J 59468,12:" DVENTURE 1.5 COPYRIGHT(C)1980 BY OHN 'AREZLU150:LF2tLT62:LIGHT OBJECT #TV15:T720:MXTVT7:MXMX50:TV=TREASUREVALUE/T7=#OF TREASURES/MX=MAX SCOREOL10: OBJECT LIMITI05:D$(I): NORT 1213000000C3003051200000000010600000000000000,3003052200000000015000000000000000 D3020052200000000015000000000000000,3000021403310000012000023031000000kD3100000000000000012700000000000000,3200000000000000013200000000000000D3300020301340 (IP$,(IP$)SB):380 r |5000  LAMP AND ATTACK CHECKSu LU50LF2OB%(LT)0"OU'RE FLASHLIGHT IS GETTING DIM!":LF1 LU38LF1OB%(LT)0"OU'RE FLASHLIGHT IS GETTING DIMMER!!":LF0  LU25 LU0 OB%(LT)0:"ԠӠ 909015600000000014100035600045700,3014013303350000011800043500000000B3014013303360361011800043600000000,3014013303370000011800043700000000^B3014013303380000011800043800000000,3014013303390000011800043900000000B301401330000000001350000000000"Š :":X0:UF1$ OB%(VI)R260> (OB$(VI))(0)36Q OB$(VI)". ";W a UFi X1w :OE05 " RM(R,OE)0X1"Ӡ:":X0 , RM(R,OE)0D$(OE)" "; 6: ;"5300000000000000,2517051601450000012800021617000000@2517022901450000015400024562000000,2500000000000000010800000000000000Q@2600000000000000011400000000000000,2700051401370000013100021415000000@2700051400000000012600000000000000,270000000000:4800 "USE SAVED GAME N";G$- G$"N"199] :"HIT ANY KEY WHEN TAPE IS READY.":158,0s SG$:SG$""192 1,1,0,"ADVENT" 1,R,LU,DF,LF,SO,GN,GA,GF SG1O 1,OB%(SG): 1 "" DF0: RDROB%(LT)1OB%(L1500013600000000011000023661770000=t1600016100000000011100023661000000,1800022105220000013900011500022223D>v1900022105220000013800000000000000,2000022105220000013800000000000000>x1700022400000000013600013700000000,17000530000000000149000000000:2I0R1<RM$(I)FJ05,PRM(I,J)4Z:?dI1O`n OB$(I),OW$(I),OB%(I),OB(I)fxqI1M|M$(I)RM$(LB)RM$(LB)(13)" SIGN HERE SAYS: ϒ, FIND RIGHT EXIT "RM$(LB)RM$(LB)"AND LIVE AGAIN."2$(W3)N1$"HOU"N1$"TRA"N1$"DOO"%VL1VA V1$V$(VL)I1VL:540GX I2$""570dNL1N& N1$N$(NL)I2NL:5700: I10"ՠŠ() ɠ'Ԡ":330D I17I101100NMF0:K0SJP1:C753:H,SOUTH,EAST,WEST,UP,DOWN7TR7:TREASURE STORAGE ROOM N=NOUNS/V=VERBS/R1=ROOMS/O=OBJECTS/M=MESSAGES/C=COMMANDS/A=ACTIONS 2200 N,V,R1,O,M,C,A,DR:N$(N),V$(V),RM$(R1),RM(R1,5),OB(O),OB$(O),OB%(O) LB57: LIMBO DT58:DEATH ROOM333011600043300000000,3300013400000000011700000000000000E3408013505290000013000032900000000,3408013500000000014600000000000000)E3524000000000000160000000000000000dE(# 8,N,NOR,S,SOU,E,EAS,W,WES,U,UP,D,DOW,SEA,OPE,GET,TAKnE2# END00001150002 Ԡ"LU"!"6 LU0 LF0"ԠӠ !!!":LF1:OB%(LT)0<B` I1$"GO"I1$I2$:I2$"" I1$"SAY"I1$I2$:I2$""V1$(I1$,3):N1$(I2$,3):I10:I20V1$"FEE"N1$"OYS"N1$"BIG"W31W0:V1$W1$(W3)V1$W0000,3004050601380000014400020607000000B3004050600000000010700000000000000,3003050401530000011500020405000000?C3003050400000000010500000000000000,3003051001390000011500021011000000C3003051000000000010400000000000000,300305120152000001150002" @ OB%(LT)1LULU1 A400& BHTHT10 E4300: G3900V HGK1GK0:SOSO5:200r J: "Ԡ "; KI1$"":I2$"" TIP$:I1$IP$ VIP$"""":330 Y ^SB1(IP$) h(IP$,SB,1)" "I1$(IP$,SB1):I2$0000013400000000000000@2800033202260000014000043200000000,28000000000000000108000000000000002A2909052001540000012900022021035400,2910052001540000012900022021025456}A2909015400000000014100035400045700,2910015400000000014100035400045700A2T)RDF1 RLBRDTDF0$ DF0 209D "ɠ' !"O :330{ (RM$(R),1)"*" RM$(RM$(R),2):220 "OU'RE IN ";:RM$RM$(R) RM$"." RDT:SOSO12:QF1:1200 X1:UF0 :VI1O:OB%(VI)RX100000>z2100020400000000050600000000000000,2100020500000000050600000000000000%?|2200015400000000011200025456000000,2300020600000000011900010300060000p?~2300023000000000014200053200770000,2300023200000000014200053000770000?241700000000000001I1C C$(I):CR1: (C)1980 JOHN O'HAREW0:W1$(W0),W2$(W0):WC1W0:W1$(WC),W2$(WC)::E4$:JP1I17:E$(I)::I13:HS$(I): E5$"HIT ANY KEY TO BEGIN ADVENTURE"A$:A$""187""#I117JP54:C7CXYJPC7$b ((C$(Y),1,2))I1710@g ((C$(Y),3,2))0630^l ((C$(Y),3,2))I2710uvK0:MF1:Z5164{C1((C$(Y),Z,2)):C2((C$(Y),Z2,2))C11OB%(C2)1710C12RC2710C13OB%(C2)9AD3:AD$" Ġ ": ADVENTURE NUMBER AND NAMER OW$(O),M$(M),C$(C)~59468,14:"ELCOME TO DVENTURE"AD:""17((AD$)2));"*"AD$"*"R(X)((1)X)1GN4:SO502000I0N: N$(I):(I0V: V$(I) -ŠŠ-SAY SCORE",SIG,16,1) "--800 ԠВ",SIG,30,1#) "",TEN,8,1D) "ŠӠ",DOO,5,1v) "ΠӠ, Ġ",DOO,0,1) "",SAR,36,1) "Π",SAR,0,1 THE COBRA DODGES MY ATTACK3^ THAT WON'T BURN3h IT'S EMPTY4r "IT TRANSLATES TO: MAGIC WORD IS SPHINX"?4| "AND THESE NUMBERS 762, 112, AND 777"W4 WRONG COMBINATIONo4 RIGHT COMBINATION4 A MISTY PASSAGE OPENS UP4 THE BOTTL IT"1 THE DOOR CREAKS OPEN1 " FOUND SOMETHING"1 " DIDN'T FIND ANYTHING"2 SOMETHING FALLS OUT'2 "!!!"G2 A SECRET PASSAGE OPENS UP`2 MUMMY WON'T LET MEz2 "THE COBRA BIT ME"2 SUIT OF ARMOR STOPS ME2 THE  Y TYPE OF METAL"5 SAY 'ON' TO TURN FLASHLIGHT ON5 SAY SWING SWORD6! THE SWORD BREAKS AGAINST THE ARMOR[6@1000000000000000100000000000000000,11000000000000001100000000000000006B1200000000000000120000000000000000,1300000000000000130000",WAT,9,1/  "-FIND RIGHT EXIT AND LIVE AGAIN",SIG,39,10 FLASHLIGHT(ON),FLA,0,0#0 "BROKEN SWORD",SWO,0,0>0 A VOICE BOOMS OUT...^0 "PLEASE LEAVE IT ALONE"n0( "'M DEAD02 " NEED A COPPER KEY"0< " NEED A BRASS KEY"00000146200000000000000,07090554000000001454000000000000008L0710055900000000011300000000000000,0709055600000000145600000000000000h8N0721051600000000012500000000000000,07220514000000000121000000000000008P0723051800000000012400021820000000,07230 *CROWN OF JEWELS*,CRO,11,0-V *JEWELRY*,JEW,12,0-` *RUBY*,RUB,15,0.j *ROYAL TREASURE*,TRE,38,06.t *SILVER SWORD*,SWO,10,0V.~ *GOLDEN CHALACE*,CHA,34,0r. *BRONZE CAT*,CAT,27,0. *GEMS*,GEM,19,0. *ANCIENT COINS*,COI,31,0.9X0809015600000000155600000000000000,0800000000000000080000000000000000*:Z0902050300000000050700000000000000,0919050500000000053300000000000000u:\0919020400000000014700000000000000,0911052705140000012100000000000000:^09110528052900000122000Ԡ",DOO,21,1+ "Π ",DOO,0,1+ ALTAR,ALT,34,1 , HALLWAY,HAL,29,1,, STRANGE SYMBOLS,SYM,24,1C, PASSAGE,PAS,11,1^, LOW PASSAGE,PAS,37,1|, "DEADLY COBRA",COB,37,2, MESSAGE WRITTEN ON THE WALL,MEW,14,1, 53000000000000000;f0903051300000000052900000000000000,09070513000000000529000000000000007 "ӠǠ",E BREAKS4 " MADE IT"4 BOTTLE IS NOW FULL4 THE SARCOPHAGUS CREAKS OPEN5 YOU MAY NEED MAGIC HERE*5 MUSIC TO MY EARSK5 THERE IS NO ENTRANCE HERE]5 THE OBVIOUSn5 SAY 'OPEN'5 ENTER COMBINATION5 "IDENTIFY KEY BSUIT OF ARMOR MAGICALLY COMES TO LIFE AND STOPS ME2 TIGER STOPS ME3 " NEED MATCHES"3 "JUST SAY OPEN DOOR"/3" TIGER DIESA3, ARMOR RUSTSi36 FLUTE CHARMS SNAKE - SNAKE LEAVES3@ THE MUMMY BURNS UP3J IT DOESN'T HURT IT3T0000000000006D0701000000000000010100010200000000,0716053600000000015200143600000000<7F0715000000000000015100000000000000,07160561000000001461000000000000007H0710055901560000014300025456000000,07100554000000001454000000000000007J071705620000F " NEED A STEEL KEY"0P " NEED SOMETHING TO PRYTHE COVER OFF"1Z NOTHING HAPPENS1d " CAN'T"51n FLASHLIGHT IS ON - TRY OFFM1x FLASHLIGHT IF OFFk1 "THANKS, I WAS THIRSTY"1 "'VE NO CONTAINER"1 " HAVE NOTHING TO FEED 520000000000123000000000000008R0722054100000000144100000000000000,0700000000000000070000000000000000I9T0822014100000000154100000000000000,08150000000000000151000000000000009V0817016200000000156200000000000000,0816016100000000156100000000000000 *GOLD BARS*,GOL,25,0. *LARGE DIAMOND*,DIA,29,0. STEEL KEY,STE,35,0/ BRASS KEY,BRA,6,01/ BOTTLE OF WATER,WAT,23,0Q/ MOULDY WRAPPINGS,WRA,23,0l/ EMPTY BOTTLE,BOT,0,0/ BROKEN GLASS,GLA,0,0/ TABLES,TAB,23,1/ " 10300060000,0906052505180000012400021820000000 ;`0906052505200000012300000000000000,0903050500000000053300000000000000V;b0905050500000000053300000000000000,0903051100000000052100000000000000;d0906051100000000052100000000000000,09060525000000000SECRET PASSAGE,PAS,0,1, MISTY PASSAGE,PAS,0,1, BACKPACK,BAC,0,0 - SHOVEL,SHO,7,0&- SMALL FLUTE,FLU,0,0D- FLASHLIGHT(OFF),FLA,0,0Z-$ MATCHES,MAT,0,0p-. CROWBAR,CRO,0,0-8 COPPER KEY,COP,0,0-B *RARE TAPESTRY*,TAP,36,0-L3200000000053400000000000000,0911052800000000053800000000000000=n0903052300000000052500000000000000,1400023705290000010100014600000000c=p1400022600000000010100014500000000,1400023000000000010100014800000000=r1400000000000000010800000000000000,MUM,11,2*H ASHES,ASH,0,0*R "٠Ǡ",TIG,27,2+\ "DEAD TIGER",TIG,0,12+f "OLD SUIT OF ARMOR",ARM,29,1T+p OLD BROKEN WEAPONS,WEA,29,1{+z "ĠԠƠ",ARM,0,2+ "RUSTED SUIT OF ARMOR",ARM,0,1+ "Š           L"             ߒ  ""            ":" BY JOHN O'HARE ": &: LARGE ROOM,22,0,0,0,0,0'D "*'M IN THE GUARD ROOM",28,0,0,0,0,0.'N LONG HALLWAY(EAST END),29,0,0,0,0,31V'X SUBTERRANEAN CHAMBER,0,0,0,0,30,0v'b LONG HALLWAY,0,0,0,37,0,0'l "*'M IN THE AIN CHAMBER",16,0,36,0,5,0'v CHAPEL,0,0,2 JECTS."R2S"HERE ARE MANY MORE WORDS THAT WILL BE DISCOVERED AS YOU EXPLORE SOME MAYT"EVEN BE MAGIC, USUALLY WHEN YOUTELL ME THINGS YOU SHOULD USE TWO WORDS."U:"F YOU FIND ONE WORD DOESN'T WORK JUST TRY ANOTHER."gi"LEAS ACE,0,0,0,0,0,13$ SECRET CHAMBER,0,0,0,14,0,0% DUSTY ROOM,17,33,0,0,0,0.% LOW TUNNEL,0,16,0,0,18,0T% WORKERS CHAMBERS,0,0,35,0,19,17% "*'M IN THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID",0,0,0,0,0,18% "*'M IN THE RAND ALLERY",0,24,0,13,0,0%OLD, ENTER HOLE, HELP">$H"INVENTORY, SAVE GAME, SWING SWORD, ETC.."CI"HIT ANY KEY TO CONTINUE"XJ A$:A$""2122K" ORDS TO NOW "M" - WILL SOMETIMES GIVE A CLUE ON HOW TO SOLVE A PROBLEM. NM#0",0,0,0,0,0,0", DESERT,1,3,2,8,0,0#6 DESERT,2,4,2,1,0,0#@ DESERT,1,3,4,3,0,0T#J "*'M IN FRONT OF HE REAT YRAMID",2,5,5,3,0,0#T "*'M BEHIND THE PYRAMID",4,4,0,4,0,0#^ "*'M ON TOP OF THE PYRAMID",0,0,0,0,0,4#h TENT,8,0,0X SCMX "̠!!!"::1300%"OU SCORED"SC"POINTS."K"HERE WERE"MX"POINTS POSSIBLE."n# SCMX"OU ARE AN !!"t(z"HIS IS ADVENTURE!!!"" WILL BE YOUR EYES AND HANDS AS YOU""SEARCH FOR LOST T3624,75 Q14000: ! Q1,93:QQ11Q21:Q,32::Q2,93!& Q71100::4! N,V,R,O,M,C,A,DRQ! 24,35,40,62,54,103,0,8Y! -a! -i! -! DATA FOR ADVENTURE 2 THE GREAT PYRAMID! -! -! -! NNN,SIG,TEN,DOOHAVE IT!":  OB%(E)1OB%(E)R:"OK,":+"' ԠǠ!":EOS0:"' :"Q.I71Og8OB%(I7)11090p9OS1:(OB$(I7))(0)36;OB$(I7)". ";BCOS:D"NOTHING":L RM(R,I11)0DF0"ɠ:A$""2376J 3000`  :"HIT ANY KEY WHEN TAPE IS READY.":158,0, SG$:SG$""2501@ 1,1,2,"ADVENT"[ 1,R:1,LU:1,DF:1,LFf I1Or SG1O 1,OB%(SG): 1  N,V,R,O,M,C,A,DR Q133621 Q233625 " ккк ϥ" :" кккЧ ϥ^" ΧЧЧЧ " Υ " ɠккккФ ɧ " 6,0,0,0' TOOL ROOM,0,0,0,18,0,0' BURIAL ROOM,0,0,13,33,0,0&( LONG HALLWAY(WEST END),0,0,32,0,0,0V( "*'M IN THE ' ",37,0,0,0,0,0{( "*'M IN ",7,40,3,40,6,40( "*'M 6 FEET UNDER. FOREVER",0,0,0,0,0,0( "E WAIT WHILE LOAD MY DATA..."p#u"REASURES HAVE A (*) IN THERE NAME":,""r" ߒ  ߒ     ߒ      ߒ  ""        ߒ        ""    HALLWAY,0,0,22,20,0,0 & "*'M AT THE END OF THE HALLWAY",27,28,0,21,0,0/& PREPARATION ROOM,13,0,24,0,0,0V& HIEROGLYPHIC ROOM,20,26,0,23,0,0o& VAULT,21,0,0,0,0,0&& DAMP ROOM,24,0,0,0,0,0&0 "*'M IN THE CHAMBER",0,22,0,0,0,0" - WILL TAKE YOU INTO A HOLE, PASSAGE, BUILDING, ETC..iO" - GIVES YOU LIST OF WHAT YOU ARE CARRYING."P" - DESCRIBES THE ROOM YOU ARE IN."Q:"SE AND IN MOST CASES TO MANIPULATE OB,0,0,0#r DESERT,8,7,1,0,0,0#| EMPTY PIT,0,0,0,0,11,0*$ "*'M IN THE ",0,0,0,0,36,11L$ MUSTY OLD ROOM,0,0,0,0,10,9}$ "*'M IN THE 'Ӡ",0,0,11,0,0,0$ "*'M IN THE RAND ALLERY",0,23,20,36,14,0$ CRAWL SPREASURE.""HE OBJECT IS TO RECOVER"T7"TREASURES"B "AND RETURN THEM TO THE PROPER PLACE."n"REASURES HAVE A '*' IN THERE NAME":"SE TWO WORD COMMANDS CONSISTING OF" "A VERB AND A NOUN, EXAMPLE:"*4"GO WEST, TAKE G,SAR,STA,HAL,ROO,FLU,BOT,WAT,PAS,MES,HIE,BAC,KEY,FLA" SWO,NULL,PYR,VAU,CAT,CRO,DIA,GAMn"VVV,NOR,SOU,EAS,WES,UP,DOW,TAK,DRO,ENT,INV,LOO,SCO,QUI,HEL,ON,OFF,REA,777" 112,762,CLI,DRI,JUM,USE,SWI,FEE,BUR,SPH,THR,OPE,UNL,KIL,DIG,PLA,SAV"""ROO' ϠΠԠ.":320DM RM(R,I11)0DF1" ̠ΠĠŠ٠!!":RLB:200ZVRRM(R,I11):199``pSC0:I1O (OB$(I),1)"*"OB%(I)TR SCSCTV QF11300" Š"SC"ԠƠ"M3100 Q133581 Q233585 3100 Q133541 Q233545 3100! Q133501. Q2335058 3100S Q3346233464:Q,64:c Q71750:{ 33502,87:33504,87 33543,90 33582,85:33583,64:33584,73 33622,74:33623,21:3  " ɧ ղ $ " ۳ 6) " ۳ ɧ Z. " ۳ Σ"|3 " ۳ "B " G "HIT RETURN TO BEGIN ADVENTURE"H A$;M:M0250% "AVERAGE=";(100(JM));"%"+ 4 110: C 110I R 110` 59467,16n 59466,15} 59464,100 59467,0: 459467,16:59466,15 >N5025010:59464,N H:59467,0: 02000DA):".":D  J 59468,12:" DVENTURE 1.2 BY OHN 'AREZLU250:LF2tLT61:LIGHT OBJECT #TV15:T712:MXTVT7:TV=TREASURE VALUE/T7=#OF TREASURES/MX=MAX SCOREOL9: OBJECT LIMITI05:D$(I): NORTH,SOUTH,E ")""=""m""{244:""A132A):" ۢ "C$:C$""200C$"F"180200D1102000DA):".":D  2:AD$"HE REAT YRAMID": ADVENTURE NUMBER AND NAMEJ OW$(O),M$(M),C$(C)v59468,14:"ELCOME TO DVENTURE"AD:""17((AD$)2));"*"AD$"*"2000I0N: N$(I):(I0V: V$(I):2I0R1<RM$(I)FJ05PRM(LEET WHICH YOU ARE"3("ESCORTING.YOU MUST PREVENT"T-"TOPEDEOS FROM PENETRATING"g/"YOUR FLEET."2"MAKE NOTE THAT THE WATER"7"CURRENT WILL CHANGE THE"<"TRAGECTRY OF THE BOMBS.">A"HIT THE 'F' KEY TO DROP BOMBS."F K"" "USE SAVED GAME N";G$1 G$"N"199a:"HIT ANY KEY WHEN TAPE IS READY.":158,0w SG$:SG$""1921,1,0,"ADVENT"1,R,LU,DF,LFSG1O1,OB%(SG):1""DF0: RDROB%(LT)1OB%(LT)RDF1":X0:UF1 OB%(VI)R260, (OB$(VI))(0)36? OB$(VI)". ";E O UFW X1e :OE05 " RM(R,OE)0X1"Ӡ:":X0 , RM(R,OE)0D$(OE)" "; 6: ; @ OB%(LT)1LULU1 A400 J: "ԠLF1OB%(LT)0"OU'RE FLASHLIGHT IS GETTING DIMMER!!":LF0m  LU25 LU0 OB%(LT)0:"ԠӠԠ"LU"!"  