,4,4e87,24:830:A11000:A:59410,4,487,20:830:A11000:A:59410,4,4(87,16:830:A11000:A:59410,4,4)"PRESS @ TO LOAD MAIN PROGRAM")*"OR PRESS ANY OTHER KEY TO REVIEW THE INSTRUCTIONS":158,0;+A$:A$ >" / 2 \!" H" 4+2 6+2d" V" THE BALLOON WILL BURST IF IT" REMAINS STILL FOR 5 OR MORE SECONDS"" "Lxȱw" |Lcy| y,uȢ ymȢ yeȢ y]LLzSL{VLzG UxL{DLi|HL|Z MLL`K Uxxyp`TL~ELz ^ ` | 5 L{ 5`@)`w w0:`, " TO PREVENT YOUR BALLOON BURSTING. 7" ASSING THROUGH LINES SCORES :-"S" = 150 POINTSn" = 100 POINTS" + = 250 POINTS + 500 AT "" ""  PRESS A K 5 TL{{ ~K 9{{L#z {y2+κ*+ r BĭzL, Ll` {y@L{  u筚 x{ u筶 u-  u筸 x{ ` u ~{ L`7 G y| C} { "STARS"&C8999S1000=Z1000(TI)32768O(Z)32720RSRS1:""RSZ,160:M20010010:VU,M:M:Z,42VU,0:CC150:CC,C:"";:LVLV(RS2):  C} {y`kL{l{ `COPYRIGHT 1979 BY EASTERN HOUSE SOFTWARE TAPE MARK FOUND! CASSETTE ERROR! NOT ENOUGH MEMORY! SYNTAX ERROR! Ɇʈw Ȉw y%A!)|eɅɽ|eʅʈ  Lgy= u :BA" BALLOONS LEFT"TVU,0:"";E^C124:""qhC:"";:C110:"SCORE"S:"SCORE"SC:"SCORE"S:BABA1:""BA"":VU2,144Q,160:P,40:X401007:VU,X:Q,42 2,144"BONUS":"500"?BE%0:KJ%0:KK%0:C25501:VU,C:C:"BONUS"tC25501:VU,C:C:SS500:SXS:VU,0:800:40C110:""C:"": *************** + = 250 + BONUS 500 GOAL"$" "M"  P "y" ":942"EXTRA"Z17:59464,0:C199:C:VU,50:C199:C,ZVU,0:" IMENTS. FTER THE"0L%"FIFTH EXPERIMENT, THE COMPUTER WOULD TRY"1N%"TO DETERMINE THE CHARGE OF AN ELECTRON"G1P%"USING UCLIDEAN LOGRITHM (A METHORD OF"]1R%"FINDING ..."1X%"RESS ANY KEY TO START THE EXPERIMENT"1Z%Z9$""1\%Z9$:Z E BY 100,10 AND 1".6%"VOLTS RESPECTIVELY. N THE OTHER HAND," /8%"BY PRESSING THE '0','.' OR '-' KEY, THE"*/9%9998W/:%"VOLTAGE WILL DECREASE BY 100,10 AND 1"r/<%"VOLTS RESPECTIVELY."/>%" NCE YOU THINK THE OIL DROP IS STABLE,"/@% GN$"COMMODORE":HS5000:CH32:VC33027:U0:V(0)77:V(1)66:V(2)78{MC59408:MA59410:VU59464:AA244:AB247:AC243 "SOUND ON PINS M AND N OF USER PORT":59464,0:S0 "DO YOU WANT INSTRUCTIONS?":"E = END":C120:T E",$%"EXPERIMENT. OU CAN SPRAY THE OIL DROPS"-&%"BY PRESSING THE 'Ӓ' KEY. HE GAS CAN BE"C-'%"IONIZED BY PRESSING THE 'ؒ' KEY. HIS"r-(%"MUST BE DONE BEFORE THE DROPLET TOUCHES"-)%"THE BOTTOM PLATE. HEN THE OIL DROP"-*%"ACQUIRE NG1:BA050Q-BA4:SHSHSS:"NAME------------";N$.(N$)12"NAME TOO LONG":HS0:E1500:E:45/S0:C0255:59464,C:C:NG0:LV1:92L.25:SP.25:R0:P33636:QQ33596:Q33596:PP336364S399 A THAT IS USED TO"*$"FIND THE CHARGE OF THE OIL DROP AT THE "+$"END OF OUR EXPERIMENTS"+$9999I+$" HE COMPUTER SIMULATED EXPERIMENT IS"w+$"VERY SIMILAR TO THE ACTUAL EXPERIMENT."+$"OWEVER, THE MASS OF THE OIL DROP IS"+$"SET T A045bC112:W$:C:R%0Xc"LEVEL"LV~d1100:PPP:QQQ:QP40.5U:PPR%iSXS800nR%0VU,1xSXS:VU,0:ZZZZ1:ZZ100ZZ100}KJ%1KK%1BE%1H(U1.5):VU,0:QP AL FIELD OF THE"($"PLATES"($)$" Q IS THE CHARGE ON THE DROP" )$0)$"LECTRICAL FIELD IS DEFINED AS:":)$9998V)$"=V/D V IS VOLTAGE")$" D IS DISTANCE BETWEEN THE (+) AND")$"(-) PLATES")$"INCE =MG AND =Q KQPNP:K,87 PPPPP,96; VCVCSP:(VC(SP))42SP.75SPU SSVCSS,96:VC,90 A1(P):A2(Q):A3(VC):A1A3A2A3500 CH%104CI%104SS150:KK%1 Q,87:QQQQQ,96 (CH%32CI%32)R%0SS1 CH%100CI%1 (N$));N$:""25);HS< ," ":2000j -"***************************** " ."** ****** ****" /"* **** *** C" 0" ** *** R" 1"9$"" 95641^%"":1'Z9$""1'Z9$:Z9$ ""99991'"":K$$XX K@P0A?BXK@P0A0F%"DURING THE EXPERIMENT BY PRESSING 'В'."0H%" HE COMPUTER WOULD LEAD YOU TO DO"0J%"FIVE DIFFERENT EXPER "YOU CAN PRESS '' FOR ANALYSIS OF THAT"0B%"EXPERIMENT. OWEVER, THE % ERROR OF THE"00D%"VOLTAGE COULD BE DETERMINED ANY TIME"`0F%"DURING THE EXPERIMENT BY PRESSING 'В'."0H%" HE COMPUTER WOULD LEAD YOU TO DO"0J%"FIVE DIFFERENT EXPER $:C! M32874:ML0:T$:T$""11Y T$"Y"M,25:M1,5:M2,19:I1500:I:900:T$"" BA4:SP.25:T$""M,14:M1,15:I1500:I"":T$"E"59466,255:59467,0:"":537,133:(C02:59466,15:59467,16:C:537,133 )VU,0:250: S A NEGATIVE CHARGE, IT WILL"-+%"START MOVING TOWARDS THE PLATES. SING"%.,%"THE NUMERIC PAD TO VARY THE VOLTAGES,"M..%"THE FORCE OF ATTRACTION COULD BE"^.0%"ADJUSTED.".2%" RESSING THE '1','2'OR'3' KEY WILL".4%"INCREASE THE VOLTAG 9ML.3L.333333:1300:ML5:LV2:93=ZU0:N(0)1:N(1)0:N(2)1k[S0BA4C25502:VU,C:C:VU,0:LV1]S3999L.333333:LV2:S599932977,42:LV3^S699933467,42:LV4_S799933264,42:LV5`S8999LV6:700aZZ1000:B O BE A CONSTANT TO MAKE CALCULATION",$"EASIER. LSO MANY LABORATORIES REPLACE"0,%"THE OIL DROPS WITH MINIATURE SPHERES"S,%"WHICH HAVE A CONSTANT MASS.", %" NCE THE EXPERIMENT HAS STARTED, THE","%"COMPUTER WILL ALLOW YOU TO CONTROL TH 40N(H)) CJ%(PR):CK%(QR):CH%(P):CI%(Q)d CJ%102CK%102R%R%:U0:PP2R%:QP40:H1:VU,32 CH%100CI%100PNP:GO%1:SSZZ CH%67CI%67SS100:KJ%1 UUL:U1U1UUL:LL SSVC:CH%100CI%100Q,96:QQ,96:  AND =V/D")$"INCE WE KNOW wHEN THE DROPLET IS""*$"MOTIONLESS THAT:" *$"="3*$"INCE =MG AND =Q AND =V/D"H*$" MG=Q"h*$" MG=--QVD"*$"HEREFORE Q=---MGDV"*$9998*$"HIS IS THE FORMUL 00PP,96:P,V(H):1400( P,V(H):CH%42CI%42500F R%0THTH1:TH15500V R%0TH0_ 100n BA0NG0z BA0 NG0C327683372840:C,96:C39,96:C NG0C3276832807:C,96:C960,96:C:NG1 +"SCORE"S:""24 ** ***** *** A"? 2"*** ******** ** Z"j 3"GOAL****************** ** Y" 4"*** ******** ***" 5"****** ******* *** B" 6"***** **** *** A":KJ% 0:KK%0:BE%0$7"**** *** *** L"O8"*** ***** **** L"z9"*** ******* ****** O":"*** ******************** O":;"*** ********* ********* N"<"**** ******* THE OIL DROP IS ";W;"KG"0"ISTANCE BETWEEN THE PLATES IS .005 OF A METER"n"HE VOLTAGE NEEDED TO BALANCE THE DROP IS";V;" VOLTS""Y USING THE FORMULA =(MGD)/ WHERE IS CHARGE, M IS MASS ";"Ġ֠Ӡ"", D "!>A6$;"DISTANCE.005M"FHA6$;"VOLTAGEVOLTS"RA6$;"MASS OFOIL DROP2.9E-15KG"\A6$;"EXP NO.";NfA6$;"%ERR"(  7#"SIMULATE THE ILLIKAN IL ROP"9<#"XPERIMENT;WHICH LED TO THE DISCOVERY OF THE CHARGE OF AN ELECTRON."?A#lF#" N THE ACTUAL EXPERIMENT, MINUTE"K#"DROPS OF OIL, WHICH ARE UNDER THE"P#"INFLUENCE OF THE FORCE OF GRAVITY ,ARE"U# USED TO IONIZE"!s#"THE VOLUME OF AIR AROUND THE DROPLETS,"/!x#"THUS PRODUCING FREE ELECTRONS. S A"^!}#"RESULT, THE FREE ELECTRONS WOULD ADHERE"!#"ITSELF TO THE OIL DROP. HUS,A NEGATIVE"!#"CHARGE IS CREATED ON THE DROPLET. INCE"!#" 25);(B(X,2)CH100.5)100;"":9999. " RERUN OF THE EXPERIMENT IS SUGGESTED "Q""TO CONFIRM THE RESULT":7600L" COMMON FACTOR IS NOT FOUND. MISTAKE"N"MUST HAVE BEEN MADE DURING THE"P"EXPERIMENT."R" RERUN OF E GAS IS IONIZED, AN"##"ELECTRIC CURRENT IS ALLOWED TO FLOW"*##"THROUGH THE PLATES; CREATING AN"T##"ELECTRICAL FIELD. HE TOP PLATE IS"##"USUALLY MADE POSITIVE WHILE THE BOTTOM"##"PLATE IS MADE NEGATIVE. INCE THE OIL"##"DROPS ARE ORS WE FOUND THE""COMMON FACTOR OF ALL THE CHARGES TO BE"!"";CH;""J"HEREFORE THE CHARGE OF A SINGLE "p"ELECTRON MUST BE APPROXIMATELY""";CH;13);"COULOMB"9999"ROM THE CHART BELOW YOU CAN SEE THAT THE"" HE PLATES."$#"HEN THE VOLTAGE IS ADJUSTED SUCH THAT"(%#"THE FORCE OF ATTRACTION EQUALS THE FORCE"V%#"OF GRAVITY ON A DROPLET, THAT DROPLET"%#"WILL APPEAR TO BE SUSPENDING FROM MID-"%#"AIR, MOTIONLESS."%#%$"T THIS STAGE, """:X15:"";3);X;09);B(X,1);18);B(X,2) :XF"HESE ARE ALL THE RESULTS OF THE"z"EXPERIMENT. RESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE":Z9$""Z9$:Z9$"" 6140XX15bB(X,3)(B(X,2)1E20.5):X:QB(1,3)lX25v LL"&"$"THE CHARGES, THE CHARGE OF A SINGLE" ',$"ELECTRON CAN BE DETERMINED."'1$9998?'6$"ORMULAS THAT ARE INVOLVED IN THE"S';$"EXPERIMENT"Y'@$'E$"HE FORCE OF GRAVITY ON THE OIL DROP IS"'J$'O$"=MG IS THE WEIGHT"'T$" IS DISTANCE":B(N,1)V$"HE CHAGRE OF THE OIL DROP IS":B(N,2)(WD)VA" (";M;"*9.8*";D;")/";V["=";B(N,2);"COULOMB"f 8000tN56000}300p"":59500,4z6);"ESULTS OF ALL EXPERIMENTS""ӠƠ̠ X110:1111:Y125::1111:I "YOUR OIL DROP HAS TOUCHED THE PLATES; TO RESTART THE EXPERIMENT"m " PRESS THE LETTER 'C'":A9$"" A9$:A9$"C" 350 301059500,4:D.005"NALYSIS OF EXPERIMENT O.";N;"""ASS OF "ALLOWED TO FALL THROUGH A CHAMBER" Z#"CONTAINING TWO METAL PLATES.HESE"F _#"PLATES ARE PLACED HORIZONTALLY NEAR THE"y d#"TOP AND BOTTOM OF THE CHAMBER RESPECTIVELY." i#"S THE OIL DROPS FALL TO THE CENTER OF" n#"THE CHAMBER, -RAYS ARE CHARGES ON THE DROPLETS ARE NOT CONSTANT""#"DIFFERENT DROPLETS WOULD HAVE DIFFERENT"("#9998S"#"CHARGES. OWEVER, THE CHARGE OF THE""#"DROPLETS WILL ALWAYS BE A MULTIPLE OF""#"THE CHARGE OF A SINGLE ELECTRON.""