LU0 LF0"ԠӠ !!!":LF1:OB%(LT)0    I1$"GO"I1$I2$:I2$""  I1$"SAY"I1$I2$:I2$"I101100NMF0:K0#SJP1:C751:I114JP52:C7C0XYJPC7Nb ((C$(Y),1,2))I1710jg ((C$(Y),3,2))0630l ((C$(Y),3,2))I2710vK0:MF1:Z5164{C1((C$(Y),Z,2)):C2((C$(Y),Z2,2))C11OB%(C2)1710N),G2,2)) 'A3((C$(AN),G4,2))'* A11M$(A2)".":910]4 A12OBOB%(A2):OB%(A2)OB%(A3):OB%(A3)OB:910w> A13OB%(A2)0:910H A14OB%(A2)R:910R A15RA2:RC1:910\ A16DH1:RLB:910f A17920:910p A181:200 RC1199320H1O% N1$OW$(H)950O: I2$"""ɠSEENO "I2$" HERE!":b"BE SPECIFIC"h OB(H)1"'ӠĠ٠ҠϠϠ!": OB(H)1"ON'T BE STUPID!": OB%(H)1 "'M ALREADY CAAST,WEST,UP,DOWN/TR16:TREASURE STORAGE ROOMx N=NOUNS/V=VERBS/R1=ROOMS/O=OBJECTS/M=MESSAGES/C=COMMANDS/A=ACTIONS 2200 N,V,R1,O,M,C,A,DR:N$(N),V$(V),RM$(R1),RM(R1,5),OB(O),OB$(O),OB%(O) LB39: LIMBO DT40:DEATH ROOM1AD(DA)3):"*****"220&""6B(A32)1LB1):" "U225_MM1q(DA)24240M50280""A"":110JJ12100J11270"":110 B$;"NO.OF HITS";J:"NO.OF SHOTS"I,J)Z:dI1O2n OB$(I),OW$(I),OB%(I),OB(I)8xCI1MNM$(I)Tm READING THE ARRAYSxI1CC$(I):R8W0:WC1W0:W1$(WC),W2$(WC)::E4$:JP1"HIT ANY KEY TO BEGIN ADVENTURE"A$:A$""187"READY(Y-N)?"PH$:H$"" 805UH$"Y" "";:110EZH$"N" 95K_r`"TOO BAD BUMB,YOUR GOING TO PLAY"d"THIS GAME ANYWAY."iI13000:I:"";n""s""x"" }" RLBRDTDF0 DF0 209< "ɠ' !"G :330s (RM$(R),1)"*" RM$(RM$(R),2):220 "'MINA ";:RM$RM$(R) RM$"." RDT:QF1:1200 X1:UF0 :VI1O:OB%(VI)RX1"Š : "; KI1$"":I2$"" TIP$:I1$IP$$ Y5 ^SB1(IP$)t h(IP$,SB,1)" "I1$(IP$,SB1):I2$(IP$,(IP$)SB):380z r |500  LAMP AND ATTACK CHECKS LU50LF2OB%(LT)0"OU'RE FLASHLIGHT IS GETTING DIM!":LF1. LU38" V1$(I1$,3):N1$(I2$,3):I10:I20= W31W0:V1$W1$(W3)V1$W2$(W3)C O VL1Vk  V1$V$(VL)I1VL:540q   I2$""570 NL1N & N1$N$(NL)I2NL:570 0 : I10"ՠŠ() ɠ'Ԡ":330 D I17 C12RC2710C13OB%(C2)0710/C15OB%(C2)R710IKK1: K3ANY:800OVY} MF1" ' ":730"ɠ'Ԡ?"320 AF0:DH0:RF0:RC0%G17346:A1((C$(AN),G,2)):A2((C$(A 1000:910 z A19 OB%(A2)A3:910# A1101050:9109 A177DH1:910O A111RC1:910f A1121200:910} A113QF1:1200 A114HA2:AF1:950:910 A115EA2:AF1:1030:910 A1162500:910 DHRRYING IT.": OB%(H)R"ɠ'ԠŠԠ!":AOS%0:PQ1O:OB%(PQ)1OS%OS%1GqOS%1OL"'ŠϠȠϠ":"OK,":OB%(H)1: I2$"""BE SPECIFIC":E1O N1$OW$(E)1030:"OU DON'T  K$(10),L(10),L1(10)4 ""15)"MASTER MIND"U"DO YOU NEED INSTRUCTIONS";pA$:(A$,1)"Y"1000"HOW MANY HOLES"; A("HOW MANY COLORS";2 B<"ARE DUPLICATES OK";F A$P"THE COLORS ARE THE DIGITS 1 THRU";B  * * * 23 MATCHES7d * * * ? THE INSTRUCTIONSdx: "WE START WITH A PILE OF MATCHES.":"WE TAKE TURNS. ON EACH TURN WE CAN ":"REMOVE 1,2,OR 3 MATCHES FROM THE PILE.":"THE ONE WHO HAS TO TAKE THE LAST MATCH":"LOSES. S" M% 20 656 6807, * * * THE HUMAN MOVEST6"HOW MANY DO YOU TAKE";_@ H%:J * * * CHECK IF H=1,2,OR 3TH%(H%)^(H%1) (H%3) 800h * * * ADJUST # MATCHES LEFTrM%M%H%| * * * CHECK IF THE HUMAN LOST PLEASANT RULER, AND,"( "FRANKLY, HATE YOUR GUTS!!!" : 990l "YOUR PERFORMANCE COULD HAVE BEEN" : "SOMEWHAT BETTER, BUT" "REALLY WASN'T TOO BAD AT ALL. ";(P.8(1));"PEOPLE" "WOULD DEARLY LIKE TO SEE YOU" : "ASSASSINATED, BUT ((R%3)4)D 610-N * * * MAKE A RANDOM MOVE@XC%(3(5))1_b * * * THE COMPUTER MOVESql"I TOOK";C%;v * * * ADJUST # MATCHES LEFT AND PRINT ITM%M%C%". . . THERE ARE NOW";M%;"MATCHES.": M%19 680Z%M% AVERAGE."(_ "I.E. A TOTAL OF";D1;"PEOPLE DIED." : LAPYf : "YOU STARTED WITH 10 ACRES PER PERSON"g "AND ENDED WITH";L;"ACRES PER PERSON."kp P133 565u L7 565z P110 940| L9 940 P13 960 L[IFFERENT DIGITS"0 `" AND TELL IF IT IS OK FOR THERE TO"F j" BE DUPLICATES"L t R"10"THE MACHINE WILL MAKE UP A CODE FOR"" FOR YOU TO GUESS. EACH TIME YOU MAKE"" A GUESS IT WILL TILL YOU HOW MANY ARE" " ARE THE CORRECT N. YOU HAVE ONLY"'  S;"BUSHELS OF GRAIN. NOW THEN,"- {  : "HAMURABI: THINK AGAIN. YOU ONLY HAVE" : A;"ACRES. NOW THEN," :   "DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW WELL YOU"  "PERFORMED DURING YOUR REIGN";  N$  N$"YES" "O"R"" TO REDO PARAMETERS"3d"ENTER Y TO REDO SAME GAME";hB$JrB$"Y"80Y|B$"R"10"THE MACHINE WILL MAKE UP A CODE FOR"" FOR YOU TO GUESS. EACH TIME YOU MAKE"" A GUESS IT WILL TILL YOU HOW MANY ARE" " ARE THE CORRECT NU CHEATED,BUT I'LL GIVE YOU ANOTHER"::"CHANCE":0 4 300M R * * * THE COMPUTER WONu \:"I WON!BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME.": f 900 p * * * THE HUMAN WON z"O.K.SO YOU WON(LUCKY). . .":  * * * PLAY AGAIN? "DO YOU WANT TO PLAY AGUZJ1B:L(J)0:"dJ1A3nX(10(6))DpXBX1110^sV$(X):K$(J)(V$,1)sx(A$,1)"Y"140L(X)1110L(X)L(X)1VV0G$J1B:L1(J)L(J):M(G$)MAMAY0:Z0J1MX$( YOU GO FIRST. ":<"MAY THE BEST COMPUTER (HA HA) WIN.":i * * * INITIALIZE THE NUMBER OF MATCHES"HOW MANY MATCHES DO YOU WANT TO START WITH" M%: M%38 "CHOOSE A NUMBER LESS THEN 39":: 205"THERE ARE NOW "M%" MATCHE  M%0 850+ * * * THE COMPUTER MOVES< M%1 880f * * * TRY TO LEAVE 4K + 1 MATCHESzR%M%4(M%4) * * * IF R=1 THEN THERE IS NO 'GOOD' MOVE& R%1 5900 * * * THE WINNING MOVE IS (R+3) MOD 4:C%(R%3)4uWE ALL HAVE OUR" "TRIVIAL PROBLEMS."3 : N1 10 : (7); : NP "SO LONG FOR NOW." : V!" : 990 "YOUR HEAVY-HANDED PERFORMANCE SMACKS OF NERO, HITLER, AND IVAN IV!!!" "THE PEOPLE (REMAINING) FIND YOU" : "AN UN   V1 Z%:" ";: V:-  V1 Z%:"ϥ";: V:K  V1 Z%:"̥";: V::U  300v  V1 (M%19):" ";: V:  V1 (M%19):"ϥ";: V:  V1 (M%19):"̥";: V:: Z%19 660  * * * THE HUMAN CHEATED& *"YO10 960: "A FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE!!! CHARLEMANGE, DISRAELI, AND JEFFERSON"h "COULD NOT HAVE DONE BETTER!!!" : 990 "YOUR HEAVY-HANDED PERFORMANCE SMACKS OF NERO, HITLER, AND IVAN IV!!!" "THE PEOPLE (REMAINING) FIND YOU" : "AN UN ""6" TORPEDEO "L"BY JOHN BRIGGS"jB$""{ G11000:G"""YOU ARE THE PILET OF A B-29""SUBHUNTER.YOU HAVE DETECTED""ENEMY SUBMIRINES HEADING FOR"#"A NAVAL FK" : 860  995 C((1)5)1 !L R : "HAMURABI: I CANNOT DUE WHAT YOU WISH."} W "GET YOURSELF ANOTHER SERVANT, ASSHOLE!!!" Y 990 \ : "IN YOUR TEN-YEAR REIGN" : P1;"PERCENT OF THE POPULATION" ^ "STARVED PER YEAR ON THEUMBER IN THE RIGHT"-" POSITION "(34)"BLK"(34);B" AND HOW MANY"m$" ARE JUST THE CORRECT NUMBER IN THE"." WRONG POSITION "(34)"WHT"(34)8B"ENTER THE NUMBER OF HOLES OR NUMBERS"L" IN THE CODE" V"ENTER THE NUMBER OF D8AIN(Y/N)";  A$  (A$,1 )"Y" 200% K  V1 Z%:"̥";: V::U  300v  V1 (M%19):" ";: V:  V1 (M%19):"ϥ";: V:  V1 (M%19):"̥";: V:: Z%19 660  * * * THE HUMAN CHEATED& *"YOG$,J,1)C(X$) CBC13104X$K$(J)ZZ1E,L1(C)0310K.c1YY1:L1(C)L1(C)1i6u;VVVV1@""20)"BLK"Z30)"WHT"YZJZA200T"YOU WIN !!!!!! IT TOOK";VV"GUESSES"^"DO YOU WANT ANOTHER GAME"c"ENTER " ISTANCE BY"! "PERCENT OF FULL SWING (1% TO 100%)";3 W : WW100G : W1 680[ L(0)5 1280l C14 760wCC10 760 D95 862 "THE BALL HIT A TREE AND BOUNCED INTO" "THE ROUGH";D75;"YARDS FROM THE H  10);"HAMURABI"! : LP "TRY YOUR HAND AT GOVERNING ANCIENT"{Q "SUMERIA FOR A TEN-YEAR TERM OF OFFICE."_D10 : P10dZ0 : P95 : S2800 : H3000 : EHSnY3 : AHY : I5 : Q1D0 :  : : "HAMURABI: I BEG TO )) D1(D1W)  T2 11708 >O((1).8)(2H16)((D1.0035))S HD2((O2(DD1)2))f R DD10 870p \ 890 ^ "YOU DUBBED IT." `D135 b 830 c D200 1300 d 770 f D220 890 p "TOO MUCH CLUB. YOU'RE PAS S";A;"ACRES OF LAND."L "YOU HARVESTED";Y;"BUSHELS OF" : "WHEAT PER ACRE."j "RATS ATE";E;"BUSHELS." "YOU NOW HAVE";S;"BUSHELS IN STORE." :  Z11 7406C(10(1)) : YC178 "LAND IS TRADING AT";Y;"BUSHELS PER ACRE." @ 19 TO 13"- q " 0 TO 100 YARDS 29 TO 23"5 rA1V u "WHAT CLUB DO YOU CHOOSE";^ v Cr { : C1 690 } C29 690  C4 710  L(0)5 740  C14 740  C23 740  690 S1S11  "THAT CLUB4,2,388,4,4,4 196,3,7,2,400,4,7,2,560,5,7,2,132,3,2,2E 357,4,4,4,294,4,2,4,475,5,2,3,375,4,4,2_ 180,3,6,2,550,5,6,6erG2G2S1 "TOTAL PAR FOR";F1;"HOLES IS";G3 : " YOUR TOTAL IS";G2 G1F1 1770 292))1.5 D22 1560  D22 1500% "YOU HOLED IT!" : /FF19 230M "PUTT SHORT."ZD2(D2)e 1380~D2D2I(41(1))1 1450 "PASSED BY THE CUP.""D2D2, 15056 D,P,L(1),L(2) : @ "YOU ^AAQ : SSYQ : C0W "HOW MANY BUSHELS DO YOU WISH TO" : "FEED YOUR PEOPLE";_ Qo Q0 850 QS 430 710 410SSQ : C1 :  "HOW MANY ACRES DO YOU WISH TO" : "PLANT WITH SEED"; D : D0 FROM PREVIOUS LOCATION."JJ1L(0)1DB# 620I "YOUR SHOT WENT OUT OF BOUNDS."T 1210e T3 1320D21(3((80(40H))(1))) 1380( (1)N 13602NN.2< "YOU DUBBED, YOU'RE STILL IN THE TRAP."F  (C2)C2 530 E(SC)$ SSEH.  800J I(C(20AS)P1001)X C(Q20)p Q(10(2(1).3)) & PC 210 (DPC : D.45P 560 )P1((Z1)P1D100P)Z +PC : D1D1D : 215 0 : "YOU STARVED";D;"PEOPLOLE."DD75 620 O30 1150% J0 11506 T0 1070G S9(S21)15]  (S9)S9 1075s "YOU HOOKED- ";L(0)L(2) O45 1092$ 320.S9(S21)15/ (S9)S9 10403 "YOU SLICED- ";8L(0)L( REPORT TO YOU," : :ZZ1_ "IN YEAR";Z;",";D;"PEOPLE STARVED," : I;"CAME INTO THE CITY,"iPPIy Q0 230P(P2) "A HORRIBLE PLAGUE HAS STRUCK!" : "HALF THE PEOPLE DIED!" "POPULATION IS NOW";P "THE CITY NOW OWNT THE HOLE."zBD DD2 D227 1020/ D220 1100B D2.5 1120ML(0)9X 1470 S2Q(10(F1)18)(F1)(72((H1).85))18 956 752QQ1 S12(S12) 1011 862 "YOU MAY NOW GAUGE YOUR D "HOW MANY ACRES DO YOU WISH TO BUY";6A Q : Q0 850IB YQS 330SC 710]D 320mJ Q0 340KAAQ : SSYQ : C0N 400T "HOW MANY ACRES DO YOU WISH TO SELL";U Q : Q0 850V QA 350W 720X 340 IS NOT IN THE BAG SILLY."   620+  C12 6905 CC6?  650K S1S11S W1d  C13 960{  (F3)F3 952  C4 756  760  L(0)2 862  S17 867 D1(((30H)2.5187((30H).2515)C2)25(1 RE AT THE TEE OF HOLE";F : "DISTANCE";D;"YARDS, PAR";P$EG3G3P?T "ON YOUR RIGHT IS ";G^X1Qh 400kr "ON YOUR LEFT IS ";s|X2} 400 620 361,4,4,2,389,4,3,3,206,3,4,2,500,5,7,2 408,4,2,4,359,4,6,4,424,4,ARE AT THE TEE OF HOLE";F : "DISTANCE";D;"YARDS, PAR";P$EG3G3P?T "ON YOUR RIGHT IS ";G^X1Qh 400kr "ON YOUR LEFT IS ";s|X2} 400 620 361,4,4,2,389,4,3,3,206,3,4,2,500,5,7,2 408,4,2,4,359,4,6,4,424,4, 511  D0 850  DA 450%  720/  440E  (D2)S 455O  710Y  440l  D10P 510  "BUT YOU ONLY HAVE";P;"PEOPLE TO TEND THE FIELDS! NOW THEN,"  440 SS(D2)  800 YC : HDY : E0  800 620PN.8Z 1300%d "ON GREEN";D2;"FEET FROM THE PIN."Ve "CHOOSE YOUR PUTT DISTANCE POTENCY NUMBER"lf "FROM 1 TO 13";tx IS1S11 S11P(H.072)2 1470 K2 1470KK1 T4 1530D2D2I(42(1E IN ONE YEAR!!!"N 5 : "DUE TO THIS EXTREME MISMANAGEMENT YOU" : "HAVE NOT ONLY BEEN" 6 "IMPEACHED AND THROWN OUT OF OFFICE, BUT YOU HAVE ALSO BEEN DECLARED" 7 10);"'NATIONAL FINK!!!'" : 990  "HAMURABI: THINK AGAIN, O MIGHTY MASTER1)B 1055D "BADLY." F 320LL(0)5!V 320,`L(0)8;jD2(D23)Ft 1380Q~L(0)1[ 320lD1(.85D1)v 830 L(0)6 1260 "YOUR SHOT WENT INTO WATER."S1S11 "PENALTY STROKE ASSESSED." : "HIT  ES WITH ";D;" DAMAGE"2760S010C016P01!970*&S0440C024=:P02FD970ONS02YXC030bbP05kl970vvC1.12N1001060P14N102610N1N11Z2001430N1N1N1130 KE1E2(1)EE3E4(1)5P0(1)+F3E(KR)1.85G"D2(3F33F3(1))5.5T,D1D1D2q6(ZD0)(R500)2.21620@D3D02(R2P0)JD1D1D3T"SHIP DAMAGE: ";D1^D1992740hD992760r1300|"SE 2 " GOLF "@ : : o "WELCOME TO THE COMMODORE COUNTRY CLUB." "AN 18 HOLE CHAMPIONSHIP LAYOUT." "THE COMMENTATOR WILL EXPLAIN THE GAME" : "AS YOU PLAY." "SEE YOU AT THE 19'TH HOLE...." OCITY: ";S1"ACTION";MM11940M22030*M321208M42210FM52310TM61660bM71390pM82760 R5001500S101330RR((1S1)8.3)1.25(13402RR(S18.3)1.25<R15002590FR= TRAP SHOTS"$ "5 = PUTTING"P "WHICH ONE (ONLY ONE) IS YOUR WORST";X Th T5 120qS10|L(0)0J0Q0S2S21K0 F1 310" "YOUR SCORE ON HOLE";F1;"WAS";S1# 1750$ S1P2 297%T9$:T9$""925T9$"1"1790 T9$"2"18302T9$"3"1870;920DCC0u"YOU HAVE";C;"UNITS OF CARGO SPACE TO FILL"" WITH WEAPONRY. CHOOSE A WEAPON AND"" THE AMOUNT YOU WISH."W,NW11910W22010STROYED!" 1510  "YOUR VESSEL HAS BEEN DESTROYED" 2760, "ANOTHER BATTLE?"B T9$:T9$""2765T T9$"N"2790] 810u "TRY AGAIN LATER!"{ $F SENSOR RANGE. AUTOMATIC DISENGAGE"( 27602 "PHASER BANKS DRAINED"< "N NEUT FIELD"" 6)";5);"SELF-DESTRUCT"9" 7)";5);"CHANGE VELOCITY"T" 8)";5);"DISENGAGE"m" 9)";5);"PROCEED"s"TO CONTINUE HIT RETURN."R9$:R9$""766"";"YOU HAVE A CHOICE OF 3 SYSTEMS TO PATROL" " 0 E2400 E35 E42 850 "NOT ENOUGH SPACE. RESELECT"( 980J "CHANGE BEYOND MAX POSSIBLE"c "INCREASING TO MAX"m S1S0w 1300 "OUT OF SENSOR RANGE. AUTOMATIC DISENGAGE"( 27602 "PHASER BANKS DRAINED"< "19 1710 ;S10!@ : S10 15905J L(0)1 1150=TX0Q^ L(0)5 1190h "SHOT WENT";D1;"YARDS. IT'S";D2;"YARDS FROM THE CUP."j "THE BALL IS";(O);"YARDS OFF LINE----" : " IN THE ";| 400 620 L(XC141060P120N202640N2N21 Z500$14300 N2N2N:*1130C4C14M>1060WHP116fRN302660r\N3N31|fZ550p1430zN3N3N1130C121060P110N402680N4N41LF-DESTRUCT FAILSAFE ACTIVATED!!"$"INPUT 1 TO RELEASE FAILSAFE";U2U11700<1290^"SELF-DESTRUCT ACCOMPLISHED"mR601740"ENEMY VESSEL ALSO DESTROYED!"2760D43200RDD4D991720"ENEMY VESSEL SURVIV : : L(10) G118%G20.G306(A0?2N.8H<S20PFF1oP "WHAT IS YOUR HANDICAP";wZ Hd H30 470n H0 470x "DIFFICULTIES AT GOLF INCLUDE:" "0 = HOOK" "1 = POOR DISTANCE"  "4 01370PRRZd1180"n"CHANGE TO BE EFFECTED";S27x(S1S2)S02550DS1S1S2N1180bF0P1(ZR)1.5hD0(2F03F0(1))5DDD0"SENSORS REPORT ENEMY DAMAGE NOW:";DD9927201510D00  S1P 299& S1P1 301-' S1P2 3037( 310T) "KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN."^* 310{+ "A PAR! NNICE GOING.", 310- "A BIRDIE!". 310/ P3 3060 "A GREAT BIG EAGLE!!"1 3102 "A HOLE IN ONE!!!"6 FW32100W42190W52280980)$NC1C25306.CCNC1D8W11990RBW22080`LW32170nVW42260x`2360jC1980t~S1S0(1)R(3(1)5)100"RANGE TO TARGET: ";R"RELATIVE VEL 1690  "ADJACENT FAIRWAY" & 1690+ 0 "TRAP"6 : 1690D D "WATER"O N 1690_ l A1 629z m "SELECTION OF CLUBS" n "YARDAGE DESIRED SUGGESTED CLUBS" o "200 TO 280 YARDS 1 TO 4" p "100 TO 200 YARDS 1) ORION" 2) DENEB " 3) ARCTURUS8*"SELECT A SYSTEM (1-3)"M/T9$:T9$""815_4T9$"1"2380q>T9$"2"2430{H2480RD00\D10fN10pN20zN30N40D0"WHICH SPACECRAFT WOULD YOU LIKE (1-3)?"SELECT ANOTHER COURSE OF ACTION"F 1200&P "ALL ANTI-MATTER MISSLES EXPENDED"0Z 2620Vd "ALL HYPERSPACE LANCES EXPENDED"`n 2620x "ALL PHOTON TORPEDO TUBES EMPTY" 2620 "HYPERON NEUT FIELD DRAINED" 2620 "ENEMY VESSEL DE)1 480  L(X)2 500%  L(X)3 5208  L(X)4 540K  L(X)5 560^  L(X)6 580t  "OUT OF BOUNDS"  1690  "PGA RULES HANDICAP = 0 TO 30"  80  "FAIRWAY"  1690  "ROUGH"  1690  "TREES" Z4001430N4N4N1130C1.2N1001060% P164 N502700@ N5N51J$ Z250T. 1430`8 N5N5NjB 1130uL E1150V E2500` E33j E44t 850~ E1200 E2350 E34 E43 850 E115 0 PAGE";PNi60500n"":100TI110:"";:I:D0"";9);"CURSOR #";NM$;" ";PG$m:" COPYRIGHT (C) 1980 BY BOB CARRxD60500N"BACK TO NATURE"WANT DIRECTIONS? ";:60000(IN$,1)"Y"60300LP1: tZTTI(" ",ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI15~60010GZ(Z$):ZL(IN$):(Z127)32" ";:60110wFL(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255)ZL25460010IN$IN$Z$:Z$;Z13IN$(IN$,2)::Z20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"  DEEPSPACE 1.0d!n3x"DEEPSPACE"9?p"THIS IS DEEPSPACE, A TACTICAL SIMULATION";"OF SHIP-TO-SHIP COMBAT IN DEEP SPACE.""DO YOU WISH INSTRUCTIONS (YES OR NO)?":I$:I$""170I$"Y"200610# 60000:(IN$,1)"Y"D1 1820;OO.3:Q,7:Q,0:G,32:S(1):S.5GG2SGG1:S.25GG78qG32840D1G33598:500GFF1810GEE1800GG42:G,F:Q,6:Q,0:500GG40:G,F:Q,8:Q,0:500GG41:G,F:SSEL"/"FROM ONE OF THE THREE TYPES, EACH WITH"O"ITS OWN CHARACTERISTICS:"U"TYPE";12);"SPEED";21);"CARGO","PROTECTION""1 SCOUT";13);"10X";22);"16";35);"1""2 CRUISER";14);"4X";22);"24";35);"2"""3 BATTLESHIP";1P" BUGS!P401310("HE FLIES, HE LEAPS TALL BUILDINGS,"g "HIS TONGUE IS MAGIC - IT'S":9)"SUUUPPERFROG!!":1860P30" BULLROARER, KING OF THE POND!!":1360(P25" A BULLFROG, WELL FED!!":13602P15" A TREE AND FORCE FIELDS."b0c"TO CONTINUE HIT RETURN."EdT9$:T9$""356Oh"";~r"ONCE A SHIP HAS BEEN SELECTED, YOU WILL"|" BE INSTRUCTED TO ARM IT WITH WEAPORY"" FROM THE FOLLOWING LIST:" "TYPE";15);"CARGO SPACE";28"  ߒ "B"  ߒ "%L"  ) ":V"  "O`"  "dj"  "wt" ('ߒ~"ߒ":(AA40)42PP1:OO40(AA40)42PP1:OO40(AA1)42PP1:OO4WEAPONS #1 & #5 CAN BE FIRED 100 TIMES"H " EACH; ALL OTHERS CAN BE FIRED ONCE"d " FOR EACH ON BOARD." "A TYPICAL LOAD FOR A CRUISER MIGHT" " CONSIST OF:" " 1-#1 PHASER BANK = 12" " 2-#3 HYPERSPACE LANCES = 8LOSE (<100) RANGE CAN BE"5 0" DANGEROUS TO YOUR SHIP AND MINIMAL"d 5" DAMAGE CAN OCCUR AS FAR OUT AS 200 IN" :" SOME CIRCUMSTANCES." D N"RANGE IS GIVEN IN THOUSANDS OF KLICKS." X640 b"DO YOU WISH A MANEUVER CHART" gT9$:T60200 "FROGGY NEEDS BUGS TO LIVE. YOU CONTROL:"HIS TONGUE > SHORT MEDIUM LONGk"AND HEIGHT > HIGH 7 8 9"WITH THE MIDDLE 4 5 6"NUMBER PAD. LOW 1 2 3"";:60010Z141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:60000"600102(PN060250=-60500X2"PRESS RETURN TO ";u <>=? P   L   K I ꩳno nni(onn $n LM*n    n  `$$$$$$$$$$$$ L1   .   " ,  "Σ Ϊ, "('? "M 9)""d OO(YE):O0O0r H11420 Q,6:Q,0:OO1E15 ""(O)1" CALORIES ";29)P;" BUGS":O01230 I40T240: D$:D1D$""1740 D$ ,0:690 v840:B$;:A1X:"ɝ";:Q,A4C BA:AA33180A:(AA)F1160:AXk :X1B:" ";::" ":Q,0:690 840:1000:C$;:A1X:"ɝ";:Q,A4 BA:AA33020A:(AA)F1160:AX :X1B:" ";::" ":Q,0:840 AAKK :Q,0:800/ N.5379MM40:KK39:LL40:II1:Q,9:Q,0:800S MM40:KK1:LL41:II1:JJ1t MCCMDDC1C17C9:MEE *M,F:LCCLDDJ1J17J9:LEE 4L,F:KCCKDDI1I17I9:KEE 6MLMKLK750 8L,F:K,F:M,F:50""  ""  "(" ('ߒ?"ߒ":T""5)"h"  (Qߒ"}"  ' Ւ""  ) "" "" "$" , )ߒ "."  ( : ce 500  f 50-500 M ] fH{b b .G   f N ] f EEEEEE f M ] f  gM p@@@@@@n 2 g ] f ] g M ]  ]dddddddddz ] f.   (1039)QSPRPRQS L L &f   P x `   L L 0000  QL`$$$ `$$$`$$$$$$L΄΅ P` L$$$$$( `Q0``)"`0^m " L `L $$$$ L$$`()i!LL$$L $$$$$$$$$$$$ ``$$$$$$$$UɠL\i*א`x ɀ *L\`$$$$$$   L ````轂`L  I    ΂ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  "$&(*,.02468:<>@BDFHJLN$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ .,*(&$" ><:86420NLJHFDB@$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ l ``` { ``a`l{``lbll `ba` ``````` $$$$$$$$$$$ `L on nL L ni(onn !noɃ $nL *nL `G,H(ɠnɘ oɃL `L $$$$$$HUP ɠ* \*nhL * \L $$$$$$$$$$$$$$`Ή PPPPPPP     .    1 GAME OVERL   O0h}reUPJPUbmxzhVD2 Ș)?( M`L i#xhh` ( 'i(`( I`(@M`y   P``@) `$$$$$$$$@) `$$$$$$$$P@)`$$$$$$$$$$$$$$H25460010IN$IN$Z$:Z$;ZD$;Z$;Z13IN$(IN$,2):CR$;:BZ20ZL1IN$(IN$,ZL1):"";:60010uZ141Z$(20(ZL1)):Z2ZL:Z$;:Z:6000060010$"1 2 3"+A$;"̤" +"PRESS SPACE TO CON'T"*+C ש      p  pȭH hhh`h`$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  < P `$$$``)``Jiq֩ש`<> >= J`    BASE.SPACE INVADERS KEYBOARD CCOMMANDS4-MOVE LEFT 6-MOVE RIGHT A-FIRE BEAM*** ***JKJKbbb..... ?MYSTERY` $$$x X`$$$x.捑X`$$$xX`$$$xPX`$$$$$$$$$`)iPH`$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ??ɿʎ) JȘ)i!L`$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$|xtplh |x T`T`@) `$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ خ  ` L>?<=ׅo(` KJH` $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$      a bb b < > M]/ /]M GH()*+PQRSx{$$$$$$$$$$$$$$-}$$$$$$ JK JK L $$$$$$$$$$HHɃG ʊ  Ș)i#xhh` ( `( L` L` $$$$$$$$$$ m<<=i=؊H< < = = h`JJJJ) 0` =`ꭈ ` `HHhh ((6@HMP  X,Y)X),Y,X,YPLAVSPACE INVADERS  ....... ?MYSTERY ....... 30 POINTS ....... 20 POINTS ....... 10 POINTS TOP 1500 POINTS FOR EXTRA )h`$ V         `  0  p L1$$ < P ` ( 0l`$$$$`H Hm<<m==  i&hH h  `·  $$$$$$$H``ΤH`$$$$$$  P x `  L`ꭏ)?` ɠ0)L  (      ` L L$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$p L> > ? ?L h`JJJJ LL 0 @ x0e L@  @  X&)c~|b a`L)8((iJ8I y+ LxizX $M&N&N&....... 20 PO`   ` L`e`Π0`8 `Ρ H`H΢`$$$$H ΒΓh`$$$$$$$$$HΒΓΔh`( ` $$$$$0`*`* ֩`* 8(ֱׅ֍ Ɂ()`ɠ *`ɁP0 $L 8)ׅ֠  !P%e֐ׅLHHօׅ )@ x @ * ֩ P(I1)J40KK30,L1:1365RKK$UI2Z%(J,K)L11ZK1J1NdB(AP(I1)J40K30)]fB421390uhK:V(K1)V(K1)W(J)iI2Z%(J,1)0jV(K1)01400nJ1:IsL1L11:1200x"";N$(K1);"' !! $TB);" ":"":TTB13:T);""O .I25:T);("*****",I):I:"":TBU m I211:I21800 ""; J19:BL$:J "";V(I);"" J1V(I) TB0:PR$"#"(J):8000:B%(J)LC: 40K,102 K:J:@TB);PR$;": ";:60000"JIN$"" 8050VTIN1(IN$):T$(IN$,IN,1):T$"0"T$"9"8050y^IN:LC(IN$):LC0LC998050hr:"";BL$;"":8000'"":"AFTER ENTERING YOUR NAME,SET THE POSITIONS. 1600 LSB: KK1 1 1 610:K7 :"";BL$;"":340= XQ ]L(S$(J1))64z bJ1L%(1,J,K):K1(J110):J1J1K110 dL10J19640 fL19J10640 lL1J1:BAK140J1120 vLSB(B)SBB,L: D0: " 0123 ,L1:( K- J:R02400/ 2210   KK1J15 BJ210K2(KKK)D(DR)M 2900:PK102PKSB^ PKSB2880v, R1:2570:LV(2)@ KK:2600T ^ B%(L)B:JX(B10):KXB10JX PK(APJX40KX):H M J14:Z%(J  "A/17);" ":20);"<00 99>"y015);" Š Ơ #":20);" #"214);"F "414);" '5'."514);"E ";N$(1);"' "6700:J14 ; (KKK)D(DR):B0B9923402900:PK102PKSB,PKZ%(J,KK)2340F K24KXKX4K22340N KKX 2800`$ DRr. K2:J2:2600` 3400:K18:D((1)5)a D0F0:2406b D4FF25:D1:2406e F((1)99)f MLV(2)j B u20,21,30,39,40,41,-1,0,1,-41,-40,-399xI03:S$(I):Ij"S","P","C","B"BL$" "W(1)1:W(2)1:W(3)2:W(4)3J14:K1J1:Z%(J,K)SB:K:JI19:D(I):I L19D01650L1D:IILB:I99I01650'K:J:1000-Y "";22);V(2);"":m2200:L1V(2)L PRINTTAB(22);"#";L;": ";RIGHT$("00"+MID$(STR$(B%(L)),2),2)NL:1300L1Z10:Z29:Z31:(1) A$;"7 8 9"V'A$;" "`'A$;" "4j'A$;" "Mo'A$;"4 5 6"f*A$;" "+A$;" " +A$;"1 2 3"+A$;"̤" +"PRESS SPACE TO CON'T"*+C  ";L1:I12J14:K1J10J1(L%(I,J,K)10)GK1L%(I,J,K)J110\TAPLJ140K1pB(T):T,B128K:J:L0:I"""WANT TO PLAY AGAIN?"RJ$:RJ$""1518RJ$"Y"500  K(LC10):K1LC10K TAP(I1)K40K1< (T)SBB%(J)2:1295F T,L1M JS ^ K13Iv J11V(I):BB%(J1) (J14:K1J1 2BL%(K1,J,K)1345 <K:J:1390 AKK1J1 FKX(AP(I1)J40KK30)PKX42A ''"THE FIRST DIGIT IS THE ROW. $':"THE SECOND IS THE COLUMN.B.':"NEXT ENTER THE DIRECTION.f3':"USING THE FOLLOWING VALUES.8':"PRESS SPACE TO CON'T":'C$:C$""10042;'59468,12='A$" "B'A$;"ϣ"L' 456789" " 0";:J1103 2);"----------":J9 U L11: ** DISPLAY GRIDSn "":B$"0123456789"~ TB02222 ""TB);N$(TB221):  TB2);B$:TB);" " I110:TB);(B$,I,1);"----------":I" ,1)03410P JR L18J1W DJ:J09:K090Z (APJ40K)SB3550G\ DR19:DR53500ep KK1D:BJ10KKKD(DR)xz B0B993500 2900:PK102PKSB PKSB3500 KX4KK4KX3500 KK:3550 DR APJ : S$(J1);" ";J1> TTB3:PR$"L":8000:L%(1,J,1)LCm ^20);"D: ";:60000:(IN$)1520 _IN$"1"IN$"9"520 `DD((IN$)):K1:L15:600:D0K2:500 hK2J1:L%(1,J,K)L%(1,J,K1)D r600:D0500 K:J: SH%(D,M)F:B1002510:M: t FF43:2410 B((1)99)5 2900:PKSB2500h J1B:R1:DR19:BJ1D(DR):2900:PKSBRR1w RK12560 DR:K1K11:2500 BJ1:2900 22);"#";L;": ";("00"((B),2),2) LL1:APJX40KX 9,10,11,-1,0,1,-11,-10,-9DA32930:P22:L11::V(1)7:V(2)7:N1n"":"DO YOU WANT INSTRUCTIONS(Y/N)"A$:(A$,1)"Y"10000(A$,1)"N"230"YҠ: ";:60000:N$(1)IN$N$(2)"C PET" ," 0123456789 E .5Z19:Z20:Z31R0:J411:Z%(J,1)02605%K1J1:Z%(J,K)SB2600XJ2Z1Z2Z3:K2Z1Z2Z3kBAPJ240K2(B)Z%(J,K)2350 CYCLE DIRECTION-TESTDR19:DR52340KK1J1KKK2330BJ210K2 $:C$""110504+"":59468,14:262`IN$" ":ZTTI:ZC2:ZD$(20)2jZ$: Z$""60070btZTTI(" ",ZC,1);"";:ZC3ZC:ZTTI15m~60010Z(Z$):ZL(IN$):(Z127)32" ";:60110(Z127)64(Z127)91Z$((Z128)255)ZL 0@JG(1)1:G(2)9:G(3)10:G(4)11$TL11:J411=^B((1)41):BG(B)ShL1:(1).5L1erI((1)100)r|K1J1J14J11:K11J11L%(2,J1,K1)I1650K1:J1L%(2,J,K)I:DI(I10)10L10D91650 :59468,12A PROGRAM COPYRIGHT (C) 1979 DAVID MALMBERGX 43064 VIA MOROGAq FREMONT, CA. 94538w: CURSOR #15, NOV/DEC 1979 BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93017 LINES 61000-65000 (C) 1979 CURSOR MAGAZINE: AS OF JAN NT3(N1HN1C)(N2HN2C)NT8#NHNHNT:X3DNH0V(I,J)FHNHNHV(I,J)LKNTJN\INjIII:JJJpy N30 X31 4ZD(X3)(15502NT3N1CN132N2CN232N3N31<NT5WT:1360FX3 L,P128 V(I,J)0 LH(L256):LLLLH2562 762,LL:763,LH; L,PH (05292)a ZP(773):ZP01080n X31ZP NC(774X3):NH(782X3):FFH NH0NHNC:FFC V(I,J)V(I,J)FNHNH $X3 .NE(793):NE0V(I,J)V(I,J) 29"FANTASTIC GAME!"%"DO YOU WANT TO PLAY AGAIN";:1490;(IN$,1)"Y"210AOZC1:ZT0dZ$:Z$""1530TIZT("? ",ZC,1);"";:ZTTI30:ZC3ZC 1500Z$(13)IN$Z$"? ";IN$;:NT1:LNLZ(LN)T B$" " MV$NN12);B$;(J64)((I),2)* CRI:CCJ> CLJNN2:RI4V L3276740(R1)CLa P(L)w K16:L,P:TTTI TITT15750 L,C:TTTI TITT15770 K TC:1290:MTMT1 WC1390 *MT01380 4QMH:8 1650F$(13)1780F$"1"F$"9"1650&Z(F$)48: L,PBCRCRDR(Z):CCCCDC(Z)RCR14CR1bCR1CR14rCC14CC1CC1CC141620PCPH16501290N311650L,T:ICR:JCC:TI110:"" 1)"14 "$ NN3);"MY MOVE:"\ "";(128H);" = YOU":(128C);" = ME"o  HUMAN'S MOVE NP$"H"570 WH$;"YOU":"ME" TH:1620 MM1:V(I,J)1E30:MTMT1 &WH1390 0MT01380 : PET'S HL `2{2+L`< =L8E3=LtE32[J L/<=Lt<F2 G2 @?AB4C<=EFGJC8ɀ@8C T WHITE OR BLACK";:1490:9IN$"B"H87:C81:750,C:751,HjIN$"2":"WHAT TYPE OF GAME SHOULD I PLAY:"" 1: CAUTIOUS""" 2: BALANCED"," 3: AGGRESSIVE ";61490::X((IN$,1))@X3X1:"1,2, OR 3 ONLY ";:310JFC :59468,14A BSHIP COPYRIGHT (C) 1978 HOWARD ARRINGTONh 201 S. ALMON #9, MOSCOW ID 84843n: CURSOR #5, NOV/DEC 78 BOX 550, GOLETA, CA 93017 :2 "BSHIP - CҠ#5 (C) 1978"4"TŠŠƠB:  2 1980&ZPG$"GOMOKU":NM$"15":620004dFH(TI)NnI18:X:751I,X:Inx1,39,40,41,129,167,168,169x 4,4FH1.0: D(8),V(14,14),DR(9),DC(9)MV$""WH$""I18:D(I): -40,-39,1,41 PNT5WHFHFH1.1Z%dMV$"STALEMATE - ";:1420<nNP$"C"WCMM1exWHMV$"YOU WON IN"M" MOVES - ";WCMV$"I WON IN"M" MOVES - ";M10"GOOD GAME!"M9M20"CLOSE GAME!"M19M30"GREAT GAME!"M NENE 8NH0:(792)01240BX314&LNT0:ZD(X3)3VT(LZ)G`T(LZ)1220YjTHTC1150ct1220~ZD(X3):1550:(L)TNTNT1NT4NT0:1220NT41200TCNT2NTNT11:1220(N1HN1C)N1N2NT0 NTNT1:LNLNZ:1560"N1(LN),LNLZ46(LN)TNTNT1:LNLNZ:1590A@N2(LN)GJ_TL3288940CRCCNN^P(L):FST:FSPFS128FSh L,FS:FZP:ZTTI30rF$:F$""1690|TIZT1650ZFZ:FZ(L):L,ZZTTI30: 40 >V(I,J)1E30:520 HIII:JJJ:791,QM+ RIN118 \JN11K fIN0JN0JNW pKN14q zIIIKNIN:JJJKNJN I1I14KN4:1240 J1J14KN4:1240 CLJNN2:RI4 L3276740(R1)CL P(L):PCPH1240  ;:I: 0"";9);"CURSOR #";NM$;" ";PG$<:" COPYRIGHT (C) 1979 BY DAVID MALMBERGGD60500`N"GET FIVE IN A ROWX"PRESS RETURN TO BEGIN"bT$:T$""62050l""::100 \]HIHB  D I@?AC8ɀ e@A@L 逅D@8DA@@ 8/]L\2<3=JEЯF2<3=`"PRESS RETURN TO BEGIN"bT$:T$""62050l""::100 \]HIHB  D I M41 1030T A(M4)0 1180v A(M4)0 B(M4)0 1030(B$,A(M4));(A$,B(M4)1);" ";""; 1030 M1 1030 B(M)1 B(M)39 84.30h W;"MPH WIND TO LEFT ";: 1230'B10V' "";#`'} B(MJ)1 1420(A$,B(MJ)1); " "; "";  J: M1 1610 B(M)1 B(M)39 12300 B(M1)1 1470E(A$,B(M1)1);b(B$,23H(B(M1)));""; "E " ";"";f  E:"";: V: V15 V15{ KK1: E0 90 A2(N)A2(N)2.86 E90E  N1 970 EE X1L(N) Y1H(L(N))1 T0:M0 V1(E180?d59468,12:59409,52:P$" >>>><<<<"Me""P$uf" >>>> THE MAD BOMBER <<<<"}hP$x" THIS IS A GAME OF SKILL TO SEE HOW WELLYOU CAN FLY A ";"BOMBER. YOU ARE GIVEN TWENTY FLY-BYS TO DROP BOMBS T0 X""; b(Z$,1,H(X)4);.  Z1 H(X):"";:Z;  X:""E "";k (B$,1,22H(1));: L(1)1 700 (A$,1,L(1)1); "^"; ""; (B$,1,22H(39)); (A$,1,L(2)1); "^";: G$: G$ ""; (B$,1,24); BOMBS PER FLY-BY."C"PRESSANY KEY TO PLAY. GOOD LUCK!!":59409,60W Q$:Q$""190G59468:XG59:G,12:X,52:"""WHICH SKILL LEVEL DO YOU WISH TO PLAY? (1=EASY 2=HARD)":X,60A$: A$""202A(A$):A3A0208'1))2,D2(H(X3)H(39))2)6 D1D20 4704@J180HJK180(X3X11)WTH9H(1)D1k^ IX11 X31uhJJKrH(I)H9(J180)D1|IJ0K180(X2X31)H9H(39)D2 IX31 X21JJKH(I)H9(J180" ";&^ W0 " ";W;" MPH WIND TO RIGHT ";: 840Wh" ";W;" MPH WIND TO LEFT ";: 840]'c'' "";15);"ARTILLERY"::$' 11);"CREATIVE COMPUTING".' 13);"P.O. BOX 789-M"8' 6);"MORRISTOWN, 1610 1230 B(M1)1 1470#(A$,B(M1)1);<(B$,23H(B(M1)));i Z1 3: "\/\!/";: X1 5:X" ";: X1 5: X: Z:""; 1600"";(A$,L(N)1);(B$,24H(L(N))); Zm 1610w"";(A$,L(N)1);(B$,24H(L(N)1));"QQQ"; 1290"";"(A$,L(3N)1);,(B$,24H(L(3N)1));6 1540JWW(10((1).5))4T"";(B$,24);(A$,8);c^ W0 W;"MPH WIND TO RIGHT ";: 1207 LINES 1234 AND 1260 DETERMINE HIT. CHANGE '1.5' TO CHANGE DIFFICULTY.W (B(M1)L(N))1.5 1250b 1260s T1 1510 (B(M1)L(3N))1.5 1560 T1 1030 1460 """ANOTHER GAME ? YES OR NO " G$( " 2331"B5$" 23";G"421"B5$" 3421"B5$" 134";|"321"B5$" 14521 124";"43211111 11112563211111 1235";"2222211 2222"Y2$"3222221 12"; "")V V2(E180)V.7 TT.5:MM12 V1V1(V1W.5)1500J XX1(V1W.550)TX $X(X.5)l .YY1(V2T3)Tz 8Y(Y.5) BZ23Y:""; DA(M)Z:B(M)X: X39 X1 1350 FYH(X)0 1340 L Z0 1150 V Z0 1125  O HIT";B" TARGETS BELOW. YOU CAN ONLY MISS THE TARGET ";"THREE TIMES. AFTER TWENTY FLY- BYS OR THREE MISSES THE GAME IS";"OVER. MAKE EVERY BOMB COUNT!""PUSH THE '*' BUTTON TO DROP EACH BOMB.""YOU GET UP TO TWO " "; K1 W0 8208 W;" MPH WIND TO LEFT ";B * 840b 4W;" MPH WIND TO RIGHT ";l >""; H"";:N3N: N1 900 R(A$,33); \ E:""; f(B$,1);(A$,33); p V: V15 V15 z 910  "";" " ANSWER 1 OR 2.":I11000::2006"":G,12{Z$"":F$"":Y2$"":B5$" ":A27000X,52:F$F$"1"B5$" 111"B5$" 1";"2"B5$" 1222"B5$" 12";"31"B5$)D2 I  550 D(H(1)H(39))2( J0< K180(X2X11)K H9H(39)D_  IX11 X21i JJK H(I)H9(J180)D  I &""; 0W(100((1).5)) :(B$,22); D I1 39:H(I)(H(I).5):I N X1 39:X1 61 :30,0,29,285 P$(30)"I'M IN SLAVES' QUARTERS B.":26,33,31,296 P$(31)"I'M IN THE ANTECHAMBER.":27,32,0,30>6 P$(32)"I'M AT THE ROYAL THRONE.":0,0,0,31m6 P$(33)"I'M IN THE STORE ROOM.":0,0,36,306 P$(34)"I'M IN A MIRROR ROOM.":34,35,34 6):14,0,0,243T P$(21)"I'M IN A GAME ROOM.":13,24,0,0!4^ P$(22)"I'M IN A BEDROOM DESIGNED FOR THE AFTERLIFE."24h 17,0,27,27e4r P$(23)"I'M IN SLAVES' QUARTERS A.":19,26,0,04| P$(24)"I'M AT THE WEST END OF A TEMPLE.":20,0,25,2Y"WI$:> "OK":2090EYOU";R$<4 (R$,1)"N"2090=> "NOW WHERE DID I PUT MY ORANGE SMOKE?":PL(0)PL(0)20.