#"#" FTER TH THE EXPERIMENT IS SUGGESTED""RUN";"":8@"Ӡ''Ϡ":Z9$""SJ Z9$:Z9$"C" 8010YT(#" ӠƠ' Ԓ"-#59500,42#" HE PURPOSE OF THIS PROGRAM IS TO"  CHARGED NEGATIVELY, THEY WILL" $#"HAVE AN ATTRACTION FOR THE TOP PLATE."9$#"HE ATTRACTIVE FORCES BETWEEN THE TOP"h$#"PLATE AND THE OIL DROPS COULD BE EASILY"$#"CONTROLLED BY VARYING THE VOLTAGE OR THE"$#"POTENTIAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN T CHARGE ON THE OIL DROPS IS VERY CLOSE"&"TO AN INTEGER MULTIPLE OF THE CHARGE OF"9"AN ELECTRON"j"":X114:3);"!";20);"!";35);"!":X"XPHARGES ON ROPULTIPLE OF";CH"":X15:1);X;5);B(X,2); THE CHARGE ON THAT"%$9998& $"SPECIFIC DROPLET COULD BE CALCULATED"0&$"SINCE THE MASS OF THE DROPLET, THE"`&$"VOLTAGE, AND DISTANCE BETWEEN THE PLATES"&$"ARE KNOWN. Y PEFORMING NUMEROUS TRIALS"&$"AND FINDING THE COMMON FACTORS OF A WB(X,3)QW7060ZQ:QW:WZDV(QW):RAQDVW"RA071261RA17120DQW:WRA:7040UX:FW:7130cF1:7500m9999|QW :7100CHF1E20:"ROM THE UCLIDEAN LOGRITHMIC METHOD OF""FINDING COMMON FACT M IS THE MASS"'Y$" G IS ACCELERATION DUE TO GRAVITY"'^$)(c$"HE ATTRACTIVE FORCE BETWEEN THE PLATES"E(h$"AND THE OIL DROP IS:"K(m$x(r$"=Q IS THE FORCE BETWEEN POSITIVE"(w$"PLATE AND THE DROP"(|$($" IS THE ELECTRIC " MINUTE""ISTANCE BETWEEN PLATES =.005M">"ASS OF OIL DROP =9.2-15KG"i"CCELERATION DUE TO GRAVITY=9.8M/S/Sy""X112:6);"!";17);"!";38);"!":"XP NOOLTAGEHARGE OF OIL DROP P PROGRAM BY RAYMOND LI:3 UNDERHILL DR. DON MILLS ONT.M3A 2J1:COPYRIGHT(C)u "ɢʱiʥɄ`"59500,12:X110:K((TI)10)1:B(5,3),A(10):P0515(50003)364 "": X140:"";:XX124:32768(40X),102: "C(P0)C485000C52850$C267602C18761@C25762NC10763\C2 764jC9 765s780VV100:780VV10:780VV1:780VV100:780VV10:780VV1 V999V999V0 X5$"SPRAY X-RAYBY PRESSING'X'"5 wV1$;X5$; xK  X2101` T$""q T$;X1);X$ T$;X);X1$ X11O140,46 X T$;X$ O1O140 X110 Y14 O139,32:O1,124:O141,85w u    u     4$$$$$$?c?c?c?cc1?1(@x$$$$L  0LН ΀ I L~`~ G) THȱ%hƀLC T%Hȑh` Q21400 V1$;S5$:Q21:400 C$:TLTI2 TITL30 440@ F$:TLTIT TITL30 460\ D$g Y06} TLTI:K$G$(Y)H$ TITL30 500 K$ Y:Q20 O33060:O10:33100,46:TLTI TITL15533 33060,32:33100,46 C H hƵ`@) @) ` ĮL ͢w`hh$$,hhL   @  L  0LН ΀ I L~`~ G) THȱ%hƀLC T%Hȑh` )"":Y16:G$"":G$(Y)G$(Y1)G$! 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I 0 "HERE IS NOTHING TO ATTACK HERE"6I0 "HE BULLETS BOUNCE OFF THE SHELL!"oI0 "E ONLY EATS BIG MACS AND DON'T HAVE ONE"I0 0100000000S11900011900000000015600000000000000S 21900000000000000015300000000000000S22000000000000000013100000000000000 T221000000000000000147000000000000002T'22200011400000000013300031400000000ZT122200000000000000015100000000000000T; HERE WAS SOMETHING UNDER ITFk/ ","Fu/ "T'S LOCKED"F/ "T'S TO HEAVY"F/ " NEED A KEY"'G/ "HE OYSTER OPENS UP TO EAT THE AND A PEARL ROLLS OUT!"UG/ "HE BOTTLE LANDS SOFTLY ON THE PILLOW"G/ " VOICE BOOMS OUT.....11726055000000000012500000000000000Q11711051700000000012500000000000000Q1 1820057305530000015500000000000000R1 1820037305530000014500015500047300*R11827056403650366011000013700046500RR11820055303770000011000013700047700zR11812000000T SAYS:"D. "HIS BOOK IS A TREASURE"D. "HE BOTTLE OF WINE DROPS WITH A !"D. "T'S EMPTY"2E. "SOME TREASURES MAY BE WEAPONS SHOOT GOBLIN-TROLL POTION!BE. "SAY "E/ "ILL A AMPIRE WITH *SILVER* WHEN TRAPP530000012500014500047300O 11720055300000000012500000000000000O11705050401020000010700020405170108O11701050103020303010400040300040200 P#11701050100000000012500000000000000HP-11705056501020000010600026566170536pP71170505650000000001410000, TRY TO MOVE IT"BS. ", MOVED IT"B]. ", WEIRD LAUGHING COMES FROM THE HOUSE"+Cg."THE TROLL DRINKS THE POTION AND TURNS INTO A FROG, THE FROG HOPS AWAY"tCq."YOU GOT HIM. HE GOBLIN AND DISAPPEARS IN A CLOUD OF BLACK SMOKE"C{. "ARL0000000000M00935057700000000054100000000000000M0 1400000000000000010200000000000000M01507050700000000011100000000000000N01604010300000000010800010900000000?N01606050600000000012200014900000000gN01613011800000000012100000000000000N0000011700021575050800U}22733015200000000015900025278000000U22721013600000000011600033600060000U22721000000000000013000000000000000V22710000000000000013000000000000000:V22700000000000000015200000000000000bV228000123000000000132000223800000000015800000000000000K[00821055501360000011200035500033600,0832016300000000156300000000000000!Le00817000000000000012900000000000000,0905050400000000013900000000000000lLo00833015205420000014300155200000000,0833015200000000012400155200025276 "HIC HIC, BURP. OY WAS THAT GOOD!"I01000000000000000100000000000000000,11000000000000001100000000000000000J)01200000000000000120000000000000000,1300000000000000130000000000000000{J300712055800000000014000000000000000,0720055300000000014000000 22323054300000000053000000000000000TE22400016200000000013500026263770000TO22400016300000000013400026263770000TY22500016300000000013400026263770000"Uc22600016200000000013500026263770000JUm22710011502550000011700021575050600rUw2271001150000ŠŠԠ!"G/ "HE LID OF THE OFFIN RISES AND ARLOW THE VAMPIRE JUMPS OUT!!!"H/ " DON'T SEE IT HERE"H/ "?!?"TH/" HAVE NOTHING TO READ","Ԡ",CLOSETS AREN'T CLOSEDrH/ " HAVE NOTHING TO EAT"H000000013600000000000000R11900056101190000011800180000000000R11900057401190000011800010100000000R11900055401190000011800011300035400S11900055501190000011800010100000000BS11900055801190000015700000000000000jS1190005730119000001180001ED, TAKE A DRINK"E/ INDENTIFY BOOK BY COLORE/ " DON'T HAVE IT"E%/ "HERE?!?"F// "HE BOOK TURNS INTO A *GOLD* BOOK" F9/ "THANKS WAS HUNGERY";FC/ THE FLASHLIGHT IS ONWFM/ THE FLASHLIGHT IS OFFrFW/ " CAN'T MOVE THAT!"Fa/ T0000000000PA11705050400000000014100000000000000PK11705056701020000010600026768170433PU11705056700000000014100000000000000Q_117190000000000000150000000000000008Qi11711051703180319010400041800041900`Qs11726055003510000010500045100000000Q}OW TURNS TO DUST AND BLOWS AWAY"C. "HE GHOST VAPORIZES"C. "T'S POISON 'M DEAD!"D. "VERYTHING CHANGES AND....".D. "Ǒ"@D. YOU GOT HIMQD. YOU MISSEDuD. "IT SAYS - UBIE IS HARMLESS"D. "01617000000000000012900000000000000N01614012200000000012200012600000000N01615012300000000012200012700000000O01616012400000000012200012800000000/O01618012500000000012200012300000000WO01600000000000000014800000000000000O1 1720037305 25000000V22800000000000000010100000000000000V22934000000000000160000000000000000V23008057301120000011400097399041200W23008011200000000010100041200000000*W23008000000000000015400000000000000RW23100057301120000011400097399000000zW2Lr0 0700000000000000070000000000000000,0800000000000000080000000000000000My00905050500000000050800000000000000,0905056600000000053600000000000000+M00905056800000000053300000000000000vM00919052600000000052100000000000000,091905390000000005290000 UGHLYCARVED ROOM, A PIT LEADS DOWN",0,52,0,44,0,536a* "*OU'RE AT A JUNCTION OF THREE PASSAGES",0,45,48,56,0,056k* "A DUSTY PASSAGE",0,0,49,47,0,0a6u* "AN OLD BROKEN PASSAGE",0,0,50,48,0,06* "*OU'RE AT A TURN IN THE PASSAGE",0,51,0,49,0,0 ,0,0,0,03) "THE BASEMENT, THERE IS A LARGEOPEN DOOR TO THE SOUTH",0,40,0,37,10,04) "A LAUNDRY ROOM",0,0,36,38,0,0V4* "A MUSTY, OLD ROOM IN THE BASEMENT",0,39,37,0,0,0~4* "AN OLD WINE CELLAR",38,0,0,0,0,04* "A CHILLY, DAMP ROOM",36, ,2>- "A TORTURE RACK",RAC,51,1>'- *GOLD DEATH MASK*,MAS,51,0>1- "Ԡ",OYS,52,1 ?;- *SACK OF DIAMONDS*,DIA,55,0)?E- *LARGE RUBY*,RUB,56,0A?O- "",GHO,0,2^?Y- FLASHLIGHT(ON),FLA,0,0}?c- FLASHLIGHT(OFF),FLA,11,0?m- LARG "*OU'RE AT THE WEST END OF A HALLWAY",22,28,26,0,0,02) "A STAIRWELL",23,31,27,25,0,13<2) "*OU'RE AT THE EAST END OF A HALLWAY",24,32,0,26,0,0e2) "THE MASTER BEDROOM",25,0,0,29,0,02) "A DARK, DUSTY CLOSET. LADDERLEADS UP HERE",0,0,28,0XXX,28,1<}, *PEARL NECKLACE*,NEC,28,0<, BED,BED,28,1<, *VELVET PILLOW*,PIL,28,0<, LADDER,LAD,29,1=, FURNITURE,FUR,31,18=, "*OMMODORE *",PET,31,0Q=, FURNITURE,FUR,32,1h=, COBWEBS,COB,33,1=, *RARE FAMILY JEWELS*,JEW,34,0,8,0,13,0,00,0/ ) "A SMALL ALCOVE",9,16,0,12,26,0/) "THE STUDY",0,17,0,0,0,070!) "*OU'RE AT THE WEST END OF A CORRIDOR",0,18,16,0,0,0h0+) "THE MIDDLE OF A CORRIDOR",13,19,17,15,0,005) "*OU'RE AT THE EAST END OF A CORRIDOR",14,20,0,16,0,0*GOLD WATCH*,WAT,18,0:+ *RARE PAINTING*,PAI,18,0:+ RED BOOK,RED,19,0:+ BLUE BOOK,BLU,19,0;+ GREEN BOOK,GRE,19,0+;+ *GOLD BOOK*,GOL,0,0C;+ "",XXX,20,1V;+ BED,BED,20,1t;, *ORIENTAL RUG*,RUG,20,0;, CLOTHS,CLO,21,1;,,0-( "*OU'RE ON AN OLD WORN PATH",6,0,1,2,0,0.