=H "I SEEM TO REMEMBER LEAVING IT IN A "b=R "SARCOPHAGOUS SOMEWHERE. AH HERE IT IS.":1140=\ "YOU CLUMSY OAF, YOU'VE DONE IT AGAI D TO KEEP OUT TOMBROBBERS."1 10,15,11,101 P$(11)P$(10):11,16,11,10#2 P$(12)"I'M IN AN EGYPTIAN LIBRARY.":0,17,4,7\2 P$(13)"I'M IN AN AWKWARD N/S PASSAGEWAY.":9,21,0,0y2 P$(14)P$(6):14,20,14,62 P$(15)P$(10):10,18,15,152 P$(16IKE ME TO TRY AND REINCARNATEYOU";R$<4 (R$,1)"N"2090=> "NOW WHERE DID I PUT MY ORANGE SMOKE?":PL(0)PL(0)20.=H "I SEEM TO REMEMBER LEAVING IT IN A "b=R "SARCOPHAGOUS SOMEWHERE. AH HERE IT IS.":1140=\ "YOU CLUMSY OAF, YOU'VE DONE IT AGAI0,5,0,2,7,3,6,3,3,8,2/x P$(2)"I'M IN THE ANNEX KING TUT'S TOMB."0 P$(3)"I'M IN THE QUARTERS OF PRINCESS ANKA."_0 P$(4)"I'M IN KARMAK'S CATHEDRAL.":0,8,12,0,0,9,0,1,2,0,0,140 P$(5)"I'M IN THE ENTRY CHAMBER TO KING TUT'S TOMB.",STA,BOO,GOB: MED,THR,COF,NOR,SOU,EAS,WES,N,S,E,W,GOO,SAR,GAT,TOR,MAT,BOX,TOR,WIN/; GO,GET,LOO,INV,SCO,DRO,HEL,SAV,LOA,QUI,OPE,LOC,REA,EAT,FEE,KIL,HITp; SAY,UNL,TUR,CLO,REL,SHO,DRI,BRE,LIG,FIG,DES,TRA,BUR,VAL,THR; I1NN:NO$(I)::I1NV:R...WINE! I NEED WINE!". WF$:T0OB(35,0)1T32(T32)WG$:OB(35,0)0:OB(32,0)1N. BI45"THAT SNAKE BITE! OH...NO...":OB(12,0)0:I11E3:I:3310\. CP18.( GF1"THE GATE IS OPEN.":2620.2 "THE GATE IS LOCKED.".< NM0M3R LAMP,A TAME SNAKE8N A PACKAGE OF FOOD,A FIERCE SNAKE,A JADE STATUETTE,THE BOOK OF THE DEAD?9X A CRYSTAL GOBLET,A GLASS MEDALIAN,AN IVORY THRONE,A MUMMIFORM COFFIN_9b I120:OB(I,0):OB(I,1):u9l I120:OB$(I):9v 28,15,0,0,1,0,1,0,0,0,0,0 ^^^ARTILLERY^^^/ JEFF JESSEE ANDI CREATIVE COMPUTINGO[ 10000 A(100),B(100),H(39),A1(2),B1(2),A2(2),B2(2),L(2)"""DIRECTIONS?";: D$:X(2): D$"N"38 D$"Y" 20""," ARTILLERY":59468,14 :,346 P$(35)"I'M IN THE KING'S HAREM.": 28,0,35,346 P$(36)"I'M IN A SNAKE PIT.":0,0,33,36.7 P$(37)"I'M IN THE BURIAL CHAMBER.":18,0,0,0<7 37,0,0,0[7 I1P:J03:P(I,J):J,I7 5,5,21,0,24,10,25,5,34,10,35,10,2,15,3,5,7,10,11,10,33,14 P$(25)"I'M AT THE EAST END OF A TEMPLE.":25,0,0,245 P$(26)"I'M IN THE WARRIORS' QUARTERS.":23,30,27,095 P$(27)"I'M IN A STABLE.":0,31,22,0s5 P$(28)"I'M IN THE HIGH PRIEST'S CHAMBER.":0,35,29,05 P$(29)"I'M IN THE CHAMBER OF ISIS."RETURN ";5$"Ҡ.":::"HԠ٠٠Ϡ."K% G$: G$"" 37s&"": 59468,12: RESET TO GRAPHICS2Z$" ": X1 5:Z$Z$Z$:X<A$"": X1 6:A$A$A$:X:B$"": X1 5:B$B$B$:XPN2ZX1(6(1)8) )P$(10):11,16,19,162 P$(17)"I'M IN A WINE CLOSET. (ALL CHEAP STUFF)":12,22,0,0E3" P$(18)"I'M AT THE END OF THE MAZE. THERE IS A GATE ON THE DOOR LEADING "`3, P$(18)P$(18)"SOUTH."r36 18,37,15,183@ P$(19)P$(10):19,23,16,193J P$(20)P$(N!"=f "AND THIS TIME I'M OUT OF ORANGE SMOKE!!!";=p "YOU DON'T EXPECT ME TO PERFORM A DECENT">z "REINCARNATION WITH NO MORE ORANGE SMOKE"g> WI$"OKAY, IF YOU'RE SO SMART, DO IT YOURSELF! I'M LEAVING!"> "LEFT DO YOU";R2$:(R2$,1)"0 P$(6)"I'M IN A TWISTING CORRODOR"0 P$(7)"I'M IN THE JEWELRY CHAMBER.":0,7,7,2-1 P$(8)"I'M IN THE ARTIST'S STUDIO.":4,0,0,3q1 P$(9)"I'M CRAWLING OVER A JUMBLE OF BROKEN ROCK.":9,13,5,01 P$(10)"I'M IN A LABYRINTH OF PASSAGES DESIGNEVB$(I):; NORTH,SOUTH,EAST,WEST; I03:D$(I)::310; XX1; X 3330,3420< "OH MY! YOU SEEM TO HAVE GOTTEN YOURSELF"G< "KILLED. I COULD TRY AND HELP YOU OUT,"v< "BUT I'VE NEVER REALLY DONE THIS BEFORE."|< <* "WOULD YOU L0MF1WH$:M31:OB(34,0)1:OB(33,0)0:M31.F .P "ERROR":?/Z NN36:NV32:P38:LO36:P$(P),P(P,3),OB$(LO),OB(LO,1),VB$(NV),NO$(NN)/d P$(1)"I'M OUTSIDE AN ENORMOUS PYRAMID. AN OPENING LEADS IN TO THE"/n P$(1)P$(1)" EAST.":0,,17,09 I3036:OB(I,0):OB(I,1):: AN IVORY SARCOPHAGOUS,----------------,AN ANCIENT TORCH,SOME MATCHES=: AN EMPTY MATCHBOX,A SHINING TORCH,A GOBLET OF WINEU: I3036:OB$(I):I: CUP,POS,CHA,KEY,MAS,HEA,SPE,EAR,NEC,PEA,LAM,SNA,FOO,SNA SETS LOWER CASE MODEF:"T ӠŠΠȠ2ӠԠ";n "ԠȠҠӠ."!:"AԠȠ, ŠҠӠ """ŠϠ (0-90) ĠŠҠ Ӡ ";#" (5 TO 10 ), 5,0,0,1,0,36,07& 8,10,12,0,0,0,26,0,32,10,37,5580 AN OPEL DRINKING CUP,A STEVE MARTIN POSTER,A GOLD CHALLAS,A GOLDEN KEYc8: A GOLDEN BURIAL MASK,A DIAMOND HEADRESS,A PLATINUM SPEAR,A RUBY EARRING8D AN ALBASTER NECKLACE,A GIANT PEARL,AN ALBASTE 390!NO33"OKAY. YOU NOW HAVE ONE LESS MATCH.":NMNM1:3904!OB(35,0)0"IT IS ALREADY LIT.":390r!OB(32,0)1OB(32,0)0:OB(35,0)1:NMNMR(4):PD0:310!"I HAVE NO TORCH.":390!"I AM NOT MOHAMED ALI, YOU KNOW.":390!"TR THE SNAKE VANISHES INTO THE GLOOM.":OB(12,0)R(35)1:390-@OB(I,0)1"NOTHING HAPPENED":390MJ"I'M NOT HOLDING IT!":390cTNO36S2$:390^OB(36,0)1"I HAVE NO WINE.":390hBI0"OKAY. GULP GULK.":OB(36,0)0:OB(17,0)1:390 OF A CARROT.":)CM$"":" WHAT SHOULD I DO ";CM$:CM$""2260*NO$"":VB$"":VB0:NO0W*LC(CM$):I1LC:(CM$,I,1)" "VB$VB$(CM$,I,1):I*V1$VB$:VB$(V1$,3):I1NV:VB$(I)VB$VBI:2320*I* VB1:NO$VB$:2340*  ,1510,1560,1490,1620,1680,1690,1760,1770,1780,1810,19208TT1:"YOU HAVE USED"T"TURNS SO FAR, AND YOU"]"HAVE USED"35NM"MATCHES.":390NO20NO31NO30"I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT.":390NO31(CP18CP37)"THE GATE IS CLOSED A'\JJ(NM2):I03:JJPL(I):(f"YOU HAVE SCORED"J"POINTS OUT OF A".(p"MAXIMUM OF 207. A SCORE OF"J"POINTS"I(z"QUALIFIES YOU AS A:"p(J182"ADVENTURER GRANDMASTER":(J178"MASTER ADVENTURER CLASS A":(J150"MASTER ADVENTU29TG0"I SEE NO GOOBER HERE.":390)PNO29TG1"THE GOOBERS ARE IMMORTAL.":390MZNO12"IT ISN'T ALIVE!":390dOB(14,0)CP"THAT'S A STUPID THING TO TRY!":390nOB(12,0)1OB(12,0)CPW6$:OB(12,0)0:390xS1$:390NO29HARGING AT ME!!":I1300:I%(3)1"HE KILLED ME!":3310K&"HE SLIPS ON A CONVENIENTLY PLACED BANANAPEEL AND CRACKS HIS SKULL. THE ";j&"BODY VANISHES.":390&OB(33,0)1"I HAVE NO MATCHES!":2040&"THE MUMMY BURNS TO THE GROU)1"I DON'T THINK I'M CARRYING IT.":390,NO13"YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS.":390VOB(13,0)1"I HAVE NO FOOD!":390ZZZZ1:"*SMAK* THAT WAS GOOD!":OB(13,0)0:390NO12NO29S2$:390 NO29TG0"WHAT GOOBER?":390NE IN SELF DEFENSE.":BI1:OB$(12)WC$:3904$XNO13"ALL RIGHT. IT IS NOW COOKED.":OB$(13)"SOME COOKED FOOD":390k$bNO16"THAT IS A WASTE OF GOOD LITERATURE.":390$lNO34"OKAY.":OB(34,0)0:390$vNO33"ALL RIGHT.":NMNM1:390$"TH:+j T1P$(1)"I'M OUTSIDE THE PYRAMID AGAIN."+t P$(CP):PD0,~ CP32PL(1)5, CP34PL(2)5,, CP7PL(3)5b, I1LO:OB(I,0)CP"*THERE IS ";OB$(I);" HERE."i, I, FL0:OB(35,0)12570, "I CAN GO - ";:I03:P(CP,I)0Y HIT OR KILL":390"NO16"I SEE NO WRITING THERE.":390-"OB(NO,0)1"I HAVE NO BOOK.":390o""IT SAYS: GOOBERS HATE SNAKES.":" MOM IS FLAMIBLE.""OB(33,0)1"I HAVE NO MATCHES!":390"OB(NO,0)1"I AM NOT HOLDING  r"AHH...GOOD CURE FOR SNAKEBITE.";:OB(12,0)1W9$:OB(12,0)0:1670 |A OB(36,0)0:OB(17,0)1:BI32000:390O WA$:390} NM0OB(33,0)1OB(33,0)0:OB(34,0)1 NO33NO32S2$:390 OB(33,0)1"I DON'T HAVE A MATCH!": (V1$)1(CM$)NO0:* NO$(CM$,(CM$)1(V1$))+$ N1$NO$:NO$(NO$,3):I1NN:NO$NO$(I)2370"+. I-+8 NO0:8+B NOI:A+L ""+V PD2"YOU FELL INTO A PIT AND BROKE EVERY BONE IN YOUR BODY.":3310+` OB(35,0)1CP1WD$:PDPD1ND LOCKED.":GF0:390OB(NO,0)1S1$:390&NO30"IT IS ALREADY CLOSED.":390F"OKAY. IT IS CLOSED.":390VNO12880"OB(12,0)1"I'M NOT HOLDING A SNAKE.":390,TG1W8$:OB(12,0)CP:NG0:TG0:ZZZZ1:3906ZZZZ1:"RER CLASS B":(J140"EXPERIENCED ADVENTURER.":)J110"SEASONED ADVENTURER.":_)J90"NOVICE CLASS ADVENTURER BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME.":)J20"PEE WEE CLASS ADVENTURER.":)"ADVENTURER WITH THE INTELLEGENCE TG1"HE IS MAD ENOUGH AT ME ALREADY!":390%NO29"I SEE NO GOOBER HERE.":390SOB(NO,0)1"I'M NOT HOLDING IT.":390vNO13"THAT'S STUPID!":390W7$:OB(12,0)1:390"OKAY...";N1$:390"TRY OPEN.":390VB191490ND.":NMNM1:390&I11000:I:3310 '"THE GOOBER THROWS A KNIFE AT ME!",' R(3)1"IT HITS ME!":3310>'"IT MISSES!"L' NG1:390q'*J0:"":I1LO:OB$(I)""2110'4OB(I,0)1JJOB(I,1)'>I'HT310JJ10'RT357JJ15O29"THERE IS NOTHING HERE IT WANTS TO EAT. (EXCEPT PERHAPS ME!):G110FOB(13,0)1"I HAVE NO FOOD!":390k(OB(12,0)0"IT IS FULL.":3902OB(14,0)CP"WHAT SNAKE?":390<ZZZZ1:W5$:OB(12,0)CP:OB(14,0)0:OB(13,0)0:390FNOAT IS WORTH";OB(NO,1);"POINTS.":390 %R(2)1"+=+= HOLY BANDAIDS!";:1950)%"SUFFRIN' SUCCOTASH!";t%" AN ANCIENT MUMMY WALKED IN TO ";:R(2)1"TERMINATE ME!":1970%" PUT ME TO DEATH!"%2260:VB$"BUR"2020%"THE MUMMY IS CD$(I);" ";:FL1, I, , OB(12,0)1GSGS1, BI0BIBI14- GS30"I THINK THE SNAKE IS GETTING HUNGRY.":OB$(12)WE${- GS50"THE SNAKE JUST BIT ME!":BI1:OB$(12)"A VERY ANGRY SNAKE"- BI10"THAT SNAKE BITE! I'M GETTING WEAKEIT RIGHT NOW.":390#&NO2NO12NO13NO16NO34NO32NO33WB$:390J#0NO32"YOU MIGHT TRY LIGHT TORCH INSTEAD.":390V#:NMNM1#DNO2"ALL RIGHT. THE POSTER GOES UP IN FLAMES.":ZZZZ1:OB(2,0)0:390#NNO12"THE SNAKE BIT M # WH$"I HAVE NO MORE MATCHES."jW1$"THE GOOBER SEES THEN SNAKE, LEAPS UP ANDRUNS AWAY!":TG0:NG0W2$"YOU ARE OUT OF MATCHES. I AM PREPARED TOGIVE YOU TEN MORE, BUT THIS WILL"(W2$W2$" SUBTRACT 25 POINTS FROM YOUR FINAL SCO 7NO0))"THE GATE IS LOCKED!":390CP(CP,NO)0CP1"THERE IS A WALL THERE.":390pP(CP,NO)0"I CAN'T GO THAT WAY.":390CPP(CP,NO):310NO$"""WHAT SHOULD I GET";NO$:2340NO12OB(12,0)CP780OB(NO,0)1"I'VE ALRE VB10VB20NO$""I1$;:NO$:2340W NO$""VB1NO0"THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE TO ME.":390g VB201490 VB6(NO$"EVE"NO$"ALL")940 &VB10NO0"I DON'T KNOW WHAT A "N1$" IS!":390 0VB191480&:VB590,680,310,800,83 NO31S22$:390# ZZ18"I CAN'T CARRY ANY MORE.":390NZZZZ1:"ALL RIGHT.":OB(NO,0)1:390 "I AM CURRENTLY CARRYING:":ZZ0:I1LO:OB(I,0)1OB$(I):ZZZZ1*I:ZZ0"NOTHING!"4390>J0:I1LO:OB(I,0)1JJOB(I,1)HrNG32050E |TG1"THERE IS A THREATENING LITTLE GOOBER IN THE ROOM WITH ME."d NM0MF0W2$;:EM$:MF1 NM0MF1(EM$,1)"Y""OKAY.":NM10:OB(33,0)1:OB(34,0)0 2260:VB32VB6:430 VB$"I"VB4 NM0OB(34,0)1:OB(33ANT ME TO DROP";NO$:2340NO$""NO0"HUH?":390;NO32OB(35,0)1NO35:930dOB(NO,0)1"I HAVE NO ";N1$:390"OKAY.":OB(NO,0)CP:ZZZZ1:390I1LO:OB(I,0)1OB(I,0)CPI:"OK.":ZZ0:390VB7"IT'S AGAINST C"ING."H WE$"A TAME HUNGRY SNAKE":WF$">=====================================<"c WG$"MY TORCH IS OUT." "":" KING TUT'S TOMB ADVENTURE" ::" BY GREG HASSET" ::" CONVERTED TO PET BY JOHN O'HARE"+ "S1$"I DOI:1,NM,CP,GF,ZZ,TG,NG,T,GS,BI:310?"DO YOU REALLY WANT TO QUIT NOW";QN$:(QN$,1)"Y"2090H390fNO31(CP18CP37)1110$NO31"I SEE NO GATE HERE.":390.OB(NO,0)1"I'M NOT HOLDING IT.":3908NO30NO31NO20"IT C BODY VANISHES."aW7$"THE SNAKE STARTLED, JUMPS AWAY FROM ME AND SCURRIES AWAY INTO THE GLOOM.W8$"THE SNAKE ATTACKS THE GOOBER AND IN AN ASTOUNDING FLURRY DRIVES THE"W8$W8$" IT AWAY!"W9$" BUT THE SNAKE RAN AWAY!!"<WA$"IO:OB$(I)""OB(I,0)01160~(OB(I,0))1OB(I,0)R(36)1aI:ZZ0:OB(35,0)0:CP1:OB(33,0)1:OB(32,0)1:I13500:I:PD0:310NO31"I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LOCK SUCH A THING.":390CP37CP18"WHAT GATE?":390"OKAY. THE GATE RE. DO YOU WANT"/2W2$W2$" THE EXTRA MATCHES"F<R(X)((1)X)1FI1$"WHAT DIRECT OBJECT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO THAT TO"PW3$"THE GOOBERS' KNIVES VANISH AS THEY HIT THE WALLS OF THE TOMB."ZW4$" OKAY...- - POOF ! - -"ADY GOT IT!":390ENO12OB(14,0)CP"THAT IS BOTH IMPRACTICAL AND VERY DANGEROUS":390^NO$"KNI"W3$:390rNO0S3$:390NO29TG1"THAT WOULD NOT BE TO BRIGHT.":390NO32OB(35,0)CPNO35OB(NO,0)CPS1$:3900,880,960,970,1000,1030,1050,1170,1200,1240,1280,1350,1410;DVB171460,1470WNNO$""NO0S3$:390vXNO$"""WHERE";NO$:2340bNO28NO21"YOU MUST USE COMPASS POINTS.":390lNO24NONO4vNONO21GF0((CP18NO1)(CP3I:"OUT OF A CURRENT MAXIMUM OF 175 POINTS,":R"YOU HAVE"J"POINTS. YOU CAN GET A"g\"BONUS OF UP TO 32 POINTS WHEN YOU WIN"f"OR QUIT, MAKING THE ACTUAL MAXIMUM 207.":390p NO0NO$"""WHAT'S A "N1$"?":390zNO$"""WHAT DO YOU W,0)0 VB$"L"VB3 OB(12,0)14701 VB$"LIS"VB4N TT1:IFBI>0THENBI=BI+1 VB$"INI"T1OB(35,0)1:OB(32,0)0:"ALL RIGHT":NMNMR(4):G NO$"FUC"NO$"SHI""TCH! SUCH LANGUAGE!":390 MF1M20PL(0)PL(0)25:M21 OMPANY RULES TO GIVE AVERAGE ADVENTURERS HELP.":390H"":1,1,1:"SAVING...":I1LO:OB$(I)""990W1,OB(I,0)I:1,NM:1,CP:1,GF:1,ZZ:1,TG:1,NG:1,T:1,GS:1,BI:310"":1:"LOADING...":I1LO:OB$(I)""10201,OB(I,0)N'T SEE IT HERE.":S2$"DON'T BE RIDICULOUS.":CP1:NM35S ,S3$"I DON'T KNOW THAT WORD.":2650h 62380:NM0NM0 @R(80)42CP11930 JR(57)20TG1 TTG1NGNG1 ^CP1TG0:NG0 h(OB(14,0)CPOB(12,0)CP)TG1W1$:TG0:NG0  ANNOT BE OPENED.":390BNO311130)LGF1"IT IS ALREADY OPEN.":390XVOB(4,0)1GF1:"THE GATE IS OPEN.":390`"IT WOULD HELP IF I HAD A KEY TO OPEN THELOCKED GATE.":390jNO20"THE COFFIN IS OPEN.":390tTG0:NG0:W4$:I1L DON'T WANT TO BREAK ANYTHING. THE BOSSSAYS HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYTHIN"dWA$WA$"G I BREAK ONAN ADVENTURE."WB$"IT DOESN'T BURN."WC$"A SCARED SNAKE"WD$"IT IS PITCH DARK. YOU WILL PROBABLY KILLYOURSELF IF YOU PROCEED EXPLOR"WD$WD$IS LOCKED.":GF0:3902OB(NO,0)1"I HAVE TO BE HOLDING SOMETHING TO READ IT.":390NNO2NO16S2$:390NO2"IT SAYS:":"BEST FISHES --STEVE MARTIN (KING TUT)":390"IT IS WRITTEN IN EGYPTIAN HYROGLYPHICS.":390OB(NO,0(13)"I AM ENGULFED IN A D"kdW4$W4$"ENSE CLOUD OF ORANGESMOKE AND AWAKEN COUGHING AND GASPING TOFIND..."nW5$"THE SNAKE WHARFS DOWN YOUR FOOD AND RUBSHIS HEAD TO MY LEG TO SHOW"xW5$W5$" AFFECTION."W6$"YOU KILLED A LITTLE SNAKE. THEA UWlPET GAMES 4P42A8-QUEEN SOLN.  ARTILLERY BATTLESHIPSBREAKOUTCHESS GAME (TG)DEEPSPACE 1.0DOMINOSDRAGON ISLAND KKFOOTBALL (PI) FROG RACE FROGS (C)GOLF GOMOKUGUESS ITHAMURABIHORSERACEKK KING.TUT<KINGDOMLIGHT CYCLESMAD BOMBERMASTERMINDMATCHESOHARE'S #1COHARE'S #2BKKSORCERERS.CASTLE7 SPACE 2.0 SPACE INVADERSTORPEDO-SOHARE'S #3KKKKKKKK ISR$"YOU HAVE NO SWORD TO DO IT WITH. OH MY! THE SORCERER HAS JUST"iGB$"A GOLD BAR FALLS OUT!"D1$"OKAY. GULP GULP GULK. SOMETHING SEEMS DIFFERENT NOW..."DI$"YOU'RE NOT HOLDING IT HENCE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DRINK IT."CM D.": :GT$(1)"WHEEEE!":GT$(2)"ARE YOU ENJOYING YOURSELF?"U SR$SR$" KILLED YOU!"z" BY GREG HASSETT:SK$"THE SORCERER DIED AND THEN VANISHED. HIS SEPTOR REMAINS."" CONVERTED TO PET BY JOHN O'HARE"DB$" "ALA""NOTHING HAPPENED.":605FVB1(NO21NO30)VB1aPNO$"JES""I SEE NO JESTER HERE.":60ZVB$"CRO"(CP52CP53)CP53CP52:20_ VB$"CRO"(CP52CP53)20dVB$"TUR""YOU HAVE USED"T"TURNS SO FAR.":60 nVB30(VB (NO$"EVE"NO$"ALL")200H NO0VB10"I DON'T KNOW WHAT A "QT$N1$QT$" IS.":60 VB210,280,20,350,380,400,460,470,480,490,510,520,550,640,660,740,770 VB17830,840,840,550,920,920,940,950,980,1010,1040,1050,1070 (NO22NO29)NO$""FOR YOU TO FOLLOW":60 CPP(CP,NO):20I OB(NO,0)1"YOU'VE ALREADY GOT IT!":60i "NO0"WHATS A "N1$"?":60 ,OB(NO,0)CPS1$:60 6NO17NO21NO20NO16S2$:60 @ZZ17"YOU ARE UNABLE TO CARRY ANY MORE.":60 JNO9PF0OF A MAXIMUM OF 225 POINTS, YOU HAVE";J;"POINTS.":60XNO0OB(NO,0)1"YOU'RE NOT CARRYING IT!":60wNO$"EVE"NO$"ALL"440ZZ0"YOU'RE NOT CARRYING ANYTHING!":60I1LO:OB(I,0)1OB(I,0)CPI:ZZ0:"OK.":60NO0F;CM$;CF;CM$;PF;CM$;SF%;CM$;WF;CM$;ZZ:"DONE.":20W"":"PRESS WHEN READY TO ***LOAD***";A$"LOADING":I1LO1,OB(I,0):I:1,CP,T,DF,VF,CF,PF,SF%,WF,ZZ"DO YOU REALLY WANT TO QUIT NOW";QN$:(QN$,1)"Y"60"ARE YOU B(16,0)CP"WHAT VAULT?":608:NO16OB(2,0)1"YOU DON'T HAVE THE KEY.":60zDNO16"THE VAULT IS OPEN":VF1:OB(15,0)0GB$:OB(15,0)CPNNO1660XNO311140bCP1"WHAT DOOR?":60lOB(2,0)1"YOU DON'T SEEM TO HAVE THI,0)1"YOU ARE NOT CURRENTLY HOLDING THAT.":60."IT ISN'T ALIVE!":60PCP32"WHAT SORCERER?":60yOB(8,0)1SR$:I13000:I:1370SK$:OB(14,0)CP:OB(20,0)0:60OB(NO,0)1"YOU DON'T HAVE THAT RIGHT NOW.":60NORMOR.":60% "THE GOLDEN BULLET FROM THE GOLDEN PISTOLVAPORIZES THAT.">*OB(NO,0)1ZZZZ1Q4OB(NO,0)0:60g>OB(NO,0)1S2$C"YOU'RE NOT HOLDING IT.":60HNO16NO30NO31870ROB(NO,0)1"YOU'RE NOT HOLDING THAT TO MY KNO$(44)X(TI):X0JNW$(1)"NICE WEATHER WE'VE BEEN HAVING LATELY."]NW$(2)"HELLO"kQT$(34) VT$"THE MOVEMENT OF THE PAINTING REVEALS A VAULT IN THE WALL. THE VAULT IS" " SORCERER'S CASTLE ADVENTURE" VT$VT$" LOCKEYOU MUST SUPPLY A DIRECT OBJECT."2R(Q)((1)Q)1xCP49:S1$"I DON'T SEE IT HERE.":S2$"DON'T BE RIDICULOUS.":17001500R(85)201170(ZZ2R(100)5012402R(27)81330<TT1:1430:VB$"ALA"CP32CP17:20AVB$10VB20VB6)NO$""DB$:603 xVB$"HI"NW$(R(2)):60G NO$"GUN"NO1W VB301070k NO$"BAG"NO5 VB1NO0(NO22NO29)"YOU MUST SUPPLY A VERB.":60 VB1NO0"I DON'T KNOW HOW TO "QT$N1$QT$" ANYTHING.":60 VB6"I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT.":60/ NO$"""WHERE?":60B NO25NONO4 NONO22:P(CP,NO)0"THERE IS NO WAY TO GO IN THAT DIRECTION.":60 CP1NO1DF0"THE CASTLE DOOR IS LOCKED.":60 CP17NO1CF0"THE CRACK IS TOO SMALL VT$:PF1:OB(16,0)CP:OB(9,0)1:ZZZZ1:60@ T"OKAY.":ZZZZ1:OB(NO,0)1:60f ^ZZ0"YOU ARE EMPTYHANDED.":60 h"YOU ARE HOLDING THE FOLLOWING:":I1LO:OB(I,0)1OB$(I) rI:60 |J0:I1LO:OB(I,0)1JJOB(I,1) I!"OUT "I'VE NEVER HEARD OF A "N1$".":606OB(NO,0)CP:"DROPPED.":ZZZZ1:60i"SORRY, THIS IS YOUR ADVENTURE, NO MINE!":60"":"PRESS WHEN READY TO ***SAVE***";A$"SAVING.":I1LO:1,OB(I,0):I:1,CP:1,T1,DF;CM$;VSURE";Q2$:(Q2$,1)"Y""I DIDN'T THINK SO.":60"1370<"ALRIGHT...";N1$:60WOB(NO,0)1DI$:60kNO7S2$:60D1$:ZZZZ1:OB(7,0)0:CF1:60&NO31NO16NO30"I DON'T KNOW HOW TO OPEN SUCH A THING.":600NO16OE KEY.":60v"THE DOOR IS OPEN.":DF1:60AOB(NO,0)1"YOU ARE NOT CARRYING IT.":60"I'VE KNOWN STRANGE PEOPLE, BUT ATTACKING"OB$(NO);"?":60NO20710NO17"WHAT KNIGHT ?":60NO21"I SEE NO PIRATE HERE.":60OB( 3"HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO READ ";OB$(NO);"?":60:"IT SAYS: MAGIC WORD: ALAKAZAM.":60wOB(NO,0)1OB(NO,0)CP"I DON'T SEE THAT HERE.":60 OB(1,0)1"YOU DON'T HAVE A GUN!":60NO17"THE BULLET DISSOLVES AS IT HITS THE A WLEDGE.":60\"I DON'T KNOW HOW TO CLOSE SUCH A THING.":60DfNO16OB(16,0)CP"WHAT WAULT?":60{pNO16"THE VAULT IS CLOSED AND LOCKED.":VF0:60zNO311110CP1"WHAT DOOR?":60"THE DOOR IS CLOSED AND LOCKED.":DF0:60 0"WHOOSH!":60%OB(NO,0)1"YOU'RE NOT CURRENTLY CARRYING IT.":609NO8S2$:60_"IT IS ALREADY RAZOR SHARP.":60OB(NO,0)1"TU NE LE PORTES PAS(YOU'RE NOT CARRYING IT.":60NO19"HOW?":60"VERY GOOD! NOW YO Y...YOU FALL SAFELY IN THE PILE OF LEAVES.":CP48FM"YOU SEEM TO BE LOST IN A FOREST OF SPRUCE TREES.":60|VCP44"WHAT WINDOW? I DON'T SEE A WINDOW!":60`WF0"IT IS ALREADY CLOSED.":60j"HAVING OPENED IT EARLIER, YOU FIND IT  D IN TO KILL YOU!":1430VB17NO171210*OB(1,0)1"YOU HAVE NO GUN!":1210O"THE KNIGHT DISINTIGRATED.":60"THE KNIGHT IS RUNNING TOWARDS YOU.......";R(5)2"IT KILLS YOU!":I13000:I:1370"IT MISSES YOU"H THAT HE TAKES ALL OF YOUR TREASURE!" I1LO:OB(I,0)11320"OB(I,1)01320?OB(I,0)R(6)34:ZZZZ1J(I:602"JINGLE JINGLE JINGLE!":"CHESTER THE JESTER POPS UP AND CHANTS,-"<C$(R(8)1):" TEE HEE HEE!"F"AND THEN VANI CM$""1430 N1$"":V1$"":NO0:VB0:NO$"":VB$"";!CM(CM$):I1CM:(CM$,I,1)" "V1$V1$(CM$,I,1):Ik!VB$(V1$,3):I1NV:VB$(I)VB$VBI:1480r!I!VB1:N1$V1$:1490!(V1$)1(CM$)NO0:!N1$(CM$,(CM$)1(V1$)A SMALL CRACK LEADS SOUTHWARD."#CP1DF1"THE DOOR IS OPEN."7#"CP18VF1OB(16,0)18"THE VAULT IS OPEN."g#,CP44WF0"THE WINDOW IS SLIGHTLY AJAR."#6CP17CF1"A TOWERING HOLE LEADS SOUTHWARD."#@CF0P(17,1)0#JCP44WF1===========================":30$O0:5%NP53:LO35:NN31:NV30:P(NP,3),P$(NP),VB$(NV),NO$(NN),OB(LO,1),OB$(LO)%P$(1)"OUTSIDE A MEDIEVAL CASTLE, THE PAVEMENT HAS AN INSCRIPTION:"%P$(1)P$(1)(13)"LEAVE ALL TREASURE HERE SAY 'SCORE'.IS A TOWER WITH A SMALL WINDOW IN"'P$(7)P$(7)" THE FAR, FAR DISTANCE.":2,0,0,0R'P$(8)"IN A SPLENDID CHAMBER 30 FEET HIGH.":1,11,0,10'P$(9)"IN A DAMP, MUSTY LIBRARY.":0,10,0,0'P$(10)"IN THE MASTER BEDROOM.":9,0,8,0'P$")P$"DIRT FLOOR.":0,0,0,11,0,0,0,12,0,33,0,136)&P$(17)"IN A DUSTY PANTRY. MARKINGS IN THE DUST READ, GO SOUTH TO DUNGEON.F)+ 0,18,13,0{)0P$(18)"IN A PRIMITIVE ART GALLERY.":17,19,0,19):P$(19)"IN A MAZE OF TWISTY LITTLE PASSAGES."OB(NO,0)1"YOU'RE NOT HOLDING IT.":60O"NO, THESE ITEMS HAVE TO BE USED ON THE NEXT ADVENTURE, TOO.":60"THE VALUE OF THAT IS"OB(NO,1)"POINTS.":60OB(NO,0)1"YOU DON'T SEEM TO HAVE IT.":60NO8"WOW IS THIS FUN!":6U CAN GO TO THE SECOND GRADE!":60 "TRY DROP.":60K"I CAN ONLY TELL YOU WHAT IS IN THE ROOM WITH YOU, SORRY."n$"I CANNOT FIND ANYTHING.":60.CP44GT$(R(2))8CP4460BWF0"THE WINDOW IS ONLY SLIGHTLY AJAR.":60L"OKA IMPOSSIBLE TO CLOSE.":60 tCP44"WAHT WINDOW?":600~WF1"IT IS ALREADY OPEN.":60\"THROUGH A GREAT EFFORT, YOU OPEN THE""WINDOW, THERE IS A PILE OF LEAVES OUTSIDE THE WINDOW.":WF1:60"HOLY MOLY! A BLACK KNIGHT WALKEAND CRASHES INTO A WALL...WAIT! HE HAS DISAPPEARED!":600"A PIRATE JUST APPEARED AND CHARTLED,"a"WELL SHIVER ME TIMBERS! NOT ANOTHER ONE!";"HAR HAR HAR, I'LL JUST SNATCH ALL THIS""BOOTY AND HIDE IT DEEP IN THE MAZE.""WITSHES IN A CLOUD OF PINK SMOKE."P60 Z"":J0:I1LO:OB(I,0)1JJOB(I,1)% dIe n"OUT OF A MAXIMUM OF 225 POINTS, YOU HAVESCORED"J"POINTS." x"HOPE YOU HAD FUN!": "WHAZZAT?"  "**WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO ";CM$ )!NO$(N1$,3):I1NN:NO$(I)NO$NOI:!I!!""":"YOU'RE ";P$(CP):I1LON"OB(I,0)CP"*THERE IS ";OB$(I)" HERE."U"I{"CP1DF0"THE DOOR IS LOCKED.""CP18VF0OB(16,0)18"THE VAULT IS LOCKED.""CP17CF0""THE WINDOW IS WIDE OPEN. THERE IS A"*$OCP44WF1"RATHER LARGE PILE OF LEAVES OUTSIDE THE WINDOW."Y$TK0:"YOU CAN GO ";:I03:P(CP,I)01650i$^K1", ";y$hD$(I);:K1$rI:K0"NOWHERE!"$|K1$P(17,1)18$"============"% 5,8,3,2,4,7,1,0,6,7,0,1'&P$" SIDE OF THE CASTLE.":P$(2)"AT THE WEST"P$:P$(3)"AT THE EAST"P$p&P$(4)"IN A VAST FOREST STRETCHING OUT OF SIGHT.":4,2,4,4,53,0,6,1&P$(5)P$(4):P$(6)P$(4):6,6,6,5&P$(7)"AT THE SOUTH"P$" THERE  IN A VAST CORRIDOR STRETCHING OUTOF SIGHT TO THE ":P$(11)P$"SOUTH." ( 8,12,14,0:(P$(12)P$"NORTH AND SOUTH.":11,13,15,0](P$(13)P$"NORTH.":12,0,16,17(P$"IN A BEDROOM WITH A ":P$(14)P$"STONE FLOOR.":P$(15)P$"WOODEN FLOOR(!P$(16 )DP$(20)"IN A TWISTY MAZE OF LITTLE PASSAGES."#*NP$(21)"IN A LITTLE MAZE OF TWISTY PASSAGES."[*XP$(22)"IN A TWISTING MAZE OF LITTLE PASSAGES."*bP$(23)"IN A LITTLE TWISTY MAZE OF PASSAGES."*l0,20,18,0,20,22,20,19,21, OM.":0,0,0,27,0,26,0,0,0,31,0,26",P$(29)"IN THE PARLOR.":P$(30)"IN THE STUDY.":P$(31)"IN THE SITTING ROOM."P,P$(32)"IN THE DUNGEON!":0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,I1NP:J03:P(I,J):J:I:P(31,R(4)1)32,P$(33)"IN A PRIMEVAL CONFERENCE ROOM." -I3640:P$(I)P$(35):I:36,35,35,33,38,34,37,35,36,0,39,0,40,39.39,36,38,37,39,38,41,38,0,0,42,40,0,0D.P$(41)"AT THE BRINK OF A HUGE PIT.".P$(43)"IN A BARREN CUBICAL, WITH PASSAGES LEADING OFF TO THE".P$(43)P$(43)" NORTH  EFLY OF SPRUCE TREES."0I4648:P$(I)P$(45):I:45,46,45,49,45,47,46,50,45,51,47,48,50048,47,48N0P$(49)"ON AN OLD PATH MADE BY HORSES IN MIDEVAL TIMES."0P$(51)"IN THE MIDDLE OF A CLEARING, TO THE SOUTH IS A BRIDGE."0P$(52)"ON THEIN1GO,GET,LOO,INV,SCO,DRO,HEL,SAV,LOA,QUI,SAY,DRI,OPE,HIT,KIL,REA,SHO,EAT'2CLO,LOC,UNL,DES,BRE,VAL,SWI,SHA,WEA,THR,FIN,JUMQ2 I1NN:NO$(I):I:I1NV:VB$(I):I2 A GOLD PISTOL,4,10,A SET OF KEYS,2,0,A BOOK ON SORCERY,9,02 A PERSIAN,0,50,A GOLD BAR,0,203$ A VAULT IN THE WALL,0,0,A BLACK KNIGHT,0,0,A PEWTER CUP,25,154& A KINGS CROWN,30,10,XXX44*32,0,AN EVIL PIRATE,0,0[44I121:OB$(I),OB(I,0),OB(I,1):Iw4> NORTH,SOUTH,EAST,WEST4HI03:D$(I):I4RP$(19)P$(19)URROUNDING YOU IN ALL"5kP$(50)P$(50)" DIRECTIONS EXCEPT NORTH, WHERE YOU WERE BEFORE."B6pP(50,3)48:P$(47)P$(47)(13)"TO THE SOUTH THERE SEEMS TO BE LIGHT."6zI5253:P$(I)P$(I)(13)"ACROSS THE BRIDGE IS MORE FOREST.":6P(36,2)376 ALL!"7C$(3)"THE KNIGHTS CAN'T BE KILLED, AS FAR AS IKNOW, IF YOU FIND THEY CAN"8C$(3)C$(3)" PLEASE TELL ME SO!"d8C$(4)"DON'T BRING THE SWORD TO THE SORCERERS PLACE. IF YOU DO, HE MIGHT"8C$(4)C$(4)" CONFRONT YOUFACE TO FACE!"8TREE!"920"THE KNIGHTS CAN'T BE KILLED, AS FAR AS IKNOW, IF YOU FIND THEY CAN"8C$(3)C$(3)" PLEASE TELL ME SO!"d8C$(4)"DON'T BRING THE SWORD TO THE SORCERERS PLACE. IF YOU DO, HE MIGHT"8C$(4)C$(4)" CONFRONT YOUFACE TO FACE!"8:59468,14:PK12B SPACE! COPYRIGHT (C) 1979 GREG ERKER_ CURSOR #8, MARCH, 1979 BOX 550, GOLETA, CA. 93017 LINE 150 ROM DEPENDENT AS OF MAY 21,19792 COPY OF ORIGINALZPG$"SPACE!":NM$"8":62000dXC(9),YC(9)21,22,23,21,22,20,22,21,24,23,23+vP$(24)"IN THE KITCHEN.":23,27,25,0,0,27,26,24,29,28,30,25X+P$(25)"IN THE DINING ROOM.":P$(26)"IN THE ALCOVE TO THE STUDY."+P$(27)"IN THE OFFICE OF THE SORCERER (?)":24,0,28,0+P$(28)"IN THE DRAWING RO:16,0,35,0,P$(34)"IN THE TOWER. IT OVERLOOKS A HUGE"6-P$(34)P$(34)"KINGDOM DOWN A MONSTEROUS MOUNTAIN, THE GRASS IS GREENER "g-P$(34)P$(34)"THAN GREEN ITSELF.":0,0,36,0-P$(35)"IN A MAZE OF TWISTY LITTLE PASSAGES, ALL ALIKE." AND SOUTH.":P$(42)"IN THE PIT. A GOOD PASSAGE"/P$(42)P$(42)" EXITS TO THE NORTH."V/P$(44)"AT THE END OF THE CASTLE. YOU CANSEE A FOREST OUT A SMALL WINDOW."w/43,0,41,0,44,42,0,0,0,0,0,0/P$(45)"LOST IN A DARK FOREST MADE UP CHI NORTH SIDE OF THE BRIDGE."0P$(53)"ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF THE BRIDGE."1 0,50,45,0,49,48,46,0,0,52,47,0,51,53d10,0,52,5,0,0,PIS,KEY,BOO,RUG,COI,SAP,LIQ,SWO,PAI,OPA,SIL,PEN,PIL,SEP1 BAR,VAU,KNI,CUP,CRO,SOR,PIR,NOR,SOU,EAS,WES,N,S,E,W,DOO,W RUG,10,15,A BAG OF COINS,3,15,A PRICELESS SAPHIRE,14,10'3 A FLASK OF LIQUID,15,0,A GOLDEN SWORD,42,10,A PRICELESS PAINTING,18,15n3  A GIANT OPAL,22,15,A SET OF SILVERWARE,24,15,A PLATINUM PEN,27,53" A VELVET PILLOW,43,20,THE SORCERER'S SEPTOR(13)"A NOTE ON THE WALL READS: THIS IS NOT THE MAZE"5WP$(19)P$(19)" WHERE THE PIRATE HIDES HIS TREASURE. --GH"f5\OB$(20)"AN EVIL HIGH SORCERER JUST WAITING TO CAST A SPELL ON YOU."5fP$(50)"AT THE END OF THE PATH, WITH FOREST SC$(0)"PAY ATTENTION IN THE MAZE, TO THE WORDING OF THE PHRASE! "7C$(0)C$(0)"IF YOU DO YOU'LL BE UN-MAZED."[7C$(1)"GULP GULP GULP, DRINK IT DOWN, I'M NOT SUCH A STUPID CLOWN!"7C$(2)"OUT A WINDOW YOU MAY FALL, JUST LOOK OUT, THAT ISC$(5)"HOCUS POCUS, ALAKAZAM! DON'T READ THE BOOK OR YOU'LL BE SORRY!"-9C$(6)"PASSAGES THAT ALL SEEM ALIKE CAN SEEM QUITE DIFFERENT, JUST HOPE"N9C$(6)C$(6)" YOU'RE RIGHT!"9C$(7)"NOT ALL TREASURE LIES UNDER A ROOF, SOME MIGHT BE UNDER A 8nCH33226:LM200:DE46:DF32:PX33577:PY33598:PH33586SxI19:XC(I),YC(I):IlJ830937:X:J,X:J793681912:J,(5)256:J1,(5)4128:QP515:QS516:(50000)QP151:QS152"WANT THE NOISES? ";:8000:MU(YN0)3 8YY1:SD1:2500) K25XX1:YY1:SD0:2500E K42XX1:SD42:2500[ K34SD41:2500w K41XX1:SD40:2500 K58XX1:YY1:SD82:2500 K50YY1:SD81:2500 *K57XX1:YY1:SD80:2500 4KP0 PSX32768(Y) PS,42:PS1,60:PS1,62:LSPS! (QS)030008 ( CH,215:MU02640Y 2 59467,16:59466,15:59464,0u < A301508:59464,A:A F 59464,0:59466,0:59467,0 P CH,87 Z ENEN100:"";10);EN;" " d "";10);EN;"" n C187C287C38 PS40,32" PS41,32:PS41,32:PS39,32:PS39,32= HH1:"";32);H;" "M ENLM900W 6000^ Jh 1000 GPXCH39:G,42: GPXCH39:G,32: GPYCH41:G,42: GPYCH41:G,42: GPYCH41:G,32: G "ENERGY TO RETURN TO BASE."GZ0H0"YOU DID VERY WELL ON YOUR FIRST MISSIO.N":6600lH50B1:A$"INCREDIBLE":6500H35A$"SUPERB":B4:6500H25A$"EXCELLENT":B3:6500H15A$"VERY GOOD":B2:6500H10A$"GOOD":BD ";: B1 "A";B;"-WEEK R&R PASS."