( "*OU'RE WALKING ALONG AN OLD PATH",5,0,1,3,0,0D.( "FRONT OF A BIG SPOOKY HOUSE",0,7,2,4,0,0k.( "THE HAUNTED FOREST",5,4,4,5,0,0.( "THE HAUNTED FOREST",4,4,6,4,0,0.( "THE HAUNTED FOREŠ ",DOO,7,18+ "Π",DOO,0,18)+ DOORMAT,MAT,7,0 93+ "Π٠ (DOORBELL?)",BUT,7,1B9=+ " - ŠŠŠ٠Œ",SIG,7,1\9G+ "",FUR,8,1{9Q+ " & ",TAB,9,19[+ *SILVER CANDLESTICG,5,1@- "-ARLOW THE AMPIRE-",VAM,0,2@- "HE SPIRIT OF UBIE ARSTON",SPI,0,1@- EMPTY VIAL,VIA,0,0A- SWEET SMELLING BROKEN GLASS,GLA,0,07A- "",PAS,0,1RA- EMPTY BOTTLE,BOT,0,0hA- NOTHING HAPPENSA. "HOW SHOULD KNOW WH6* "A ",50,0,0,0,0,06* "A COLD DAMP ROOM",46,0,0,0,0,07* "A PIT",0,0,0,0,0,547* "A PIT",0,0,0,0,0,55J7* "A PIT. HERE ARE NO EXITS",0,0,0,0,0,0r7* "A DEAD END PASSAGE",0,0,47,0,0,07* " A MISTY ROOM WITH STRANGE 0,0,0,0,04%* "A SECRET UNDERGROUND CAVERN",0,42,0,0,40,05/* "A NARROW PASSAGE",41,0,43,0,0,0'59* "A DRAFTY CHAMBER",0,0,44,42,0,0W5C* "A LARGE CIRCULAR CHAMBER",45,0,46,43,0,05M* "A SPLENDID CHAMBER 30 FEET HIGH",47,44,0,0,0,05W* "A RO E RUG,XXX,10,1?w- LOCKED TRAPDOOR,TRA,0,1?- OPEN TRAPDOOR,TRA,0,1?- LOCKED TRAPDOOR,TRA,30,1 @- OPEN TRAPDOOR,TRA,0,1'@- *GIANT PEARL*,PEA,0,0F@- STAIRS GOING UP,STA,13,1\@- COBWEBS,COB,8,1@- "Π - ՠ̠...",SI,30,02) "*OU'RE ON THE LADDER",0,0,0,0,0,292) "A YELLOW BEDROOM",26,0,0,0,0,03) "A WHITE BEDROOM",27,0,0,0,0,0M3) "THE WEST END OF THE ATTIC",0,0,34,0,0,30}3) "THE EAST END OF THE ATTIC",0,35,0,33,0,03) "A DIRTY OLD STOREROOM",34,0=, " BODY HANGING FROM A NOOSE (UBIE?)",BOD,35,1=, OLD TRUNK,TRU,35,1=, *RARE COINS*,COI,0,0$>, *BOTTLE OF RARE IMPORTED WINE*,WIN,39,0J>, "N OLD WOODEN OFFIN",COF,40,1n> - " DANGEROUS ",GOB,45,2>- " MEAN ",TRO,430?) "THE EN",15,0,0,0,0,00I) "THE IBRARY",16,0,0,0,0,01S) "A UEST OOM",17,0,0,21,0,0*1]) "A DUSTY CLOSET",0,0,20,0,0,0O1g) "THE TROPHY ROOM",0,25,0,0,0,0y1q) "AN OLD DUSTY NURSERY",0,26,0,0,0,01{) "A LARGE BATHROOM",0,27,0,0,0,01) *MINK*,MIN,21,0;#, *GOLD MEDAL*,MED,22,0;-, CRIB,CRI,23,1;7, * $1000 SAVINGS BOND *,BON,23,0 *OB%(73)RR(3)24600D*r*0"HE GOBLIN ATTACK WITH AN AXE IN HAND!"*:R(6)4"!! E GETS YOU!":RLB:GK1:*D" :"HIS IS ADVENTURE!!!"" WILL BE YOUR EYES AND HANDS AS YOU"?"SEARCH FOR LOST TREASURE."Er"HE OBJECT IS TO RECOVER"T7"TREASURES" "AND RETURN THEM TO THE PROPER PLACE.""REASURES HAVE A '*' IN THERE NAME":HOST ATTACKS!"'R(6)2"T GOT YOU!":RLB:GA0:GK1:("T MISSED!" ()(hR(5)2"OU MISSED!":f(r"OU GOT HIM!":"HE GHOST DISSAPEARS IN A WHITE MIST!"(|GNGN1:GA0:GF0:OB%(61)0((R27" CLOCK SHOWS THE TIME: ";VENTURER.":""SC125"OU'VE ACHIEVED THE RATING: XPERIENCED DVENTURER":c#SC175"OU HAVE REACHED THE 'JUNIOR MASTER' STATUS.":(SC225"OUR SCORE PUTS YOU IN ҠCLASS --":2SC295"OUR SCORE PUTS YOU IN 2501% 1,1,2,"ADVENT"& 1,R:1,LU:1,DF:1,LF:1,SO:1,GN:1,GA:1,GF& I1O& SG1O0& 1,OB%(SG):7& 1=& U& N,V,R,O,M,C,A,DRc& 32997,32s& 329974,32& I33077330765:I,32:& I11500:& &< OB%(54)ROB% WAY!":320VRRM(R,I11):199`jRLB:SOSO5:200#SC0:I1ON (OB$(I),1)"*"OB%(I)TR SCSCTVTfQF1SOSO4uSO0SO0SCSCSO QF11300" Š"SC"ԠƠ"MX SCSO300:13. #| "̤ ̤ $~ " ͧ H$ " ϣФϣ m$ " ϥ $ " ͠$ " $ " !":+ "HAT TIME IS IT ()";TM$+(TM$)4"ILLEGAL TIME":4800,TI$TM$"00"',"THANK YOU FRIEND."-,J,( 35,31,58,78,59,91,0,35P,'(V,1(\,;(,E( NNN,MAI,BIG,SPI,LET,DOO,MAT,BUT,KNI,BOT,LIQ,DES,OYS,PAP,RED,O( BLU,GRE,B ͨ -BY- ""d " JOHN O'HARE "3"f " ͥ]"h " "j " Υ "l " У "n " P" - DESCRIBES THE ROOM YOU ARE IN."8 Q:"SE AND IN MOST CASES TO MANIPULATE OBJECTS."> R S"HERE ARE MANY MORE WORDS THAT WILL BE DISCOVERED AS YOU EXPLORE SOME MAY T"EVEN BE MAGIC, USUALLY WHEN YOUTELL ME THINGS Y ! E MISSES!":*"HE TROLL ATTACKS!"+R(7)6"E SMASHES YOUR SKULL!":RLB:GK1:)+"E MISSED!":@+"ARLOW ATTACKS!"w+OB%(38)1"E SEES YOUR CROSS AND BACKS OFF!":+ R(4)3"E GOT YOU!!":RLB:GK1:+"E MISSED"SE TWO WORD COMMANDS CONSISTING OF" "A VERB AND A NOUN, EXAMPLE:"*K4"GO WEST, TAKE GOLD, ENTER HOLE, SHOOT"Q>}H"INVENTORY, SAVE GAME, DROP TREASURE"I"HIT ANY KEY TO CONTINUE"J A$:A$""2122K" ORDS TO (TI$,2)":"(TI$,3,2)"")HA1"HE SPIRIT OF UBIE ARSTEN APPEARS AND SAYS:":HS$(R(3))"."0)HA1OB%(74)R:HA0O)R(5)4R6E$(R(7))".")R3R7R(4)2"HE TREES SEEM TO BE ALIVE!")R32R36OB%(74)RR(3)2HA1)OB%ҠCLASS --":,7SC345"OUR SCORE PUTS YOU IN CLASS --":o<SC350"OUR SCORE PUTS YOU IN ҠCLASS --":FSCMX"LL OF ADVENTUREDOM GIVES TRIBUTE"KSCMX"TO YOU, Ҡ!"(55)ROB%(73)ROB%(74)ROB%(61)0:&R8RLBR(DT)HT35 'GN0#'GA1OB%(61)R:4030<'R(32)7GA1:3999L'OB%(61)0:R''"HERE IS A THREATENING LITTLE GHOST IN THE ROOM WITH YOU!"'GF(1GF)'GF'"HE G00"OU SCORED"SC"POINTS.""HERE WERE"MX"POINTS POSSIBLE."bSC1"OU MUST HAVE NOTHING BUT SPACE BETWEEN YOURE EARS!": SC51"OU ARE OBVIOUSLY A RANK AMATEUR.":!SC75"OU'RE SCORE QUALIFIES YOU AS A NOVICE CLASS AD "$ " "$ +% ""W% " HIT ANY KEY TO BEGIN ADVENTURE"k% A$:A$""2455u% 3000{% % :"HIT ANY KEY WHEN TAPE IS READY.":158,0% SG$:SG$""OO,GOL,CLO,COF,POT,STA,LAD,GUN,CRO,TRU,RUG,GOB,GHO,TRO,SIG,Y( FLA,WIN,GAM,PASC-c( VVV,NOR,SOU,EAS,WES,UP,DOW,TAK,DRO,ENT,INV,LOO,SCO,QUI,HEL,PUS-m( REA,OPE,MOV,SHO,RUN,KIL,EAT,CLI,TUR,ON,OFF,DRI,CBM,SAV,THR,STA-w(-(-( ROOM #0,0,0,0,0,0 " #p " Э ̤ "6#r " "]#t " #v "ͧ ϣ #x " ϣ #z "  J 59468,12:" DVENTURE 1.5 COPYRIGHT(C)1980 BY OHN 'AREZLU150:LF2tLT62:LIGHT OBJECT #TV15:T720:MXTVT7:MXMX50:TV=TREASUREVALUE/T7=#OF TREASURES/MX=MAX SCOREOL10: OBJECT LIMITI05:D$(I): NORT 2$(W3)N1$"HOU"N1$"TRA"N1$"DOO"%VL1VA V1$V$(VL)I1VL:540GX I2$""570dNL1N& N1$N$(NL)I2NL:5700: I10"ՠŠ() ɠ'Ԡ":330D I17I101100NMF0:K0SJP1:C753: (IP$,(IP$)SB):380 r |5000  LAMP AND ATTACK CHECKSu LU50LF2OB%(LT)0"OU'RE FLASHLIGHT IS GETTING DIM!":LF1 LU38LF1OB%(LT)0"OU'RE FLASHLIGHT IS GETTING DIMMER!!":LF0  LU25 LU0 OB%(LT)0:"ԠӠ 0710C15OB%(C2)R710KK1: K3ANY:800%,YT MF1" ' .":730o"ɠ'Ԡ?"x320 AF0:DH0:RF0:RC0%G17346:A1((C$(AN),G,2)):A2((C$(AN),G2,2))'A3((C$(AN),G4,2))"Š :":X0:UF1$ OB%(VI)R260> (OB$(VI))(0)36Q OB$(VI)". ";W a UFi X1w :OE05 " RM(R,OE)0X1"Ӡ:":X0 , RM(R,OE)0D$(OE)" "; 6: ;")A3:910z A19 OB%(A2)A3:910 A1101050:9104 A177DH1:910JA1184200:910` A111RC1:910w A1121200:910 A113QF1:1200 A114HA2:AF1:950:910 A115EA2:AF1:1030:910 A116250:4800 "USE SAVED GAME N";G$- G$"N"199] :"HIT ANY KEY WHEN TAPE IS READY.":158,0s SG$:SG$""192 1,1,0,"ADVENT" 1,R,LU,DF,LF,SO,GN,GA,GF SG1O 1,OB%(SG): 1 "" DF0: RDROB%(LT)1OB%(L1 "'M ALREADY CARRYING IT.":* OB%(H)R"ɠ'ԠŠԠ!":ROS%0:PQ1O:OB%(PQ)1OS%OS%1XOS%1OL"'ŠϠȠϠ":"OK,":OB%(H)1:N1$"TRE"1008TD%0:TD1O(OB$(TD),1)"*:2I0R1<RM$(I)FJ05,PRM(I,J)4Z:?dI1O`n OB$(I),OW$(I),OB%(I),OB(I)fxqI1M|M$(I)RM$(LB)RM$(LB)(13)" SIGN HERE SAYS: ϒ, FIND RIGHT EXIT "RM$(LB)RM$(LB)"AND LIVE AGAIN.":E1O N1$OW$(E)1030:"OU DON'T HAVE IT!":= OB%(E)1OB%(E)R:"OK,":["' ԠǠ!":uOS0:"' :".I71O8OB%(I7)110909OS1:(OB$(I7))(0)36;OB$(I7)". ";BCH,SOUTH,EAST,WEST,UP,DOWN7TR7:TREASURE STORAGE ROOM N=NOUNS/V=VERBS/R1=ROOMS/O=OBJECTS/M=MESSAGES/C=COMMANDS/A=ACTIONS 2200 N,V,R1,O,M,C,A,DR:N$(N),V$(V),RM$(R1),RM(R1,5),OB(O),OB$(O),OB%(O) LB57: LIMBO DT58:DEATH ROOMI117JP54:C7CXYJPC7$b ((C$(Y),1,2))I1710@g ((C$(Y),3,2))0630^l ((C$(Y),3,2))I2710uvK0:MF1:Z5164{C1((C$(Y),Z,2)):C2((C$(Y),Z2,2))C11OB%(C2)1710C12RC2710C13OB%(C2)Ԡ"LU"!"6 LU0 LF0"ԠӠ !!!":LF1:OB%(LT)0<B` I1$"GO"I1$I2$:I2$"" I1$"SAY"I1$I2$:I2$""V1$(I1$,3):N1$(I2$,3):I10:I20V1$"FEE"N1$"OYS"N1$"BIG"W31W0:V1$W1$(W3)V1$W* A11M$(A2)".":91044 A12OBOB%(A2):OB%(A2)OB%(A3):OB%(A3)OB:910N> A13OB%(A2)0:910hH A14OB%(A2)R:910R A15RA2:RC1:910\ A16DH1:RLB:SOSO5:910f A17920:910p A181000:910uA117RM(R,A2" @ OB%(LT)1LULU1 A400& BHTHT10 E4300: G3900V HGK1GK0:SOSO5:200r J: "Ԡ "; KI1$"":I2$"" TIP$:I1$IP$ VIP$"""":330 Y ^SB1(IP$) h(IP$,SB,1)" "I1$(IP$,SB1):I2$0:910 DH1:200  RC1199320!H1O6 N1$OW$(H)950`: I2$"""ɠSEENO "I2$" HERE!":s"BE SPECIFIC"y OB(H)1"'ӠĠ٠ҠϠϠ!": OB(H)1"ON'T BE STUPID!": OB%(H)T)RDF1 RLBRDTDF0$ DF0 209D "ɠ' !"O :330{ (RM$(R),1)"*" RM$(RM$(R),2):220 "OU'RE IN ";:RM$RM$(R) RM$"." RDT:SOSO12:QF1:1200 X1:UF0 :VI1O:OB%(VI)RX1 "1006%TD52OB%(TD)1OB%(42)RM$(24):OB%(52)0:OB%(76)R:1006STD52OB%(TD)1M$(43):OB%(TD)R:1006OB%(TD)1OB%(TD)R:"DROPPED: ";OB$(TD):TD%1TD:TD%0"OU HAVE NO TREASURE TO DROP." I2$"""BE SPECIFIC"I1C C$(I):CR1: (C)1980 JOHN O'HAREW0:W1$(W0),W2$(W0):WC1W0:W1$(WC),W2$(WC)::E4$:JP1I17:E$(I)::I13:HS$(I): E5$"HIT ANY KEY TO BEGIN ADVENTURE"A$:A$""187""OS:D"NOTHING":.L RM(R,I11)0DF0"ɠ' ϠΠԠ.":320oMRM(R,I11)0DF1" ̠ΠĠŠ٠!!":1130NOB%(54)RI11"HE GOBLIN WON'T LET ME BY!":320QOB%(55)RI13"HE TROLL IS BLOCKING MY9AD3:AD$" Ġ ": ADVENTURE NUMBER AND NAMER OW$(O),M$(M),C$(C)~59468,14:"ELCOME TO DVENTURE"AD:""17((AD$)2));"*"AD$"*"R(X)((1)X)1GN4:SO502000I0N: N$(I):(I0V: V$(I)Al PET GAMES 5P52A ACROBATARROW ATLANTIC PATROLBLACKJACK (CMS)BOMBER CBM DRAW POKER CRAZY BALLOONDONUTSKKELIZAFLIGHT SIMULATORJAILBREAK INS.JAILBREAK KING ARTHUR LASER TKS INSLASER TANKSLEMKK M-MAZE MILLIKAN(C)/NIGHTDRIVEROHARE'S #3VROTATES-RACER "SPACETREK 2STARFIGHTERKKSUPER TREKTIC TAC TOEZAP STARFORCECHECKERSKKKKKKKK   280>E$;"WHO WILL GO FIRST COMPUTER OR PLAYER?"PA$:A$""30`(A$"C"240o2A$"P"70<"INVALID ENTRY, ENTER AGAIN. ":T1500::20AE$;FPC92500K"WHERE DO YOU WANT IT HUMAN? " PA$:M 0 }LT31000~"PC92500RA18: A 160,170,180,190,200,210,220,230m LT2CMAS:WN1:250sA18: A 160,170,180,190,200,210,220,230 LT8CMAS:250:240LT0:L13:LTBP(L)LT:BP(L)0ASL:  LT0:L194:LTBP(L)LT:BP(L)0ASL*:VLT0:L372:LTBP(L)LT:BP(L)0ASL^:CM(9(1)1):BP(CM)0240M$(CM);CP$:BP(CM)1PCPC1WN1100065"";"" 789 ߒ ߒ ,"     ͒? r"  ߒ   l |" ͒͒ ͒   "ߦߒ ߒ   "ߦͦߒ͒   "  ͦ ߒ       ( "   O "   x " ͒ ͒" E$"" M$(7)"" M$(8)"" M$(9)""XbCP$" ߒ ߒ    "lCP$CP$"ߦ͒ ͒"vPL$"ߒ ߒߦߒ͒ߦ͒͒ߒ"PL$PL$"͒ ߦߒ͒T1500::3000E$;"YOU WON, HUMAN."<A18:826:T1500::F3000t E$"SORRY IT'S A CATS GAME.":T12000: "PLAY AGAIN (Y OR N)? " A$:A$""3010 (A$,1)"Y" (A$,1)"N""": 301""ROUTINE LOADING!":AD6903D:D951BZ:Z010WAD,Z:ADAD1:2h "":C33228A$(1)"ئ ͦ"A$(2)"ئ "(A$(3)"ئ Φ "&[D905:R793:L827/_7005d@iA,Q,BKnF1Btx"";(A$(A),40X);(A$(A),X);:XXQC,32:200X41XX40:160X1XX40(C)127600(C)32500C,90:DI1DI5130:105.C,32:C1,32:C40,32:C40,32:C1,32:V1200:=C,90:620jX" YOU WON!! "Y"GOT THERE IN"((TIT)60)" SECONDS."bV12000:l158,0:"PLAY AGAIN (Y OR N)?"vA$:A$""630A$"Y"700(A$):M080EZ BP(M)0"INVALID ENTRY, THAT SPACE IS FULL. "bdBP(M)0T1500::70i" "nBP(M)4:M$(M);PL$:PCPC1:123x70{C18: C 160,170,180,190,200,210,220,230|LT12200LT0:L46:LTBP(L)LT:BP(L)0ASL(:RLT0:L79:LTBP(L)LT:BP(L)0ASLZ:LT0:L173:LTBP(L)LT:BP(L)0ASL:LT0:L283:LTBP(L)LT:BP(L)0ASL:LT0:L393:LTBP(L)LT:BP(L)0ASL:"   < 6" 456   c @"   J" 123   T"   ^"ߒߒ ߒ" h"ߦͦ ͒" ͒͒͒ ͒   L "ߦߒߒ ߒ "ߦͦͦ͒    ͒ "  ͒͒   " ͒ ͒ ͒    " "" &M$(4)""L 0M$(5)""~ :M$(6)"" DM$(1)"" NM$(2)""XM$(3)" ͒"J826858:D:D(J)CC1:C5%J,D::B169,128,141,72,3,141,77[3,160,4,162,0,189,0y128,73,128,157,0,128,232208,245,238,72,3,238,773,136,208,234,96E$;"I WON! YOU UNINTELIGENT BIPED!!"A18:826:0͒"J826858:D:D(J)CC1:C5%J,D::B169,128,141,72,3,141,77[3,160,4,162,0,189,0y128,73,128,157,0,128,232208,245,238,72,3,238,773,136,208,234,96E$;"I WON! YOU UNINTELIGENT BIPED!!"A18:826:"<2A$(4)"˫ "q<A$(5)"ئ"FA$(6)" "PA$(7)" "ZA$(8)"  A$:A$""200F158,0:151,255:(A$)200,200,200,280,200,240,270,260,250O200cDI1:L:XX1:zDI2:L:D:XX1:DI3:D:DI4:R:D:XX1:DI5:R:XX1:"200C,160:C1,126:C40,255:C40,127:C1,124:V120:  "";:V124:A$(2);:8 :"PRESS ANY KEY TO START."K A$:A$""720X 151,255u DI3:X0:C,90:TTI:100 2,0,18,3,-1,10,1,1,10,3,-1,10,2,0,25,6,0,5,4,0,20 *6,0,5,2,0,25,8,0,4,8,33,1,2,0,1,8,0,4,8,33,1,2,0,1,7,0,4,7,-33,1' ,165,10,105 . 40,133,10,144,2,230,118 8 24,165,12,105,40,133,12U B 144,2,230,13,24,165,14s L 105,40,133,14,144,2,230 V 15,96,216,56,165,18,233 ` 40,133,18,176,2,198,19 j 56,165,20,233,40,133,20 t 176,2,198,21,96,32,190 ~  08  247,104,145,10,96,32,190,  2,162,24,160,40,177,10L  145,16,136,208,249,160,40l  177,14,145,10,136,208,249  32,222,2,202,208,241,160  40,177,16,145,10,136,208  249,32,211,2,96,32,190  2,162,24,160,40,177,20( 1  "ROUTINE LOADING!"^AD690:U863:D905:R793:L827:C33267:U140:D140:R11:L11nZ:Z0120(AD,Z:ADAD1:30xB28256:B1132256:TI$"000000"I023:4128I,256(1):3744hX024:BX4039,32:BX4038,160:,420,490,420417+(CD1)160U:4154417N(CL1)160R:415W417q(CR1)160L:415z417(CU1)160D:415417X"GOT THERE IN"((TIT)60)" SECONDS."bA12000:l120 25540,133,12B 144,2,230,13,24,165,14<L 105,40,133,14,144,2,230ZV 15,96,216,56,165,18,233w` 40,133,18,176,2,198,19j 56,165,20,233,40,133,20t 176,2,198,21,96,32,190~ 2,162,25,32,43,3,32 222,2,202,208,247,32,211  2,960  145,16,136,208,249,160,405  177,14,145,10,136,208,249T  32,222,2,202,208,241,160s  40,177,16,145,10,136,208  249,32,211,2,96,32,190  2,162,24,160,40,177,20 ( 145,16,136,208,249,160,40 2 177,18,145,20,136,208,249 <ANCH 'T'& ~"AHEAD END LEFT BRANCHb "AUTOMATIC DISPLAY OF MAZE LOCATION";G$:G"Y"(G$,1)h  X110:Y130:PK,61:Y:Y130:PK,62:Y:X:Y:X:Y:X:Y:X::PK,62:Y:X:0:PK,62:Y:X:2:Y:X: 4X110:Y130:PK,61:Y:Y130:PK,62:Y:X:qX110:Y130:PK,61:Y:Y130:PK,62:Y:X:130:PK,62:Y:X:(G$,1)X :0./1./ //.'.0/&..(e.0/11L,6(:X::P'):Y: @$ $$$$$$$, e.1e/21`:4! :85e6e9659`> < >> < >>M >> < > < > < > < > < > < >M> < >  42,0,4,6,0,5,4,0,8,6,0,5,2,0,10,5,0,3,2,0,18,-95F  255,127,0,128,39,128,136e  2,151,131,191,131,162,11  181,10,157,122,2,202,16  248,162,11,189,178,2,149  10,202,16,248,96,162,11  189,122,2,149,10,202,16 $ 248,96,216,242,162,25,32,43,3,32"  222,2,202,208,247,32,211>  2,96,160,39,177,12,72^  177,10,145,12,136,208,249{  104,145,12,96,32,190,2  162,25,32,77,3,32,222  2,202,208,247,32,211,2  96,160,1,177,10,72,177  12,145,10,200,192,40,245,16,136,208,249,160,40$2 177,18,145,20,136,208,249A< 32,1,3,202,208,241,160`F 40,177,16,145,20,136,208vP 249,32,211,2,96Z -125,32,77,3,32,222  2,202,208,247,32,211,2  96,160,1,177,10,72,177  12,145,10,200,192,40,26rE2((1)12)1:EXB3840E:PB(24E)401:EX,32@|4051_A328073376740:A,102:}A118:R::(C)160UTTI:C,90(C)102600C,90A$:A$""420158,0:151,255:C,32A(A$):A420,460,420,470,420,480,127,0,128,39,128,136. 2,151,131,191,131,162,11L 181,10,157,122,2,202,16k 248,162,11,189,178,2,149 10,202,16,248,96,162,11 189,122,2,149,10,202,16$ 248,96,216,24,165,10,105. 40,133,10,144,2,230,118 24,165,12,105,,160,39,177,12,72'  177,10,145,12,136,208,249D  104,145,12,96,32,190,2`  162,25,32,77,3,32,222}  2,202,208,247,32,211,2  96,160,1,177,10,72,177  12,145,10,200,192,40,208  247,104,145,10,96,32,190  2,162,24,160,40,177,1 32,1,3,202,208,241,160) F 40,177,16,145,20,136,208? P 249,32,211,2,96H Z -11ADlUWDRF@LNCU1D1 R1L1ZB`B1I@XHE8EX}PaHAT A DEAD BR130:PK,62:Y:X:PK,62:Y:X::Y:Y130:PK,62:Y:X:110:Y130:PK,61:Y:Y130:PK,62:Y:X::PK,62:Y:X:X110:Y130:PK,61:Y:Y130:PK,62:Y:X:,62:Y:X: X110:Y130:PK,61:Y:Y130:PK,6 ././Յ. p), pɁʆ-.04 X%3,8e0.1.2/,I,8e3.и,e-),4ɢ4 X0,8%00 .1.2/Љ,),4֠,0؅.-/1,2 ).$20$2,,-/1 -L .0/1. << > M << > TY 4,-,14:5;e::e;;-e1i)e::e;;:ɠȥ- , -,Т,L- , 8.N. -ʆ0 ;ɈɄ0:2e::3e;;/.̩E--е , 4. d.ʆ00:-e: L+@@+` .0/1.ɠ0/11LLK  ./.ɠ./ /LLKE`EXiDIApA> xXYB`B1$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$d.ʆ00:-e:  40000- 6036,0:6037,0:TI$"000000"XI(TI):6034,(3)256:6035,(9)2562" NIGHT DRIVE TIME: SCORE: ":50000<HI(6038)256(6039)d6020,0:6021,0:6027,20:6029,128nI60456063:I,20::I61126143:I,0 "B""15)" ":5208::50000:100nSC(6036)256(6037):""23)033)SCSC999EX020005786:""10);:I119:(" G A M E O V E R ",I,1);J0100::HISC10606038,SC255:    "7^4)"      "^h4)"       "r4)"     "w:|10)"      "10)"        " 10)"   ON" ֜" 4-HANDLE LEFT"0 " 6-HANDLE RIGHT"R " PRESS ANY KEY TO BEGIN"h (166)25540210n  PÙ"" ZÙ11)" ߒ":10)"  ߒ " dÙ9)"  ߒ ":8)" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:;8::;/.ЩE--й- , ,)!(4. g-ʆ0//(e::;;Ɉ Ʉ0:/E--Ъ,)/`.ʆ- d8.0//:;0:/.`,,V6`Lm-L-e.2:3;8,8/:&;6e::7e;;` $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$: x5773"(6020)5786:5008TTI:T54001000VT$((((5400T)60)),2)}""23)T$33)(6036)256(6037)130""15)" BANG !! "8)"TODAY'S HIGH-SCORE:"HII02000::""15)" "8)" 6039,SC2564:5)" YOU'RE TODAY'S HIGH-SCORER !! "I$(166)2551060O." EXTENDED PLAY "EX1:TI$"000045":130@"       "J4)"       "T4)"     ". 10)"     ߩ  "W 10)"      " 10)"    ߩ " 5)"DEVELOPED BY "; œN119:("J.SUZUKI....HM-1025",N,1);:M1100:: ̜" A-ACCELERATI  ߒ "7 nÙ" 0 100 200 300h xÙ"  ":$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ : 頠a _ b i i _ b{ i b `_i _bi bb!     !      :   :]zc  1037 @nLXLP : K   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ X8  X H8 him   v  v ( P x۽ڎژ8(`(#H[ h} mL8 m8m L    )xm|m'8tx8ʎmm LUxX`xU䍑X``* ߀|ʁ?€/8m L    )xm|m'8tx8ʎmm LUxX`xU䍑X``))  ))L/ =GJ Ʋ0)Ʋ0{L9 i`  dL9mmy0)'%mmy0  y I}hh}i)iq0 Phi`ȰLYy0+LYLY "0&"`@0'e沅`mL "0&"`@0'e沅 `mLyȹ)iLI i  ΢L  I0    i7q0 'y0 `m@i588Ji3   JJJ i I  Jf 00   `o) f.bi?qyiȹPɀ!mL ȹPm ୕L Ι0 L L+ Lh `i@i`eL qyi) `` > `#L L IJL  ݘ `)L )``qyqyyy`H  @i ΕL` ?G`>id`#UxX`G. 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STAR,STARBASE,KLINGON,ROMULAN,VALLICIAN,NUBIANTJ16:H$(J):JmTTI:E90:B90:R010TT1000:D(T):T1200"EASY/MEDIUM/TOUGH GAME";Z$D1((Z$)64.5)14:"WAIT.."C07:D07S((1)8)1:B((dKggGH`eg`GHNMGgMNeg`MN`eg]`eg`]eg]]eUEIg]]eg]==tQg==]eg]]eJdKg]]eg]`eg`]eg`NM`egNMeHeegg`eegg`eeggMeeNcMggNeegg-eWg-eeggNeeMdNggMeegg`eegg`eeggNNMMeeg`NM`egN MeHM NGH``GHN MGgM Neg`M N`eggMMNNeegg`MMNN`eegg`ggNcMee`eeggMgzNNPMMLeNeegg- OWz -eeggNgPMM`eegg`ggN`Mee`eeggMgzNNPMMLeNeegg- OWz -eeggNgPMMLNNOeMeegg`ggM`Nee`eegg`ggcee`ee0jcc &4@HNhhhRTVbdfh(*,6@@& "!          mqqqqqqqqq}           n(s(s(s(s(s(s(s(} M)M)M)M)M)M)M ) )M)M)M)M)M)M ) )M)M)M)M)M ) )M)M)M)M )M)M)M )M)M )MM)M)M)M)M)M) ) M)M)M) F-----------N'N'N'N'N'N'N ' 'N'N'N'N'N'N ' 'N'N'N'N'N ' 'N'N'N'N 'N'N'N 'N'N 'NN'N'N'N'N'N' ' N'N'N'  X1100X1(G10):(X148);:(GX11048);:" ";:5E(G400):GGE400:B(G40)fGGB40:S(G4):GGS4:V(G2)2:RGV:GGB40:S(G4):GGS4:V(G2)2:RGV"***";H$(Q);" DESTROYED***"Q%(C,D)0Q1X4 Y950:E9Y9Y9E9OJ"YOUR MISSION:":"NEUTRALIZE";E9;"ENEMY CRAFT IN";Y9;"YEARS"T"NUMBER OF STARBASES=";B9:T(1):Y8Y9:Y0Y9:R0R0(E9B9).25^ 1170:CX:DY:1170:N1X:N2Y:N01hT1(1):T2(TC8D64) rG1C:G2D:G0:870:(K)G EIVED FROM NUBIAN"4  J09:E%(J,3)400:JEE%(J,3)0:500M 1170:Q%(X,Y)0470m K7:J0K3:JVJRK3J E1V2J0K5 Q%(X,Y)K:E%(J,0)K:E%(J,1)X:E%(J,2)Y:J Q1E%(0,1):Q2E%(0,2):N51170:Q%(X,Y)0510 N5Q%(X,Y) A7620 bJ05:J1;"=";N$(J):J:590/ lN$(A1);" ";F v1650:A1A2590f A5P90"EXHAUSTED":590 A1A51380:Z10590 Y9Y9.1::A670,550,880,1050,970,920 W10:D(0)0W.2 " " "WARP DI2730# Q1(Q1):Q2(Q2):Q%(Q1,Q2)7:N02H6550- 1260e C(Q1X1.5):D(Q2Y1.5):870:KQ%(C,D)0820x *Q%(C,D)6:550 4X((1).5):Y((1).5):XY0820 >CQ1XQ1XX:DQ2YQ2YY:870:K850 HQ%(C,D)0 RD:C:CG1DG2""; 1670D::C:590>"TRACK:";:P9P91:CQ1.5:DQ2.5PCCX1:DDY1m870:K"MISSED!":1800(C49);",";(D49);"/";QQ%(C,D):Q0980:Q4"ROMULANS ARE IMMUNE TO PHOTON TORPS!":1800Q6N0THEM OUT!":D(3)(Y9):590VKE:I19B`CE%(I,1):DE%(I,2):QQ%(C,D):E%(I,3)01160jFY(K(D(0).4)):E5E%(I,3)F:E5(E5):E%(I,3)E5:F(F.9)tF;"UNIT HIT ON ";H$(Q);" AT ";(C49);",";(D49);"(";E5;"LEFT)"~E501720I:C07:D07 Q%(C,D)6Q%(C,D)0D,C:7 "YEARS";Y8;33);"4 3 2":\"STARDATE";3525Y8;34);"":}"STATUS:";C$;33);"5 1":( D12"QUADRANT:";G11;G21;34);"":<"SECTOR:";Q11;Q21;33);"6 7 8":F"ENE,2):E5E%(I,3):QQ%(C,D):E%(I,3)01470?HE5.4(1):E%(I,3)E5H.9:HH(D(0).4):F9F9H}(H1);"UNIT HIT FROM ";H$(Q);" AT ";(C49);",";(D49)F9.5IY7(Y9)Y8:Y70J05:D(J)01580JY8(Y9): (1).25" FIXED***":J"NUBIANS THANK YOU - THEY HAVE IMPROVED"=T"YOUR CRAFT..":F84000:P812:1260s^C$"DOCKED":D01:F9F8:P9P8:J05:D(J)01600|hJ:rXA1:A1(D(X)0):A1" DAMAGED;";:1550|G(G4):X1(G100):(X148);:GGQ2Q6"..NICE WORK!":Q2X40Q3X400:E9E91&Q4X401:E9E91=Q5X402:E9E91eGG%(G1,G2)X:G%(G1,G2)G::1690:o1420 E90Y9.5F91590S(1E3R0(Y0Y9))&E9018700"CONGRATULATIONS! MISSION ACC(G%(C,D)):G%(C,D)GA|N3(G1N1):N4(G2N2):1690:N5(N3N40N01)vC07:D07:Q%(C,D)0:D,C:N6(N32N42N01)SB0450J1SB 1170:Q%(X,Y)0420Q%(X,Y)1:JBQ%(X,Y)2J T1(T1):N6"DISTRESS CALL REC6 N02820:Q%(C,D)6 1420U &1180:C07:D07:X$(S$,Q%(C,D)1,1):D(1)0X$" "g 0X$;:D:" "; : C11290,1300,1310,1330,1340,1350,1360,1370 DC:F91Y9.51810 N"COMMAND ";Z$:A(Z$)48 X" ":"";:A0STANCE(0 TO";W;") ";:Z:ZW680/ F9F916Z:Z0590> 1420:D00i Q%(Q1,Q2)0:Y9Y9.3:Q1Q1.5:Q2Q2.5 CQ1X1:DQ2Y1:ZZZ1 870:K860 HQ%(C,D) H0"BLOCKED BY ";H$(H);" AT";(C)1;(D)1:780 Q1C:Q2D:ZZ1,\Z2ZZ18:C(G1C8X1Z2):D(G2D8Y1Z2):Y9Y9.5:360HfK(C0C8D0D8):fpCG11G11:DG21G21z870:K"*** ";:910G(G%(C,D)):G%(C,D)G: 1670D::C:590C07:D07GG%(C,D):G0"... ";:9600:J0:1040 J18:E%(J,1)(C)E%(J,2)(D)J8E%(J,3)0:1720:1800e"ENERGY UNITS TO FIRE ";Y:Y0590$YF9"ONLY GOT";(F91):1050.F9F9Y8V01110B"FOOL! NEVER USE PHASERS ON A VALLICIAN!"L"YOU'VE BURNT 1800X((1)8):Y((1)8):11480:C$"GREEN":F9500C$"YELLOW"JD00:E0C$"RED"uCQ11Q11:DQ21Q21:870:K1230Q%(C,D)21630Q%(C,D)6N02D,C:D01N02N00:1610N02(C$)71C$"TOWING"RGY:";(F9): P"PHOTON TORPEDOS:";P9:"Z"ENEMY LEFT:";E9:Pd"COURSE(1-8.9) ";C:C1C9Z10:qnC(C1)4:X1(C):Y1(C)xZ1(X1):Z1(Y1)Z1(Y1)X1X1Z1:Y1Y1Z1:Z118Z1:D011630I19:CE%(I,1):DE%(I X((1)6):(1).515608D(X)(7(1)5):"***SPACE STORM: ";N$(X);" DAMAGED***"ER0R0.5cD(X);"YEARS TO REPAIR":JX5:D(J)0"***NEW REPAIR TECHNIQUE--":1600"J:,D(J)D(J)Y7:D(J)116006@D(J)0:N$(J); # "";12);"COSMIC JAILBREAK"^59468,12::"A LONG, LONG TIME AGO A FIERCE BATTLE""WAS FOUGHT AGAINST THE INVADING SPACE"("ALIENS. MANY PEOPLE WERE LOST...."2:"BUT THEY DID NOT DIE IN VAIN, FOR IT"<"WAS MANS IOMPLISHED":S890"WELL PLAYED!"D"RATING:";S:1910!NY9.51900CX"YOUR MISSION HAS FAILED..."nb"YOU ARE DEMOTED TO CABIN BOY.":1910l"BUNGLER! THE ENTERPRISE IS DESTROYED!"v "ANOTHER GAME";Z$(Z$)78190 4 MUNICATORS DISCOVER THAT YOU HAVE"9"TAKEN PRISONERS."j:"ON BOARD COMPUTER WARNS THAT THEY ARE""PREPARING AN ATTACK, CODE-NAMED:":12);"COSMIC JAILBREAK":"PREPARE YOURSELF....  PRESS ANY KEY "A$:A$""180 - 20 POINTS"8::9);"..ߒ - RANDOM SCORE VALUE"v:10);"ߒ - RANDOM SCORE VALUE"18);"(MUST HIT OUTER LEGS)":"CLEARING ALL 9 SCREENS AWARDS A METEOR"""STORM GIVING AN EXTRA 5000 POIN: " LL[ CTRL0:DRA0VMM   2 Lƾ \LK``L\)iT … `…٠ ȑȑ86)`i6)`K`KJ`L  (1021)ةL  q  q   q  q L) L q  q   q   qL)  L    q   q L[L: iii r  & LFש֩` ` 2 @`@) `  ةP٩کm Q٩ک۩ y٩ک }۩R٩ک p۩x٩ک n۩z٩ک `۠٠%iP٥i`  ` ! ȅة٠ ٕؕەi(إiޥ 0 `ة _ ة _ ؕiتk` ؕ ٕ`Ȁ@h=e݁-8ٵڠ V`8ٵڠ V` ȑȑ`)mȩȩ}pȩȩnٵI`صٵ V ` ٵ m V L 0ک$ Pک xکک `L m Li ؅إ e؅ئصL) ` `Lt1ɬ ؕL ɬL - Ȧiٵiڠ V`iٵiڠ V` ٵ LS 8iٕiڕ ȩ#L ` ` ᥭ3 ȑȑȑ u إ e؅L ٽ ٕؕڕLL`  #      L?`oL `Ln` - L   ` v` 8 *NGENUITY AND TECHNOLOGY WHICH"KF"FINALLY FORCED THE INVADERS TO RETREAT."|P:"DURING THE BATTLE MANY ALIENS WERE"Z"IMPRISONED ON 'EARTH' AND HELD FOR"d"INTERROGATION."n:"THE 'ALIENS' USING THEIR TELEPATHIC"!x"COM` ^ `杦B B `t:  `8ե֥Ls L pq p޵rs rٵsک 楱 L*ޥLj   ש ֩ s  v  C`L"";12);"COSMIC JAILBREAK"I:"THE OBJECT OF THE GAME IS TO PREVENT"x"THE 'ALIENS' FROM RELEASING THEIR MEN""FROM JAIL. YOU HAVE 3 LASERS INITIALLY""BUT AN EXTRA WILL BE AWARDED EVERY 3000""POINTS." :10);".TS."/ ,:"'Q' - MOVES LEFT 'E' - MOVES RIGHT"b 6"'P' - FIRES LASER 'S' - STARTS GAME" @:" * * * GAME NOW BEING LOADED * * * " J"COSMIC JAILBREAK":A$TRA WILL BE AWARDED EVERY 3000""POINTS." :10);".    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T1:FP121)480F F,32:FFD(D1):450l BT2FP2T235:P2,T2:G20:440 BM128:B0G20T070: T2 FIRE!! FP22D(D2) (F)32520 F,G(D2):FFD(D2):500 A(D14)7:FP1FD(A)P1(P1)81C1C11:T142:P1,T1:G10:540I (F200iN(P140)81P1,32:P1D(D1),32:P1P140:D12:G11:T181:200X(P240)87P2,32:P2D(D2),32:P2P240:D26:G21:T287:350b(P240)87P2,32:P2D(D2),32:P2P240:D26:G21:T287:35059411,61:967:A$:A12000:A:2.85,12 $ G> <4`<4`A> :<`:<``A> :<`:<`  ""/*********ARNE GLEASON**********T********* JULY 6 1979**********y*********OAKVILLE ONT*********************L6J-4P6************* " >) BOMBER (<" "  "YOU ARE LOOKING @@r@@@r@@@@@@@@@@n]QC ] ] ] ] CW]] ] ] ] ] ]]QC ] ] ] ] ] ] CW]k@@@@@@@n ] ] ] ] ] ] p@@@@@@@s]QC ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] CW]] ] ] ] ]  ] ] ] CW]] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]]QC ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] CW]k@@@@} ] ] ] ] m@@@@s]QC ] ] ] ] CW]] ] ] ] ] ]]QC ] ] ] ] ]  dddddddddddd    -    -    lbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb{ -  -   -a ---    ---a & ------ & a --------------a ------ @@@@@r@@@r@@@@@@@@r@@@r@@@@@@@@@@n]QC ] ] CW]] ] ] ]]QC ] ] @n ] ] CW]k@@@ @@n ] ] ] ] ] ] p@@ @@@s]QC ] ] ] ] ] ] CW]] k@@ @s CW ]]QC ] ] ] ] ] ] CW]] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]]QC ] ] ] @@s ] k@@ ] ] ] CW]k@@@@q@ ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] @q@@@@s]QC ] ] ] ] CW]] k@@ @s k@ @@s ]]QC  ]]QC ] ] ] ] ] ] CW]] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]]QC ] ] ] @@s ] k@@ ] ] ] CW]k@@@@q@ ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] @q@@@@s]QC ] ] ] ] CW]] k@@ @s k@ @@s ]]QC  TORIES"4"AND FLOAT BARGES OF SUPPLIES DOWN STREAM"Z:"YOU USE THE 4,5,AND6 BUTTONS"}"4 TO GO RIGHT, 6 TO GO LEFT,"AND 5 TO DROP A BOMB":"PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE"Z$:Z$""24"""YOUR SIGHT'S TARGET LOOKS LIKE THIS"" "8"HYRO PLANTS LIKE THIS"T" "p" ""FACTORIES LIKE THIS" " !" ̤""AND BARGES LOOK LIKE THIS"#"  INTO THE SIGHTS OF A"( "B-29 BOMBER."S"YOUR MISSION IS TO DESTORY AS MANY "w"ENEMY STRUCTURES AS POSIBLE.":"YOUR PLANE IS FLYING ALONG A LONG""RIVER WHICH IS USED TO RUN HYDRO PLANTS,""TO COOL MACHINERY AT AMUNITION FAC ]]QC ] ] ] ] CW]k@@@@n ] ] ] ] p@@@@s]QC ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] CW]] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]]QC ] ] ] ] CW]] QC ] ] ] ] CW ]]QC ] ] ] ] CW]k@@@@@@@} ] ] ] ] ] ] m@@@@@@@s]QC ] ] ] ] ] ] CW]] ] ] ] ] ]]QC ] ] ] ] CW]m@@@@@@@@@@q@@@q@@@@@@@@q@@@q@@@@@@@@@@} d p@np@np@n p@np@np@n ]]]]]] ]1]]2]]3] m@}m@}m@} m@}m@}m@} p@n p@n ]] ]=] m@} m@}  ------a a -    a |~ ddddddd      p@@@@@ k@ @@s ]]QC ] ] ] ] CW]k@@@@r@ ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] @r@@@@s]QC ] ] ] @@s ] k@@ ] ] ] CW]] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]]QC ] ] ] ] ] ] CW]] QC @[@@s ] ] ] ] k@@[@ ] ] ] ] ] ] CW]k@@@ @@} ] ] ] ] ] ] m@@ @@@s]QC ] ] m@ ] ] CW]] ] ] ]]QC ] ] CW]m@@@@@@@@@@q@@@q@@@@@@@@q@@@q@@@@@@@@@@} $:"PRESS ANY KEY TO START"(%R$:R$""371&""B_TI$"000000"KaP20TbX20^c1000hdXX1nixXX1~B$""2000M(3(1)): M100,200,200X2X2X26X26 "  0:K119P399P40:G(I)(32768K):II1:Q F0:K120P400P40:E(F)(32768K):FF1:| ""P1)"ߩ  ߩ ""P1)"     " ""P1)"" I1100: ""P1)"  " P1 (32768280160P)2303120: I0:K119P399P40:32768K,G(I):II1:j F0:K120P400P40:32768K,E(F):FF1: ""P2)" հɤʭˣ VP2:I1300: D$"" D$V)"   11000,12000,13000,11000*B$"ג"*-.B$"ܦ"3.O2B$"̤U2v N:"YOUR 120 SECONDS ARE UP"*N:"YOUR SCORE IS "S4NS100"WELL BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME":>NS500"COULD BE MUCH BETTER":"YOU BETT"S"0u`""(515):60000ג"*-.B$"ܦ"3.O2B$"̤U2v N:"YOUR 120 SECONDS ARE UP"*N:"YOUR SCORE IS "S4NS100"WELL BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME":>NS500"COULD BE MUCH BETTER":"YOU BETTB *** FLIGHT SIMULATOR JERRY PANOFSKY *** PET USER GROUP SOFTWARE EXCHANGE PO BOX 371 MONTGOMERYVILLE, PA 18936 REM)C$" 3294,32,33494,322 M$(5)"NOT ENOUGH OXYGEN UP HERE"\ "TYPE '1' IF YOU NEED INSTRUCTIONS"nA$:A$""20~A$"1"800#900,MS150:I0:ALT06"THROTTLE (0/100%)";A:A((A)):A.01A:A1""C$"":31081650:G2:1100-;"ELVS100S)250%HFU(F100):FU0Y1:3000=IALT2100Y5:3000bJHECHE:MH(HE20):HE360HE0sOHE0HE360QFUOF1360TMHOMH1450YVSOVS1300^SOS1200cALTOALT1400 700:T0:"CHANGE (A,T,E,L)":A$:B.01B:317 700F "THROTTLE (0/100%)";A:A((A)):A100""C$"":660] A.01A:1650:317| "": "THE CONTROLS RESPOND SIMILAR TO THOSE":"IN A SMALL AIRPLANE." %:"THE THROTTLE CONTROLS AIR SPEED" *: " Q(20(1)):Q1310000/ ""X)B$9 1000R A(151):A2552010b A42PP1r A41PP1 A343000 C(32768160P) 32768160P,219 B15:TI$"000200"20000:B  32768160P,C  I EE TURN AND THEN LAND...K O"WHEN YOU THINK YOUR AIRCRAFT IS SAFE":"TO LAND, TYPE 'L'":` R15)"GOOD.LUCK" \"HIT ANY KEY TO CONTINUE" fA$:A$""870 " "15)" " " F U E L " 15)" AIR )"" I1200: P1)" "%  P)"."4  I1300:C  P)" "e  (32768160280P)1604000s 0 P)"֒" : I0:K119P399P40:32768K,G(I):II1: ; F0:K120P400P40:32768K,E(F):FF1: I112::      ", 6I110::: $SS100:h I0:K119P399P40:G(I)102G(I)160 32768K,G(I):II1: F0:K120P400P40:E(F)102E(F)160 32768K,E(F):FF1: pSS100:'O(4(1)):OER PRACTICE":!HNS1000"WELL THATS NOT TOO BAD":=RNS1500"GOOD WORK":b\NS2000"GOOD GOING HOTSHOT":fNS2500"YOU SHOULD BE PROMOTED":pNS2500"YOU MUST HAVE CHEATED."::"IF YOU EXPECT ME TOzN"SCORE LIKE THAT YOUR NUT SPEED "5 "E 1/2 F"15)"0 50 100 150 200"h " ѥ"15)" " " "15)" " 5)" " 5)" A L T I T U D E "5)" ":G1:F1100sM$(1)"YOU RAN OUT OF FUEL":M$(2)"YOU RAN THE PLANE INTO THE GROUND"M$(3)"YOUR SPEED WAS STRUCTURELLY TOO FAST":M$(4)"NOT ENOUGH LIFT ON TAKEOFF X15:L(X),W(X)::32899,32,32904,32,33094,32,3EVATOR (-100/100%)";B:B100B100""C$"":315@<1600:B.01B\=700:""C$:C$:C$:C$@S(AMS.7BSI):B.1II.05CS200Y3:3000EVS(100S4(B)):ALT(ALTVS300):A.3ALTALT1:VSVS105FALT0Y2:3000GFF(:A$""320 A$"A"500! A$"E"6001 A$"T"650B A$"L"2000K 320T 700 "AILERONS (-100/100%)";C:C100C100""C$"":620 1700:C.01C:317 X700 l"ELEVATOR (-100/100%)";B:B100B100""C$"":620 q1600 "THE AILERONS CONTROLS TURNS OR HEADING"K 4:"THE ELEVATOR CONTROLS UP,DOWN MOVEMENT"w 9:"TO MODIFY THE CONTROLS, INPUT T,A,E >"FOR THROTTLE-AILERONS-ELEVATOR C"RESPECTIVELY. H:"THE OBJECT IS: TAKE-OFF, MAKE AT LEAST M"A 360 DEGR '"ROTATEf:"COPYRIGHT 1978, COMMODORE BUSINESS MACHINES, INC. VERSION 1.0:#G1008 ZZ1 1500:ZZB$(20):W$"":B$"    " "DO YOU WANT INSTRUCTIONS (Y/N)?";:900 POSITION AT A TIME - IN A CLOCKWISE"Q<"DIRECTION. ALL FOUR LETTERS WILL MOVE."F"YOU SPECIFY THE UPPER LEFT POSITION OF"P"THE FOUR LETTERS YOU WISH TO ROTATE."Z"  THIS SHOWS THE DIRECTION d" A  B  "G":B$(5)"B":B$(6)"F"#"":600:T26-"XT);"IF THE BOARD":T);"IS LIKE THISoT);"AT THE STARTX$:X$""245"";T);"AND IF YOUT);"ROTATE POSI-":T);"TION C, THE,T);"BOARD WILL":T);"CHANGE. @B$(1)" TO EXCHANGE6 "ANY TWO ADJACENT LETTERS IN A ROW OR COLUMN.a "TO MAKE THIS MOVE, TYPE 'R' AS YOUR "MOVE (THE 'R' STANDS FOR 'RESTRICTED') "THEN YOU WILL BE ASKED WHICH TWO LETTERSYOU WISH TO EXCHANGE. "; "THEY MUST BE AD- J0 500 1000 1500 2000",5)" "O5)" "n5)" "5)" H E A D I N G "5)"0 90 180 270 360"5)" "5)" ),W(2):L(2)(S1032907):W(2)(L(2)):L(2),81:OSS:]L(5),W(5):L(5)(((VS100)33494)):W(5)(L(5)):L(5),81mOVSVS:700(VS0" "2VS0"DOWN"<VS0" UP "FPL(1),W(1):L(1)3289911FU:W(1)(L(1))"26)"TROTTLE "A.01"%":700 |c""26)"AILERONS "C"%":700:"YOU HAVE ATTEMPTED TO LAND AT A":"SPEED OF"S"MPH""AND AN ALTITUDE OF"ALT"FEET":"WITH A"HE"DEGREE HEADING."";HHE5HE355"WERE ON THE RUNWAY":2200-f"WERE NOT ON THE RUNWAY"O"CARE TO FLY AGAIN(1=YES)"cA$:A$""2210tA$"1":5z  "C R A S H":T1Y4 M$(Y):2200$ A"HE"DEGREE HEADING." lI084:W$;B$U vW$" "B$(I)"  "B$(I1)"  "B$(I2)"  "B$(I3)" "` W$;B$ W$" :W$;B$ W$" "B$(12)"  "B$(13)"  "B$(14)"  "B$(15)" " W$;B$ W$" # I139:ER$ER$" ":= *I139:ER$ER$"":] 4DN$""n >W$"" B$"    " I017:B$(I)(65I): I015:T(16(1)) T$B$(I):B$(I)B$(T):B$(T0::A$"N"800) A$"Y" A$"N" 6O5000:I017:B$(I)(I65)::""BOARD POSITIONS ARE OCCUPIED AT RANDOM":"BY THE LETTERS A TO P."THE OBJECT OF THE GAME IS TO ORDER THE"("LETTERS BY MOVING ANY FOUR OF THEM -!2"ONE OF ROTATION....$n"  5x" G" x"  YOU PRESS 'A' TO ROTATE" D Τ C THESE FOUR SQUARES."  A$:A$""170X11150:A$:B$(1)"C":B$(2)B":B$(2)"C":B$(5)"F":B$(6)"G":ATI/ T(TIA)1603408 ^600R h" AND YOU WIN!e |A$:A$""380z  X11150:A$: "YOU ALSO GET ONE 'SPECIAL' MOVE PER "GAME WHICH YOU MAY OR MAY NOT NEED. "THE SPECIAL MOVE ALLOWS YOUACENT.! " ONLY ONE SPECIAL MOVE PER GAME!M " TO GIVE UP, TYPE 'Q' AS YOUR MOVE.u "PRESS ANY KEY TO START THE GAME. 12);"GOOD LUCK! A$:A$""520 X11150:A$: A$"Q"2060 800 X""; bW$""5)" "@$5)" VERTICAL SPEED "i.5)"0 5 10 15 20 25"85)" "B5)" "LT1:700:"FOR TAKE-OFF ":G300,315L(2:L(1),81ZOFFU:6xL(3),W(3):L(3)(ALT10033094):W(3)(L(3)):L(3),81EOALTALT:oL(4),W(4):L(4)MH33294:W(4)(L(4))L(4)33294L(4),81OMHMH:@""26)"ELEVATOR "B"%":700:r""YOUR SPEED WAS";:S10" EXCELLENT":2060(S20" GOOD":2060GS30" ACCEPTABLE":2060T" POOR" "YOUR ALTITUDE WAS";:ALT10" EXCELLENT":2100ALT30" GOOD":2100 ALT60" ACCEPTABLE":2100*" POOR"4"YOU  )T$:I($M0:S0:"":R$B$(1):B$(1)B$(2):B$(2)R$:1140<81190:G02000^9DN$;ER$"LETTER TO ROTATE? ";sL3010:I161500QI177000V(I3)(I7)((10I)(I16))6000[I187000`MM1:T$B$(I)jB$(I)B$(I4):B$(I4)B$(I   100O:"THAT WILL BE $5.00 PLEASE.":"DID YOU PUT THE MONEY ON THE"v"KEYBOARD";A$:: (A$,1)"Y" 50( (A$,1)"N" 80-"I DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOUR ANSWER OF":A$" PUT THE MONEY ON THE";:302"WHY DO YOU DECEIVE ME! YOU DID N O YOU WANT TO PLAY AGAIN?