+x B0 "A WEEKEND PASS."U B1 "THE TERRAN MEDAL OF HONOR!"|"WANT ANOTHER MISSION? ";: 8000H0:Z1 YN0 500:@SW1:TM0JT$:T$""8050TTITM("? ",SW,1);"";:24,109,58,3,153,0,31,185,1,31,105,0,153,1,31,201,132,208,5,169,128n6ă153,1,31,201,127,208,5,169,131,153,1,31,185,0,31,133,98,185,1,31,133@ă99,161,98,201,32,208,4,169,46,129,98,136,136,192,254,240,3,76,67,3,96(PN0602502"P RETURN Š "D"W ? ";:8000%NYN062100@X"";:59468,PK::100PLP2:60200}"YՠŠΠР, Ҡ͠E."Yՠ(Ġ̠Ġ) Š"ΠҠŠTΠD F - ". IԠӠŠ:"Ơ٠Ϡ, Ϡՠ' S "̠Ƞ."_ 60200 "Y ӠŠӠ:*"PǠSHIFT ӠŠ.4"EҠSHIFT ٠Š.-.5,.5,0,.5,.5,.5,-.5,0,0,0,.5,0,-.5,-.5,0,-.5,.5,-.5AEN5000:`"";16);" """;12);" " PRINTTAB(18);"" ""16)" "T$"""ϣ";T$;T$;11000::CH,87#D((5)91):D510006L((5)101)LXCXC(D):YCYC(D)WLJ1Li`XXXC:YYYCwjX39X0tY20.5Y0~X0X39Y0Y21K(QP):K255SD41:KP0:2500KP1:K26XX1:YY1:SD2:2500 K140 ENEN15(KP0):ENLM60000 "";10);EN;""K 826,SD:SD41(830)h LS,C1:LS1,C2:LS1,C3 C1(PS):C2(PS1):C3(PS1) C1DEC1DF C2DEC2DF C3DEC3DF POKEPS,42:POKEPS+1,60:POKEPS-1,61:LS=PS  73000' x PS,46:PS1,64:PS1,64:PS40,93:PS40,93= MU04000:2730^ 59467,16:59466,15:59464,0z A50105:59464,A:A 59464,0:59466,0:59467,0 PS41,77:PS41,77:PS39,78:PS39,78 PS,32:PS1,32:PS1,32:PS40,32:PHCH40:G,42:GPHCH40:G,32:?p"";10);EN;"":MU06040`z59467,16:59466,15:59464,0K15:L2001002:59464,L:L:K59464,0:59466,0:59467,0T$:T$""6040"ATTENTION: YOU HAVE ONLY ENOUGH"1:6500H5A$"NOT BAD":B2:6500.H0A$"FAIR":B0:6500X"YOU DIDN'T HIT ANYTHING! YOU'D BEST{"PRACTICE FOR A WHILE.":6600B2"A GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL."d"YOUR SHOOTING WAS ";A$;". AS A BONUS," n"YOU HAVE BEEN AWARDESW3SW:TMTI30^8010rT$"N"YN0:$|T$"Y"YN1::T$(13)YN1:D8010ă162,0,172,59,3,185,0,31,133,98,185,1,31,133,99,161,98,201,46,208,4,169"ă32,129,98,185,0,31,56,233,41,153,0,31,185,1,31,233,0,153,1,31,185,0$,ă31, ";"٠РӠĠΠҠ,6H"(٠ҠŠ), ՠNR"ĠƠ.}"TŠàĠӠŠ"ƠҠ. TŠ8 ٠Ӡ ". T 3 ԠΠ "Н".!T$((EN),2):T$T$("",8(T$))]&"ENERGY- ";T$;"HITS-0 "y0T$"":"̤";T$;T$;""D827,100:826,41:(830):SD41X((5)40):Y((5)21)LS32768:C132:C232:C3C2A # HORSERACE C S.ERLEWINE 1979. 1800HI634667:A:I,A:IbI670897:A:I,A:I|I910930:A:I,A:I DN$"" CL$" "R(TI)*I16:HN$(I):I2" "/_" EACH OF YOU NOW HAS $100 ݒ"\`" TO GO TO THE TRACK. ݒ"a""bI1 3000:IdH16:OD(H)((1)15)2:Hn""o"ݒ  I)I I161"";FJ1I:"";:JWOD(I)"- 1";^IiI1PDN$;CL$:CL$:CL$DN$CL$DN$""NM$(I)"";" YOUR BET? ";1600:BT(I)(IN$) BT(I)1DN$CL$;:153' BL(I) 800 1""; 6I1* ;""NM$(I)" ON #"BH(I);? <II1:IP1350^ @20)""NM$(I)" ON #"BH(I)s BII1:IP1350| E315 ^ 1000 800 "FIRST PLACE:"FP "SECOND PLACE:"SP "T!""; & I1P *' +""NM$(I);"";? -W(I)0 " WINS";Y .W(I)0 " LOSES ";w 0W(I)" NEW BALANCE:"BL(I)~ 5I D"PRESS ANY KEY"; XG$:G$""600  100 "  LI1 83VLG1LGWLG1648,77:649,787XLG0648,78:649,77J`HH1:H7H1YeED0:1500qiBXBX1:BX5 BX1~j 701,BXoTXTX1:TX17 TX1t 752,TXvI80 FSFS1:818,FSxI80 FP(I83):790,FP~(670):T0I16:P(I)GN(I):II15:JI16-(P(I)P(J)1340I2ZP(I):P(I)P(J):P(J)ZS<J:I^AI16{BGN(I)P(1)FF1:F(F)ICGN(I)P(2)SS1:S(S)IDGN(I)P(3)TT1:T(T)IEIFI1FGX((1)F)1H FP0FPĠ"Š. NŠԠΠΠ'6"Ԡ, ̠ԠƠ٠a"ĠϠΠŠ'Ӡ."A, ԠŠ " , ĠԠŠӠΠ". 60200IYTP0 1399 ZX((1)T)1\T(X)SP1370'_TPT(X)1w 500?x WIN CHKH}WN0T J16iGN(J)33 WN1q Jw GAIN FORH=1TO6X((1)100)1G(100OD(H).5)XGGN2XG GN1 ED0(IN$)1" ";:1600"Y(G$)20IN$""IN$(IN$,(IN$)1)9\(G$)13 " ":B^G$;Q`IN$IN$G$\h 1605h TITLE """  ߒ"    ߒ"" HOW MANY PLAYERS?"55" MAXIMUM:6 "I7 G$:G$"" 55e: (G$)1 (G$)6 55q<P(G$)~?""AI1PF"PLAYER #"I"'S NAME";K NM$(I)P IZI16:BL(I)100:I]:"# HORSE ODDS ݒ"Fp""QqI16r"ݒ"I"ݒ ݒ ݒ"s""tIxI16{"";}J1I:"";:J~HN$(1BT(I)25DN$"CREDIT LIMIT=$25":153B BL(I)1BT(I)25162 BT(I)BL(I)DN$"YOU ONLY HAVE: $"BL(I)"":153 DN$"ON HORSE #? "; 1600:BH(I)(IN$) BH(I)1BH(I)6DN$""CL$:162 I ,"";: HIRD PLACE:"TP I13000:I% G$:G$""5195 "";l " "; " ":910 910:I1P W(I)BT(I)  BH(I)FP W(I)BT(I)OD(FP) BL(I)BL(I)W(I)  I " !I132 ""  "9 #Ij $" "p %  *** RUN *** I662667:I,0:I I16:GN(I)0:I 701,1:752,1:818,0 BX0:TX0:FS0:H0 )(670)I 1400:WN11300LG1LG,LG1648,77:649,78FLG0648,78:649,77Z701,BX:752,TXcED1qH1:1500H2:1500H3:1500H4:1500H5:1500H6:1500(670) 1245FP0:SP0:TP0:F0:S0F(X):1357I SP0F(X)FPSPF(X):1357$J SP0 1351CK F(X)FP F(X)SP 1351^L TP0 TPF(X):1399eMIxO SP0 1369PI1SQX((1)S)1R SP0SPS(X):1367S TP0S(X)SPTPS(X):1399T SP0 1361W$ >"٠РӠĠΠҠ,6H"(٠ҠŠ), ՠNR"ĠƠ.}"TŠàĠӠŠ"ƠҠ. TŠ8 ٠Ӡ ". T 3 ԠΠ 1 GNGN1  LK((1)8):LK7GNGN10  OD(H)6 ((7)6)3GNGN1DGN(H)33GN0WGN(H)GN(H)GNi 661H,GN(H)v NEXT H|"@IN$""EBL18BL:(BL);" ";:TTIJG$:G$""TIT251610OG$""1605T(G$)2   " ͩ 8""["HORSERACE!ݒ"~"":' 634-667' 3,4,40,41,42,43,80,82,233,223,233,160,48,105,77,78' 240, 215,153,200,128,153,192,131,232,200,192,40' 208,226,96Z' 169,240,133,88,169,128,133,89,169,40,133,90,169,0,133,87,160,0' 162,0,224,16,240,6,169,32,145,88,208,6,162,0,169,93,145,88,232,200' 192,40,208,234,230,87,169,18,197,87,240,5,32,1 ,2,24,169,49,109,134,2,141,134,2!#' 138,72,162,0,188,122,2,189,130,2,145Y$' 88,232,224,8,208,243,104,170,232,224,6,208,202,96%' 216,165,90,24,101,88,133,88,144,2,230,89,96&'160,0,132,32,162,129,169,32,134,33,145,32,200,208('251,232,224,   (1039)  ` X ݍHJK`<=  ><=`<= I-><= ->8խ:H;J*N:*?m:i>?h:`(Px@h0X Hp ~|{alHFBmDB:GIGCmEC; o*J FZ ZH:D D GD0 D ;1E,EKVOJOmN V 12X  _H HXLw  `C{Kv uqEIiE H I RFGDEUUJTYON Oaa䃩NmO#N ɿNNO`Em;; o`Dm::LoMHJJJJ, h)/ LHJJJJ2 h)5LXBL PP/ `PLa | |()PQ977531] -  (((((P''&v&&&&&(Em;; o`Dm::LoMHJJJJ, h)/ LHJJJJ2 h)5LXBL PP/ `PL  ***** CHESS SCREEN *****?BT$"  "eWM$"    "WB$" "BM$"     "BB$" "BE$"     "V$,X,1)), C(X)(FFTF).. D(X)(FRTR)^0 E(X)((TI$(0),X,2))((TI$(5P),Y,2))id "";tn BT$;r " **** CHESS GAME ****";s I8 2 2t I8 "";I;"";WM$;" WHITE MOVE BLACK": 130x "";I;"";WM$ W0 " " 39 POINTS 39 "2 TI$(5);" ";TI$(4)L "";P$(0);P$(2);""XP33370i P,94:PP2z P,63:PP2 P,65:PP2 P,42:PP2 P,43:PP2 P,65:PP2 P,63:PP2" P,94:P33290, I1 8 6104,224,88,208,72,128,129,129,130,130,131,0,0,0,0,0,0' 670-893`' 169,52,141,17,232,32,186,2,32,221,2,173,50,3,240,3,32,21,3' 32,60,3,169,60,141,17,232,96' 160,0,162,0,224,4,240,10,169,160,153,200,128,153,192,131' 208,10,162,0,169,17,3,208,217,96.' 169,0,133,90,169,21,133,88,169,129,133,89,32,117,3,169,40,133,90o' 162,18,160,0,169,127,145,88,200,192,0,208,247,32,117,3,202 ' 208,239,96!' 162,0,189,138,2,133,88,189,144,2,133,89,189,150,2,133,90,32,117,3"' 142,134X132,208,244,96't' "MAN O' WAR",ASSAULT,WHIRLAWAY,SECRETARIAT,CITATION,SEABISCUIT$o' 162,18,160,0,169,127,145,88,200,192,0,208,247,32,117,3,202 ' 208,239,96!' 162,0,189,138,2,133,88,189,144,2,133,89,189,150,2,133,90,32,117,3"' 142,134b F@`Am;;L F@`Am::L _@`Am;;L4 _@`Am::LJ:1;@A I@A 2@  ;:@ ::;;;  Ņ5 `T e0B:C;J _L FFKY\ o:L@A J;8 JHIQFG mLLmMM Tu L`LC. uE0KT `TT BJ8N0KPOJP?Q-Y(R#SSʽ H I RFGEDLQ-Y(R#SSʽLMYZHXTTKJNDEFGKRJQOHISVC)?iBJD`# Y  N$OV  `=Ѝ>>=`YHZ` ala a| P,81:PP2 @ I JP32890# T I1 85 ^ P,209:PP2= h II rP32810[ | P,222:PP2m  P,191:PP2  P,193:PP2  P,170:PP2  P,171:PP2  P,193:PP2  P,191:PP2  P,222  SC%(1):SC%(0)39:SC%(1)39' L(8,8),P%(12),P$(5),CM(2,1),TI$(5)J TI$(4)"0:00:00":TI$(5)TI$(4)n!P$(0)"WHITES ":P$(1)"BLACKS ""P$(2)"MOVE":P$(3)"PROMOTION "#MB$"BAD MOVE"$SM32867:CMSM%XM48&MN0( A(X)(((MV$,X,1))64)* B(X)((M B$ "";I1;"";BM$" I2 146, BB$4 IE BE$: " ";S I1 8f " ";(64I);p I:|P32810 I8 1 1 J1 8L(J,I)P:PP2 JPP64: I "WHITE BLACK" " 0 CHECKS  510: MOVE PIECE B 1500 : RECORD MOVE1 L 3400: ADJUST TIME< V 1000T  ** RECORD MOVE **q  P0 CM33648 CMSM  I1 5 PM(33700I)  I3 (TP32 TP160) PM24  CM,PM CMCM1: I CMCM1  AM1 9 MN0:XMXM1 CM,XM:CMCM1( CM,MN48: CM1,464CMCM3?" 1600L,CMCM18Z@ I0 7hJ CMI,32pT Iy^AM0 (MV$)5 2970X1:FFA(X)X2:FRB(X)X4:TFA(X)X5:TRB(X) FF1  2970 P0 (TP128 TP32) 2970* P1 TP160 2970F FP81 FP209 2400b FP94 FP222 2500~ FP63 FP191 2600 FP65 FP193 2700$ FP42 FP170 2800. FP43 FP171 2900_ 2980`  7 2970 DTF TR3 2490) D(X)2 3200: RS1 2970E D(X)2 DTF: 2499d C(X)0 D(X)1 2494 FFTF (TP32 TP160) D(X)1 2494 2970 3100 D0 D0 2980 ** ROOK ** D(X) 2970 3200 RS1 2970 2980# ** QUEEN **> FRTR FFTF 2840\ COMPARE TO TUTOR ^^^^^^v C(X)D(X) 2970 3200" RS1 2970S 2980T ** KING **^ C(X)2 D(X)2 2980h C(X)2 TF3 P0 L(TF2,TR),32: L(TF1,TR),94: 3050O TF3 P1 L(TF2,TR),160: L(TF1,TR),222: 3050 TF7 P1 L(TF1,TR),32: L(TF1,TR),222: 3050 TF7 P0 L(TF1,TR),160: L(TF1,TR),94 AM1  ** E CF1:CR1:RS0 C(X)2 D(X)2 3299 FFTF CF0+ FFTF CF1> FRTR CR0R FRTR CR1b AFCF:ARCR I1 ((C(X) D(X))1) CP(L(FFAF,FRAR)):AFAFCF:ARARCR CP32 CP160 RS1 I  1000!  " "4  P$(P);P$(2);E  MV$: ""K   ((FFFR)(((FFFR)2)))2 L(FF,FR),160: 530  L(FF,FR),32  L(TF,TR),FP  TP32 TP160 700 & TP81 TP209 MS1: 555 ' TP94 UM. P0:TI$"000000"$  470: GET WHITES MOVEF  2000: CHECK FOR VALID MOVE]  510: MOVE PIECEw  1500 : RECORD MOVE  3400: ADJUST TIME P1:TI$"000000" $P1: 470: GET BLACKS MOVE . 2000: CHECK FOR VALID MOVE 8 I$\ X1:Y1:HE(X): H9 HH9 ] X3:Y3:ME(X): M59 HH1:MM60J^ X5:Y6:SE(X): S59 MM1:SS60kf H0 TI$(5P)"0:": 3432g TI$(5P)((H),2,1)":"h M10 TI$(5P)TI$(5P)"0"((M),2,1)":": 3434i TI$(5P) 1540 TF3 CM,FP:CMCM1. CM,(94(128P)):CMCM1K TF7 CM,FP:CMCM1^CMCM1: 1549z TP32 TP160 1543 CM,TPCMCM1 (FP81TR8) (FP209TR1) 3300: 1549 CMCM2  P 1580 MNFR1 TF1 TR1 2970(  FF8 FR8 TF8 TR8 2970W (MV$,3,1)"-" (MV$,3,1)"X" 2970v> L(FF,FR)L(TF,TR) 2970HFP(L(FF,FR))RTP(L(TF,TR))z FP32 FP160 2970 P0 FP127 2970 P1 FP128 ** PAWN ** j C(X)1 D(X)2 29705l FFTF (TP32 TP160) 2970Tn FFTF D(X)1 2970et P1 2450y~ FRTR 2970 TRFR1 FR2 2970 DTF TR6 2490 2470 FRTR 2970 FRTR1 FRFRTR FFTF 2970  FF1 CM(1,P)1$ FF8 CM(2,P)1/ 3200A RS1 2970L' 2980_( ** KNIGHT **z2 FRTR FFTF 2970< C(X)D(X)3 2970 2980 ** BISHOP ** FRTR FFTF 2970 C(X) D(X)1 2970r FRTR0 CM(0,P)0 2970-| TF3 CM(1,P)0 2970K TF7 CM(2,P)0 2970V 3200h RS1 2970s 3000 CM(0,P)1 2980 "";MB$;"": 470: 2000 " "  ** CASTLE **N PASSANT **& P1 31500 TP32 L(TF,TR1),160:TP209A: TP160 L(TF,TR1),32:TP209LD 3199qN TP160 L(TF,TR1),32:TP81X TP32 L(TF,TR1),160:TP81l TI$(5P)(S)  ** CHECK FOR EMPTY SQUARES **   ** PROMOTION ** P$(P);P$(3);  MV$ TP(33707)9 "": (MV$)1 3310\ P0 (TP42 TP94) 3310 P1 (TP170 TP222) 3310* L(TF,TR),TP4 CM,TP:CMCM2G H ** ADJUST TIME **R TI$(0)T TP222 MS5: 555( ( TP63 TP191 MS3: 555J ) TP65 TP193 MS3: 555f * TP42 TP170 MS9{ +SC%(P)SC%(P)MS 0 P1 "";SC%(1);" " : P0 "";SC%(0);" "  MNMN1: INCREASE MOVE NTI$(5P)((M),2,2)":"j S10 TI$(5P)TI$(5P)"0"((S),2,1): 3490@k TI$(5P)TI$(5P)((S),2,2)d "";TI$(5);" ";TI$(4);""j p$2) 3310* L(TF,TR),TP4 CM,TP:CMCM2G H ** ADJUST TIME **R TI$(0)T d""<n" PROGRAMMA INTERNATIONAL INC.bx" FOOTBALL"" (C) 1979 / IRA ROTHSTEIN"I15000:IS923240" LENGTH OF GAME(HHMMSS)"TI$"000000"Z$(147)P60( NS$"NO"430TPO(12(TI))8^PO6S9S91:PO61560JhJK(4(TI))]rYD(15(TI))q|D1:S9S91:Y0JK3YDYD1"THE BALL IS ON THE "20YDY220YD:Y320YD490"THE BALL IS ON THE 20"S9S91Y220 $:IRA$""620v(IRA$)03260(Z(IRA$)=TIPN10003300I(147)[Z6Z51540iZ93540wZ83130Z0Z9Z03260"INPUT DEF.PLAY""1=BLITZ""2=3-4""3=4-3""4=PREVENT""5=STACK""6=T480 W5Z71460 W5Z21500- W1Z12300? W1Z41500Q W1Z31520c W1Z71500u W2Z22500 W2Z31480 W2Z41460 W2Z71480 W3Z11440 W3Z21480 W3Z41460 W4Z2238Y2Y2L 1240 Y2Y2L DD11 Y2100Y21001560E Y20Y203390O 1140[ L510Yi D52090~ TIPN10001320 2540 (:I11599::(147) 2D "DOWN AND "L5 <L0"A GAIN OF "L " YARDS" FL0"A LOSS OF " 1190 L5(TI):L((L))1190!1710+1710?(147):J110Q""TOUCHDOWN!"X,Jd6Z5S92q@Z6(Z5)~JZ7Z5Z6TZ701660^S1S17h"THE SCORE IS "A$;S" AND "B$;S1r1690|SS7"THE SCORE IS "A$;Q4Q2Q3&Q401870#0B$" HAS THE BALL ON THE "Y3/:S9S918D470YNA$" HAS THE BALL ON THE "Y3eXS9S91nb470yl F GvP1PY2P1100P11002010"ITS NO GOOD"Y2100Y2Y2501970Y3100Y2Q2S9 60\Y2100Y2fY2502120pQ2S92zQ3(Q2)*Q4Q2Q39Q402230YB$"HAS THE BALL ON THE "Y3eS9S91n470A$"HAS THE BALL ON THE "Y3S9S91470"BANG!!! THEN GUN ENDS THE GAME ""FINAL SCORE:" A$;S" AND "B$;S1 R34(TI) R3(R3)0 R31R351440?$ "BLOCKED"G. L0Q8 DD1[B 1280uL H%3(TI):H%22300V Y2Y320` (147)j "THE BOMB IS INTERCEPTED IN THE ENZONE"t Q2S92:Q4Q2((Q2))~ Q402470 B$" HAVE THE BALL ON THE 20" S9S91 450= A$" HAVE THE BALL ON THE 20"I S9S91R 450X ` L0j DD1t 1130 (147) 2750 33572,86:33582,86:33584,86 33586,86:33588,86:33590,86 33600,86:TI) P(P)P252102"NAME OF 1ST TEAM":A$X" YOUR OPPONENT'S TEAM?"`B$"PLAYER#1 WILL RECEIVE THE KICKOFF"""DOES THE RECEIVER WISH TO RUN","THE KICK BACK"6ANS$@ANS$"NO "Y2Y320:ANS$"NO"430JAY320D1Y03"HERE IS OFF. PLAYBOOK"G"1=SHORT PASS"Z"2=LONG PASS"n"3=OFF TACKLE""4=REVERSE"&"5=FIELD GOAL"0"6=PUNT":"7=SWEEP"D"8=TIME LEFT"N"9=STATUS"X"YOUR PLAY?"bPNTIlIRAIME LEFT" "7=STATUS"" "INPUT REPLY"4 TI$Z$2260> *PNTIS 4RO$:RO$""820` >W(RO$)u HTIPN10003340 RW63120 \W73560 fW0W7W03280 pW1Z21520 zW2Z11460 W3Z3W3Z71480 W4Z410 $W4Z31440 .W4Z12300) 8W5Z41500; BW4Z71440M LW5Z11500_ VW5Z21500q `W5Z31460w j tY101280 ~2540:"1ST DOWN" P11800::D1:(147) Y0 1370 YYL S92(S92)01230  LLL"YARDS" PL0"NO GAIN" ZY2501410) dY3Y27 nY3100Y2A x1420K Y3Y2h "THE BALL IS ON THE "Y3q 490 L15(TI):L(L) 1190 T511(TI):L((T5)) 1190 L9(TI):L(L) 1190 L26(TI):L(L)S" AND "B$;S1290 290."THE SCORE IS "A$;S "AND "B$;S14BZ51900_P(55(TI)):P251730kY2Y2PY2100"OUT OF ENDZONE"Y2100Y220Y3Y2Y2501800Y3100Y2:Y2100Y2Q2S92Q3(Q2)2Q3(Q2)Q4Q2Q3 2110"ITS GOOD"8(S92)(S92)02060DS1S13h"THE SCORE IS "A$;S "AND"B$;S1q290{ SS3"THE SCORE IS "A$;S "AND "B$;S1 290*4D52140>Y2502140HY3100Y2R21  500&TI$"000000":K1? A(8,8),A$(10),F(8)L T110X A$(T)` T "0","1","2","3","4","5","6","7","8","9"C0CC1"_ ELAPSED TIME FOR SOLUTION #";K( C9 2502 E1 8< A(C,E)0  33666,86:33744,86 33748,86:33659,86(( TK1200::PO33626:PO,46?2 IK1300::PO,32N< PO40,102`F Z1Z22890P KJ33748:KI1100::KJ,32Z KJ1,86:KJ1,32d KJ2,86:PO40,86n PO82,46:CC195::PO82,32:PO124,102 20205,215 W2W42830& JZ11,215:JZ13,215:JZ15,215:JZ17,2154 W52820\ JZ106,215:JZ109,215:JZ103,215b  JZ18,215:JZ10,215:JZ14,215: JZ11,215:JZ14,215:JZ17,215 JZJZ40" W4JZJZ40, JZ14 P,86:IZ130: PC PO120,86:PO81,46 POPO81  PQ114. I150:A PO335903050L PO,32Y POPO39l PO335903090w PO,46 L0"INCOMPLETE":L03100 PQ:PO,102 & 7100 (19): (147):TI$" "TOO MUCH TIME" L5:DD1 1190& "THERE IS A FLAG ON THE FIELD"8 TH1500:THQ "ITS TOO MUCH TIME"Y* L5c4 1190> "HES CAUGHT IN THE ENDZONE"H TU1999:TUR "HE'S TACKLED ITS A SAFETY"\ JI%S92f OLS929 500 "THE SCORE IS "A$;S" AND "B$;S1 710HERE IS A FLAG ON THE FIELD"8 TH1500:THQ "ITS TOO MUCH TIME"Y* L5c4 1190> "HES CAUGHT IN THE ENDZONE"H TU1999:TUR "HE'S TACKLED ITS A SAFETY"\ JI%S92f OLS92 Z  Y XO"SOLUTION #";K;" TOOK ";TI$;".":TI$"000000"_ X81 1k Y18 A(Y,X)1 290 ""; 300" "Q";, Y6@ XABKK1J NO SPACES... NOW WHAT?TCC1^A(C,F(CH" "9 HILLARD PLI"WESTON, ONTARIO"q"CANADA M9R 2N1"&"'BYTE' MAGAZINE"0"OCT. 1978 VOL. 3, NO. 10":"PAGE 122"X T1 4000: T " THERE I ZLE," "OF WHICH 23 ARE DISCRETE."K " THE ARTICLE ON PAGE 122 OF THE OCT.,"x "1978 ISSUE OF BYTE MAGAZINE PROVIDES" " " "INFORMATION CONCERNING PROGRAM LOGIC." " HIT ANY KEY TO START PROGRAM..." * S$: S$"" 810+ R"INCIDENTALLY "? W T1 670: Tn \"A HEATHKIT H8 COMPUTER SYSTEM" a"WILL TAKE 20 MINUTES TO FIND THE FIRST" b"SOLUTION TO THIS PUZZLE..." c T1 3500: T f"I CAN 89 F EP 330YF(C)E,ZA(C,E)14[D1>\ 100G] 30Td X11`i""TI$mn Y11x XYXY0 220 Z18ACYZBEXZ A8 220 A1 220 B8 220 B1 220A(A,B)A(A,B)Dx POPO124:OY1200::PO,32:PO39,102:DY1100:L PO39,32 :A1100::PO78,102:PO78,32:POPO40X POPO2v KC1L :POPO40:PO,102 PH1150: PO,32:KC:PO40,86  JZ33492:JZ,215:33520,215 JZ195,215:3358,215:JZ151,2156 JZ145,215:JZ142,215 @ $J PO40,32:PO80,102;T K130::PO8,32K^ PO120,102Zh PO80 ,32ur 33600,32:3360039,86| 33561,32:33521,86 L0"SACKED":L03100 QP33521:PC19:QP,32 QPQP40:QZ$2260D ZX175N L$(TI$,2)X R$(TI$,2)b TI$Z$2260+l M$(TI$,3,2)=v L$":"M$":"R$H (19)P ZX] Z8500f 710 (147):KL15::KL  "PLAY NOT FOUND" 500 "PLAY NOT FOUND" 710 "PENALTYp NMOLJI%z NM03500 S1S12 B$" WILL RECEIVE THE KICKOFF"A "THE SCORE IS "A$;S" AND "B$;S1K 1690U SS2x A$" WILL RECEIVE THE KICKOFF" "THE SCORE IS "A$;S" AND "B$;S1 1690 "THE SCORE IS "A$;S" AND "B$;S1J DO IT IN LESS THEN 5 MINUTES!!!"& p T1 2700: T/ ""5 $ OF THE OCT.,"x "1978 ISSUE OF BYTE MAGAZINE PROVIDES" " " "INFORMATION CONCERNING PROGRAM LOGIC." " HIT ANY KEY TO START PROGRAM..))0 hEF(C)|D1 100, E8 340: XE18O A(C,X)0 440W Xa 340oA(C,X)1zF(C)XD1EX 100 30"'SOLVING THE EIGHT QUEEN PROBLEM'""BY TERRY SMITS A CHESS RELATED PUZZLE, THE"@ "OBJECT OF WHICH IS TO PLACE 8 CHESS"n "QUEENS ON AN 8 8 CHESSBOARD IN SUCH" "A WAY THAT NO QUEEN CAN TAKE ANOTHER." " WHEN RUN, THIS PROGRAM WILL PROVIDE" "92 POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS TO THIS PUZ  KEYS [] & <>9 A(1)60:A(2)1:A(3)62:A(4)22]B(1)1:B(2)40:B(3)1:B(4)40C(1)66:C(2)67:C(3)93:C(4)64(Q1-"OPPONENT: ROBOT, HUMAN";:K$.K$(K$,1)/ K$"R" 702"SKILL OF OPPONENT?"4:"1 - EXPERT" "3n X122:"";:Xdx""; 33727,102: 33767,102""S(1)""S(2) 32772,102: 32798,102""P133255:P233280:D13:E13:D21:E2 (E14)4(E11)47T (P1B(E1))32 P1,A(E1):V1: 2000A^ 600T ROBOT PLAYERs(P1B(D1))32(1)S600 (1).5 QQE1D1Q:E1E1(E14)4(E11)4 (P1B(E1))32 600&E1D1Q:E1E1(E14)4(E11)4 0 (P1D2:PP2  V1 DD1:PP1 PPB(D)$ 8  (P)66 D1M  (P)67 D40b  (P)93 D1x  (P)64 D40  P,77  P33254P33280 100 PPD  2040 ""S(1)" "S(2)$ 0 (P1 d""%n253)"DRAGON ISLAND"k120)"THIS PROGRAM WAS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN BY WALT HUTCHINSON ";"IN TINY BASIC AND WAS ADAPTED FOR PET* BY MIKE SPENCER."40)"PERMISSION IS GIVEN TO USE AND COPY BUT NOT TO SELL.";"COPYRIGHT AN CRAWL FROM CAVE TO CAVE."V47)"YOU MUST SELECT A CAVE TO THROW YOUR SPEAR INTO.";"IF THE DRAGON IS IN THAT CAVE, YOUR SPEAR WILL KILL HIM.";"IF HE IS IN THE NEXT CAVE, HE WILL S*N*O*R*T!"47)"BEFORE THROWING YOUR SPEAR AGAIN YO410,4,4,*** SET VARIABLES%6H5: M15:3@ZZ(TI)JJD%10(1)1: DD%[*** OPENINGd""~215)"YOU ARE ALONE"48)"AND DRAGONS EAT AT 8:00!" X1 600 : X*** THROW SPEAR""; 900 "WHICH CAVE DORAWLS"  D10 D1  D1 D106 92)"THE DRAGON "A$I *** GET SPEARp "DARE YOU FETCH YOUR SPEAR";B$  (B$,1)"N" "": 900: 600  DT 850 54)"YOU MADE IT!"  X1 600: X  500 **DRAGON DIESCK SUB MM15  M60 HH1: M0)  H8 850K M$":"(M): M0 M$":00"l 170) "IT IS"H;M$" O'CLOCK"r $,1)"N" "": 900: 600  DT 850 54)"YOU MADE IT!"  X1 600: X  500 **DRAGON DIES  2,2,3,3,4,5,8,108 A(81),B(8),C(8),D(8),H(8)F "WAIT"d2 II (514): Z(1): mA""FI1 81: A(I)0: K I1 9: A(I)9: A(I72)9: PI10 64 9:A(I)9: A(I8)9: U W0: I18: D(I):ZA(31)6:"2 - GOOD"$8:"3 - AVERAGE"6::"4 - POOR"U<"";: Sj? S1 S4 50zBS1.09S10F"SPEED?"H:"1 - FAST"J:"2 - MEDIUM"L:"3 - SLOW"N"";: S5PS5S5100100d"1 P1,A(D1): P2,A(D2)C$. X1S5:XD C$"<" E2D21Z C$">" E2D21vE2E2(E24)4(E21)4Q2P2B(E2) (Q2)32 P2,A(E2):V2: 2000, K$"R" 5006 C$"[" E1D11@ C$"]" E1D11 JE1E1B(E1))32 600& : (P1B(D1))32E1D1:600@ DV1: P1,A(D1): 2000O X P1,C(D1)e bD1E1:P1P1B(D1)t l P1,A(D1)  P2,C(D2) P2Q2:D2E2  P2,A(D2)  200  DOMINOS FALL S(3V)S(3V)1 I18:C$:I  V2 D1: A(32)2: A(33)3: A(40)4A_A(42)5: A(49)6: A(50)7: A(51)8hdH(1)31: H(2)32: H(3)33: H(4)40i: H(5)42: H(6)49: H(7)50: H(8)51n"HOW MANY PLAYERS";s P: P(P): P0 405LISRx P8 135}"NO MORE THAN 8 PLAYERS":1978"*"DO YOU WISH INSTRUCTIONS";Y$B (Y$,1)"Y" 200L 300b*** INSTRUCTIONS"";87)"YOU ARE ALONE ON DRAGON ISLAND WITH ONLY YOUR ";"TRUSTY SPEAR. THE DRAGON LIVES IN A HILL PIERCED WITH 10 CAVES, ";" AND IT CU MUST RETRIEVE IT. ";O"IF THE DRAGON HAS CRAWLED INTO THAT CAVE - G*O*T*C*H*A!"47)"IF YOU DO NOT KILL THE DRAGON BY 8:00,HE WILL SNEAK ";"UP ON YOU IN THE DARK AND - G*O*T*C*H*A!"120)"WHEN READY TO PLAY, PRESS 'SPACE' BAR": 59 YOU THROW YOUR SPEAR";T  DT 800F & (D1 T10) (D10 T1) 580` 0 DT1 TD1 580 :135) "YOU MISSED!": 600 D135)"S*N*O*R*T!" X*** DRAGON MOVES? bS%3(1) : SS%1 l S0 A$"LURKS": 660 vDDS: A$"C *"";' 4200)"A*A*R*R*G*G*H*H Y*O*U G*O*T M*E!"> >175) "ALL HAIL!"b H48) "THE NOBLE DRAGON-SLAYER"l M 895 R** DRAGON DINES \""; f214)"G*O*T*C*H*A!" p41)"M*U*N*C*H! M*U*N*C*H! M*U*N*C*H!" 240)""  *** CLO   "". "GUESS IT"? G11000:Gq"DO YOU WISH INSTRUCTIONS ?";A$:A$""20A$"Y"A$1000"CARD 1"$B0("ϣ")" 60 61 62 63"20"̤"_1"IS THE NUMBER ON THIS CARD ?";q2B$:B$""505"Y"B$B86"CARD"2"7"ϣ"8"16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23"9 ";@"IS THE NUMBER ON THIS CARD ?";MAC$:C$""65`C"Y"C$BB16D"CARD 3"E"ϣ"F" 2 3 6 7 10 11 14 15"G"  IS THE NUMBER ON THIS CARD ?";, OD$:D$""79> P"Y"D$BB2c Q"CARD 4" R"ϣ" S" 4 5 6 7 12 13 14 15" T" " U"20 21 22 265 : 110." FROG NO. ODDS"< I1 8]11);I;"------";D(I);"TO 1"p: : I1 P"PLAYER NO. "; I;"YOUR TURN""WHICH FROG DO YOU WANT TO BET ON"; B(I): B(I)8 185"HOW MUCH IS YOUR BET"; C I1 8 : 270$: A(H(I)X)9 315>: A(H(I)X)0 240g:A(H(I)X)I: A(H(I))0: H(I)H(I)Xt: 180 K22: X(8(1))1 X1 X9:  X2 X8:  X3 X1: " X4 X1: ' X5 X8: RS": 355! ^"YOU WON ";C(I)D(J);"DOLLARS"' cB h: "ANOTHER RACE";A$Y m A$"Y" : 65l r A$"N" 400v w 360  "BYE FOR NOW"  "BYE FOR NOW" $X2 X8:  X3 X1: " X4 X1: ' X5 X8: CARD ?"; \E$:E$""92 ]"Y"E$BB4A ^"CARD 5"i _"ϣ" `"32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39" a" " b"40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47" c" k"Y"F$BB32!l"CARD 6"Im"ϣ"qn" 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15"o" "p"17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31"q" "r"33 35 37 39 41 43 45 47"9s" "at"49 51 53 55 57 59 61 63"u"̤"v"IS THE NUMBER ON THIS CARD ?";wG$:G$""119x"Y"G$BB1 "THIS  8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15"B*" "j+"24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31"," "-"40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47"." " /"56 57 58 59" "F:"24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31"n;" "<"48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55"=" ">"56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63"?"̤ "% H"18 19 22 23 26 27 30 31"M I" "u J"34 35 38 39 42 43 46 47" K" " L"50 51 54 55 58 59 62 63" M"̤" N" 23 28 29 30 31"+ V" "S W"36 37 38 39 44 45 46 47"{ X" " Y"52 53 54 55 60 61 62 63" Z"̤" ["IS THE NUMBER ON THIS (I):: 195: 230<"THERE ARE ONLY 8 FROGS": 155E :V"": X1f IX X8: A(I)0 " ";: 220: A(I)9 " + ";: 220: A(I);: : : XX9: X81 200 W1 325 , X6 X9:  1 X7 X10: ) 6X10: N ;JI: W1: A(H(I)X)I: A(H(I))0e @H(I)H(I)X: 180p E 265: J"FROG NO.";J;"WON--PAID ";D(J);"TO 1" O: "PLAYER": T I1 P: "NO."I;: B(I)J 350 Y"YOU LOST "; C(I);"DOLLAIS THE NUMBER YOU ARE THINKING OF."2"";B`"DO YOU WISH TO TRY AGAIN ?";sH$:H$""140"Y"H$31"""THIS GAME IS PLAYED WITH 6 CARDS & 32 NUMBERS ON EACH OF THEM.$"THE "1 d"48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55"Y e" " f"56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63" h"̤" i"IS THE NUMBER ON THIS CARD ?"; jF$:F$""106  !""16)"KINGDOM"@ BY T.VOROS & L.SCHNEIDERf VERS 1.2 12/28/73 REF PCC V4N2 EDIT/REFORMAT-PET 8K; F.PILLSBURY 5/2/78; REVISE +INSTRUCTIONS 6/14/78 3000 RANDOMIZET1(59464):I0T1:R(1):I13)" 160:"REPORT FOR YEAR";Y4""P"THE POPULATION IS",N0n"ACRES OF LAND OWNED",L2"BUSHELS IN STORAGE",N1:"REAL ESTATE MARKET:""THE PRICE OF LAND IS";L1;"BUSHELS PER ACRE":"HOW MANY ACRES TO BUY"; 270;L2A:N1N1CL1:(BC)0350bJ"TRANSACTION RESULTS: LAND";L2;"ACRES":,,"GRAIN";N1;"BUSHELS"zO(L2N1L0)02010TN10490Y^"HOW MANY BUSHELS FOR FOOD";N2hN2(N2):N202020rAN1N2:A0390 |"YOUR STORAGE I AN13L3:A0475: "YOUR STORAGE IS ONLY";N1;"BUSHELS!":400M N1A:N10500 :"YOUR STORAGE IS NOW EMPTY...GOOD LUCK!":3000 YY1 N3R(N033) N4R(N042) N5N0(N210) N50560 N50590 AR(3N52)LAGUE*** ";A;"DIED":3000 bN4N4A) lL(10)0670a qAR(N05)(N05):BR(N120)(N120):CR(L250)} :"***HUNS ATTACK***", A;"PEOPLE KILLED":,,B;"BUSHELS TAKEN ,,C"ACRES DESTROYED":3000 N4N4A:N1N1B:L2L2C L(1 OF STARVATION ";N5'" DIED OF NATURAL CAUSES ";N4S:" NET CENSUS CHANGE: ";N3N5N4]3000oL(10)0760AR(N120)(N120):"***THEFT***",A;"BUSHELS STOLEN":3000N1N1AL(10)0785AR(L210)(L25)0855HL1R(3)7R:"***RAIN***":860'WL1R(4)3C\AL1L3:BR(A2):CABKp:XuA0910z"THE HARVEST WAS";L1;"BUSHELS/ACRE"{" FOR A TOTAL OF",A;"BUSHELS"" LOST TO RATS",B;"BUSHELS"" NET HARVEST WAS",C;"BU NUMBERS RANGE FROM 1 TO 63 AND YOU ARE TO THINK OF A NUMBER"R"AND THE COMPUTER IS GOING TO GUESS IT.""PLEASE PRESS THE LETTER 'R' TO BEGIN.";X$:X$""1004"R"X$31$G$:G$""119x"Y"G$BB1 "THIS  NUMBERS.":"YOUR REIGN LASTED";Y;"YEARS."("TRY AGAIN?";<O$:O$""2210NO$"Y":25a:"GOODBYE!g w I11000: I11000:: "MINIMUM FOOD IS 10 BUSHELS PER PERSON" "AN ACRE REQUIRES 3 BUSHELS FOR PLANTING" "A SUBJECT CAN PLANT 2 ACRES/YEAR"B "OVERFEEDING (MORE THAN 20 BUSHELS OVER)"f "MAY INCREASE THE POPULATION." "UNDERFEEDING (MORE THAN 20 BUSHELS" "UNDER) MAY RESULT IN FOOD RIOTS." "OTHER EVENTS OCCUR AT RANDOM ANINSTRUCTIONS?";#O$:O$""185O$"Y"3005OR(Z1)((Z1)(1))fL(Z2)R(100)Z2ndY0yiL01E6nL13sN0R(75)75xL2R(250)250}N1R(3000)2000L30:N20Y0"IN THE BEGINNING OF YOUR REIGN:"::BB(B):B02020B0270+AN1BL19A0260h"YOUR STORAGE IS ONLY";N1;"BUSHELS!":215yN1A:L2L2B B033014);:"TO SELL";CC(C):C02020"C0335'AL2C:A03151:"YOU ONLY OWN";L2;"ACRES!":S ONLY";N1;"BUSHELS!":350# N1A:N10490J "HOW MANY ACRES TO BE PLANTED";L3b L3(L3):L302020p L30500 (L2L3)0440 "YOU ONLY OWN";L2;"ACRES!":400 (2N0L3)0455 "YOUR POPULATION IS ONLY";N0;"PEOPLE!":400 ' :"**FOOD SURPLUS** POPULATION INCREASE";A:30000 !N50< &N3N3AE +590_ 0(L(5(N52)))0590x 5AR((N5N1)(2N0)) ?:"***FOOD RIOTS*** ";A;"BUSHELS LOST":3000 DN1N1A NL(10)0620 SA(N03)R(N022) ]:"***P5)0705 AR(20)10:BR(N0250)506 :"***BORDER EXPANSION***"] "YOU GAINED";A;"PEOPLE;";B;"ACRESg 3000{ N3N3A:L2L2B N0N0N3N4N5 N002015 :"VITAL STATISTICS:" :" BIRTHS AND IMMIGRATION ";N3" DIED20) :"**EARTH QUAKE**",A;"ACRES DESTROYED":3000, L2L2A>L(15)0810ZAR(100(L2100))500 :"**GRAIN SHIPMENT ARRIVES** ";A;"BUSHELS":3000%N1N1A*L(15)0835/L1R(2)19:"***DROUGHT***">860CL(1SHELS"N1N1C:130E"THE HARVEST WAS";L1;"BUSHELS/ACRE":"FOR A TOTAL OF";A;"BUSHELS."N900"CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU NOW RULE THE WORLD":2050"***DISASTER*** THE POPULATION IS ZERO!":2050"YOU GOOFED! NO NEGATIVE  D MAY" "INTERACT."% "LAND PRICE VARIES FROM 3 TO 6 BUSHELS"_ "PER ACRE EXCEPT WHEN RAIN OR DROUGHT":"OCCURS. "; "IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BUY "(OR SELL) LAND, ENTER '0'. "WHEN READY, PRESS ANY KEY."& O$:O$""31100  (843)15720. J826858:B:J,B:J="";:530Z C(Y)32768(40(Y1))c(""~2842,108:826:842,128<X110:Y15:X210:Y215:S1:V11:V21FX3276932806:X,100:X960,99:PY328083368840:Y,103:Y39,101:"Z32 $ R"* = < ѧ * = <  \ \"ͼ . ͒ͤ ߒ . ߒ  f"ͣΣƤƽ   p"ϣ z" SARK TRON" XP:Y1YP:240XPXP1:%YPYP1:3XPXP1:AYPYP1:SPX11C(Y1)j(P)76W2:370uP,160|O110"XPX2:YPY2:V2200,210,220,230:PXP1C(YP),(P)763206X2XP:Y2YP:P,102:@V214:XPX2:YPY CYCLE IS !" CONTROLLED BY YOU PLAY THEO" THE COMPUTER. ROLE OF TRON, YOURx" CONTROLS ARE:"̤";"'<'TURN LEFT 90 DEG.'>'TURN RIGHT 90 DEG";" TRON WINS!"W2"SARK WINS!".T11000:T4<30NS1S2:150[S1:150x169,128,141,72,3,141,773,160,4,162,0,189,0128,73,128,157,0,128,232208,245,238,72,3,238,773,136,208,234,96842,108:826RASHES, WITHOUT $9"CRASHING INTO A BARRIER YOURSELF. QB"xG" PRESS 'RETURN' TO PLAYLA$:A$""1100`";"'<'TURN LEFT 90 DEG.'