(Y/N)";9000$ A$"Y"1000C A$"N" A$"Y" 2015v"":"YOU PLAYED";GG;"GAMES.";:GG2". " GG0 2070"YOU ORDERED THE BOARD IN AN AVERAGE OF"M1GG;"MOVES PER GAME.M1GG2""M 1N2N3: Z$: X@ X1 N1: S(X),L:R(X)S(X):N(X)S(X)L1: XI""t"HI! I'M ELIZA. WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?" I$:I$" "I$" " GET RID OF APOSTROPES L1 (I$)(I$,L,1)"'"I$(I$,L1)(I$,(I$)L):230 L3( ANY KEY."A$:A$""5040X11150:A$:LpDN$;ER$"ILLEGAL MOVE - TRY AGAIN!":TTI60[zTIT6010e1080sXR17550bR1:L0:"EXCHANGE WHICH TWO LETTERS? ";:9100lJ017:B$(J)X$7060qB$(J1)Y$L2rJ0$K$^ L h K&m S0 KS:LT: 420HrK36: 590: NO KEYWORD FOUNDw: X1 N1: Z$: X: SKIP OVER KEYWORDSC$" "(I$,(I$)(F$)L1) X1 N22: S$,R$ L1 (C$) L(S$)(C$) 510 (C$,L,(S$))S$ T$B$(J):B$(J)B$(J1):B$(J1)T$:7070 "MM1:600:1080ZL"SORRY - ";X$;" AND ";Y$;" ARE NOT ADJACENT.":R0cVATIw`(TIA)907520j1080~"SORRY - ONLY ONE SPECIAL MOVE PER GAME.":7510(#"";:IC150:A$:A$""2 N1N2: Z$: X1 X X1 R(K): F$: X: READ RIGHT REPLYY bR(K)R(K)1: R(K)N(K) R(K)S(K) l (F$,1)"*" F$:P$I$: 200 v (F$,(F$)1);C$:P$I$: 200 --PROGRAM DATA FOLLOWS--  KEYWORDS  "CAN YOU","CAN I","YOU ARE",k9150#Y$"A""P"Y$9150#Y$:B:"END OF ROTATE PROPERTY OF COMMODORE$T ADJACENT.":R0cVATIw`(TIA)907520j1080~"SORRY - ONLY ONE SPECIAL MOVE PER GAME.":7510(#"";:IC150:A$:A$""2 IKE","YES","FRIEND"! L "COMPUTER","NOKEYFOUND"5  SWAP PRONOUNSu  " ARE "," AM ","WERE ","WAS "," YOU "," I ","YOUR ","MY "  " IVE "," YOUVE "," IM "," YOURE "  REPLIES 2 "DON'T YOU BELIEVE THAT I CAN*" < "PERHAPS YOU WOULD LI5):B$(I5)B$(I1):B$(I1)T$%t"":600:1190:1080IG0:I015:(I65)B$(I)G1Q:"YOU MADE ";M;" MOVES BEFORE GIVING UP.":2010"YOU ORDERED THE BOARD IN";M;"MOVES.";:M1M1M:GGGG1M2". """:"DOT PUT"1<"ANYTHING ON THE KEYBOARD! HOW DO YOU"]A"EXPECT A POOR STUDENT TO PAY FOR HIS"F"WAY IF YOU DON'T PAY FOR HIS SERVICES.": 99P"THAT WAS HONEST, BUT HOW CAN YOU": 65cd S(36),R(36),N(36):N136:N212:N3112 x X1 N1GG;"MOVE PER GAME. ""THAT'S NOT BAD, BELIEVE ME!: "THANKS FOR PLAYING.@e DN$;ER$"BAD MOVE, TRY AGAIN. ";o 9000 I017:B$(I)A$" "A$:ER$:3300 :3000  "WHEN YOU HAVE READ WHAT IS ON THE SCREEN PRESSI$) (I$,L,3)"BYE" 20 LRI$P$ "PLEASE DON'T REPEAT YOURSELF!": 200k FIND KEYWORD IN I$":S0: K1 N1: K$; S0 360@ L1 (I$)(K$): MODIFIED SO LEN OF RIGHT PART IS NOT 0T (I$,L,(K$))K$ SK:TL:FB$(J1)Y$L5vB$(J4)Y$L4wJ3B$(J4)Y$L6,xL27040:yL67055HzL57057W{L47500|T$B$(J):B$(J)B$(J4):B$(J4)T$:7070T$B$(J):B$(J)B$(J1):B$(J1)T$:7070T$B$(J):B$(J)B$(J4):B$(J4)T$:7070 510% C$(C$,L1)R$(C$,(C$)L(S$)1)8 LL(R$):540R  L(R$)(C$) 540p  (C$,L,(R$))R$ 540 C$(C$,L1)S$(C$,(C$)L(R$)1):LL(S$)  L: X + (C$,2,1)" " C$(C$,(C$)1): ONLY 1 SPACE N: X1 #:" ";:IC150:A$:A$"" <#:90002#"";:IC150:X$:X$""9130[#:" ";:IC150:X$:X$""9130g#:9100#X$"A""P"X$9100#X$;#"";:IC150:Y$:Y$""9180#:" ";:IC150:Y$:Y$""9180#: "YOURE","I DONT","I FEEL"O $ "WHY DONT YOU","WHY CANT I", "ARE YOU","I CANT","I AM","IM " . "YOU ","I WANT","WHAT","HOW","WHO","WHERE","WHEN","WHY" 8 "NAME","CAUSE","SORRY","DREAM","HELLO"," HI","MAYBE" B " NO","YOUR","ALWAYS","THINK","AL KE TO BE ABLE TO*"B F "YOU WANT ME TO BE ABLE TO*", "PERHAPS YOU DON'T WANT TO*" U "DO YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO*", "WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I AM*" d "DOES IT PLEASE YOU TO BELIEVE THAT I AM*" n "PERHAPS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE*","DO YOU SOMETIME E YOU SAYING NO JUST TO BE NEGATIVE?"'"YOU ARE BEING A BIT NEGATIVE."Q"WHY NOT?","ARE YOU SURE?","WHY NO?""WHY ARE YOU CONCERNED ABOUT MY*","WHAT ABOUT YOUR OWN*""CAN YOU THINK OF A SPECIFIC EXAMPLE?" "WHEN?","WHAT ARE YOU THI "PERHAPS IN GOOD TIME I WILL*","DO YOU WANT ME TO*"_ "DO YOU THINK THAT YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO*","WHY CAN'T YOU*" "WHY ARE YOU INTERESTED IN WHETHER OR NOT I AM*" "WOULD YOU PREFER IF I WERE NOT*","PERHAPS IN YOUR FANTASIES I AM*""H "COULD THERE REALLY BE SOME CONNECTION?"+"HOW?","YOU SEEM QUITE POSITIVE."Y"ARE YOU SURE?","I SEE.","I UNDERSTAND.""WHY DO YOU BRING UP THE TOPIC OF FRIENDS?""DO YOUR FRIENDS WORRY YOU?","DO YOUR FRIENDS PICK ON YOU?""ARE r"YOU'RE NOT REALLY TALKING ABOUT ME, ARE YOU?"G|"WHAT WOULD IT MEAN TO YOU IF YOU GOT*"w"WHY DO YOU WANT*","SUPPOSE YOU SOON GOT*""WHAT IF YOU NEVER GOT*","I SOMETIMES ALSO WANT*""WHY DO YOU ASK?","DOES THAT QUESTION INTEREST Y MPUTERS?"$ "WHAT DO YOU THINK COMPUTERS HAVE TO DO WITH YOUR PROBLEMS?"Q. "DON'T YOU THINK COMPUTERS CAN HELP PEOPLE?"8 "WHAT IS IT ABOUT MACHINES THAT WORRIES YOU?"B "SAY DO YOU HAVE ANY PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS?"L "WHAT DOES THAT SUGGE SE COMES TO MIND WHEN YOU ASK THAT?"P"NAMES DON'T INTEREST ME.","I DON'T CARE ABOUT NAMES--PLEASE GO ON.""IS THAT THE REAL REASON?","DON'T ANY OTHER REASONS COME TO MIND?"0"DOES THAT REASON EXPLAIN ANYTHING ELSE?":"WHAT OTHER REASONS 28,4,28,4,32,3,35,5,40,9,40,9,40,9,40,9,40,9,40,9: 49,2,51,4,55,4,59,4,63,1,63,1,64,5,69,5,74,2,76,4_ 80,3,83,7,90,3,93,6,99,7,106,7$T MACHINES THAT WORRIES YOU?"B "SAY DO YOU HAVE ANY PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS?"L "WHAT DOES THAT SUGGE  IN YOUR DREAMS?""ARE YOU DISTURBED BY YOUR DREAMS?"L"HOW DO YOU DO ... PLEASE STATE YOUR PROBLEM.""YOU DON'T SEEM QUITE CERTAIN.","WHY THE UNCERTAIN TONE?""CAN'T YOU BE MORE POSITIVE?","YOU AREN'T SURE?","YOU DON'T KNOW?""AR! R.D.WATTS 12:9:78[ G$(1)"BATTLESHIP":G$(2)"POCKET "G$(1)" ":G$(3)"CRUISER"u K19:E$(K)::8000 D((TI)20002400):E((TI)31):O0D299912DER2530""E4E0DDSS!TT0T"TORPEDOES HIT "E$:NE S WISH YOU WERE*"( "DON'T YOU REALLY*","WHY DON'T YOU*"f "DO YOU WISH TO BE ABLE TO*", "DOES THAT TROUBLE YOU?" "TELL ME MORE ABOUT SUCH FEELINGS.","DO YOU OFTEN FEEL*" "DO YOU ENJOY FEELING*","DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE I DON'T" NKING OF?"4"REALLY, ALWAYS?","DO YOU REALLY THINK SO?"JH"BUT YOU ARE NOT SURE YOU*","DO YOU DOUBT YOU*"|\"IN WHAT WAY","WHAT RESEMBLANCE DO YOU SEE?"p"WHAT DOES THE SIMILARITY SUGGEST TO YOU?"z"WHAT OTHER CONNECTIONS DO YOU SEE?" OW DO YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T*", "HAVE YOU TRIED?"1,"PERHAPS YOU CAN NOW*"v6"DID YOU COME TO ME BECAUSE YOU ARE*","HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN*"J"DO YOU BELIEVE IT IS NORMAL TO BE*","DO YOU ENJOY BEING*"^"WE WERE DISCUSSING YOU--NOT ME.","OH, I*" YOU SURE YOU HAVE ANY FRIENDS?","DO YOU IMPOSE ON YOUR FRIENDS?"H"PERHAPS YOUR LOVE FOR FRIENDS WORRIES YOU."g"DO COMPUTERS WORRY YOU?" "ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ME IN PARTICULAR?" "ARE YOU FRIGHTENED BY MACHINES?","WHY DO YOU MENTION CO OU?"+"WHAT ANSWER WOULD PLEASE YOU THE MOST?","WHAT DO YOU THINK?"Y"ARE SUCH QUESTIONS ON YOUR MIND OFTEN?""WHAT IS IT THAT YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW?""HAVE YOU ASKED ANYONE ELSE?","HAVE YOU ASKED SUCH QUESTIONS BEFORE?""WHAT EL ST TO YOU?","I SEE."` "I'M NOT SURE I UNDERSTAND YOU FULLY"Xj "COME COME ELUCIDATE YOUR THOUGHTS.","CAN YOU ELABORATE ON THAT?"z~ "THAT IS QUITE INTERESTING." DATA FOR FINDING REPLIES 1,3,4,2,6,4,6,4,10,4,14,3,17,3,20,2,22,3,25,3  MIGHT THERE BE?"/D"PLEASE DON'T APOLOGIZE!","APOLOGIES ARE NOT NECESSARY."dX"WHAT FEELINGS DO YOU HAVE WHEN YOU APOLOGIZE."b"DON'T BE SO DEFENSIVE!"l"WHAT DOES THAT DREAM SUGGEST TO YOU?","DO YOU DREAM OFTEN?""WHAT PERSONS APPEAR! :E2DDSS2 20I " ALTERING COURSE TO STARBOARD":EE1:E2DDSS2:20Z  DDSS2:20u ` "SPEED ALTERATION ";S j S5S5"ALTERATION OF SPEED IN EXCESS OF 5 KNOTS":2400 t " ALTERING SPEED":SSSSS3 y SSMSSSMS! NET100"T20T1"TORPEDOES HIT "N$:NHNHT7D#E4E0DDSSp(D0"RAMMED "E$:ANH:NHNHNE:NENEA-" ARMAMENT2" MAIN"GT;GC"INCH7" 2ND "ND;NC"INCH<" ! EE:2590 H(H):H0H0 DERH05 ""E$" RECEIVED"EH"HITS"V "HMS "N$" RECEIVED"H"HITS"o H3MSMS3:SSSS3 GC5EHEH3 GC12EHEH3 R1HH3 R3HH34 GT02556 AAAAH:AA1AAAT:GTGT1:"ONE! .. ..... ":"  :n"HMS "N$:H0NxK140:"";:b}K140:"";:NE0"WELL DONE "E$" HAS BEEN SUNK":U2U21:4700D2000195(TI).8EE1(TI).2EE1B$(0)"OFF PORT QUARTER":B$(1)"O!RANGE OF SECONDARY ARMAMENT":20032 SA1:2510> NT0"NO TORPEDOES LEFT":2003d "NO. OF TORPEDOES ";A:ANTANTq A0A0 NTNTA:" FIRING"A"TORPEDOES" T((A(D190))(TI)2):TT(D300):TATA 20 " MAKI!):3000# D2799"NOTHING IN SIGHT":2000E D2399"SMOKE "B$(E1):290R O1275 (TI).7"VESSEL IDENTIFIED AS FRIENLY MERCHANTMAN":1900 O1:P1E$" "B$(E1):290 "ENEMY IN SIGHT "B$(E1) D2050P1:"ENEMY IDENTIFIED!T TO"Q"SECONDS"r K1900:K,Q:NH1:209 T1(5(D200))(TI)2:E04T1T12L E26T1T12[ T16T16y T1(T1):T2(D300):245S$:"THAT WAS HOPELESS"Z44100"ADMIRALTY OFFERING A NEW COMMAND.":"ARE YOU INTERESTE!G:290 lD3000:O0 TTTT1:T2T21- "COMMAND ";CB C15000:2003v C2100,2200,2300,2400,2500,2600,2700,2800,2900 2003 4" ALTERING COURSE TO PORT":EE1:E2DDSS2:20 RDDSS2:20 " MAINTAINING COURSE"! CH."h'S$:"CONGRATULATIONS":"HOWEVER "N$" IS IN POOR SHAPE"14010E\U29S$:4100daD3333:P0:NE0:GT44500m195" YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR SHIP WITH THE":"FOLLOWING COMMANDS."" 