>'TURN RIGHT 90 DEG";"   ߒ  ̺   = vX$"   ߒ   \ X$" { X$" X$" ' Τ Ω Τ X$" /ΩΣ  X$" X$" K 59468,12:" DVENTURE V 1.2 BY OHN 'HARE[LU250:LF2tLT2:LIGHT OBJECT #TV10:T712:MXTVT7:TV=TREASURE VALUE/T7=#OF TREASURES/MX=MAX SCOREOL8: OBJECT LIMITI05:D$(I): NORTH,SOUTH,E % " SARK'S CYCLE TRON'S CYCLE"Q *" ҲҤ  Ҥ 4"ģ   >" ģ ģߒ H" Σ  ǒ "YOU MUST HAVE A TOTAL WEALTH OF A"3: "MILLION UNITS (ACRES + BUSHELS) TO WIN."SD "STRATEGY IS UP TO YOU!!"wN "WHEN READY, PRESS ANY KEY."X O$:O$""3160 $NDER) MAY RESULT IN FOOD RIOTS." "OTHER EVENTS OCCUR AT RANDOM AN768,32:32807,32:33767,32:33728,32-d158,0@nA$:A$""150PxA$"S"460tA$"<"V1V11:V15V11:150A$">"V1V11:V10V14:150(10(1)1)1V2(4(1)1)290O1SXPX1:YPY1:V1 200,210,220,230 X1 ," HENCHMAN FOR THE THE LEADER OFZ" MCP, SARK DESTROYS THE USER-BELIVERS," THE USER-BELIVERS TRON ONCE CAUGHT" ON THE GAME GRID. BECAME THE BEST" GAME WARRIOR."" SARK'S 2:V2 200,210,220,230:PXP1C(YP)1J(P)76360HTX2XP:Y2YP:P,102N^hhV2:W1:PX21C(Y2)rP,160:P40,255:P1,126:P40,127:P1,124|A120:P,76:P40,76:P1,76:P40,76:P1,76826:T120::826W1" FAST/SLOW='S'%"  PRESS RETURN TO CONT.";9A$:A$""1040B""o"ϣ$"THE OBJECT OF THE GAME IS TO MANUVER."YOUR CYCLE SO THAT SARK'S CYCLE RUNS"8"INTO A BARRIER AND C "":X$""- &X$"ϣL 0X$" k :X$" DX$" NX$" XX$" ϣ ϣ Σͧ bX$" ͥЧ ͧ  lX$"  AST,WEST,UP,DOWN.TR7:TREASURE STORAGE ROOMw N=NOUNS/V=VERBS/R1=ROOMS/O=OBJECTS/M=MESSAGES/C=COMMANDS/A=ACTIONS 2200 N,V,R1,O,M,C,A,DR:N$(N),V$(V),RM$(R1),RM(R1,5),OB(O),OB$(O),OB%(O) LB33: LIMBO DT34:DEATH ROOM/AD1  X$" 9 X$" ΩΥΩ X X$" w X$"̤ "I=INSTRUCTIONS OR ANY OTHER KEY TO PLAY" S$:S$""750 S$"I"780  ""; " J)Z:dI1O0n OB$(I),OW$(I),OB%(I),OB(I)6xAI1MLM$(I)Rk READING THE ARRAYSvI1CC$(I):R1W0:WC1W0:W1$(WC),W2$(WC)::E4$:JP1"HIT ANY KEY TO BEGIN ADVENTURE"A$:A$""187 )):A2((C$(AN),G2,2))'A3((C$(AN),G4,2))5* A11M$(A2)".":910k4 A12OBOB%(A2):OB%(A2)OB%(A3):OB%(A3)OB:910> A13OB%(A2)0:910H A14OB%(A2)R:910R A15RA2:RC1:910\ A16DH1:RLB:910f A17920:9 RLBRDTDF0 DF0 209: "ɠ' !"E :330q (RM$(R),1)"*" RM$(RM$(R),2):220 "'MINA ";:RM$RM$(R) RM$"." RDT:QF1:1200 X1:UF0 :VI1O:OB%(VI)RX1"Š :":  DH1:200  RC1199320H1O3 N1$OW$(H)950]: I2$"""ɠSEENO "I2$" HERE!":p"BE SPECIFIC"v OB(H)0"'ӠĠ٠ҠϠϠ!": OB%(H)1 "'M ALREADY CARRYING IT.": OB  "; KI1$"":I2$"" TIP$:I1$IP$" Y3 ^SB1(IP$)r h(IP$,SB,1)" "I1$(IP$,SB1):I2$(IP$,(IP$)SB):380x r |500  LAMP AND ATTACK CHECKS  LU50LF2OB%(LT)0 "OU'RE LAMP IS GETTING DIM!":LF1#  LU38LF1 E)1OB%(E)R:"OK,":"' ԠǠ!":/OS0:"' :";.I71OR8 OB%(I7)11090[9OS1u:(OB$(I7))(0)36;OB$(I7)". ";BCOS:D"NOTHING":L RM(R,I11)0DF0"ɠ' ϠΠԠ (I1$,3):N1$(I2$,3):I10:I202 W31W0:V1$W1$(W3)V1$W2$(W3)8 D VL1V`  V1$V$(VL)I1VL:540f w  I2$""570 NL1N & N1$N$(NL)I2NL:570 0 : I10"ՠŠ() ɠ'Ԡ":330 D I17I101100 :AD$"AVERNOF ICHES": ADVENTURE NUMBER AND NAMEH OW$(O),M$(M),C$(C)t59468,14:"ELCOME TO DVENTURE"AD:""17((AD$)2));"*"AD$"*"2000I0N: N$(I):(I0V: V$(I):2I0R1<RM$(I)FJ05PRM(I, C2710 C13OB%(C2)0710$C15OB%(C2)R710=C17OB%(C2)R710WKK1: K3ANY:800]dY MF1" ' ":730"ɠ'Ԡ?"320 AF0:DH0:RF0:RC0%G17346:A1((C$(AN),G,2!!!!"::1300"OU SCORED"SC"POINTS."6"HERE WERE"MX"POINTS POSSIBLE."Y# SCMX"OU ARE AN !!"_(e"HIS IS ADVENTURE!!!"" WILL BE YOUR EYES AND HANDS AS YOU""SEARCH FOR LOST TREASURE." """USE SAVED GAME N";G$/ G$"N"199_:"HIT ANY KEY WHEN TAPE IS READY.":158,0u SG$:SG$""1921,1,0,"ADVENT"1,R,LU,DF,LFSG1O1,OB%(SG):1""DF0: RDROB%(LT)1OB%(LT)RDF1 10p A181000:910z A19 OB%(A2)A3:9101 A1101050:910G A177DH1:910] A111RC1:910t A1121200:910 A113QF1:1200 A114HA2:AF1:950:910 A115EA2:AF1:1030:910 A1162500:910 X0:UF1 OB%(VI)R260* (OB$(VI))(0)36= OB$(VI)". ";C M UFU X1c :OE05 " RM(R,OE)0X1"Ӡ:":X0 , RM(R,OE)0D$(OE)" "; 6: ; @ OB%(LT)1LULU1 A400 J: "Ԡ %(H)R"ɠ'ԠŠԠ!":+OS%0:PQ1O:OB%(PQ)1OS%OS%11[OS%1OL"'ŠϠȠϠ":r"OK,":OB%(H)1:x I2$"""BE SPECIFIC":E1O N1$OW$(E)1030:"OU DON'T HAVE IT!": OB%( OB%(LT)0"OU'RE LAMP IS GETTING DIMMER!!":LF0b  LU25 LU0 OB%(LT)0:"ԠӠԠ"LU"!"  LU0 LF0"ԠӠ !!!":LF1:OB%(LT)0    I1$"GO"I1$I2$:I2$""  I1$"SAY"I1$I2$:I2$"" V1$ .":320/M RM(R,I11)0DF1" ̠ΠĠŠ٠!!":RLB:200EVRRM(R,I11):199K`[SC0:I1O (OB$(I),1)"*"OB%(I)TR SCSCTV QF11300" Š"SC"ԠƠ"MX SCMX "  NMF0:K0SJP1:C753:I114JP54:C7C%XYJPC7Cb ((C$(Y),1,2))I1710_g ((C$(Y),3,2))0630}l ((C$(Y),3,2))I2710vK0:MF1:Z5164{C1((C$(Y),Z,2)):C2((C$(Y),Z2,2))C11OB%(C2)1710C12R! $ " ۳ ") " ۳ ɧ F. " ۳ Σ"h3 " ۳ "B " G "HIT RETURN TO BEGIN ADVENTURE"H A$:A$""2376J 70! "HE OBJECT IS TO RECOVER"T7"TREASURES"- "AND RETURN THEM TO THE PROPER PLACE."Y"REASURES HAVE A '*' IN THERE NAME":"SE TWO WORD COMMANDS CONSISTING OF" "A VERB AND A NOUN, EXAMPLE:"*4"GO WEST, TAKE GOLD, ENTER HOLE, HELP! NDER DEVELOPEMENT START ROOM#15C  XXX,RUG,SIG,WAT,SNA,PLA,BEA,SPH,LIG,HOL,PAS,TUN,STA,DOO,WAN,BOT,BOO  ON,OFF,LAM,BIR,FOO,SHA,HAR,BOX,TRA,PLA,SCR,BRI,BEA,GAM,BUI,CAB,ELE  VVV,NOR,SOU,EAS,WES,UP,DOW,TAK,DRO,ENT,INV,LOO,SCO,! OU INTO A HOLE, PASSAGE, BUILDING, ETC..UO" - GIVES YOU LIST OF WHAT YOU ARE CARRYING."P" - DESCRIBES THE ROOM YOU ARE IN."Q:"SE AND IN MOST CASES TO MANIPULATE OBJECTS."RS"!, SEE A BUILDING IN THE DISTANCE"! 1,8,9,8,0,0"" "",3,3,2,4,0,0C", "*'M AT THE END OF A ROAD",0,0,3,0,0,0m"6 "DESERTED OLD BUILDING",4,0,0,0,0,0"@ "MUSTY OLD BASEMENT",0,0,0,0,5,0"J "OLD LOG CABIN",0,0,0,1,0,0"T "!MY DATA..."pu"REASURES HAVE A (*) IN THERE NAME":""^" ߒ  ߒ     ߒ      ߒ  ""        ߒ        ""       !OSS COVERED ROOM",0,0,13,0,0,0$ "ANCIENT CAVERN",0,18,0,19,0,0&$ "LOW DAMP ROOM",0,11,0,0,0,0@$ "PIT",0,0,0,0,13,32o$ "*'M IN THE BEARS CHAMBER",15,0,0,0,0,0$ "GLOOMY CAVERN LIT BY AN EERIE BLUE LIGHT",0,0,15,17,0,0$ "MUDDY R! ϥ" &" кккЧ ϥJ" ΧЧЧЧ n" Υ " ɠккккФ ɧ "  " ɧ ղ! ,0,0,0,0% "DIRTY PASSAGE",25,0,29,0,0,0 & "TIGHT CRAWL",0,28,0,0,20,0,& "LARGE CAVERN",27,0,0,0,0,0]&& "*'M IN THE Ӡ",0,0,0,26,0,0&0 "N OLD SHACK",0,0,28,0,0,0&: "*'M IN THE ROOM",21,0,0,0,0,14&D "CUL-DE"-SAC",0,0,0,0,17,0 'N "ISTY ROOMWITHSTRANGE MARKINGSOVER THE "!'S 34,34,4,34,7,34Z'X "*'͠ԠŠӠƠ, GOODBYE",0,0,0,0,0,0y'b SHINY BRASS LAMP,LAM,4,0'l LIT BRASS LAMP,LAM,0,0'v BIRD,BIR,3,0' EMPTY BO!00`  :"HIT ANY KEY WHEN TAPE IS READY.":158,0 SG$:SG$""2501, 1,1,2,"ADVENT"G 1,R:1,LU:1,DF:1,LFR I1O^ SG1Oo 1,OB%(SG):v 1|  N,V,R,O,M,C,A,DR 33,40,34,57,58,103,0,9 ADVENTURE DATA U!">H"INVENTORY, SAVE GAME, LIGHT LAMP, ETC.."/I:"HIT ANY KEY TO CONTINUE"DJ A$:A$""2122sK" ORDS TO NOW "M" - WILL SOMETIMES GIVE A CLUE ON HOW TO SOLVE A PROBLEM. N" - WILL TAKE Y!QUI,HEL,WAV,REA,OPE! UNL,USE,FEE,KIL,XYZ,EGY,SES,JUM,FRE,DIG,PLA,AWA,LAM,LIG,DRI,WAT@! MOV,EAT,Y7,CRO,CLI,WAK,SAVd! "àȠŠԠŠ !",0,0,0,0,0,0! "*'M ON A DUSTY PATH IN A CLEARING",0,2,0,0,0,0! "*'M ON A TALL HILL IN THE FOREST!HERE ARE MANY MORE WORDS THAT WILL BE DISCOVERED AS YOU EXPLORE SOME MAYnT"EVEN BE MAGIC, USUALLY WHEN YOUTELL ME THINGS YOU SHOULD USE TWO WORDS."U:"F YOU FIND ONE WORD DOESN'T WORK JUST TRY ANOTHER."gi"LEASE WAIT WHILE LOAD !",8,8,8,3,0,0"^ "*'M BY A COLD STREAM",0,0,0,2,0,0$#h "UNDERGROUND CAVERN",0,12,11,0,6,0U#r "*'M IN THE ̠Ơ",16,0,24,10,0,0}#| "LARGE DRAFTY ROOM",10,0,0,13,0,0# "*'M IN THE HALL OF THE Π",0,0,12,0,0,17# "M!      8"             ߒ  ""            ":" BY JOHN O'HARE ":" ккк !OOM",0,0,23,18,0,0 % "*'M ON THE RIM OF A AVERN OLCANO",0,31,0,0,0,0*% "TROPHY ROOM",0,0,31,0,0,0P% "N RIENTAL ROOM",0,0,0,20,0,0% "*'M ON THE WEST END OF A DEEP CHASM",0,0,0,11,0,0% "*'M ON THE EAST END OF A DEEP CHASM",0,26" OUT..". "LEASE LEAVE IT ALONE". "' . . "/ "FLAMELESS LAMP IS ON - TRY LAMP OFF"./ " HAVE NO CONTAINER"E/ IT WAS DELICIOUSh/ THERE WAS SOMETHING UNDER ITz/ IT'S LOCKED/ THE TRAPDOOR CREAKS OPEN/  NOTHING " TTLE,BOT,5,0' BOTTLE OF WATER,BOT,0,0' TASTY FOOD,FOO,5,0 ( RUG,RUG,5,1+( LOCKED TRAPDOOR,DOO,0,1b( "OPEN TRAPDOOR, REVEALING A STAIRCASE","DOO",0,1{( BLACK WAND,WAN,6,0( BOOKCASE,CAS,6,1( BOOK,BOO,6,0( SECRET PAS" 0P THE HUGE STONE SLIDES FORWARD0Z THE BEAR EATS THE FOOD AND FALLS ASLEEP 1d "THE BEAR MAULS ME. . . 'M DEAD!"O1n "THE SPHERE GIVES ME AN ELECTRIC SHOCK"i1x " FOUND SOMETHING"1 " DIDN'T FIND ANYTHING"1 SOMETHING FALLS OUT" NG,WATER WATER..",XX,14,1)4 "BEANSTALK REACHING UP TO THE HOLE",XX,0,10*> "HOLE IN THE CEILING, 25 FEET UP",HOL,14,1O*H *ANCIENT COINS*,COI,15,0l*R *GOLD NUGGET*,GOL,16,0*\ "Š",STO,17,1*f PASSAGE BEHIND A HUGE STONE,PAS,0,1" THE WALL"2 BEAR WON'T LET ME2 IT DOESN'T BOTHER HIM3 " FELL AND BROKE EVERY BONE IN MY BODY"/3 " CAN'T SAVE GAMES YET"V3 "VERYTHING DISAPPEARS AND. . "3 " CLIMB UP THE PLANT AND ENTER THE HOLE"3 OK I MOVED IT3"",1+ MUD,MUD,20,1+ SMALL HOLE,HOL,0,1+ DEEP HOLE,HOL,0,1, WOODEN BOX,BOX,0,02, "*74 CARAT DIAMOND*",DIA,0,0M, *FIRESTONE*,FIR,21,0f, "OLCANO",VOL,21,1, *GOLD PLAQUE*,PLA,22,0, *JADESTONE*,JAD,23,0, "-"N'T KNOW WHERE IT IS4 I NEED A SHOVEL4 I NEED A KEY4 LAMP IS OFF 5 ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND)5 THE BOTTLE IS NOW FULLG5 "HANKS, WAS THIRSTY"`5 " CAN'T REACH IT"w5 "T'S TOO SMALL"5 "RY 'CROSS BRIDGE'"5XQ133"N HARP*,HAR,31,0-j "ISTY ASSAGE",PAS,0,1-t *STRING OF PEARLS*,PEA,32,04.~ "-,ĠԠԠĠŒ",SIG,33,1L. OLD CABIN,CAB,1,1o. SMALL BRICK BUILDING,BUI,4,1. CLIMB THE PLANT. " CAN'T". " VOICE BOOMS" 33622,74:33623,21:33624,756uQ14000:6v6Q1,93:QQ11Q21:Q,32::Q2,937Q71100::Q7@1000000000000000100000000000000000,11000000000000001100000000000000007B1200000000000000120000000000000000,130000000000000013000000000000#00007D0701050700000000011400000000000000,070200000000000001030001040000000028F0703010405170000015400020405000000,0703051700000000010700000000000000}8H0704000000000000015300000000000000,07060000000000000153000000000000008J0707053300000000012"HAPPENS/ "ONE"/ " CAN'T LIFT IT, BUT COULD MOVE IT"0( THE BOOKCASE VANISHED&02 " CAN'T GET BY THE SNAKE"c0< THE BIRD ATTACKS THE GREEN SNAKE AND DRIVES IT OFF0F THE PLANT SPURTS INTO FURIOUS GROWTH FOR A FEW SECONDS"SAGE,PAS,0,1( "-ŠŠ-SAY SCORE",SIG,7,1) RING OF KEYS,KEY,7,0') SHOVEL,SHO,7,0=) "",WAT,9,0])  *JEWELED TRIDENT*,TRI,9,0~) GIANT GREEN SNAKE,SNA,13,2)  "LOW TUNNEL",TUN,13,1)* "TINY PLANT MURMURI"1 "'M INCINERATED"1 "T SAYS, DIG AT Y7, THEN DO IT AGAIN"2 A CRYSTAL BRIDGE NOW SPANS THE CHASM62 IT SAYS - MAGIC WORD IS AWAY]2 "T'S A SCROLL OF 3 AGIC ORDS"2 " Ԡ "2 " MISTY PASSAGE OPENS IN"*p "--٠ŠҒ",SIG,18,1+z *IVORY ELEPHANT*,ELE,18,0'+ "ӠŠ",BEA,18,2E+ "Ǡ",BEA,0,1_+ LARGE HOLE,HOL,18,1+ FLOATING BLUE SPHERE OF LIGHT,SPH,19,1+ "-ŠϠ7",SIG,20" READ THE PLAQUE3, READ THE BOOK36 DON'T TOUCH IT3@ YOU MAY NEED MAGIC HERE 4J PLAY THE HARP'4T READ SIGN CAREFULLY?4^ BE KIND TO PLANTSX4h YOU CANNOT JUMP IT4r "YOU CAN'T KILL THE SNAKE, BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION"4| I DO" 750 ԠВ",SIG,24,1, "̠",BRI,0,1 -$ "̠",BRI,25,1+-. *PLATINUM PYRAMID*,PYR,0,0G-8 WOODEN SHACK,SHA,28,1a-B OLD SCROLL,SCR,29,0~-L *POT OF GEMS*,GEM,30,0-V "Ԡ",FUR,31,1-` *GOLDE"6215YQ2336255Z71005]Q1335815^Q2335855_71005bQ1335415cQ2335455d7100 6gQ1335016hQ233505"6i7100=6lQ3346233464:Q,64:M6mQ71750:e6q33502,87:33504,87s6r33543,906s33582,85:33583,64:33584,736t# z1713020505080115011100020809000000,1725020505080115011100020809000000@|1713050802050000015100000000000000,1725050802050000015100000000000000f@~1724011501380339012500043900000000,1724013801150000012400000000000000@17240138000000000151000000# 200010500060000,07050521000000000103000104000000009L0715050500000000140500000000000000,0719050200000000140200000000000000^9N0705054200000000144200000000000000,07330530000000000133000000000000009P0700000000000000070000000000000000,0805014200000# 00000000000000A2300034700000000011300094726000000,2300000000000000011200000000000000(B2400021705260000011900022627000000,2400000000000000011200000000000000sB2500022400000000013500010500060000,2500022500000000013500010500060000B250002210# 00000000000000080000000000000000,0925050900000000050600000000000000 ;Z0912050900000000050600000000000000,0910051300000000051000000000000000k;\0911051905200000011600000000000000,0911052000000000051400000000000000;^0909052305220000010100000000000#3015200000000011200000000000000C2900051100000000011500010900021113,29000000000000000112000000000000005D3017010100000000010600020102770000,3018010200000000015200020102000000D3119010100000000010600020102770000,32030105000000000155000204050000#000000000t1400000000000000011200000000000000,1514022407450110012800044500000000:?v1514011000000000011200000000000000,1627014900000000013000013100000000?x1616011200000000012900000000000000,1605014200000000012700000000000000?# * A11M$(A2)".":91044 A12OBOB%(A2):OB%(A2)OB%(A3):OB%(A3)OB:910N> A13OB%(A2)0:910hH A14OB%(A2)R:910R A15RA2:RC1:910\ A16DH1:RLB:SOSO5:910f A17920:910p A181000:910uA117RM(R,A2K#00000000,2000010605300000012000023031030600@2100051900000000013400000000000000,2100053000000000013400000000000000GA2200020700000000013700051000770000,2200021000000000013700050700770000A2200022900000000013700051000770000,22000000000000000112#0001542000000000000009R0815010500000000150500000000000000,0821010605300000012000023031030600?:T0820021305190103150300031900011700,0820010300000000150300000000000000:V0819010200000000150200000000000000,0803010500000000150500000000000000:X08#0000000012600010500060000,2700022005350116012300023536043800 C2700022005360116012400023637000000,2700022001160000012400000000000000TC2700022000000000015000000000000000,2700000000000000011200000000000000C2823023107530152013200045300000000,282#000,0909052100000000015600000000000000<`0909053600000000015700000000000000,0909053700000000052700000000000000Ln1400021707270000010300014300000000,1400021805300000010300014500000000Y>p1400022000000000010300014500000000,1400021405210000010300014600000000>r1400022400000000010300014700000000,14000213#0710C15OB%(C2)R710KK1: K3ANY:800%,YT MF1" ' .":730o"ɠ'Ԡ?"x320 AF0:DH0:RF0:RC0%G17346:A1((C$(AN),G,2)):A2((C$(AN),G2,2))'A3((C$(AN),G4,2))