1 TURN TO PORT":" 2 MAINTAIN "COURSE"," 3 TURN TO STARBOARD":" 4 ALTER SPEED (+OR-5 KNOTS MAX)S" 5 OPEN FIRE (MAIN ARMAMENT)" 6 OPEN FIRE (MAIN+SECONDERY ARMAMENT)" 7 FIRE TORPEDOES":" 8 MAKE SMOKE":" 9 SCUTTLE"" A COMMAND O!:" NOW AT FULL SPEED" ~ 207 DNR"TARGET OUT OF RANGE":2003g GT0" MAIN ARMAMENT KNOCKED OUT":2530 " OPENING FIRE" WGT:2590 E0E4HHH E2E6HH2 SA1SA0:HH1.5 EH(H):EH0EH0 W! TORPEDOES"NTFA"  ":SM02815F"   ":"   ͤP"  ..  . ..UNH0"H.M.S. "N$" HAS BEEN SUNK":U1U11:4000'Z"  .... .. !"GC"INCH GUN HIT" HAANDND1:ND0ND0E NHNHH23:GGGGEH:GG1GGEG:EEEE1_ NENEEH23:EH0:30 HW400D2F(TI)(SM2):( DNR"TARGET OUT OF RANGE":2003- ND0"NO SECONDARY ARMAMENT":2003 / DNR500"OUT OF !FF PORT BEAM":B$(2)"BEARING PORT"fB$(3)"DEAD AHEAD":B$(4)"BEARING STARBOARD":B$(5)"OFF STARBOARD BEAM"B$(6)"OFF STARBOARD QUARTER":B$(7)"DEAD ASTERN":E6E1"SPEED"SS3"KNOTS":E1E6D1000(TI).9"TORPEDO TRACKS "B$(E1!NG SMOKE":SM3:20 "":DERDNR) ,,"  W ,," ":,"  " ,"  2D":,"  @ "  ":SMSM1:70T " SCUTTLING"^ Q901:"CHARGES SE! AS ";:500 ""RANGE"D10"YARDS":2000> R((TI)91):E$(R)""500Y E$E$(R):EE8:E$(R)""m R3RR3:515 G$(R)" "E$:F1:R550,570,590 &F2:EG10:NE75:ER2000:650 :EG8:NE60:ER1800:650 NEG6:NE45:ER1500:650 GGE!D ";A$(A$,1)"Y"8070?"YOU HAVE SUNK"U2"ENEMY SHIPS":"FOR THE LOSS OF"U1"SHIPS"lU2U13"YOU ARE PROMOTED TO ADMIRAL!""U20"YOU ARE DISMISSED FROM THE SERVICE!":,U2U1"WELL DONE."6U2U1"NOT EXACTLY THE NELSON TOU0,8650!8140!GT8:NT8:8140!8140A(#BISMARK,GRAF SPEE,PRINZ EUGEN,TIRPITZ,LUTZOW,HIPPER,SCHARNHORST2#ADMIRAL SCHEER,EMDEN,HOOD,SUFFOLK,HERO,RODNEY,AJAX,COSSACK,WARSPITE<#BELFAST,HOTSPUR,KING GEORGE V,EXETER,ELECTRAGT8:AT9:ND" F 0 WILL RETURN THIS LIST":p"PRESS RETURN."$zA$:A$""6010*YX"";S$:"YOUR "C$"COMMAND IS H.M.S. "N$b"MAIN ARMAMENT"GT;GC"INCH GUNS":"RANGE"NR10"YARDSgV3"NO SECONDARY ARMAMENT":7030l"SECONDARY ARMAMENT"N" ":SQ$""< ***STAR TREK 1.2***w " NAVIGATIONAL SKILL? (1-5)":" 1 MAIDEN VOYAGE" " 2 AMATEUR ASTRONAUT":" 3 SHOWS ENTERPRISE" " 4 COURAGEOUS CAPTAIN":" 5 GALACTIC GREASED LIGHTNING"A$:A$""14" IN THIS GAME YOU COMMAND A ROYAL NAVY"@O"WARSHIP IN MID ATLANTIC DURING THE":"SECOND WORLD WAR!"Y" YOUR MISSION IS TO PATROL THE SEA":S$"SIGNAL FROM ADMIRALTY:"^"LANES AND SINK AS MANY ENEMY SHIPS AS":"YOU CAN."h" REMEMBER "5 %D41501&D13((1)4):D224:D38:D41:35Y2I768831:KH((I)96)32:KLKLKHw7BH((I)24)8:BLBLBH:<SI10(1)2NF"YOU MUST DESTROY"KL"KLINGONS IN"((SI),8)" STARDATES."H"YOU HAVE"BL"STARBASES."I" SATISFAC" COMMAND""BATTLESHIP:"37)"(1)">" (SLOW,HEAVY ARMAMENT,HEAVY ARMOUR)":"CRUISER:"37)"(2)"m"(MEDIUM,MEDIUM ARMAMENT,MEDIUM ARMOUR)""DESTROYER:"37)"(3)"" (FAST,LIGHT ARMAMENT,NO ARMOUR)":SM0:SS60:TT1:T21:ZZ1"R(1):YSR(1):D768XQYQ8x12000/63000:SO1;SQ$""]D768XQYQ8:KK((D)96)32tPD(2080(1))KKPD0157D01"ENTERPRISE PROTECTED BY STARBASE.":157""PD" UNIT HIT ON THE ENTERPRISE."SSPD! "8:8140D MS81:GT10:GC14:AT10:81403 GT8:GC8:F1:MS96:AT6:ND8:NC4:NT6:NH45:NR1500N Z8430,8440,8450,8460X 8140g GC6:8140|!GT12:GC6:8140 !GT6:8140!GT4:NT12:F.5:MS108:NC0:NH25:NR1200!Z8630,8640,865" 30000:140 SO063000:10000:SO1- C$"S"600= C$"F"700M C$"M"300V 500b ,SQ$""k 6900 @"DISTANCE? ";:2100:W$AA$:W(W$) EW0140 JEW"NOT ENOUGH ENERGY":B$:B$:"":310 TEEW:D01D$" ":XXS:" YYS:50000 YM$"E":40000:D00% ^D$" "360C `O%(XS,YS)2O%(XS,YS)0n bO%(X,Y)4:XSX:YSY:D$"E":50000:140 hD$""390 rSQ$"HIT STAR. ":"SENT THROUGH SPACE WARP." w"SHIELDS STRIPPED. |S0:I1500::105 D$"#K"430& "FATAL COLLISION WITH A KLINGON.":KLKL1P "THE ENTERPRISE HAS BEEN DESTROYED," KL0"YOU ARE POSTHUMOUSLY AWARDED THE":"MEDAL OF HONOR.":820 "WITH"KL"KLINGONS LEFT.":"THE FEDERATION IS LOST." "DO WANT TO PLAY AGAIN";A"D;NC"INCH GUNS":"RANGE"NR105000"YARDS.v""NT"TORPEDOES":"RANGE 10000 YARDS"L"FULL SPEED"MS3"KNOTS"ZC$"NEW ""TO COMMISSION"N$" ";:6000" "Q$:12@" ATLANTIC PATROL":" J""(A$)1(A$)514(N(5(A$))2_"ONE MOMENT PLEASE WHILE I ARRANGE THE GALAXY"}I768831:I,((1)8):"D117((1)5):D296:D332:D43#D768((1)64):(D)D235$DD((1)D41):D1D1DD:DDDDD3(D):D,DD:D113"YOU CAN GET MORE HITS ON AN"m"ENEMY SHIP IF SHE IS ABEAM OF YOU,BUT"dr"YOU WILL THEN PRESENT A LARGER TARGET":"FOR ENEMY TORPEDOES."|" TO CONTINUE ";:60005000:"TO CONTINUE ";:6000" WHICH TYPE OF SHIP DO YOU WISH":"TO"TORY ? (Y/N)"JA$:A$""74(KA$"Y"796LA$"N"5>M74GO1,3PO%(7,7),P(2,7,1),P$(4):I139:B$B$" "::L$(13)ZR(X)((X)8):P$(1)"":P$(2)"B":P$(3)"K":P$(4)"E"dE5000:PT25:S500:ITTIiXQR(1):YQR(1)nXS""";V:V3V18110&K13:N$(K)::N$N$(V):V8200,8400,86006AAAT:7000g GT8:GC15:F2:ND12:NC6:NT4:NH70:NR2000 Z8230,8240,8250,8260& MS87:AT8:81400 MS63:GT9:GC16:AT11:8140: MS72:GT8:AT9:ND"S100KK"SHIELDS DANGEROUSLY LOW!"8 S0EE100S:S0L E0"";:405p SDSI(TIIT)3600:SO110000 SQ$" "L$"COMMAND? "; 2100:CO$AA$:C$(CO$,1):B$:B$:B$:B$ C$"C"SO0:60000:140 C$"L"# OR "((XS),2)","((YS),1)L'29)"ENERGY"((E)" ",5)?V'29)"P.TORP "(" "(PT),4)``'29)"SHIELDS"((S)" ",4)j'29)"KLINGONS "(" "(KL),2)t'***READ**+"":4);+X011025 +I1X:"";:+Y011040!4N">NY:"";:xÙD$Î` **DRAW GAL. MAP**:jR32:Q1:15000:""3);EtI07P~J07dK02:D(K)0:D768JI8:((D)128)06012020000JXQIYQ"";K02D$(K)((D(K)),2,1):# $:(A$,1)"Y"  D$"B"450J D01:E5500:PT25:S0:O%(XS,YS)0:XSX:YSY:140[ D$""480h W1W1 XQXQ(WCC.5):YQYQ(WSS.5) (XQ0)(XQ7)(YQ0)(YQ7)105 110 SQ$""; "COMMANDS ARE: FIRE ","MO# :""3);:I07:IQ1)""; :-::2)"";:J1R:"";::""8:I07V:" "R)"":I""R)""\:|:" ";:I1R:"";::"": N*PULLOUT**ND(0)(D)74ND(1)(((D)24)8)>ND(2)(((D)96)32)HNDD#F TORPEDOES.":140 PTPT1:900A2140'M$""6W2:40000Q(D$"")(D$"")140aD$"K"800qD$"B"850 :J115:D$:50000::KLKL1:O%(X,Y)0:D768XQYQ8*Q(D):DD((Q96)32)(Q159):D,DD:KL0140/"CO# **MOVER**EXIXSCC:YIYSSSJC1W8:X(XI.5):Y(YI.5)AO(X0)(X7)(Y0)(Y7)D$"":WT11000:D$" "^D$M$:50000:D$" ":50000:XIXICC:YIYISS::PÏ **PLACE**ZÙ"":4);_ËX050025dÁI1X:"";:i#!!":140SQ$7"ANGLE? ";:2100:A$AA$:A(A$):AA180:SS(A):CC(A)="K","","","","","","","","","","","","*"," "," "4I(0)9#1,C$:"";:C$(34)C$"'">A$(0)C$"":A$(1)""C$"":ATI:N0HA$:#D$(2);D$(1);D$(0);" ";:"":3);: ::2D$(2)"*":D$(1)"*":D$(0)"*":60090E **DRAW SRS**g"R24:Q0:15000:X07:Y07,O%(X,Y)0D$P$(O%(X,Y)):500006::10000:d AND LOAD STARTREKvTHIS IS FILLER TO ALLOW #A$::AA$AA$" ":' **UPDATE STATUS**,'D768XQYQ8:20000V'"":29)"STARDATE"((SD)" ",3)$'29)"CONDITION ";:(D)96D$"R":10035.'D$"G"3'D01D$"D"8'D$69)"QUAD. "((XQ),2)","((YQ),1)B'29)"SECTK#+I1Y:"";: +#1,D$*+. **SET P**F.D768XQYQ8:20000:I07:J07:O%(I,J)0::Q.K02a.O%(XS,YS)4s.D(K)012080/L1D(K)/XR(1):YR(1):O%(X,Y)012050/O%(X,Y)K1&/L0/K:: **FRAME DRAW**# NM(JF)P:D(JF)Kt:dCSCS1:W$"I WIN!!!":"";6iI17:V)B$::"";QkV)""W$:V)"SCORE:nV)"YOU:";PS:V)"PET:";CS:V)"DO YOU WANTx25)"TO PLAY AGAIN?A$:A$""6530A$"Y""";:I115:V)#VE15)"SHIELDS","LRS"15)"CHART"!1408XEES:S0:SQ$"";[]"YOU HAVE"E"UNITS AVAILABLE."b"HOW MANY UNITS TO SHIELDS ";A$:A(A$)lAEA999"":605vEEA:SA:""B$"":140PT0SQ$"YOU ARE OUT O#(D):DDDD(128):D,DDRN 0u **DRAW LRS**5uSQ$"";':uYYQ1YQ18DuXXQ1XQ1LFuK02:D(K)0:gIuX0X7Y0Y730060wNuD768Y8Xbu20000luK02vuD$(K)((D(K)),2,1)u:15)D$(2)D$(1)D$(0);" ";u:::@#NGRATULATIONS ";4"THE FEDERATION IS SAVED.":420XR:J115:D$:50000::BLBL1:O%(X,Y)0:D768XQYQ8WQ(D):DD((Q24)8)(Q231):D,DD\SQ$f"CONGRATULATIONS,":"YOU DESTROYED A STAR BASE."p"YOU HAVE"BL"BASES LEFT. GOOD LUCK#Y050040nÁI1Y:"";:xÙD$Î` **DRAW GAL. MAP**:jR32:Q1:15000:""3);EtI07P~J07dK02:D(K)0:D768JI8:((D)128)06012020000JXQIYQ"";K02D$(K)((D(K)),2,1):#A$""2160 RTIA20N(N):ATI XSDSI(TIIT)3600@YSD0"TIME'S UP ";:410N\A$(N1);Xf2120spA$(0);:A$(13)2200r(A$)148A$" ";:2105uA$(34)A$"'"zA$;:2105A$""I);:AA$"":I110:#1,A$:AA$AA$